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It was a rainy day it was cloudy outside it was the last day of school lots of people talking and telling stories about what there gonna do for the summer. It was lunch time i was with my friends we were sitting down at the table watching all the guys and girls go get there lunch. I was eating my lunch when i saw this sexy fine girl she was half white and half black or what you would call a yellow bone chick. She was wearing these tight black leggings and a red or maroon sweater she had the biggest roundest most beautiful ass ever if you were there you would be like oh my gosh. She had double d cup tits they were perfect the thing i like about her the most was her round ass i would tear her up. Her name was Alexandria, Alexandria Ryle she was a junior in Chicago High. She was beautiful and sexy and hot and fine the most sexiest girl on the world. I had some imagination of me raping her which would turn into reality. After lunch the school let us out early she went walking home i was driving in my car and i spotted her walking by her self i told her if she needed a ride she said yeah so i went and took her home. On the way over there i stopped at a red light i got a paper towel from the back seat and i realized that i had a bottle of chloroform in my side door and wet the towel with the chloroform and told her to look outside the window and when she turned around i covered her face with the towel and she fell asleep. I drove to an alley way where nobody could see us and i took her to the back seat and i looked at her ass in those leggings her ass was so fucking hot i had a boner by the time i started undressing her i took of her sweater off and her shirt and her bra i grabbed her tits and they felt so soft and her nipples were hard as hell then i took off her leggings and her thong. I was so hard when i saw her ass i wanted to just fuck her already but then she started to wake up she noticed that she was tied up and couldn't talk so i went up to her in a mask and said your gonna get raped but i wanna ask you something she started screaming and crying out loud i slapped her and told her to be quite or i would kill her she stopped screaming i asked her if she was a virgin she said yes i also asked her if she ever gave a guy a blowjob or anal sex and she said no i told her to listen and do what ever i say and she would leave when i finished she said yes. I pulled down my pants and boxers and revealed my 10 inch long cock to her face she was surprised when she saw it she started yelling and i said your gonna give me a blowjob and deep throat me and dont bite or ill kill you she nodded so then she opened her mouth and i put my head in first i was in her mouth like 3 inches she started licking and sucking then i shoved the whole 10 inches down her throat and her mouth and she stared gagging and choking and i kept my cock in there for about five minutes and then i came in her mouth it was a huge load she i told her if she didnt swallow i would cut her throat and she swallowed after that i told her i was gonna fuck her vagina and loose her virginity to me i was ready i put 3 inches of my cock in her vagina it was so tight i felt her cherry pop she started yelling and screaming loud after 5 minutes i took my cock out and then pushed back in giving all my 10 inches of cock in her and burying it in her pussy she started yelling and crying alot of blood was coming out of her pussy i stared pounding in her hard and fast it was painful i could tell for her but for me it was amazing her ass was clapping so loud it went flap flap flap flap flap then i was ready to cum inside her she noticed i was about to cum and she was yelling to me please dont cum inside my pussy please but i didnt listen i came in her pussy twice it was so amazing and awesome then i was ready to fuck her asshole it was so small but thats how i like it i started rubbing my cock around her asshole once she felt it she started screaming no dont put it in there i didnt care i told her i want to fuck your ass soo i was ready i shoved all ten inches in her extremely tight ass hole tearing her ass apart she cried and yelled and screamed so loud i started going fast in her pounding her with everything i had i kept going faster and faster and faster all you could hear was her ass clapping it was going flap flap flap flap flap i was ready to cum inside it i pounded her for 5 more second then i came in her ass it felt so great it was the best moment of my life fucking the hottest most finest girl in the school she was a yellow bone but i lost my virginity to her and she lost hers to me she ended up being pregnant but never found out who was the father. She was so beautiful with all my cum all over her body and inside her she was the best girl to have sex with her ass her breast her pussy it was just so beautiful and sexy and hot it was amazing. she lied on the floor crying and scared and frightened for her life i took her thong and bra to remember how she looked like this is my story

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2014-03-16 00:08:54
There is nothing I can say that hasnt already been said. You write like shiy

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2013-03-31 19:30:40
Ok let me get this right a guy at school offers her a ride and then covers her face with the rag. Yet she doesn't know who it ever is how fucking stupid

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2013-03-22 02:41:32
Think someone ate too many paint chips as a child

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2013-02-24 01:44:18
I suggest you pay close attention in English class for the next several years before writing any more stories. I could only get past the first few lines before passsing on this wall of poorly constructed words.

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2013-02-23 02:21:18
... This... This insulted my intelligence nobody can suck this bad at grammar unless they aren't English speaking or they are uneducated, SWAGFAGS

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