Bobby's new power – Chapter 3

(Author's note: While re-reading the first two parts I noticed a huge lack of detail on the characters. I'm sorry about that, I simply forgot it, as this is my very first series.
So I'll just give you the details on the characters right here and when the series is finished, I'll correct the first two parts and re-upload them.

Warning: Wall of Text inc.

So here are the details on the characters so far, in order of appearance (Just to be complete, I'll also write down the details already mentioned.):
Bobby was 14years old, 1.60m tall, weighed 40kg as he was very skinny. He had short, slightly curly brown hair, with still fairly childish facial features, yet untouched by marks of puberty and green eyes.
His facial hair had not yet started to grow, as well as the hair under his armpits. His pubic hair consisted of a few, fluffy black hairs. His penis stood at small 9cm when erect and his balls also were little for his age.
Martin also was 14 years old, 2 months older than Bobby, but 5cm smaller, standing at little 1.55m. He was way more muscular than Bobby, with literally not a bit of unnessecary fat on his body, weighing 47kg. He had slightly longer hair than Bobby, straight black. His face was covered with small pimples, but they didn't ruin his looks completely, mostly because of his cute mouth, nose and face. His brown eyes could look both hateful and lovingly childish. He also had not yet grown facial hair, but under his armpits as well as down his crotch grew proud bushes of black hair, considering his age, well at least they would be there, if he'd not trim his hair. Despite him being 14, the popular boys in his class had already begun shaving themselves, as this has started to become a trend at their school. (totally true by the way, my whole class shaved at that age) His penis was a little bigger than Bobby's, standing at (again considering his age) long 13cm when erect, with much bigger balls than Bobby's.
Joni was the oldest boy in his class, 15 years old, and also the greatest in height, standing at proud 1.80m, weighing 60kg. He had shaggy, brown hair and had already started to grow a beard but shaved it regularily. His whole face was a mess of acne, from which his brown eyes looked mostly bored at everyone else. For the rest of his body, we can not say much, as Bobby has not yet been able or interested at all to catch a glimpse at him in the lockerroom.
Last but not least: Lynn, Bobby's mother was 34 years old, 1.68m tall, weighing 50kg as she was very fit for her age, despite her 4 pregnancies. For a few years now, she had worn her dark-blonde hair short, but recently she had been letting it grow again, as it reached her neck by now. Usually, she wore it in a bun. She had a very pretty face, with not a single wrinkle yet showing. She wouldn't even have to put on make-up, as her eye-lashes were long enough to draw attention to her sea-blue eyes, her cute button-nose in between and finally her lips, which looked like Angelina Jolies' (pre-botox, of course). Her tits were good, firm C-cups, with not a single sign of sagging (Yeah I know, completely unrealistic. But it's my story, so suck it up :D) She cared for her body, of course shaving every single hair below her forehead and also putting on lotion after showering, so that her skin still was flawless. Her ass was fair, not too outstanding, but not as flat as in her youth, definitely formed by her pregnancies, as like as her now quite prominent hips.
Phew. Now that this lies behind us, I'll continue with the storyline.
Just to state it again, it's recommended to read the first two parts. And now enjoy the third chapter of „Bobby's new power“.)

The three of them had a nice little nap, completely exhausted by their intense love-making.
But after half an hour, Lynn got up, as the two girls were soon about to come home from school (Lately, both of the girls had to practice with their drama-club after late classes.), as well as her husband and little Thomas, who attended a Judo-class together.
Her husband was very flexible with his worktime since they had moved to Germany. He worked as a teamleader in the development-section of a big car-fabricator, and he had made some quite good additions to a new prototype, so he had much free time lately, spending it with both his children and his wife.

