Despite our activities during the school day, Amy and I had a relatively quiet night on Friday. She came over to my house and we did our last minute prep for the forensics tournament on Saturday. This consisted of about half an hour of practice and several hours of watching funny television shows. I don’t think that I could have made a move on her if I wanted. I was worn out by the day’s previous activities. Amy, my latino girlfriend, felt the same. But it didn’t stop her from saying some things that were pretty provocative.

Once, when we were talking about how lucky we were to make it back to class in time after going to my house to have sex in the shower, she said “I loved it when you came in me. I got a surprise right when I got home from school.”

“Oh yeah,” I responded, egging her on. “What surprise?”

“Your cum dripping down my leg.”

If that didn’t make me full on hard, it made my dick stand at least at half-mast. Then later, she said, “Just wait until tomorrow, I’ve got a surprise for you.”


On tournament days, we were allowed to commute to schools in the city on our own. But if the tournament was being held at any school outside the city limits, we had to take a bus per school district rules. This usually meant that the thirty or forty of us would pile on to the same bus for the lengthy ride. This weekend we were lucky because the debate team had a tournament at the same school. The debate team was considerably smaller than the forensic team, and usually would take school vans to tournaments. But when added to our numbers, it became necessary for there to be two busses. This spread out the forensic team a little bit, instead of 40 people on our bus, packed shoulder to shoulder, there would only be about twenty, with each person getting their own seat. It was a three hour drive from our high school to the school where we were having the tournament. Since the tournaments always started at eight, we had to leave by 4:30 am to be sure we were there with enough time to check in.

I was wearing my customary tournament suit, all black with subtle pinstripes, with a shiny blue tie. Amy wore one of her own suits, tight gray pants with a simple coat and a low cut blouse. A couple of times during competition in the morning, she caught me looking down her shirt. She didn’t stop me, if anything she encouraged me.

The morning was fairly uneventful. The team competed well, and at 11:30, we broke up for lunch in the school cafeteria. At this particular school, there were two cafeterias. The main cafeteria was used for all of the student competitors, and the smaller one was just for judges and coaches. Between the two was the kitchen, which was closed because it was a Saturday. The only food available was catered in for the students from a local deli.

Amy and I ate with the other kids from our school at a table in the big cafeteria. Amy excused herself to go use the bathroom and I stayed at the table, listening to kids from the debate team complain about some particularly harsh judges from the morning. A few minutes later I looked up and saw Amy standing in the doorway to the cafeteria, half hiding behind the door. She was looking right at me, conveying her best “Hey, you. Get over here” look.

I calmly left the table unnoticed. This wasn’t the first time that Amy and I had snuck away from a tournament for a rendezvous, but I was always very uneasy about it. The schools where we did this were always mostly empty. It was always easy to find a unoccupied classroom. But most classrooms aren’t meant to be impenetrable. We could get walked in on and have absolutely no warning.

I walked out of the cafeteria into the hallway. There were no other people there, the lights weren’t even on. There was no window at either end of the hall, and the entire length of the walls, except for the occasional door, had lockers for students. For a moment, I feared she wanted to try me right there in the hallway, but instead she reached out, grabbed my tie, and pulled me towards a double doorway at the end of the hall. “I have something I want to show you,” she said.

The doors were slightly ajar, and I noted that they had locks on them. I gleefully thought that we had found the perfect place to be intimate on the road, that perhaps Amy had abandoned her lust for possibility of being found. When we got inside, that hope was momentarily dashed. I found that we were standing inside the kitchen, and the kitchen had one wall which was made entirely out of frosted glass. That just happened to be the wall which bordered the other cafeteria. The one where all of our judges, and our coach, were eating and talking.

I almost didn’t know what to say. I looked at here and whispered, “Here?”

She nodded, then replied “I have to show you what I brought for you. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a thick black rubber ring and showed it to me.

“Ok,” I said, “what is it?”

She smiled wryly, and whispered back to me, a slight quiver in her voice, “It’s a cock ring.”

With her other hand, she reached to my groin and grabbed my half hard cock through my pants. She gave me a squeeze and leaned in to kiss me. We made out for a few minutes, her tongue swirling with mine. Then she took a step back and started to undo her own pants. I took the opportunity to remove my belt, and then lower my own pants so that I was wearing only my boxers. I took my coat off and threw it on a nearby table. Amy removed her own pants. She was wearing a black thong, very skimpy with lacework.

She dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down. My cock sprung up, and she smiled. “I forgot that you shaved yesterday,” she said gleefully.

