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My first posted story, did it at the request of a friend so I hope she likes it. If she likes it I'll write more chapters, enjoy!
My name is Gabriel White, my tale is one that needs to be told and if you will give me your attention you shall know it.

It was only my third job out of college, it was simple to the point of boring really. I oversaw a dozen programmers to ensure that they stayed on track with their projects and that we met our deadlines. I myself was not a programmer, but I understood enough to know the difference between Java coding and Angry Birds. Good pay, health, and the opportunity to do a little travel for the odd out of state meeting made it a good job.

What made it an amazing job was my secretary, Karla. Jet black hair that flowed like an inky waterfall down to the small of her back, deep blue eyes that cut though you, legs that never ended, pale white skin that made cream look dark, all topped off with the two softest C cup breasts a man could hope for. In short, she was way out of my league. She was a 9.9 and I was a soft 7.

It wasn't that I was ugly mind you, just plane. I was never a jock, never a body builder, just a quiet geek that grew up to be a quiet manager of people that were nerdyer than I was. Still, even without having been All American QB for my high school, I wasn't bad off. Solid six foot one inch with dark brown hair cut short, at 205 lbs I was a little heavy but kept most of the fat off with a long jog in the mornings. I’m told that the best part of looking at me is my lumber jack face, squared off jaw that looks like it was cut from stone and a full beard that I kept trimmed short. Most of this thanks to solid Irish family line on my mother’s side and a full blooded old world Mexican line on my father’s.

Knowing that Karla was so far out of my reach, and the fact that she worked for me, kept her firmly on my no joy list. Our relationship was professional, nothing more – nothing less. That, however, would change soon after one of my trips out of state.

I was only gone for a few days, but it felt like years. The job back home might have been amazing, but on the road sitting in meeting after meeting with nothing to do but to sit there and pretend to listen for 7 hours a day was as close to hell as a mortal can come without knocking on the black gate. So I did was any normal, mid 20s, male that was bored out of his mind would do in a dark room and a laptop that could get away with murder with anyone noticing…I looked at porn.

I enjoy being a Dom, a shrink would tell me that was because I was always a weaker person growing up, but I think it’s just because I like making a woman cum just from ordering her to do whatever it is I want. The power is…amazing. But I had never gotten to have my own sub, one that was truly and fully committed to me. So I made do with reading stories about it, maintaining a few web relationships, and a mildly unhealthy amount of porn.

The days moved on, the meetings ended and I got to return home to my normal work day. It wasn’t until a week after I had gotten back from my trip that things changed forever. Like normal I had come in early, about an hour before anyone else got there – including Karla. So it was a surprise when Karla was at my office door, knocking.

“Mr. White, do you have a moment?” Karla asked in that maple sweet voice of hers.
“Karla, you’re here early. I have many moments, what’s on your mind?” I replied.
“Well sir, I believe our cases got mixed up last night when we left. I ended up with your laptop and I think you have mine.” Karla murmured.

“Oh, sorry about that. I haven’t used mine since leaving last night, if you check behind the door there it should be in its case if you want to change them out again.”

Karla rapidly replied “No sir, that is not what I wanted to speak to you about…you see sir, I didn't at first know that we had switched notebooks, I opened it to email my mum and well…a website I didn't know was on the screen. It was a sexual forum sir, one for S&D I think it’s called.”

I could feel the blood leaving my face as she said it, ones employee ending up with your laptop is bad, but having been so stupid as to leave a sex site up when it happened, that could not be worse.

“I see…well, yes. I enjoy reading such things. Is that a problem?” What else did I have to lose? No point in dodging around it, maybe if I came right out and said it she would leave it alone and not report me for god knows what.

“No sir, not at all…I was…well you see sir- I was wondering if, I really don’t know how to say this…if you could maybe…teach me.”

I’m not sure who was worse off at that point, she was crimson from embarrassment and I was about to faint from not having drawn breath.

“Teach…you.” I whispered slowly. “Teach you…what, exactly?”
“Sir, I would like you to teach me how to be a submissive slut for you. I fear that in my 24 years of living that I haven’t truly…LIVED. I feel unfulfilled and alone and I hate this feeling. I feel it all the time other than when I am working, I enjoy – truly enjoy- working for another person, you most of all. I’ve never known why but taking notes, getting coffee, setting up meetings, managing our files, being the person that my boss counts on to make everything work so that they can do their job…I love it sir.”

By now she sounded more like a machine gun firing then a woman talking, words came out of her faster than she could think them it seemed.

“But with working so much I have had very little time for men and…I feel alone and my pink toy at home just isn’t working anymore. But when I saw that site…and read those stories…I almost came just from the first paragraph sir. And so I thought that maybe…you could teach me.”

I was stunned to say the least, but having been a member of a regular monthly card game for the last few years I had one hell of a poker face.

