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Chapter nine—Incident at The High Lake

It was August and the day was going to be another scorcher. Mark was planning to hike up to the lake located high in the hills east of town. The “Terrific Trio” was coming with him and they planned on a whole day of swimming and sunning in the remote wilderness area. It was about an hour’s drive and a three mile hike, but they were counting on much cooler temperatures and sunny skies.

Mark had finished his breakfast and was packing food and drink plus swimming gear and towels. Teeny came down stairs and joined him and their parents. She was wearing loose bib overalls and a tee shirt, expecting that would be cool enough even outdoors. “Sexy outfit,” Mark commented.

“What’s sexy about bib overalls?” Teeny asked.

“I’ll show you,” Mark said, stepping behind her. He slid his hands under the bib and massaged her tits. “Mmm, no bra,” he said. “I love your tits,” he said as he moved her overalls strap off her right shoulder. He pulled her tee shirt up and her arm out of her sleeve. Replacing her strap, he moved the left shoulder strap off and pulled her tee shirt over her arm and head, leaving her tits naked beneath her bib. The bib barely covered her tits but her nipples bobbed in and out of view as she moved around. Mark then undid her waist buttons which gave him access to her crotch which he grasped with his hand, rubbing her mound. Finally, he put his thumbs in the waist band of her panties and pushed them over her hips and ass down to the crotch of her overalls. Her tits and ass were now accessible to his hungry hands, squeezing her tits and manipulating her clitoris with the other. “I see you’ve shaved your pussy,” Mark said.

“Makes it much nicer for eating,” Teeny replied.

“Well I’d like to try it, but right now I have to run.”

“Wait! You can’t leave me hot and horny. After all that, aren’t you going to fuck me?”

“Nope. Sorry, but I’m meeting the girls in a few minutes and I don’t want to be late. Maybe Dad can help you out.”

“Sorry,” Dad replied. “I’ve got a very important meeting and I can’t afford to be late. Check with Mom.”

“Well, I guess I would like to see your shaved pussy, her mom said. “Maybe we can shave mine and then see how much more enjoyable it is to eat bald pussy.”

“Great,” Teeny said. “Let’s do it now. We can shave, eat each other’s pussy and then we can do the dishes after.” Teeny grabbed her mother’s hand and pulled her upstairs to the bathroom. “You’re going to love it,” Teeny said. “And Dad and Mark will love it too.”

They went upstairs hand in hand to Teeny’s room. Susan stepped behind her young daughter and slipped her hands inside Teeny’s bib overalls. She fondled both of her tits, pinching and rolling her nipples until they were stiff and fully extended. “Mmmm,” Teeny murmured as her mom moved one hand down to her cunt entrance while continuing to massage her tits. Firmly grasping Teeny’s cunt mound, Susan found her daughter’s pussy was already wet and her nether lips fully engorged—the best sign that her female parts were fully aroused and ready for sex. Susan pushed two fingers into her hole and started to finger fuck her daughter alternating between massaging Teeny’s G spot and her sensitive clitoris.

“Ohhh, Mommy,” Teeny moaned. “That is so nice. Try adding another finger.” Pumping her two fingers into her daughter, Susan knew Teeny was lubricated enough and added a third finger to the forceful penetration of her baby girl’s cunt. Surprised at the flexibility of Teeny’s cunt, Susan added yet another finger and pumped four fingers into Teeny’s young but well-used cunt.

“Ohmigawd, Mommy,” Teeny moaned. “I’ve never been stretched so much. I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s wonderful. Let’s take our clothes off and do it some more.”

Susan quickly stripped while Teeny simply dropped her shoulder straps and allowed her overalls to hit the floor. By the time her mother was naked, Teeny was on the bed and had her legs spread wide. Susan lay next to her and again slipped four fingers into her cunt. “Ohh, Mommy. Fuck my cunt with your fingers,” Teeny begged as her mother pumped her pussy with four fingers. Susan pulled her fingers out and then placing all five fingers tightly together, she slowly started to push her whole hand into Teeny’s hot young box. Twisting her hand as she pushed, Susan gradually worked her hand into Teeny’s twat until her hand was inside Teeny’s cunt past her knuckles. Susan wiggled her fingers deep inside her daughter’s cunt. Teeny’s whole body was humming with entirely new sensations. It was pure fireworks and Teeny drifted off into a new mental space as her young body tried to assimilate the blaze of sexual stimulation caused by her mother’s fisting her cunt. She felt as if she were rising off the bed and she could “see” waves of orgasmic release approaching her, and then screamed loudly as the waves washed over her. Her orgasm was so intense, she passed out. When she awakened, she was lying on her side with her mother’s naked body behind her. Her mother had her arm around Teeny, holding her close and softly caressing her breasts.

Meanwhile, Mark picked up the girls at Jen’s house and checked to see if they had sufficient water, food, towels, etc. They drove to the trail head then began the three mile hike to the lake. The trail led upwards through the forest and the heat and humidity was uncomfortable so Mark pulled his shirt off. As they passed one of the many switch backs, Mark glance back and was surprised to see three pairs of lovely tits bouncing freely behind him as the girls had also shucked their tops. Stopping for a brief rest, Mark could not resist caressing all three pairs of boobs and then sucking all six nipples until it was time to resume their hike. “When we get to the lake, I’m going to strip naked and cool of in the lake,” Megan said.