Of course, I didn’t shave all of my pubic hair off, she did. I was just as smooth around my cock as she was around her pussy, and knowing that was pretty hot for me. She jerked my dick a couple of times very softly, teasing me, getting me nice and hard. Then she put on the cock ring. It felt tight, constricting my blood flow. She squealed lightly in anticipation, and then started to blow me.

Whether it was the decreased blood flow, or because we were standing in the middle of a darkened kitchen in a school we had never been to before, but my cock had become super sensitive. With each passing moment, it also got hard as a rock. Amy started by licking around the head of my dick, treating it like a lollipop. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and rubbed my newly shaved balls with the other. She gave them a very light squeeze, not enough to hurt, but enough that my dick pulsed with the pleasure of it.

Then she took my head in her mouth and wrapped her lips around my shaft. She placed both hands on the back of my ass and started moving her mouth up and down my cock. While she went to work, I looked up at the frosted glass wall. I could hear voices coming from the other side of the wall, and could see blurry shapes moving around. The closer they got to the wall, the more defined they became. It occurred to me that if someone got close enough to the glass and looked through, they might be able to see through the dark and find Amy and me.

My cock was so hard from the cock ring that it was even starting to hurt a little bit. Amy stopped blowing me so she could stand up and kiss me on the neck. “Fuck me,” she whispered, “right now.”

“Alright,” I said, “but you’re going to have to lose this.” I spun her around so that she was facing a stainless steel cooking counter, and then ripped her thong off. I’m pretty sure she was angry at first, giving a short gasp and then trying to turn around to slap me. But I pushed her forward lightly so that she was bent over the counter, and then ran my hand over her pussy, letting my fingertips stop on her clit. She stopped bucking and after a few seconds, stuck her ass a little higher up in the air, begging me to continue. I threw the thong onto the floor and guided my cock into her pussy with my left hand. Then I put both hands on her hips and started fucking her.

She pushed her hips back into my cock as I thrust myself into her. She started using her hands to push herself up from the counter. I had an idea that I knew she would like. I reached up and undid my tie just enough for me to pull it up over my head. Then I reached up with both hands and pulled her hands away from the counter. She flopped back down , her breasts rubbing around on the counter.

“What are you doing?” she inquired. I didn’t answer, but instead used my tie to bind her hands behind her back. I slipped her hands through so that they crossed each other, and then pulled the tie nice and tight around her wrists. She could get out, if she really wanted to, but she could tell where I was going with this and let me have my fun. She was having fun too.

I pulled my cock out of her and turned her around. When she spun back toward me, her face stopped right in front of mine. “What now, sir?” she asked. I gave her a smile and put both of my hands under her arms, lifting her up so that she was sitting right on the edge of the counter. I spread her legs and then grabbed my cock, rubbing its head right up against her pussy.

Amy bit her lip and stared at my cock, as if staring at it would make it go in quicker. She stuck out her hips, inviting me to stick it in her. While she did that, I pushed her shirt up so that her breasts and bra were out. I pushed her bra up so that her tits were exposed, and wrapped my hands around them.

Then I guided my cock into her pussy. Her eyes glazed over slightly and she began to pant as I pushed in and out of her. She came twice there, the first time just moments after I started fucking her, and then again a couple of minutes later. The second time, her whole body shivered and her head fell forward on to my shoulder. I was wiping her out apparently.

But I still hadn’t cum, and I didn’t feel like I was close either. My dick was starting to hurt worse as well. Finally, I pulled my cock out of Amy’s pussy, and found that it had turned purple while I was fucking her.

Amy saw it too. “I’m sorry, baby,” she said. “I think your cock ring might be a little tight.”

Amy wriggled her hands loose from my tie and she reached down and slipped the ring off, and immediately the blood started to flow again and my cock started feeling better. It also started to go flaccid. She started stroking my cock back to full erection again, and it felt very nice. She hadn’t given me just a regular handjob in a long time. She enjoyed the effect it was having on me. She controlled the pace, and she liked that control.

When I could feel myself preparing to cum, I told her with a grunt. She reached down with her other hand and started to massage my balls, coaxing me to spray even more. When I came, it was thinner than usual, and coated the inside of her thighs and just above her pussy. She purred as I finished. She reached down to where I came and with two fingers, spooned some of my cum into her mouth. “…mmm,” she said, “not bad.”

Ten minutes later, we rejoined our friends in the cafeteria. We walked in together, something I realized later was likely a mistake because people would guess what we could have been doing, but no one so much as gave us a sideways glance. As lunch broke up, and we left to go find were we were supposed to spend the afternoon, Amy whispered in my ear, “wait till the bus ride back,” and then winked at me seductively. My day wasn’t over yet.

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