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These are the 4 parts of my story all in one big piece since many people wanted to see this. I've edited it a little to fix typos and grammar. Enjoy!
My dad had left us when I was around 6 years old, it was only my mother and I from there on out. As soon as I had hit puberty I knew something was not completely normal, when the incest fantasies and dreams about my mother would not just be a phase of curiosity, but instead, a never-ending desire to have more than just a mother-son relationship. I knew how wrong it was and I tried to distract myself with girls my age, sports and video games, but the few pathetic relationships I actually had never lasted due to these feelings and disturbing thoughts. After months and months of fighting these emotions, trying to make sense of it all I finally came to the conclusion that I had to act on my impulses, the constant surpression and guilt were guiding me towards depression. From that day on, I began to "accidently" let my mother see me naked or let her get a glimpse of my dick while changing.

I 'm an average looking 18 year old teenager living with my 45 year old mother in a small comfortable house. We always had a fantastic relationship and loved each other as much as any other family. She's about 5 foot 5, has long blonde hair and a somewhat chubby figure with large natural breasts. It was the beginning of summer and the heat waves would begin to change the mood around the house.
I'd walk around the house with nothing but a thin white t-shirt and some looney toons boxers, my mother would lay outside in the back to get a tan. I walked up to her often, asking random questions or striking up conversations about the weather so that I can look at her beautiful breasts. She was wearing a white bra under a long blue shirt with some panties. I'd only stay for a couple of minutes because the longer I was there, the more arroused I became and my dick would soon begin to get hard. That particular day I was hornier than normal and rushed back into my room, I immediatly dropped my boxers and grabbed my fully erect cock, uncut and about 7 inches, and started to furiously masturbate after I had rubbed the precum around the head. I was thinking about how exciting and awkward it would be if my mother were to walk in right now, that thought made my cock pulsate and I soon ejaculated a huge load onto my stomache, which I quickly cleaned up with some tissues

Apparently I had dozed off after jerking off earlier, it was dark outside now and I realized I had not put my pants back on or covered myself up, the door to my room was open aswell. My mother must have walked past my room and seen me naked, since her room was right outside mine and I could hear her flipping through magazines. The not knowing part slowly gave me a rush and I slowly began to get hard again. As I stood up, the bed made a squeaking sound and I heard my mother get up and walk towards my room, before I had time to grab something; she was inside my room with a bunch of laundry, quickly glimpsing at my semi-erect cock for just a fraction of a second before starting to put clothes into the closet.
"Hey sweetie, I didn't want to wake you earlier so I'll just do this now ok? You always forget to take the laundry with you when you're downstairs" she said in a relaxed voice, pretending like i'm not siting on the edge of the bed without any pants on and a semi erect cock.
"Yeah sorry ma, next time I won't forget I promise!" I replied, acting completely normal and gently putting on some boxers.
She then walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the forehead to say goodnight, my bulge was clearly visible, i'm fairly certain she had noticed it aswell. I could not believe what had just happened, I was overwhelmed with emotions. She saw my semi erect penis and did not say a single word about it, and actually looking at it on purpose, twice. I took this as some sort of sign, that it was ok to be naked infront of my mother and that she knows I don't mind either; that I could expose myself more to my mother and hopefully it would lead to something some day. All I could do is lay back down after closing the door and start to masturbate again, I don't think my cock has ever been that hard before in my entire life, I came after 10 seconds.