But luckily, they didn't have to hurry, as the girls were about to arrive in half an hour, leaving them enough time to take a shower together. Lynn and Gottfried enjoyed showering together, so they had a king-size-shower in their bathroom, leaving more than enough room for Lynn and the two boys.
Of course, they could not get their hands off of each other, soaping up and rinsing, as the boys' cocks soon began to grow again.
"You two are insatiable," Lynn chuckled.
"Well, it's partially your fault." Bobby stated.
She looked down at her body and saw what he meant. With her wet skin, she looked like a pornstar, starring in a shower-scene. Bobby started to fondle her breasts, cupping them in his hands, playing with their weight, stretching them, shortly: Did, what every boy his age would do.
Martin on the other side started playing with Bobby's body, first jacking his cock a bit, then moving to massaging his balls and finally moving along his perineal right to his brown little pucker. He circled it with his finger and, encouraged by the already aroused Bobby, finally sticked one finger in.
Bobby had been playing with his ass before, but never brought himself to stick a finger up there, discouraged by the smell and the thought of accidentaly shitting all over his hand.
He started moaning as Martin moved his finger around a bit, ehich quickly found his little prostate and started massaging it.
Bobby removed one hand from Lynn's breasts and started to fondle Martin, carressing his chest, moving down his stomach and finally, for the very first time, touching another boys hard cock. He was pleased by the size of it, pulled back the foreskin and admired the glans, now slowly moving his hand up and down, jacking off his eager little slave.
Martin breathed heavy. The blowjob by Lynn had been awesome, but this time, it was his precious master giving him pleasure, even letting him play with his ass. He knew that no other person on this world would ever be able to give him the same pleasure as his master.
Encouraged by his mother, Bobby moved his other hand to Martin's ass, first massaging his tight asscheeks, then moving to his anus and slipped a finger in. He moved it around a bit, finally finding the prostate and too massaged it. He felt Martin tightening his ass as he moved his finger around, while Martin slipped another finger in Bobby's anus, now widening it a bit.

Some of you might wonder, why Martin acted so bodly, but he didn't simply read Bobby's current thoughts, he was able to know what Bobby wanted deep inside, not even forming the thoughts about it yet. Of course, his mother also was able to do the same, as well as every future slave of Bobby.

The boys lost themselves in the pleasure they received by their mutual assplay, but suddenly, Bobby realised that both of their asses were not entirely clean. Of course Martin would never had minded, as he was willing to fulfill every kinky wish of Bobby, but Bobby just didn't like the thought of their dirty rectums.
But luckily, Lynn had been taking enemas up her ass since she had been 18, since she and Gottfried were much into anal but not a bit into scatology. She showed them a bowl and a fitting hose with a rather small valve, even smaller than Bobby's little finger.
They filled the bowl with water and Bobby was the first to take a good load of warm water into his rectum, waiting a bit, and then releasing it into the toilet bowl. While he was busy shitting, Martin was filled up and switched places with Bobby as he was done.
They repeated this process two times, now completly clean and also aroused by the feeling of the water flowing into them and out of them.
When they were ready, they went right back to playing with each others cocks and asses.

Lynn loved the sight of these two lovely boys, fondling their cocks and eager asses, but she feeled that Bobby wanted even more, although he was not yet ready to go for it by himself. So she took the lead, went over to the boys, and hugged them tightly.
"I know what you want," she whispered into Bobby's ear. "You want to suck him,right? You want to suck him like we sucked you, right? C'mon, I'll show you how to do it." She got onto her knees and pulled Bobby down with her, now facing Martin's erection.
"Put your mouth on his head and twirl your tongue around it," she commanded him.
He hesitantly moved near the cock before him, breathing heavy, as his heart throbbed in his chest. He took a deep breath and enveloped Martin's glans, doing as his mother instructed him.
"When you feel ready, try taking more of it, move deeper until you get the slightest hint of the feeling of puking, then move back a bit...well you're a boy, you should know what you like being done to your cock, right?"
He nodded and started taking more of Martin's cock. He managed to take a little more than the half with his first stroke, starting to bob up and down slowly, taking more each time he moved down. Meanwhile, Lynn got down on the ground, starting to suck Bobby's cock and immediatly fingering his ass and massaging his prostate.
Bobby followed her lead and started to finger Martin, who now shuddered with the intense pleasure of his master serving him. Just the thought of it, of him, the slave, being served by his beloved master who may do anything to him and yet decided to suck and finger him, aroused Martin more than anything.
He soon started to buck involuntarily, steadily pushing his full length into Bobby's mouth, who now was able to take the whole cock and more than willing to do so. He seemed moving towards his orgasm but...
Mom, please stop!
His mother immediately stopped, obliging his command, although she wondered, why he wouldn't want her to suck him to orgasm.
I don't think it's a good idea to cum right know. I have many plans for today and I need to be able to fulfill them, Bobby explained.
Lynn grinned at the thought of his intentions. Of course, she was able to guess them, she was his slave after all.

