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How to get under skirts on Indian maid
I stay alone in Delhi since last 5 years and and almost throughout this stretch, I have been involved with my one maid or other. My hit ratio with maids is 6/9. Thats to say out of 9 maids who have worked for me in last five years I screwed 6 of them. one i didn't try on, she was too horrid; and with 2 I couldnt succeed.
The reason why I try to get under skirts of my maids is very simple. If the maid agrees to lift her skirt, it becomes an absolutely roll-n-rock. She will never expect or even think of marriage, she will never demand gifts or surprises- at most an occasional Rs 100 ($2) and sporadic leaves is all I have given, there are no emotional stuffs, and the best part is that she will fuck on demand. No...the best part is that she can also bring another pussy over if nicely asked!

My current maid is Parvati. Her age would be 28. She is from Bengal which explains her curvy features, especially her heavy breasts and round juicy ass. She is slightly darkish, the shade of coffee with extra milk but her skin is amazingly smooth- no coarse stuff anywhere, and she has a thick swollen cunt. And let me tell you how I reached to that.

Right on the first day when she came for work, she caught my fantasy. And I set upon working my formula on her. The general formula is a no brainer in fact. How I term it is 'don't be fussy if you want to get pussy'.
The very first thing I ask any maid is to do as less work as possible. Broomimg - do only the living room and bed room regularly. Sweeping and brushing - do it alternate days. Clothes- Use washing machine. Food- not more than 2 dishes. This non-fussy attitude usually wins a maid over and she looks forward to work for me. The second thing is to talk to them a lot. Anything which appeals to their level. Mostly it will be gossip. About their life, neighbor's life and my life (the very first thing a new maid snoops around is for presence of a girl in the apartment)
I also gradually makes the conversations more risqué. Talking about some of my most secret affairs, sex episodes, girls i find hot etc. bring a personal angle that makes the maid more comfortable. Perhaps she starts to think herself as my confederate, and a partner in crime. And this breaks most of the ice.

I did all of these with Parvati and she played to the tune. Within a week, she started saying with a wink 'today you r decked up. Seems going on a date!' to ' u have brought flowers! Looks like someone is coming tonight'.
It was time for step 3. Parvati comes for work both in morning and evening. When she rung the bell, I undressed to my briefs, put face gel up to my eyebrows and admitted her after 2 minutes of bell ringing, with a certain show of annoyance
"Parvati, for gods sake.. I was in bathroom. You didnt give me time to even remove this gel" (no mention of not being able to wear clothes).
I heard her short gasp. I couldnt see cause the gel was really in my eyes, and it helped me to give a convincing performance when I actually collided with chairs and beanbags on the way back to bathroom. Once I washed the face, in the same state I went to kitchen where she was cooking. We had chatted each of past 7 days while she cooked so it was but obvious on my part to join her there. When I entered, she threw a quick glance at me and then turned to cooking chores. That day, the conversation was stifled on her part, but I continued like business as usual. It took her two days to get used to my new dress code in home. On the third day she said in a sidetone
"arent you uncomfortable this way"
"what way?" i asked innocently
"just wearing this.. underwear" she gave a small giggle
"no i am not. Are you?"
She shook her head slightly in negative. i said further
"and this is also cause you are here. Otherwise when alone I dont wear anything"
She looked at me in surprise and then giggled hard
"what? Complete nude?"
"yes. Whats there to laugh about?" i asked in mock surprise
"i have never seen anyone staying like this" she said in a thick voice
"i can stay like that with you if you dont mind" i said with a tightening bulge in my briefs.
I moved close to her. She cast one glance at my loins and then focused on cooking. Sensing her uncomfortableness i withdrew and went to my room.
Next day she was hand washing 2 of my jeans and a couple of cargos in the bathroom. After sometime i entered there and started small talks with her. Until then she was standing and rinsing the clothes but after I entered she squatted on the floor and pulled up her dress above the knees so. This exposed her shapely calves and part of her thighs. Moreover she also bent forward, making her blouse dip low, showing her deep cleavage. She twice put her hand inside her blouse on the pretext of adjusting it. This did nothing except pulling up her breast so much when she retracted the hand that i could get a glimpse of her dark black nipples. Also her blouse got wet and translucent and underneath i could see heavy outline of her round tits.
She was definitely throwing her own baits. I took it head on. while talking to her i went to commode, took my dick out and released a thin stream of urine. Thin cause the dick was erect. I was half turned towards her so she had a clear view to my stiff penis. From the corner of my eyes i saw her looking unblinkingly at my crotch but i acted casual and kept the talk on. I jerked the penis 2-3 times to shake off clinging piss drops and then exclaimed 'bloody the last drop always hangs'. I turned and went to her her still holding my dick in hand. She eyed it and quickly bowed her head.
"parvati.. Can u pour some water on 'it' from the mug in your hand" i said conversationally, looking down and still giving a disingenuous to my penis.
She silently acquiesced to my request and bathed my penis with its tip inches from her face. I thanked her and came back to my room humming a song. I was anticipating some hot action as follow through,but 10 minutes later i heard her saying 'i am leaving' i was indeed surprised. And disappointed.
Next day
I was watching 'A Room in Rome' when she came. The movie was good so taking a break off the routine, i did not join her in kitchen. She clanged and clattered a lot in kitchen, and even sworn and exclaimed feigning pain or hurt, but i did not heed to her attention seeking endeavors. I must had been really absorbed in the movie cause 5 minutes I found her standing besides me.
" thats why you are ignoring me" she said looking at my desktop screen, giving a furtive glance at my penis at the same time. I was wearing only a T shirt without shorts or boxers and was stroking my dick without meaning to masturbate at the scene that was more explicitly nude even in a movie full of explicit nudity. Two girls were intimately orgasming each other and were all over each other. I instinctively minimized the screen at her sudden interruption, as if caught in the act.
But i recomposed quickly and said "Yes, this is a good movie so i got absorbed in it"

