Bobby's new power - Chapter 2

(Author's note: This story contains b/b and b/F, also incest. If you're not into that, stop, close this tab and read something else more to your pleasure. It only saves you time.
Also, it would be good for you reading the first chapter of this little series, just so you can fully understand the story. Not that I command you to do it. It's just a suggestion. No, please, feel free to continue reading, it's your loss. So as you've come this far, please enjoy the second part of "Bobby's new power")

Lynn was very surprised, yes, even startled. She didn't know how she could possibly react, seeing her second-born basically doing it with his friend. That her son was already going at it this early didn't really bother her, she appreciated it in fact, as she had also been sexually active at that age.
What really bothered her were her own reactions. She should close the door, leave the two boys be and never talk about it again. Instead, she felt instantly aroused with unwanted thoughts crossing her mind.
Thoughts of herself, ripping her clothes off and getting on her knees, sucking that cute little pecker of her son while his friend fucked her from behind.
Yes, she yould feel it, she could taste it, those sweet cocks, so immature yet so desirably cute. She could arleady feel the precum, running down her asscrack and filling her mouth, the act itself, their cocks pushing deep into her vagina and throat, increasing in speed, always going deeper and deeper and finally, on the peek of her pleasure, the eruption, driving her over the edge, letting her squeal in orgasm like the dirty whore she was.

As ready as she was to fulfill every bit of that fantasy, she still hesitated. Something was wrong here, these thoughts felt like they were not hers, like they were pushed into her mind. Suddenly, a voice filled her head which sounded very familiar. She recognized it as the voice of her son.
What the fuck is she doing in my room? Oh fuck I'm so screwed!
At the same time she heard him shout: "MOM!"
That waked her from her trance and she quickly rushed out, babbling excuses. She locked herself in her bedroom and sank to the ground. How in the world has she been able to understand Bobby's thoughts? Did he really speak to her mind? Or did she just hallucinate and it was her own mind, playing tricks on her? Yes, it had to be like that.
But still, her visions of being screwed by those boys seemed so real and somehow...right.
No, she was crazy, she mustn't follow those stupid thoughts. After all, she had a wonderful husband, fulfilling her in every possible way, even letting her sleep with others, but definitely not with her own son.
Nodding to herself, she got up and returned to the sitcom, she had been busy watching before she heard the noises from Bobby's room. She asked herself, what the two of them were doing by now...

"Phew that was close, man..." sighed Martin. Eventually, he crawled over to Bobby, who still seemed to be in a shocked state. "Are you alright, master?"
"I..uh...yeah." babbled Bobby. I can't believe that she's seen us. What should I do now?
"Don't be afraid Master. You brought her partially under your control. She won't do anything to hurt you" Martin comforted him.
"Wait, you mean..."
"Yeah, you can make her your slave, too."
The impact of the possibilities made Bobby shiver. He could make his mother serve him as a sexslave.
Suddenly, he realised the wrongness of it. I....I can't do that...
"Why? I know you want it."
" B..but we could get caught, and..."
"And what? Nobody can harm you, as long as you have your scars."
"But I don't even know how much power they have. And maybe I don't want to enslave my whole family!"
"Look at me. Do I look unhappy to you?"
Bobby looked at him. Martin looked more than happy. In fact, he looked happier than ever, happier than on every single day he played a prank on him.
"No, I guess not...but I could make you unhappy..."
"Do you want to make me unhappy, or anyone else?"
"No, I guess not.."
"So why are you afraid of using your power? You get pleasure from it, as all of the others do. And: The more, the merrier."
"If you put it like that...but still...She is my mother, goddamn."
"Come with me." Martin again took Bobby's hand and led him out of the room. They both still lacked most of their clothes, but didn't really care about it at this point. They hid behind the door between the kitchen and the living room, where they could see Bobby's mother, watching TV. From this angle, they couldn't really see her, so Bobby touched his scar and reached for his mother's mind. Her thoughts blew him away. He gasped and staggered, rescued by Martin from falling to the ground.
"She...she...." is fingering herself!