But Martin didn't seem to be that much important to his plans, as he started to buck wildly, obviously shooting his cum up Bobby's throat. Bobby pulled out the cock, partially because he was starting to cough, partially because he wanted his face to be covered in Martin's cum. And so did Martin, shooting a few spurts on Bobby's face. He collapsed next to Bobby and weakly crawled next to him, slowly licking his own sperm from Bobby's face and sharing it with him.
Lynn lightly fingered herself, after all, it was a huge turn-on, but Bobby didn't allow her to continue much longer, as they needed to get dressed now.
He didn't want the rest of his family find out about their little affair....yet.
And so they got dressed and went back to their "ordinary" life. Lynn moved down to the kitchen, starting to prepare an early dinner, as Bobby and Martin went to Bobby's room, playing video games, as Lynn had suggested only 2 hours ago. It seemed years away, as their whole world suddenly had turned into something totally new and totally awesome.
After ten minutes, the doorbell rang and the two girls arrived.
Martin prodded Bobby's shoulder, giving him "that" look.
Bobby hesitated. Of course he had been lusting after his big sister, as he was hitting puberty, but he lusted after every girl in his reach, even a bit after his little sister, who hadn't even grown real breasts yet. He had so much to choose from, and he didn't want to risk being forced to enslave every member of his family. After all, if he wasn't cautious enough, he would met this fate, and fucking his big sisters, when his completly oblivious father and brother could come home every second, was everything else than cautious.
But a look at them couldn't hurt, I guess... he thought to...well, "themselves", as Martin was listening.
"Cool!" Martin said, as they got up and walked out of the room and down to the living room, where the two girls were currently putting their bags down and chattering about their drama club.
They stopped as they became aware of the two boys looking at them, and turned around.

16-year-old Mary had her mothers hair, dark-blonde and straight, although she wore it longer than her mother and in a ponytail. She was taller than Bobby, standing at 1.68m, and was fit like her mother, because she played Badminton in a local team. Because of her fitness, her breasts were quite small, but still not totally unremarkable. Bobby guessed them to be good A-cups, maybe even small B-cups, but he couldn't tell if she wore a push-up-bra.
Her face was pretty, with big, green-brown eyes, naturally long eyelashes and a little hint of acne, which she covered with subtle make-up. The only part not fitting in was her nose, which seemed a little to big. This feature came from her fathers genes and she never grew tired of punishing him for it with constant complaints about it.
Currently, she wore a tight tank-top and cut-off jeans without nylons underneath, showing off her fairly long, but wonderfully flawless legs. Due to the heat outside, she was barefoot like her little sister.

13-year-old Sara on the other hand,was more like a female version of Bobby, currentlywearing a short flower-covered dress. She had Bobby's naturally curly, brown hair, of course way longer than his hair, currently reaching her upper chest, the blue eyes of her mother and a cute face, yet showing not a single sign of puberty. Unfortunatly, (so she thought at least) her chest didn't, either. Unlike most girls in her class, she hadn't grown breasts, and grew more unsecure everytime she watched herself in the mirror without seeing any change. She was also as skinny as Bobby, though a little smaller, standing at 1.53m, weighed 36kg and also was in the Badminton team her sister had joined.
After all, they shared nearly everything, sticking together like twins. As the first-born, Mary felt responsible for her siblings and especially for Sara. She had also often been helping Bobby, giving Martin what he deserved.