The next day, still playing last night's encounter through my head, I walked to the kitchen to grab something to drink. Through the kitchen window I could see my mother outside again, working on her tan. But this time she was topless. I couldn't believe my eyes, I had never actually seen her topless before. Her breasts were large and amazing, I had to stare for about a minute. Without letting my brain begin to process what situation I am in, before I would change my mind, I walked outside to her.
"Good morning mom, this heat...I heard it's only getting worse the next couple of weeks" I said in a confident tone, while looking up into the sky.
"Oh hey hunny, I didn't hear you coming, yeah I guess so", she didn't cover herself up, and I observed her nipples and how hard they got. We both looked at each other, smiling. My cock began to become erect inside my underwear, but this time I just stayed there, the excitement of that situation was nothing like I had ever experienced before and the adrenaline prevented me from walking away. I saw my mother looking for about two seconds at my growing dick before she layed her head back again and closed her eyes. The fact that we were acting so normal, pretending like if nothing is happening, was extremely arrousing.
"Aren't you a bit uncomfortable there sweetie? You can take your underwear off if you want, you know, because of the heat. There's nothing I haven't seen already darling, i'm your mother after all." she said in a calm voice with her eyes still closed, her body facing the sun.
"Yeah I guess you're right, like always" I replied, with a grin on my face as I was taking off the boxers.
By the time I had taken them off, my penis had grown to its fullest extent. I was now standing fully naked next to my mother, with a raging boner. My cock was leaking precum, only about 3 feet away from my mother. It was surreal, like in one of my many fantasies that I would dream about every day. I pulled myself together and kept telling myself that this is normal, that it's perfectly natural and nothing to be afraid of. That's how I managed to stand there, proudly exposing my rock hard cock in the open air. I wanted this to escalate and had an idea how to make that happen.
"Mommy I love you, I'm going to go watch some tv in my room ok?"
Every time I'd tell my mother I loved her, it ment we would hug briefly.
My mother put down the magazine which was on her stomache and stood up with a great big smile on her face. She looked at my hard dick for just a tiny moment and then approached me with open arms.
"Hunny, there is nothing in this world I love more than you" she said whilst I stepped towards her aswell.
Our warm sweaty naked bodies were now rubbing against each other as we hugged. A million thoughts rushed through my head. My stiff cock poked at her belly, smearing some precum on her, gently causing friction on my cock which led to my foreskin being pulled back a bit and made me gasp.
"Oh sorry baby, did I hurt you?" she carefully said while looking down at my cock after stepping back, with her hand covering her mouth.
"No, no, i'm fine it's just that, felt so good" I blurted out quietly while pulling my foreskin back and forth very slowly.
"Looks like you need to go and take care of that hun!" my mother replied in a worrying tone staring at my intensely hard cock.

From that moment on, I knew that this was going to be the summer of my life. I couldn't believe my luck.

As I stood there with my throbbing cock infront of my mother for the first time with mixed emotions, I could clearly see she was as excited as I was. We were both pretending that what we were doing is no big deal, that it's not even worth talking about, I enjoyed this game we were playing. It's almost like if we don't talk about then it's not really happening, I couldn't have imagined a better path for this to go. I was staring at her nipples, they were hard as stones, whilst she was observing me slowly pulling my foreskin back and forth. I did not masturbate any quicker, as I was afraid of ejaculating infront of her, that maybe once the endorphins are released that I would regret all of my actions or that it would simply destroy the moment we were having. We stood there in silence for what seemed liked eternity.
"So I guess i'll take these off too then, to even the playing field!" she said jokingly with a little giggle which completely lifted the tension in the air, as she swiftly dropped her white panties. She had a beautiful little patch of hair between her legs. I began to inhale and exhale heavily, I couldn't control myself anymore and began to masturbate quicker and quicker. Her eyes were fixated on my crotch, she was biting her lower lip and her hand began to wonder towards her cunt, this tipped me over the edge.
" I am going to finish"
I firmly held my cock - thrusted my body back and let the cum shoot out all over the floor, some of it landed on my mother's magazin and deckchair. As I was standing there with my yet semi hard cock in my hand, trying to catch a breath from that mind blowing orgasm, the last few drops of semen leaked out of my cock.
"Wow hun... that was quite a lot" my mother said, looking at the mess I had left all over the place.
"Sorry ma i'll go grab a cloth and clean this right away" I said while walking towards the door and feeling the redness in my face, I wanted to get out of there and think about what just happened.
"It's ok, go sit on the couch and relax, i'll take care of this don't worry" she said in her caring motherly voice, as if I were only a few years old and just had an accident.
As I walked past her to get inside, she gave me a sweet soft caress on my arm which was quite a relief from the awkwardness around me.