“Ms. Karla…we work together. I can tell from what you said and how your body is reacting now that you mean every word you said…right now. But what if in a month you come to find that you don’t like it as much as you thought you would, or that it isn't really meant for you. Well then…I will have lost the best damn assistant I have ever seen and very well may lose my job if you should report our…activities. It simply cannot be.” I told her in as cold and uncaring manner as I could. Not to be mean, but to show her how important this was to me.

“Sir, I have thought of that and if you will allow me, I would like to prove to you that I am loyal and that this is what I want.” She softly said as she moved next to my desk “please sir, give me a way to prove myself before you dismiss me.”

Well here I was, a stunningly sexy woman begging me to teach her how to be a submissive slut…damn the job, it was worth a try.

“Fine. But understand that you will do everything I say, how I say to do it, and you will never question me. Ever. It will be painful, it will be embarrassing, it will degrade you as a human being, but it will never truly harm you and you will always find pleasure at the end. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mr. White.”

“First, when in privet you will call me ‘Master’ you will only use ‘Mr. White’ when we are in a professional setting with other people nearby, in a non-professional public setting you will use such names as ‘My dear’ ‘My darling’ ‘My sweet’ as to give the impression to the casual listener that we are lovers, rather than slave and master. Should our relationship get out it would be better for my career that I had an affair, rather than having a slave.”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Now get on your knees and I will tell you how you shall prove yourself to me.”

She quietly smoothed her skirt and lowered herself on to her knees, her head was a tantalizing few inches from my pants covered cock but I knew that I had to wait.

“You shall prove yourself to me over the next week, you will come to work an hour early, you will be wearing a skirt and blouse and panties, however you will not be wearing a bra of any kind. You will come to my door and knock asking if you are allowed inside. Once allowed inside you will quietly come to where you are now, next to my desk. You will then ask permission to preform your duties, if I decide to allow you to preform them that day you will begin to remove your clothes, fold them and stack them neatly on my desk.”

By this time her lip was quivering, it was almost as if she was seeing herself doing it and was overcome by lust…it was amazing that such a slut was hidden away inside this soft woman.

“Dressed only in your panties, you will go over to my couch where you will…pleasure yourself.” I spoke with a sly wink. “The act must be done through your panties so that you get them as wet as possible in the process. Do you understand so far?”

Lips still trebling but with an unmistakable look of lust in her eyes and the sweet aroma of a woman’s wetness in the air so said “Yes master, I understand.”

“Good, once you are ready to reach your peek you will ask for permission to do so, you must not cum without my saying you may. If you do then you will be punished. Understood?”

“Yes master”

I smiled at this latest use of my new title “Once I have allowed you to cum and you have finished, you will come back to where you are now beside my desk and you will unfasten my pants. Once open you will remove your cum soaked panties and wrap them around my cock, and do up my pants again.” I was nervous by now, but the Rubicon had been crossed and there was no point in stopping now. “You will stand, dress, and ask permission to leave. Understood?”

“Yes master” she said “is there anything else you would like me to do?” she questioned with a bit of hopefulness to her voice.

“For now, no. Keep in mind that any mistakes will be punished at the end of the week, if I decided to allow you to be my slave.”

“Should I displease my master, I deserve whatever punishment you deem appropriate, sir.” The look on her face was of unabashed lust now.

“Keep that in mind, and may you never forget it. Now, return to work please.”

“Yes master” came her soft reply as she stood and walked to the door, her face red with desire.

Things had taken a sharp turn in to the strange for sure, but I wasn't going to turn it down. This did however leave me in a very bad state; my pants had not been so tight in a very long time. I still have another 20 minutes before the work hours started…

Pushing myself away from my desk I quickly opened my pants and fished out my now hard cock, a strong 7” of hard as steel dick. I’m no porn star, but it pleased the women I’d been with. It felt good to stroke it, thinking of that lovely lady on the other side of the door who begged me to allow her to be my slut. The sensation of my hand running along my shaft felt nice, pumping quicker knowing that I was short on time, her lips wrapped around my cock and her whimpers asking me to go on, to go harder, all of this filled my mind as I brought myself closer to the finish line. Finally with the vision of her on her knees with her face looking up at me asking permission to take my cum on her face, I released. Four hard jets of come flowed out of my hard cock.

The afterglow of coming was short lived as I saw that I had come on my desk, I quickly grabbed some tissue and cleaned myself and the desk off before replacing my softening cock in my pants.

I leaned back in my chair, full of hope as to what would come tomorrow.

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2013-05-09 21:11:24
Were you jerking off while writing it?
Because it certianly looks like you were doing it and wanted to finished it before cuming!
She is a nubie, but suddenly knows how to talk and answer like a slave...!?
Is a good idea for a story, but very badly developed!

Master Frank

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2013-02-25 00:59:37
Great job! Ha to check date to make sure there would be more to com

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2013-02-22 16:41:58
I hope that your female friend liked your story!I thought it was great and hope you'll continue the story!

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