So naturally, Mary was between astonishment and anger as she saw Martin standing next to Bobby.
"What the hell is this little brat doing here?" she asked angrily.
The boys looked at each other, then back at her and grinned.
"We've negotiated a truce. We'll be fighting like real men now. On the fields of justice, we'll be facing each other, ready to crush the others hopes and dreams as well as their body," explained Bobby, while he grinned widely.
"What are you talking about?" Mary probed.
"We'll play SSB Brawl against each other," Martin responded, also grinning.
Sara burst out in laughter at the sillyness of this situation, as Mary grew even angrier.
Not that this little asshole mocked her brother at every single chance, now he even stood in front of her, giving her this shameless grin and this pointless answer.
"Either you're the biggest nerds I've ever seen, or you're just fucking with me..." Mary muttered.
At this thought, the two boys gasped, unnoticed by the girls, at the thought of literally fucking the hell out of her. Suddenly, Mary also let out a surprised gasp, reaching to her head.

A strange thought had come to Mary's mind. She suddenly had a vision of the two boys, fucking her to orgasm, covering her in their juices and licking her to yet another orgasm.
She wiped that thought away, and tried to hide her confusion. Still, Bobby seemed to notice that something was wrong.
"Is everything all right, Mary?" he asked innocently, as if he was suspecting her thoughts.
"N-no...I just thought....ah, it's nothing,"she muttered. "I'm just stressed out by our play. And hungry, after all."
As if she had heard them, Lynn called them for dinner, as they weren't waiting for Gottfried and little Thomas. After their Judo-class, the two of them usually ate at a near subway. Tuesday was their father-son-day.

Martin ate with them. When Lynn asked him if his father was okay with it, he nodded quickly and rushed to the table.
There's something wrong between Martin and his father, at least I think so, Lynn let her son know, silently.
I'll talk to him later, Bobby answered on the same way. He managed to hide their conversation from Martin, now able to control his telepathical powers better and better.
Sara happily talked about their drama-club and her other classes, oblivious to the kind of worried Martin, Lynn and Bobby, talking silently to each other, and Mary, who seemed to be deeply sunken in her own thoughts.
When they finally were finished with their meal, Lynn asked Martin, how long he'll gonna stay at their home. He hesitantly answered: "I...I think I don't wanna go home today. Can't I just sleep here? My schoolbag is already here, and I'm sure my dad won't mind."
Bobby simply nodded to her and she allowed it. The two girls looked open-mouthed at that scene. usually, no one was allowed to stay over when they had school the next day.
But everything seems to be unnormal today, Bobby heard Mary think.

He knew that she suspected something, and he thought about taking control, but he'd wait until he had no other chance...or at least a better chance, when Sara wasn't watching.
But for now, Mary went to her room, she still had some homework to do. The other kids already did all their homework in their lunch-break, so they went up to Bobby's room and played Brawl until Sara pleaded them to switch to Wii Sports Resort, as she was ending up dead first in every single game.
In between thier games, they talked via telepathy.
Mum said, you seemed to have problems with your dad. Is she right?
Uhm...yes, I have. He is beating me up pretty regurarly when he gets drunk. And since mum's dead, he gets drunk very often.
Oh shit...Don't worry about that. I'll "talk" to him, Bobby comforted his slave. They shared a naughty little grin.
They ended up playing the basketball-part of Wii Sports Resort, in which Sara completely crushed the two boys.
But it wasn't purely her skill which made her win every single time. They watched her from behind as she was very actively playing the game, jumping up and down, her short summer-dress giving them now and then a good look at her juicy little pre-teenage ass.
Boldly, aware of the relatively long time, Sara had to stare on the screen, Martin reached over into Bobby's short pants and felt up his hardening cock.
As Bobby didn't get off earlier, he quickly got fully erect, grinding into Martin's willing hand, as he lost track of the time, his eyes clouding with lust, lust after Martin, after his mother and after....Sara, he realised.
"What are you doing?" Sara squealed as she suddenly turned around and saw the two boys going at it.
Bobby immediatly reacted and touched his scar through his clothes, for testing purposes.
Quiet! Sara became silent this instant, showing Bobby that his power also worked through his clothes.
He took a deep breath before his next command, doubting it to be a good idea. But he knew, he couldn't resist at that point. Besides, it was so easy...