“I’m going to strip naked right here,” Jen replied as she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down to her ankles. Her panties quickly followed. “Ah, that’s much better,” she said. Megan and Beth quickly followed suit then all three girls looked pointedly at Mark until he too stripped down.

“Do we have time for you to fuck me before we start again?” Jen asked.

“Yes we do have time,” he replied. “But probably not enough time to fuck all three of you. We can fuck when we’re done swimming.”

The four sexy naked teens set off on the trail to finish their hike to the lake. The higher altitude not only was cooler, the humidity was much less. Never the less, they were much more comfortable and free wearing only their shoes and skin. Mark’s cock quickly responded to the naked flesh, standing up and tall, swinging back and forth as they walked. Jen stepped up along side of him and grasped his cock and then led him by gently steering him with it. As they adjusted their pace, Jen started to stroke his hardness. Mark moved up and put his arm around her and started caressing her breasts. Glancing back at Megan and Beth, he saw that they had their arms around each other and were busy playing with tits and cunts.

When they finally reached the lake, they quickly shed their packs and shoes and then ran into the cool lake and started splashing around, chasing each other splashing and grabbing ass, tits and the one lone cock. Megan managed to jump into Mark’s arms, locked her legs around his hips and pulled his cock to her cunt and started to fuck him. She humped him furiously, trying to reach orgasm before the other girls pulled Mark off her so they could pull his cock into their own cunts. When they had each sampled his big boner, they came out of the water and laid on their towels to rest and catch a few rays. The four of them donned their swim suits in case other people came by. After a few minutes, Jen picked up her pack and walked into the forest to answer a call of nature.

“Well looky, looky here, Bubba! What have we here?” Two rough looking men had stepped out of the woods and found them sunbathing next to the lake. Both were dressed in camouflage outfits and both carried hunting rifles, although hunting season was still months away.

“Wal, I dunno, Jim Bob. Looks to me like a couple of sweet young gals and their wimp boyfriend,” Bubba replied. “Say, them gals are kinda cute. Why don’t we make them take off their skimpy li’l swim suits and show us what they look like when they nakid? I ain’t seen nakid young pussy in a long time. Mebbe we can get us some sweet young ass too. ”

“Leave them alone!” Mark yelled.

“Or what?” Jim Bob said as he raised his rifle and pointed it at Mark. “Bubba, tie our young friend to that tree so he can watch us entertain his girl friends. Those young gals look like they ain’t been screwed by a real man yet. Hell, they don’t look like they ever been screwed. Couple a pretty young virgins.” Jim Bob kept his rifle on Mark while Bubba tied him to the tree. “Pull his trunks down. Mebbe when he watches us fuck his girl friends it’ll make his dick hard. These two young cunts might enjoy seeing him get a boner from watchin’ them thrashin’ and moanin’ while we fuck them.”

Bubba and Jim Bob turned to the two girls who were cowering together on their towels. “Stand up!” Jim Bob ordered. When they reluctantly stood up, he said, “Now take them suits off. We wanna watch you get naked. Hurry up and show us your nice tits and your sweet little cunts.”

“No. Please. Leave us alone,” Beth whined. “We don’t want to.”

Bubba grabbed Mark’s hair and pulled his head back then pulled out his large hunting knife and held it to Mark’s neck. “Take them suits off and get naked now or I’ll start cutting,” Bubba said with an evil grin. If’n that don’t work, I’ll use this to cut your swim suits off,” he said, waving the sharp blade at the frightened girls.

Both girls were now crying and Megan said, “Don’t hurt him. We’ll do it.”

“Give us a nice show while you strip nakid,” Jim Bob ordered. “Do a sexy dance fer us. Wiggle yer asses and shake yer tits fer us whilst you takin’ off them swim suits.”

Hesitantly at first, Beth started to dance, swinging her hips side to side and swinging her shoulders to shake her tits. She reached behind her and untied her top and then untied the thongs at her neck. She slowly pulled the damp top off and let it drop to the ground and started thrusting her pelvis in his direction. “Damn, Bubba! Look at those tits! Big and soft and no sag at all.” Jim Bob reached out and squeezed her boobs and pinched and rolled her nipples. Stepping behind her, he reached around Beth and grabbed both breasts and began playing with them and running his hands up and down her abdomen. He moved one hand down to her crotch and grabbed her mound, kneading her female parts while continuing to play with her tits. He began to hump her ass as he held her from behind. “Damn this is gonna be good,” he said.

Bubba meanwhile was watching Megan closely as she freed her tits from her top. She used her shoulders to swing her tits back and forth and then started shaking her ass. “Man! Yer such a li’l bit of a thang but you got a great set a’ hooters on ya,” he told her as he began to massage her tits. Emulating Jim Bob, he grabbed her tits from behind and amused himself by manipulated her tits and nipples. Turning her again, he bent down and sucked on her nipples, one after the other, nursing like a little baby on her marvelous boobs. “Hey, Jim Bob! Look at her nipples. They’re the same color as her hair,” He chuckled as he untied her suit bottoms. “I wonder if her cunt hair is red too.” Bubba quickly untied her suit bottom and yanked it off her voluptuous little body. “Red cunt hair,” Bubba cried, reaching out to grab her sexy mound.