"So why did u stop it? Resume it.. Let me also see what kind of movies you people from high classes watch?"

I raised an eyebrow and gave her a look down. She appeared a bit flushed and slightly out of her usual skin. It was a good omen. I restored the movie window and immediately nude bodies of two females filled my 27 inch monitor. They moved and slithered, nestling, fondling, fingering and sucking each other. Slowly Parvati snuggled to me and leaned against my arm and leg. She had a faint aroma of cheap scented oils, a novelty i observed. With our eyes glued on screen, i lifted my hand and placed it firmly on her soft and round sari clad ass cheek. On cue she slightly bent forward and thrusted her bulging back behind. I kneaded and squeezed her ass that felt warm and soft even over the sari. After a minute or so of massaging her ample buttocks i started to push my hand between her ass cheeks forming a deep wedgie there. Her hips slowly rocked to my ministrations and just as I was about to make her sit on my dick the door bell rung. She gave a start and ran out to attend the unwelcome visitor. A minute later she peeked in and informed
"it was the laundry guy. You watch movie and i will cook now"

I considered joining her in kitchen but it did not fit in with my strategy of not making the first move. So I fidgeted and cursed the laundry man and thought of new ensnarements for the next day.
5 minutes later Parvati was again besides me, working a grimace on her face "Bhaiya ji ( thats how she address me), I got sprain while cooking. Can u check it, its aching a lot"
I turned to face her with concerned look on my face "oh, thats bad. What happened?"
"i slipped while taking vegetables out from fridge and hit my shoulder somewhere" she said lugubriously. "do you have iodex at home?" i made her sit on the bed and came back with the pain relieving cream.
"i wont be able to apply it on my back" she said with a heavy breath "can you rub it please on my shoulder and back?"
trying to avoid any manifestation of sexual tension i felt, i said why not.
"thank you bhaiya ji" she said and turning her back towards me, removed the sari from her shoulders and breasts and tried unhooking her blouse. She struggled to untangle the tiny teeth of her blouse clips and said "why are you standing there bhaiyaji. Help me take off this blouse please"
I unhooked the clips and the sides of blouse hung apart to lay her curvy back naked from neck down to her waist. Like most of the Indian maids she wasnt wearing any bra. Taking some cream on my hand I massaged her shoulders and neck. This was the first time i had touched her and her skin felt just as smooth as it looked. I was standing behind her while giving the massage and whenever I looked down, I could see the swell of her tits as her blouse had slid down somewhat.
When i started to massage her back, my hands would move to her sides and my fingers brushed underside of her tits. I could easily cup and squeeze them at that point but when she was anyways opening herself completely then there wasnt any need of haste, in my opinion.