You have a cute little ass. Pull up your dress, but slowly.
She did as he commanded, not yet in the slave-phase, Martin and Lynn had currently reached, but in a mind-blank state, not able to think clearly. Bobby had no intentions to change that yet, as he was testing his powers. He realised that he needed all of his attention to keep her in that state.
So my power isn't limitless, he thought.
Finally, Sara had pulled off her dress, letting it fall to the ground, standing in nothing but her pink-flowered underwear.
Very nice. Now let us see your pussy, Bobby commanded her further. She eagerly pulled down her panties and stood before them stark naked.
Please end that, master. It's no use, leaving her in that state, and you've already gone too far to turn back by now. Turn her into your slave, Martin pleaded Bobby.
Okay, you're right. Sara, be my slave.
Sara's eyes cleared, as she started to grin, walked over to Bobby and kissed him right on the mouth, slipping her little tongue between his lips, intertwining with his tongue, which hesitantly started to move against hers.
"You know, it's not quite the regular sight, a virgin boy, who gets sucked off by his worst enemy, licks and fucks his mother, sucks off his worst enemy and finally going at it with his little sister, and all of this on a single day," Martin stated casually, now reaching into his pants and starting to beat his meat.
The two siblings pulled out of their kiss. "He is also your slave? And...mum, too?" Sara asked with an amazed, yet happy smile.
"Yep." Bobby replied shortly.
"And now?..." Sara asked innocently, slowly stroking down her young body.
It was amazing. Every little insecurity she used to have, has completely vanished, and she was more than ready to serve her master in every way. She must've craved it secretly, Bobby thought to himself.
To his amazement, none of the others could hear this thought, so he must be gaining more and more control over his powers.
He noted it mentally, then turned his attention back to his horny little sister.

He made her lay down on the bed as he and Martin began to give her the same treat as they gave Lynn before.
They started licking her cute nipples, circlingt them with their tonuges, slightly biting them, making Sara moan like crazy. Suddenly, Bobby recoiled, as he realised that Mary sat in the very next room, making her homework.
He carefully reached for her mind, and noticed to his relief that she was actually listening to music on her iPhone, so she couldn't stop them.
Finally, he talked to his mother, making sure that his father and brother had not yet arrived.
She calmed him, and told him that the two of them would need more than 45 minutes, as she got an SMS from Gottfried, who excused for taking so long.
She also wanted to know, what his future plans for Mary, Thomas and even Gottfried were.
One day, they'll all be mine, he thought to both himself and his mother. But I don't know if I can initiate more than one slave at the same time. After all, I don't want them to feel neglected, he confessed.
The prospect of their whole family being united by their master made Lynn feel excited, as she looked forward to it.
Meanwhile, Bobby and Martin moved back to pleasuring Sara, again licking her nipples and moving their hands down to her small, yet completely wet slit. Her moisture even increased as Martin rubbed her clit, while Bobby tried to stick a finger in her incredibly tight opening, finally popping in, which brought a cute squeal out of Sara.
She moaned and bucked, completely succumbing to her pleasure....well, not exactly completely, as Bobby noticed that there was something bothering her.
What's wrong? he asked while moving down to her navel, licking her flat stomach all the way.
"M-uah-my breast...It's so...flat. And-aah yes-I'm sorry about that."
Martin stopped the licking, moved close to her face, as he comforted her: "There's nothing wrong with it. You're my cute little sister and I love you the way you are."
She wanted to answer, but Martin finally had moved down to her crotch, now lapping at her pussy, and she wasn't able to bring out a word, as she moaned uncontrollably.
Bobby quickly joined Martin down there, licking her slit as well as he could with Martin's head partially in his way. He suddenly had a kinky idea, as he made Martin stop, and turned Sara around, making her kneel on all fours. Now her cute ass and pussy faced them, and they wasted no more time, Bobb laying underneath her, now happily lapping at her pussy, while Martin started to rim her brown little pucker.

