The night I won't forget. Two teenage boys find something in each other
**NOTE: I notice that there is a policy against PEDO stories, so let me go ahead and say that I do not see this as a PEDO story, but a story about two teenage boys who discover more about their sexuality. If an admin has an issue with the story, please contact me and let me know and I will delete it. Other than that, everybody enjoy. This is my first story, so I hope you like it.**

It was game night. It was my first time playing on a real baseball
team, instead of little league at my neighborhood park. I remember
going to the practices that my team has and seeing this one
special boy. From what I had gathered, his name was Nicholas. I was
16 and He was 12, really short for his age, he had brown hair, blue
eyes, and a really cute figure. I remember going to those practices
and he would be wearing gym shorts with his shirt tucked in, so whenever
he bent down to field the ball or pick something up, I got a good view
of his ass through the shorts.

Tonight, we were indestructible. We all matched in our uniforms, we
were confident that we were going to win, and we all had good attitudes.
Nicholas was looking especially good in his uniform. White (almost see through)
baseball pants with shirt tucked in... I could almost see his briefs through
his pants. God he looked good. I had to shake my head and get myself back
into game focus.

Well, we won that game by a longshot. 24 to zero! We were all happy and we
were thinking of having an after-game party, but everybody was pretty tired.
At least that's what I thought anyways. I was the last person out of the
dugout. I had a lot of stuff to pack up, and I guess I was just sluggish
after the big win.

I walked out to put my stuff in my car. It was a nice little Toyota
Corolla... a little beat up, but the color was what sold me: Bright blue!
Anyways, back to the story. As I was loading my baseball gear into my
car, I noticed that Nicholas was sitting on a bench just outside the parking
lot. I closed my trunk and walked over to him. I asked him what he was
still doing here and he said his mom was supposed to be coming to get him.
I asked him if he wanted a ride and he said that he would have to ask his
mom. I kind of got a bit of an idea. Sure it was wrong, but it seemed so
right. I told him that a bunch of the other players from the team were
going out to this party, that he could come, and he could ride with me...
Even though there was no party. I told him to let his mom know that he'd
be home around midnight.

After everything between Nicholas and his mom was settled, we hopped in my
car and drove out of the park. As the idea played through my head, I
searched for what to say next. "Do you mind if we stop at my house first?
I wanna change clothes before we go." Nicholas looked at me for a second then
said very shyly, "Sure."

Well we had to drive for about 10 more minutes, but we finally reached
my house. It was back in this older neighborhood. The street was dark
and had trees lined up on each side. My house was small. You walk in
and you have your living room in front of you, kitchen to the back and
left, right inside the door to the left is the stairs, and then up
the stairs and to the left is my room. No one was home. It was just me,
my mom, and brother living there. My mom was out of town for a job
interview, and my brother was staying overnight at his friends house.
"I'll be just a minute, okay? I'm just gonna grab a shirt and put on
some jeans." I told Nicholas. If this all played out right, I might be able
to get under his pants. Finally! I needed some way to entice him. My plan
is to walk out of my room shirtless and brush up against him, or something
like that. Nicholas asked where the bathroom was, and I directed him to it.

I walked into my room, shut the door, and started changing clothes. I put
my stereo on a rock station... I tend to do that when I'm in my room, no
matter what I'm doing. By now, I'm stripped down to just my boxer briefs.
I thought I heard footsteps coming back down the hall. Since I was on the
second level, the floor made noise when you walk. I brushed it off and
assumed it was Nicholas coming back from the bathroom. I go to my dresser and
bend down to the bottom drawer (my jean drawer). I thought I heard my door
open, but the music was a little loud, so I never stood up straight. Still
bent over, I hear Nicholas say something along the lines of "Sorry" or "My bad".

I stand up straight and turn around. Nicholas was standing in the door and he
began to ask if I was ready, but he stopped himself. I look down and you
can see my bulge from my briefs. I looked back at Nicholas and he was silent.

