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I was the youngest of three boys, to a single mother in rural Alabama. My oldest brother was 25 years old and had long left home. He was off on a Naval ship somewhere in the Pacific. My next oldest brother, William (we always called him Billy Ray) was 16, and your somewhat stereotypical, southern/redneck boy. Then there was me, Cooper, 2 years younger than Billy Ray, and living life as a tagalong of my older brother and his friends. That’s also exactly where this story begins.

It was one of those famous hot, northern Georgia days. I promise you, If you haven’t been in Georgia during the summer you don’t know hot. From about June until September, I rarely if ever where a shirt, and that goes for most guys as well. It was about mid-day, and my brother and I were scurrying around the house, gathering up our gear to go fishing. Our mother worked long days, and she’d be gone since before we were up, and would be gone until late so most days we did whatever we wanted. I heard the truck fire up outside, and my brother yelling at me.

“Coop, hurry the hell up,”

“I’m coming,” I yelled back, annoyed. I couldn’t find my shoes, and had looked all over the house. I ran into Billy’s room, diving on the floor. I looked under his bed, pulling stuff out, moving boxes, magazines, everything but still no shoes. I huffed, sitting on his bed, and trying to think where they might be. I stopped suddenly though, as a magazine on the ground caught my eye. On the front of this magazine, were two girls. Two very naked girls. Two very naked girls who were busy making out with each other, the blonde on top with her fingers buried deep in the other girls pussy. I slowly stooped down, picking the magazine up and looked at the cover, flipping the pages. Page after page of naked girls, eating each other out, making out, and fucking each other with dildos, I didn’t know what I was looking at but, I knew I liked it, and the tent in my loose shorts would attest to that.

“What the fuck are you doing,” came a yell from the door way, causing me to jump, dropping the magazine. “Your fucking jacking off in my room,” Billy yelled, looking down at the dirty magazine.

“Doing what,” I asked, never having heard this term before. He looked at me at first like I was a dumbass, and then started laughing picking the magazine up.

Now when it came to sexual matters, my knowledge was a little hazy. From hanging out with my brother and his friends, I heard all about “fucking pussy,” and “getting head,” and I knew that the proper way to identify a “hot” girl was by how big her “tits” were. But that was about the extent of it all. We didn’t have a computer so I didn’t know about porn until that moment.

“You’ve never jacked off before,” my brother asked, setting down next to me. I shook my head that I hadn’t, causing my brother to laugh again. “When a guy’s dick gets hard, like from looking at porn, you jack off to it, like rub your cock so you cum.” He must have seen the confusion on my face, so he pulled his shorts off, his cock and balls flopping out, motioning me to do the same.

Now me and my brother both had pretty similar builds. We were both pretty skinny kids, my brother a little more muscular due to his latest habit of lifting weights in the evening. And besides being a few inches taller, we looked almost the same, tan skin, and short dark hair. My brother had a dark goatee on his chin, and one other noticeable difference, his piercings. Both of Billy’s nipples were pierced, but that wasn’t his only piercing, his cock was also pierced, and he was quite proud of it. To tell him tell the tale, it got him a lot of girls who didn’t believe he had it, to look at it, and then touch it, and then…well… you get the picture.
His cock was bigger than mine, and thicker too, his cock ring poking out from his foreskin that covered the head. “Like this,” he said, grabbing his dick by the base, and began pulling up and down. I tried to copy his motions, and somewhat awkwardly began stroking my dick. Slowly but surely, my dick got harder and harder, curving slightly up. “No, not like that,” he said, looking over at me, “Here,” he said pushing my hand away. He grabbed my cock, his big hand enveloping it. He began quickly jacking me off, his hand sliding up and down my rod. I had never felt anything like this, and the feeling made me squirm on the bed. The bliss lasted for maybe a minute, a moan slipping out of my lips as for the first time in my life, white jizz oozed out of my cock onto my brother’s hand. He whipped it on my stomach, drying the rest on the bed. “It feels better when a girl does it, but here now you do me,” he said, leaning back on both of his hands, his semi hard cock throbbing slightly.

My hand slowly wrapped itself around his cock, barely making it all the way around. Billy laid all the way back, his eyes fixed on the magazine as my hand pulled up and down. I could feel the veins in his dick as my hand moved up and down, trying to pick up speed like he did. His hips squirmed a little bit as he moaned, bucking them slightly. I squeezed a little tighter and that seemed to do it. He moaned, dropping the magazine and as he did, his cum shot out of his cock. And when I say shot I mean it. The first shot over his head, the second and third on his chest. I was amazed at how much came out of his, compared to mine. He grabbed a shirt off the ground and wiped himself off, pulling up his shorts, and pulling on a camo hat. “Now hurry up, we’re already late.”

We made it to the pond about 10 minutes later, our friend Cory and Joey already there. They tossed us both a beer as we got there, heckling us for being late, and asking why I had such a big smile on my face.

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