I don't know why but I had not put my pants back on, probably because I was too nervous and didn't want to spend more time there at the moment. My sweaty skin was sticking to the leather couch, it was actually soothing. Just as I had grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, my mother walked into the room, surprisingly also not wearing anything.
"The evidence has been removed!" she said, trying to hold in a laughter.
"Mom, i'm really really sorry about what happened back there...I jus-
"What do you mean? I just watched what seemed to be something every teenager does at that age...relieve some pressure, I just find it wonderful how we are so close and can share our intimate moments with each other" she cut me off mid sentence to not let me swim in guilt. I had thought about something similar to this happening over and over, but that was only a fantasy which I was 100% sure would never actually happen. But this is it, probably what someone feels like when they win in the lottery or something.
"It's so hot anyway, going fully nude like this is not only WAY more comfortable, but also keeps us cool down there if you know what I mean" she said while sitting down on the couch next to me. We were watching some talk show on TV, totally casual. Although I had to gaze over to her a few times to catch another sight of what was between her legs, she noticed and stroked my hand. Her touch was so warm.

A couple of minutes had passed, of us sitting there in silence watching television when my penis started to get erect again. I instinctively grabbed it and played with my foreskin a little while my dick began to grow until it was fully hard again, completely forgetting where I was and with who. I could describe it as a sort of trance, a moment in which your mind is somewhere else. My mother was watching me closely and saliva started to build in my mouth. My thigh was touching hers, I could feel her rubbing her leg against mine in a very slow motion, it somehow made me incredibly excited. I pulled my foreskin as far back as I could to show off the head to my mom who was right next to me, observing what I was doing.
"Sweetie do you mind if I...?" she asked in a low tone of voice, letting her hand fall into her lap.
"No, no, please do it" I replied while looking deeply into her eyes and stroking my cock and testicles simultaneously.
I no longer had any shame and accepted what was happening, it was incredible to masturbate next to my naked mother. I had to be careful to not ejaculate too quick. I looked down at her pussy after she spread her legs towards me and saw how she was carefully spreading her pussy lips apart to reveal herself completely to me. As our breathing rythm began to increase and my mother had to moan a little, she slid a finger inside of her and I could see the moisture forming of her. It was just simply amazing. The scent made me masturbate much more vigorously, I moved over a little so that my penis would be closer to her leg.
"Oh god, this is so beautiful that we can do this, we are incredibly lucky that we can be who we want around ourselves without consecuences" she said with one finger inside of her and looking over to my strongly erect cock.
The way she was looking at my dick without trying to hide made me crazy horny, I felt like I was going to explode any moment.
"Mommy my wrist hurts, I think I damaged it earlier...I have to stop" i said in an innocent tone.
Without any other words being exchanged, my mother suddenly stopped pleasing herself. Oh god no, please don't leave, I regret having said anything! I thought to myself. Instead of moving away, she kneeled down onto the carpet infront of me. My penis was as erect as it could be, I was pulling the foreskin back to show my mother how hot and confident I am for her. My mother then signaled me with her index finger to come closer as if she wanted to whisper something, so I did. She kissed me on the mouth and our tongues met, playing with each other, exchanging all of the spit. It was intense, I felt like we finally found each other at a place in which we've been trying to reach so far but neither of us dared to make the first move, heaven. My dick was poking her stomache, i began to masturbate and use her belly for the additional friction and warmth, I had to control myself to not cum already. I cupped her tits and massaged them, they were so soft yet firm and big, I rubbed her nipples and noticed how she moaned. This went on, uncontrollably for several minutes. After a while, she moved her head back again and purposely dripped some of her saliva onto my throbbing cock.
"How does this feel hunny? I just want you to be happy" she said with a vicious yet caring look on her face as she started to softly stroke my dick, moving the foreskin up and down, up and down. It felt like I started to get small spasms around my body, my mother held my leg down with her left hand while our eyes met. She enjoyed the pleasure she was giving her son with her motherly touch.
"This time we're going to keep this clean" she said and moved her gentle wet lips around the head of my dick. Oh my god, this was the absolute best feeling I've ever had, I had to moan and started to caress her hair and gently forcing her head down on my pulsating cock. She showed no resistance, but made loud wet sucking sounds which prevented me from holding in the orgasm any longer.
"MA, I'M GOING TO CUMMM" i yelled while shoving my cock down her throat, not having a care in the world. I began to cum, load after load into my mother's throat, she quickly began to choke so I let her head go. She moved back a little and let the last loads go into her mouth aswell, the semen started to flow out the sides of her mouth and I pulled my dick out of my mother's mouth. She started to cough and swallow the cum so that no more of it would drop onto the floor. My mother was sitting infront of me, naked, with my cum flowing all over her soaking wet sweaty body. I will never forget that image.
"Sweetie, thank you! Your cum was delicious, I hope you're feeling better now!" she said while wiping some of the cum off her cheek.
"Mom i'm completely exhausted I thought I was going to pass out for a moment there, I love you so much" i replied as I was gently stroking my shrinking cock.
We both got up and hugged, the slowly-drying cum got smeared all over me. The feeling of her hot breasts rubbing against me made me kiss her. My mother grabbed a towel that was nearby and started to clean the semen up, she held my soft cock and wiped it with the towel, then used it on herself.
"I've got a surprise for you later!" she said as she was touching herself.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside in the blazing sun, I looked at the clock, it was 10 in the morning. For a minute I had not remembered all of the things that had occured with my mother yesterday, and I walked to the bathroom to freshen up. Then it hit me. At first I brushed it off as some sort of realistic wet dream which I must have had, but then as soon as I heard my mother's cheerful humming while she was making breakfast downstairs - I realized everything was real and remembered every detail. I instantly had a boner as I was thinking about it, and couldn't wait to see my mother. I finished up quickly in the bathroom and wrapped a towel around my waist.