Jim Bob turned Beth around and exclaimed, “Hey, Bubba! This little gal’s cunt is covered with white hair! Ain’t seen nuthin’ like it.” Jim Bob stepped to her side and again grabbed her white-haired mound and rubbed it strongly until his middle finger forced its way into her cunt.

“Oww. Stop, please. You’re hurting me.”

“It’ll only hurt for a little while,” He said as his finger found her clit and started to rub it. Her body responded involuntarily as electric pulses of sensation blazed from her clit and her cunt began to flow with her juices. In spite of her fear and loathing, her pelvis was thrusting against his hand and she seemed unable to stop or control her body’s response to his finger’s invasion of her cunt.

“Don’t. Please don’t,” Beth cried. But betrayed by her hyperactive sex drive and awakened lust, her legs drifted apart, giving him room to shove his big finger deep into the depths of her cunt. Jim Bob bent down and sucked on her nipples and massaged her G spot. Sexually aroused, and lusting for any hard cock, her cunt began to gush freely with her juices.

Moaning softly, Beth said, “Please,” as her hips continued to thrust against his finger harder and faster. “Please,” she said softly and then reached down to his hand and tried to pull his finger deeper into her cunt, seeking release from the fire that engulfed her sex.

“I think you really want me to fuck you,” Jim Bob said to her. “You must be some hot little cunt to get turned on so fast.” Beth moaned softly again and continued to hump his finger. “Am I right? You want me to fuck you?”

“Ohhh, yeah, please. I want you to fuck me,” Beth moaned. Her pelvis was thrusting faster and harder against his finger as she pulled his hand to her pussy as hard as she could. He slid another finger into her.

“You want me to stick my cock in your cunt?”

“Yeah. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel it when you to shove it into me.”

“You like cock?”

“I love cock. I want your cock. Fuck me with it. Stick it in me now or let me suck it first.”

“Wal, Okay then. Lay down on that towel wal I get ready.” Jim Bob pulled his finger out of her sopping pussy and started removing his clothes. Beth lay down on the towel, raised her knees and spread her legs. She rubbed her tits and rolled her nipples until they were rock hard. With her other hand, she located her clit and rubbed it. She was panting heavily while she eagerly waited to get fucked.

Bubba had already laid Megan down on her blanket and was busy playing with her marvelous tits. Kissing his way down her tiny body, he reached her pussy and began to lick and suck her clitoris. “Please don’t do this,” she said softly. Like Beth, however, her body involuntarily responded to his talented tongue and she began to moan and to push her hips up against his mouth.

“Do you wanna fuck?” He asked as he grabbed her tits with one hand and forced a finger of his other hand into her hole.

“Mmmm, yes, I want someone to fuck me.”

“You want my cock inside you?”

“Yes. I want your cock in my cunt. You can fuck me,” she whispered quietly. “I want you to fuck me. Eat my pussy some more, then fuck me. But please be gentle.” Bubba eagerly slurped her cunt lips, sucking and licking her clitoris until Megan cried out. “Now! Fuck me now. Stick it in me.”

Bubba quickly jumped up and began to take his clothes off. “I can fuck for hours without cuming. You gonna love the way I can fuck.” Getting down on his knees, he started to guide his prick to her opening. “Get ready for the fuck of your life,” He told her.

“Maybe she’ll get one. But not from you,” Mark said as he jacked a round into the rifle pointed at him. “Get off her or I’ll shoot you in both legs.”

“You too,” Jen said as she held the other rifle on Jim Bob who had his cock at Beth’s cunt hole and was humping her trying to work his large cock into her tight cunt.

“Sorry to take so long,” Jen explained. I had a tough time with those knots.”

That’s Okay, Beth replied. It was sort of fun keeping them occupied while you untied Mark and got their guns.”

“But now I’m really horny,” Megan added. “You had better be ready and able to fuck us long and hard. Those animals can watch us while we fuck.”

Later, the police and the game wardens were filling them in on what they found. They flew up to the lake by helicopter and found the two men still tied to a tree. Their guns and ammunition were in the lake and both naked men were badly sun burned. “Thanks for your good work,” they said. We’ve been looking for those poachers for a long time. With those charges and the attempted rapes, they will be put away for a long time.”

Mark and the girls had left their cell phones in Mark’s SUV since there was no coverage in that remote area. When they were able to reach 911, the police had quickly gotten the support of the game wardens and then arrested the two men. Mark and the girls became minor heroes when the news media interviewed them about their close call with the two poachers, especially when the interviews were played on the evening television news. Secretly, Beth and Megan both wondered what fucking the two poachers would have been like. Most likely it would have been primitive, rough and ultimately satisfying. They knew that at the time Mark rescued them, they were so desperate for sexual release they would have willingly fucked them both.

…to be continued…
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