Lynn hadn't been able to concentrate on the TV, as the thoughts of her lustful vision still bothered her.
She again lost herself in thoughts of teenage cock. After all, she wasn't exactly new to it. She has been seducing boys for more than 20 years now, and many of them had been very young. She knew the advantages very well, the unconditional eagerness, the litarlly rock-hard cocks, the never-ending stamina...
She again found herself in between the two boys, being fucked thoroughly from both ends, heading to her own climax even faster than before....but she couldn't reach it. She lacked something. Frustrated by this sudden end, she again tried to watch TV, but it was pointless. She needed to get off. And so she did. She pulled up her summer dress, revealing her trimmed pussy and soft, firm C-cup breasts. She didn't really have that clichéd MILF-Look, she was relatively petite and in very good shape, caring for her body more than most married women.
She immediatly buried her hand between her legs, rubbing her clitoris to bring herself quickly to orgasm.
She sucked on her left hands middle finger, pretending it to be Bobby's cock, then bringing it to her opening, fucking herself with the imaginary cock of her own son.

Suddenly, something touched her mind. She felt that someone was in the room and looked over the couchs edge as she heard a little gasp from the kitchen.
It's him! she thought, standing up, not even bothering to rearrange her dress, and darted to the kitchen.
Of course she found the two boys standing there, both still more or less naked, cocks standing painfully hard. "You need help with that?" she asked, instantly laughing at her lame pick-up-line.
"Seriously, seems like you like what you see. Or are you just hard for each other?"
They slowly shook their heads, gazing at her perk breasts and the slight hint of her pussy, being shown off by her ravished dress.
Good, they're not completely gay, Lynn thought to herself.
"I'm not GAY! I love women!" Bobby suddenly shouted.
"You can read my mind?" Lynn asked dumbfounded.
"Yes. Since I discovered the true power of my scars, I can read people's minds, and most people can read my mind now, too" Bobby answered hesitantly.
He still was unsure about making his mother his sexslave. But she wanted it, she fingered herself to thoughts of him and it wasn't completely because of his influence.
"And I also can...."
"You can what?" Lynn wanted to know, now casually reaching at their cocks, slowly starting to jack them, out of pure greed.
"Well..uhm...make people do what I want. Even make them my...slaves."
She stopped the jacking, flinching from them a bit.
"WHAT? So...Martin's your...slave?"
"Yes, I am, and I'm very happy about it," Martin answered for Bobby. "And I think, he also wants you to be his slave."
This honest answer scared her. Lusting after young boys...okay. Lusting after her own son....kinky, but okay. But being enslaved by him?
"You don't have to fear it. You keep your mind, but it gets changed...a bit."
"What do you mean with 'a bit'?"
"Well...see, I used to hate the guts of your son. But turned all of my hate into love towards him and towards everyone else willing to join us."
"Still...he controls you."
But I won't hurt him. Nor will I hurt you or anyone else. I just...want you. I didn't realise it before, but Martin opened my eyes. I want you mom, I want to kiss you, finger you, lick you and fuck you. my slave.

That last simple, yet momentous order pushed her over the edge. She climaxed right there, free-handed, her legs thrashing. She fell to the ground, her limbs totally out of control, gasping for air and sprayed a little fountain of squirt on the two open-mouthed boys.
Slowly, she recovered, clearing her throat and uttering the words: "Get down here, now."
Neither of them hesitated as they went down on her, starting to massage her breasts and nipples, still sensitive from her orgasm.
"S-suck them" Lynn pleaded after a bit. They were more than happy to oblige, each of them taking a nipple in his mouth, licking it, playing with it, lightly biting it as if they had been doing this all their life.
Finally, all of the internet porn comes in handy Bobby thought to himself. Well, he thought he'd be thinking it to himself, as the other two chuckled lightly, Martin biting a bit harder at Lynn's nipple, bringing a cute little gasp out of her.
Instinctively, their hands slowly reached down, starting to finger Lynn's sensitive pussy.
After a while of that, both of them moved down, first licking Lynn's thighs, sensually moving towards her core, stopping at the instant, moving back again, suddenly reaching her vulva, going back again, and so forth.
They did this in perfect unison as Bobby leaded Martin through his mind, synchronizing their movements. Each time their tongues met incidentally, they gave each other, a short, sloppy kiss. And all the while they avoided to move to the real part.
Long story short: It was the ultimate teasing.
Lynn moaned loudly, pleading them to end this and move to the real part, wanting to push their heads into her crotch, but Bobby simply forbid mutely.