"Good morning, mmmmh...that smells delicious!" I yelled over to my mother in the kitchen as I was rushing down the stairs.
"Morning darling, can you help me carry this please?"
As I walked into the kitchen I noticed how she was wearing a loosely knotted robe, I now viewed my mother in a completely different light since last night's events. I gave her a big smile and grabbed my plate from the counter. She smiled back and started to walk towards the living room infront of me. The sight of her juicy ass was now turning me on more than ever, my cock began to grow. I leaped forward and gave her bottom a little smack, I couldn't resist.
"Careful! I'm going to drop everything!" she giggled and gave me a mischievous look.
I figured that she was as horny as I was. I sat down opposite to her at the transparent glass table and we began to eat while looking at the TV. It didn't last long before my eyes started to wander, influenced by my dirty thoughts. My mother's legs were spread apart quite a bit and her robe was not long enough to cover her all the way down, I had a decent view through the table of her beautiful hairy pussy. I'm not sure if she was baiting me or was just not simply aware of the fact that she was exposed but she caught me staring.
"Hunny, can you pass me the salt?" instead of closing her legs, she spread them even further apart. She was obviously teasing me and loved how I was not ashamed of looking. My cock was fully erect and started to hurt, wanting to get out of the boxers.
"Yes ofcourse" I replied in a low voice as I stood up slightly to grab the salt bottle, letting my mom see my situation down there.
"Sweetie that looks uncomfortable, I think you should let your cock out" she suddenly stated pointing at it.
I've never heard her use vulgar language like that before, unprovoked. It made me incredibly horny, and showed her how much by dropping my pants infront of her right there and then. My cock jumped straight up and I sat back down. My mother's facial expression changed drastically, I could see it in her eyes how excited she was. With a single hand movement she took off her robe, her large hanging tits bounced around a little.
"We should always eat together like this, during summers like these ofcourse" she said as she was sliding her hand down to her cunt in a way that seemed perfectly normal.
The mood was unbelivable, what we were doing without talking about was amazing. It all seemed so natural, like an everyday thing such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. My mother was spreading her pussy lips apart and fingering herself, maintaining eye contact with me at the same time. I instinctively grabbed my rock hard cock and began to masturbate. This went on for a while, it was indescribable.