Curious, how it felt for her, Bobby entered her mind and was simply blown away by her absolute pleasure. He was amazed that she didn't simply stop breathing as she hyper-ventilated heavily, her mind filled with nothing but pure pre-orgasmic bliss.
He realised that she must nearing her very first orgasm, he just felt that she had never had one before. And so they quickened their pace, their tongues dancing around her openings.
The sensations from the double-pleasuring took no more than 2 minutes to push Sara over the edge. She bucked and thrashed and finally collapsed onto Bobby, who hugged her until she stopped climaxing.
She felt his hard cock aligned to her right knee, and instantly knew that this was definitely the evening of her first times.
And Bobby knew it, too. He wanted this, wanted to pop his little sisters cherry, but they needed to let her recover, so he carefully moved Sara to the side and undressed, making Martin do the same. Bobby layed back on the bed and pulled Martin on top of him, then turned him 180 degrees, so that they were facing each others cocks. They both started to suck each other off, now a little more experienced than earlier. Sara turned to them, aroused by the sight of the two boys, and soon started fingering herself again.
After a while of sucking, the boys realised that they were being watched, and Bobby waved her nearer. He lay Martin straight on his back and made Sara suck his cock.
First, she took a moment to admire the very first cock she had ever seen so near to her face. She carefully touched it, then, quickly losing her inhibitions, jacked him off a bit. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed Martin's glans, starting to move slowly.
She was cimpletely unexperienced, but tried her best to please Martin.
Bobby instructed her, carefully pushing her a little deeper with every stroke, but she wasn't able to take more than the half without gagging.
When Bobby realised that she would be in pain if he forced her to take all of it, he made her stop and layed her on her back, next to Martin, who watched the two cute siblings.

Sara's pussy still was slick from the boys' spit and her own juices, so Bobby didn't hesitate and pushed his head in.
It was no match to Lynn's pussy. Of course, due to her experience, his mother had been tight, but Sara's virgin pussy was more than tight. It squeezed his glans alone so hard that he doubted, if he'd actually be able to push further in.
But Sara pulled him closer to her, anticipating what was happening to her. "Go for it." she whispered in Bobby's ear and her soft voice, combined with her deeply blushed, cute face were enough to encourage Bobby going further. He slowly pushed deeper and deeper, until he hit her hymen. She gasped from both pain and pleasure, as he thrust in her with short, faster-growing strokes, all the while hitting at her hymen, until he felt, he'd stretched her out enough for popping her cherry.
Martin went into action and got behind Bobby, grabbing his ass and pushing him into Sara. Together, the broke her hymen and she screamed, quickly muffled by Bobby, who didn't want to make Mary suspicious after all.
Their charge was so strong that it had driven Bobby all the way in her, his balls now touching her perinaeum. He didn't move, letting her recover a bit, but at the same time, he transferred his pleasure to Sara's mind, which quickly made her forget about the pain.
"Move, please," Sara pleaded him, and Bobby was more than happy to oblige.
He thrusted in and out of her, all the while assistet by Martin, who pushed and pulled him, while again fingering his ass.
We'll go at that tomorrow.. Bobby promised Martin, who giggled, looking forward to that.
Considering his already 3 orgasms this day, Bobby was able to last very long, hammering away into Sara's pussy for more than 15 minutes. He continued sharing both of their pleasure, and while nearing both of their ends, Sara felt as if she was fucking herself, meanwhile getting her ass fingered, and this feeling was too much for her, as she soon climaxed, sending Bobby with the spasming of her vagina over the edge, too.
He didn't care about protection, as he pumped the little bit of sperm, he had left in his balls, right into Sara's pussy.
They lied there, breathing heavy, joined by Martin, who hugged both of them, and were about to doze off, as suddenly someone knocked at the door.
"Is something wrong in there?" they heard Mary ask with a concerned voice....

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