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My instructions were simply to drive to a local country Park at 8pm and wait on a particular bench for him. He also told me what to wear, or rather not to wear. I had to put on training shorts, a button up short sleeve shirt and trainers, nothing else. He told me to shave my bottom and crotch and this time to fully shave my ass cheeks too.
It was the end of August and the nights were warm and still light when I got there. I parked up got out of the car and headed for the bench he had told me to head for. It was only about 5 minute walk from the car, down one of the many walkways that headed off through the woods towards the quarry. I’m sure it’s a busy place but by 8 o’clock there didn’t seem to be anyone around and I found the bench I was told to wait on no problem. I waited for maybe a couple of minutes and the suddenly heading towards me from the quarry was the guy, my new master.

He approached and sat down next to me, smiling as his hand brushed along the top of my thigh. So you came then, I’m glad, are you? Yes sir I am, I replied. Did you dress exactly as I asked, he asked as his eyes roamed down my body. Yes I did sir. Stand up, he ordered, I did, he turned me so my back was to him, he pulled my shorts down, exposing my bare, smooth arse. Good he said as he ran his hand over my smooth hairless cheeks, finally giving me a playful smack. Get dressed and come with me he said.
He walked back down the path towards the quarry, after only a few seconds he turned right and disappeared into the undergrowth. I followed, it wasn’t even a track, just a slight gap in the foliage as he pushed through it and walked on. After maybe 30 metres he stepped into a small clearing, only 5 metres square at most. He turned as he got to the middle of the clearing, a smile on his face he said so how do you like this place? I nodded and smiled as I took in the small clearing.
It was surrounded by trees and vegetation and there was no clear sight of the sky, just lots of overhanging branches. You ever been here before, he asked, no sir I replied. Good, this is a special place for some guys, many of them I know, some I don’t he said. Oh, I said not really sure what he meant, yes he said it’s a place where guys meet and play.

So did you like the fun we had this morning then he asked, I did yes sir I replied. Good boy, that’s what I want to hear, do you want to have some more fun now? he asked, yes sir I do I replied. With that he walked to the base of a tree and picked up a small bag, he opened it up and pulled out a video camera. He switched it on and pointed it at me, moving around, filming me. Take your shorts down boy he ordered! As he filmed me I put my thumbs into the elastic of my shorts and started to pull them down.
Slowly, he said, tease me with a striptease! He moved behind me, holding the camera close to me as I eased the shorts down over my bottom. I slid them down, bending forward a bit as I eased them over my cheeks. Good boy, slowly now, that’s it he said as a bit more of my smoothness was exposed to him and his camera. I felt my bottom slip out of my shorts, hold it there he said. He moved around to the front and told me to stand up straight. My shorts were just below my shaved pubic region, my cock base just visible to him. Ok, now very slowly slide them down boy he ordered. So I did just that and inched them down, slowly exposing more of my fattening cock shaft to him until I felt my head catch on the elastic and nearly pop out, then I stopped. Holding my shorts, my cock on the verge of popping out of them I stayed still, waiting for my master to tell me what to do next.

Good boy he said, now let go of your shorts and put your hands on your head. I did as he asked and released them and put my hands on top of my head, my shorts didn’t move, the elastic and the pressure of my hardened cock holding them in place. He backed off and took in my pose, my body stretching up my private parts almost totally on display for his pleasure. He walked around, filming all of me, getting very close and filming down my body into my shorts. Good boy, now leave your shorts there and pull your cock out for me, let me see you. I did it, pulling it out with my right hand before putting my hand back on my head. Oh yes, that’s very sexy he said.

Wriggle those shorts down now boy, don’t touch them with your hands, go on. He filmed me as I shook my bottom gently side to side, encouraging them to slip down my thighs quickly to the ground. That’s good he said, now unbutton your shirt for me and take it off, slowly boy! He said. My hands came down and I started at the bottom button, slowly undoing each one until the last one was undone before pulling the shirt back over my shoulders and letting it slip down my arms. Step out of your shorts and kick them away he said and I complied.

I was now naked except for my trainers, he was filming me, walking around me, his hand reaching for my body and touching me. I want you to slowly wank your cock for me now boy he said as he hold the camera at my crotch, pull back that foreskin of yours and wank yourself. I did it without hesitation, my cock was hard and tingling, urging contact, I wrapped my hand around the shaft and slowly drew back the skin, exposing the head to his eyes and lens before pushing forward, rolling the skin over the head, hiding it before it appeared again as I drew back once again. The feeling was great, I must have sighed because he laughed a little and asked if it felt good. Yes I replied a little dreamily and before I know it I felt a hard smack on my bottom. What did you say boy he said, yes sir I replied as I felt the heat from the slap.
He walked around behind me, his camera pointing at my stinging cheek. That’s what happens to bad boys ok, and worse so behave or you’ll feel a lot more of that he said even as his free hand began to gently stroke the sore cheek.

Stroking became squeezing and before long his fingers were moving between my cheeks, searching out my tight hole. As soon as he found it his fingers were rubbing and teasing my tightness, pushing a little, and swirling around it, playing with it and loosening it at the same time. I was wanking my cock faster now, enjoying the twin sensations as both my cock and ass were played with. Moments later I felt him push and my hot tight hole opened a little for his fingers to slide into me, my body adjusting slightly leaning forward and my legs opening more to ease his penetration.

How does that feel he whispered into my ear, as he slid his fingers in and out of my ass, amazing sir I replied. That’s good he said because I’m gonna give you more than just a couple of fingers before tonight’s over now stop wanking and put your hands on your knees boy. I did as I was told and reluctantly let go of my cock and rested my hands on my knees. I was now bent over quite a lot and he was still fingering my ass, fucking me quite roughly with his fingers. He was breathing fast now, suddenly he pulled out of me and reached for his trousers, pulling them down, exposing his own big fat hard cock. It’s time for you to become mine properly now boy, you’ve got me fucking excited and now I’m gonna have to breed you!


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part four is a must mmm you should have the older collar the younger guy and keep the kid naked all the time

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