My mother moved herself back a couple of inches with her chair, no longer having any obstacles infront of her now wet pussy.
"Hun I thought you could know...reciprocate and help mommy out" she whispered while spreading her pussy open as much as possible, facing me.
"I was waiting for you to say that mom! I just want to show you how much I love you!" i replied as I dashed towards her and skillfully fell on my knees in record time.
The smell coming from her pussy was so highly arousing, I rested my hands on my mother's thighs and buried my face inbetween her legs. I viciously started to suck and lick her labia, letting out slurping noises and saliva all over, which began to run down her legs. She was now moaning loudly and tightly grabbing the chair from the sides, her body was thrusting upwards out of pleasure as I was tickling her clitoris. She tasted as delicious as I had imagined, making her feel as good as she was feeling gave me endless satisfaction. I took all of her juices in my mouth and swallowed them with pride.
"OH GOOOOD" she howled as she was having her orgasm. Her whole body was shaking, the sweat traveling down everywhere.
"Your cunt tastes so good mommy" I said as I stood up and started to jerk off like a maniac.
My mother was still breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and watched me.
"That was incredible... nobody has ever given me that much attention" she gasped as she was rubbing her cunt slowly and biting her lip.
I was close to orgasm myself and lacked the discipline to hold it back. I moaned loudly and ejaculated all over my mom, the cum landed everywhere. I completely soaked my mother in my hot sticky semen, there was a puddle in her belly button, some on her breasts, even a few drops on her pussy and face.
"Mmmhhm hunny next time give some warning, you know how much I love your cum in my mouth!!" she said slightly annoyed as she was wiping some off her face with her two fingers and then licking them like popsicles.
I leaned back against the table and watched her eat my cum off her body.
"You got some down there too mom" as I pointed to her inner thigh and kneeled back down infront of her again. I licked a few drops of my cum, it tasted quite neutral with a hint of sweetness.
"Not so bad huh?" she said while licking her fingers. I nodded.
She bent over and grabbed my soft cock as she pulled back the foreskin a little to wipe some more cum off, then proceeded to licking her fingers like if it were sweet honey.

After a couple of minutes, we both went upstairs butt naked to the bathroom because we decided to clean up properly. As we stepped into the shower, I started to feel horny again and hugged my mother from behind. My semi erect growing cock was pushing against her ass, she was kissing my arms and turning on the water.
"Mom let me clean you, after all it was my fault" I retorted as I was spreading some lotion over my hands.
"Sure hunny, and before we get out I think I should help empty your load again since we're here" she said in a caring motherly voice. She grabbed my cock, pulled the foreskin back and spat on the head, then started to rub her saliva all over.
We were now both standing under the sprinkling water, she was facing the wall and I was facing her back. I gently rubbed the lotion over her back and massaged her tits, I could feel her nipples were hard again. She exhaled loudly at times. As my hands were moving down her backside, I couldn't stop myself from spreading her butt cheeks. I slowly pushed my middle finger into her warm asshole.
"Ohhhhh" she moaned, guiding both her hands down to her pussy.
I slowly slid my finger in and out of her asshole, she loved it. I playfully rubbed my firm dick against her crack as I was pulling the foreskin back and forth. My mother's noises were increasing in volume as I was moving my finger faster and faster.
"Mmhmmm playing with mommy's asshole are we? Stick your finger right up there sweetie, it feels fantastic" she begged.

Suddenly she turned around, kissed me on the mouth and as she grabbed hold of my pulsating cock as she whispered into my ear:
"Please fuck me"

While to the average judgemental person restricted to the boundaries of our current society something such as incest would appear extremely taboo and perverted, they do not realize how beautiful and natural it can be. It gives you an even more unbreakable bond, a connection deeper than any other. In the end everybody ends up at the same place, no matter what path in life you took. The relationship between my mother and I, the lust and performed fantasies, gave us happiness to no end.