After a few minutes of this torture, they finally stopped it, first backing completly from Lynn's crotch, then suddenly simultaneously moved to her vagina, Bobby starting to suck her clit while Martin shoved his tongue into her slit.
This sudden feeling would've pushed her over the edge instantly, but Bobby managed to take control and stopped shortly before the point of no return.
He played with his mind control, letting her almost over the edge, just to push her back, sometimes even stop licking along with Martin, now teasing her even more than before.
Lynn almost went crazy right now. She never had been so aroused before. Even in the orgies and sexparties she used to join has no one been capable of giving her such pleasure.
As Bobby finally wanted to release her, she stoped them.
"No. One wasted orgasm is enough. I want you now." She took both of their cocks, taking Bobby's first, instantly taking it at once, while she lightly jacked Martin.

The unskilled blowjob by Martin was nothing in comparison to this. Bobby literally stopped breathing as Lynn bobbed up and down, incidentally licking his little balls and sometimes lapping his tip and the sheer amount of awesomeness of this blowjob nearly pushed him over the edge. He looked to Martin who looked back, suddenly taking his head and kissing him sensually intertwining their tongues. Together, the two feelings finally made him orgasm. He bucked and his balls tensed, shooting a few spurts of his jizz in his mothers mouth, who took it all, standing up and joining into thier kiss, swapping his own sperm with him and his little loverboy.
The kinkyness of this act, made him grin wide as they finally broke their kiss.

"Now what?" Lynn asked. After all, Bobby was her master and he had to tell her what to do next.
Bobby went over to the couch, being followed by the two others and sat down. His still rock-hard cock (Note of Lynn: "Never-ending stamina, as I said. Those teenage boys....") stood up as he pointed on it.
"Please, have a seat," he said with a overly serious voice and Lynn obliged, chuckling at his little joke.
Despite Bobby's smallness, his mothers vagina still felt tight on his cock (undoubtedly because of her experienced muscles) and embraced him with its warmness.
"Now suck Martin's cock." In an instant, Lynn started to suck Martin, also deepthroating him in one stroke. Although he was a little bigger than Bobby's, his cock still was no match to her. She pulled the same moves as with Bobby, alternating between licking his balls as well as his glans, but this time, she also went up and down on Bobby's lap, distracting her a little from her sucking.
Their pace increased slowly but (administrated by Bobby) simultaneously as Martin reached his peek quickly. After all, he had never been able to get off on this arousing day. But Bobby didn't allow his orgasm yet. He wanted all of them orgasming at the same time, multiplizing their pleasure by three through his mind.
And so they did after two minutes which felt like an eternity but seemed still so evanescent as they were over. Bobby buried his penis to the hilt in his mothers vagina, who again squirted a little fountain of clear liquid and eventually took a whole load of Martin's sperm in her mouth and finally all over her face, pasting her pretty features with two spurts of half-clear, half-white teenage-cum.
She collapsed on top of Bobby, lying beneath him as Martin fell to the ground, out of breath from his mind-shaking orgasm.
Lynn crept up to Bobby and kissed him, sharing Martin's sperm with him. He then licked her face, lapping up all the sperm and again shared it with her.
"That's so hot." Martin stated, gazing at them.
They all laughed at his comment and Bobby commanded him to join them on the couch. They snuggled up against each other, momentarily worn out by the experience, Bobby right in the middle of his minions. He felt this to be the beginning of something huge....

Thanks for reading. This time, I've increased the amount of sex for your pleasure, at least I hope it had this effect on you. Please comment, constructive critique is much appreciated, quite contrary to dumb hate :)
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