In the locker room, I always heard guys talk about who's dick was bigger
and blah, blah, blah. I decided to start my plan a little earlier.

"I just got a text and the party's gonna start in about an hour instead, so
we've got some time to kill." I said. "You know something, Nicholas? I've never
seen you in your underwear in the locker room. The guys talk about
who's dick is bigger sometimes. I bet mine's bigger than yours." Being the
competitive underdog that Nicholas is, he retaliated and said, "Now hold on,
I don't think so." I said that there's only one way to find out. I pulled
down my briefs and kicked them off. There I stood, completely naked. All 6'
1" of me... 5 inch boner sticking fully erect.

"Let's see who's the BIG winner." I said jokingly. Nicholas took off his baseball
pants, underwear, and cup and threw them on the ground. His little 3.5 inch
boner was sticking out too. "Looks like it's all me!" I said. We both stood
there for a minute... not saying anything. Then we locked eyes with each other
and I could tell we both shared the same thought. "It's a little hot in here. Can
I take my jersey off?" Nicholas asked. I said sure and he took it off. His UnderArmour
thermal was still on. God he looked so good in that. It was skin tight. I moved over
to him and put my hands on his shoulders. I bent down a little and planted a kiss
on his sweet boy lips. I was still completely naked, and all he had on was his
thermal top. I continued kissing him, and I slowly removed his thermal top. His
bare chest was fully visible, and it was so soft! I circled my tongue around his
nipples and moved my way down to his still-erect cock. I placed it and his
balls in my mouth all at once and began sucking. I think he liked that.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh, oohhhOOHHHHHH!!!" Is all I heard from Nicholas. He was pushing my
head in and out on his cock and his head was turned back and his eyes almost
shut. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pushed his boner into my mouth. I sucked
and sucked and sucked and then finally, his cock tensed up and shot out a couple
dribbles of cum into my mouth. "Ahhh, that was sooooo good. I haven't jerked off in
so long!" Nicholas said.

Nicholas got down on his knees and put my fully erect cock in his mouth. He tried to
fit the whole package in, but he had no luck. HIs mouth wasn't big enough. He stroked
my cock as I ran my hands up and down his back and through his soft, brown hair. All I
felt was pleasure and freedom and happiness to have this super sexy 12 year old boy
on my dick. I suddenly felt tense and very rushed. Then it happened. About 6 shots
of my 16 year old cum shot straight into his mouth. "Salty... I like that!" Nicholas said.

I laid back on the bed and Nick got on top of me. We began caressing each other hard, but
I turned Nicholas on his back and put his legs in the air, revealing easy-access for his
hole. I stroked my cock a little and fapped it on and around his butt hole while
rubbing his sweet, soft legs. I slowly entered into his hole and all I heard from
him was "Arrgghhh, ugghhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahh, ahhhhhh, mmmmmm" the whole time. I
fucked that sexy little ass for about an hour. I was pumping in and out and then it
happened again. I came in his hole. I felt my cum leave my dick and enter into his
ass. Greatest feeling ever. I pulled out and licked the dripping cum off of his
butt. I laid on my back and Nicholas put his dick near my mouth. He was stroking it
very hard and all of a sudden, 1-2 strings of cum entered my mouth. Sooooo good!

"Wow, I've never come like that before!" Nicholas exclaimed.

It was a glorious evening. Nicholas fell back at my side on the bed. We both turned
to the side and I placed my dick on his butt cheek. Next thing I knew, I was
out, and so was he.

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Funny the guy would make the comment "faggot pedophile" as he is the one who clicked the "faggot" boy/boy section and browsed to read this particular story. If your here to hate then gtfo buddy. Nobody got no time for that asshat.

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Good overall, seeing as it's your first story...
I personally thought the tempo and feel of the story seriously sped up once they arrived at the narrator's house. In future stories add more detail, create more passion. Leave your read mesmerized. But like I said, good for a first! Keep writing!

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