All this while my dick was standing erect and poking hard in Parvati's back but she did mot utter a word of about it or anything. After a good 15 minutes of massage i asked if she felt better
"yes bhaiya ji. The pain in shoulder at least has reduced a lot"
"where else is it hurting?" i asked
"just below my hips, on the thighs and inside...." she let her last words fade out in suggestive meanings.
"ok" i said "turn around and lets see that"
When Parvati turned she hungrily stared at my dick. I tried to pretend not take notice of it and said "so where is it aching?"
She spread her legs apart pulled her sari above her knees. and touched her thighs on the inside. I sat near her and put my hand on the indicated spot. What smooths thighs! And soft like a quill pillow.
"here?" I said pressing my flat of palm on it.
" slightly higher.."
"you r ok if insert my hand inside your sari? " it was an unnecessary question
She looked at me bewildered and said "yes bhaiyaji. You put it inside."
i pushed my hand up and it was now on her inner thighs, inches from her crotch. Her flesh was damp there and considering the ac was on all the time , it wasnt damp from sweat.
"its here?"
"just .. Slightly more up" she said through ragged breath. So there were no more questions to ask
I touched her pussy lips and pushed inside my middle finger "its here, right?" i said softly in her ear
She nodded and pinked.
"lift your sari and let me look"
She raised her hips and pulled her sari completely above her slender waist. Her crotch was swollen and her pussy was thick and puffy. It was all clean shaven and so i could see it was glistening with liquid and moist with whitish discharg.
"shall i remove the blouse too?" she asked in a desperate tone when i did nothing more than brush and touch her gaping slit. I said yes and she threw off her blouse free her round fleshy breasts. Her nipples were gorged and jutting out. I clamped my mouth over her breast and started finger fucking her. She buckled and bounced on her round ass and started moaning.
Sucking and feasting on her breats I dragged her on the edge of bed and pushed her back. She went down and immediately spread her legs wide pulling them back to her chest. her swollen pussy was obscenly split wide now. I held her waist and pushed my dick inside her.
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" she let out a stifled moan. Despite its swollen and large look she had a tight cunt and i had to give several thrusts before my dick fully entered her. oh.. What a delicious feeling it was. After almost a month I was inside a cunt again and I savored it every bit. Her warm and wet canal clutched my dick with smooth viciousness like it was fist of a young girl holding a man's meat for the first time. I started a rhythmic motion of sliding in out from her narrow hole, all the time spending every ounce of my will power to delay ejaculation as much possible.
Parvati, naked and open, with her legs on my shoulders, wiggled and bucked and arched under my incessant pounding. She clawed and scratched my back and locked her lips on mine. Squishy Sounds of 'slurp', 'slurp' filled the room as if a drain was getting plumbed. Her moaning had turned into short breathless grasps in her desperate attempts to stifle loud screams. As her orgasm started to build she threw her arms around, beat her head on pillow and jerked her pelvis crazily. And then the great calm descended!
I fucked her for another 15 minutes as she lay in post orgasmic contentment. And then the familiar and much wanted surge of pleasure commenced at base of my dick and slowly rose to its pinnacle. With a grunt i pulled out my dick and disgorged the content over her pussy and stomach in thick loads.


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Yesh. Bengali mainds are fun if u know how to hire.

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Not your average 'Maid' story. Well done sp. The seduction part. How abt MILFs for your next.

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yueah..good story..loved it..more please

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