When I heard those words come out of her mouth; "Fuck me", I realized that it would be inevitable, I would eventually end up fucking my own mother after all this fooling around. We both wanted it, it slowly escalated and finally the time came.
"Mom I'd love to fuck you, I have been waiting for this for so long" I said as I pointed my cock closely to the entrance of her soaking pussy. She looked down at my penis, so close to her vagina, and began to inhale and exhale increasingly in anticipation, she rested her arms on me and before I knew it, I had sticked my cock straight inside of her wep soft cunt. She instantly began to moan, I left my fully erect cock inside of her for a few seconds as we stared into each other's eyes. The feeling was indrescribable, like if I had died and gone to heaven.
"Fuck me hard baby" she begged.
There was nothing I wanted to hear more than that. I slid my cock out of her hot juice-filled cunt again and then began to penetrate her mercilessly as I firmly grabbed her round ass cheeks to hold onto. Her backside kept slamming into the shower wall with every thrust, my mother's cries of pleasure were suppressing the noise of the water splashing on the ground. I felt her warm breath on my chest, my pubes were rubbing against hers. I pushed two fingers into her tight butthole as I was fucking her as hard as I could. I tried my best to hold out as long as I could but I wasn't able to for much longer.
"FUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEESSSS AHHHH" she yelled and held her pussy tightly, she had cum as I was inside of her. I instantly took my cock out of her and began masturbating, she spread her lips wide to show me the white slimy liquid oozing out of her slowly. I scooped some up with my two fingers and took it to my mouth, it was nearly flavourless but I could taste something a bit salty. At the sight of this my mother immediatly kissed me and invaded my mouth with her tongue. I couldn't control myself and forced my dick inside of her vagina again and pounded her like there was no tomorrow, all she could do was make whimpering noises.
"I'M GONNA CUM I'M GONNA CUM" I loudly expressed just after a few seconds of being inside her pussy again. She held me firmly, I could feel her fingernails stabbing me in the back, I was unable to move out in time and fully ejaculated inside of her. Load after load, the cum filled her pussy. In ecstasy we both hugged each other strongly as I came in her cunt. After a couple of seconds I was done and took my cock out of her, still some semen dripping out onto her legs. My cum was flowing out of the sides of her cunt as she was gently fingering herself.
"Mom I'm-"
"Hunny I can't get pregnant anymore, I should have told you but everything was going so fast and I found no words" she admitted with a huge grin on her face. "That must have freaked you out i'm sorry hun!" she added.
My mother then kneeled down and elegantly inserted my semi hard cock into her mouth and began to clean it, she sucked the last drops out of it making loud slurping noises and caressing my leg. She then stood back up again and kissed me. The mixture of tastes in our mouths was precious .

We then both got out of the shower and dried each other properly. As my mother turned around to look into the mirror as she was fixing her hair, I took the opportunity to get down on my knees and further explore her ass. I spread her cheeks apart and started to tickle her asshole with my tongue.
"Oh my god, that feels good hunny" she acknowledged and changed her standing position to better acomodate my mouth and let me have a clearer view. My mother was looking at herself in the mirror as she was pinching her nipples and leaving her mouth open.
I slid a finger into her anus, accompanied by my tongue. It was really tight and I observed how much pleasure I was giving her, which was only motivating more. Not long after I started to finger her ass with two fingers, using only saliva as lubricant her legs were shaking and she began to fingerfuck her moist cunt as she let out long and deep moans. My cock by now was throbbing again, pleading for a tight hole.
"I'm going to fuck your ass now" i stated in an authoritative voice, pretending to not care for her opinion, fully guided by my lust.
"DO IT, PLEASE, I NEED IT" she answered with her eyes closed and one of her hands pulling on her ass.
Without any further hesitations I stood up and tried to push my cock into her asshole, it was harder then I imagined, I didn't want to hurt her. She then put four of her fingers her mouth and soaked my cock in her spit, then spread some around the entrance of her anus. I was jerking slowly to not lose any hardness, but she grabbed it and started to push my cock inside of her tight hole, it went in this time. It felt like heaven. I began to push it in and out, the friction was intense and made us both gasp for air with our mouths widely open. I slowed down a couple of times and cupped her tits, but the time came and it felt perfect.
"I'm going to cum in your ass now mom" I said agressively.
"YESSS FUCKING CUM" she ordered.
I pushed my cock as deep inside of her asshole as I could and exploded. My mother screamed in pleasure, it seemed like I had to cum almost as much before in the shower. As soon as my cock had reached the exit of her hole, the semen started to flow out and down her legs. It was another of those moments I will never forget. I stumbled backwards and leaned against the wall as my mother was regaining her breath and licking her fingers after she covered them in cum.
"Hunny I need to lay down now for a bit, that was just... I love you so much" she said with the biggest smile i've ever seen as she walked towards the door.
"I love you too mom, I love cumming inside of you and watching you take it in your mouth afterwards" i replied, walking towards her.
We then hugged, I massaged her ass and felt all the sticky fluids being transfered from her chest to mine.

Let me know how you liked it, I shall continue it soon! Check my profile for updates!

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