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Chapter 5

“Let’s fuck, daddy,” Vicky said, grabbing Jason by the cock and dragging him toward their mother’s bedroom as soon as the car left for the hospital.

“Slow down, Vicky,” Jason chuckled at his nine year old daughter’s enthusiasm. “We have all night to fuck, don’t you want to relax and watch some TV for a while?”

“I can watch TV anytime,” Vicky snorted, “but with you fucking all my sisters I don’t get to fuck you very often, daddy.”

“I didn’t think of it that way,” Jason admitted. “Since I’m fucking you girls all the time I never really thought about the fact that you don’t get that much chance to fuck me.”

“Well I did,” Vicky huffed, “or did you forget that this is the first chance I had to fuck you since my birthday last month? Do you think we’d be fucking tonight if I wasn’t pregnant?”

“I don’t know,” Jason said hesitantly, running his fingers through his hair, “I should be fucking you more often than once a month, I’ll just have to make sure that you get fucked as often as the rest of your sisters. Maybe you should think about fucking your brothers too.”

“I’ll think about it,” Vicky promised, “but no matter how good they are, they’re not as good as you.”

“Thank you,” Jason said, reaching down to stroke Vicky’s breast bumps while the little girl continued to stroke his hardening cock. “It’s nice to know that my work is appreciated - as well as productive,” Jason slid his hand down his daughter’s body and stroked her flat belly. “Now why don’t we get to mother’s bed and I can show you how much I appreciate your fucking skills.”

“You know, daddy,” Vicky said as they walked down the hall to Karen’s bedroom, “we can still watch some TV while we’re fucking in mommy’s bed. She does have a TV in her room.”

“That’s right, she does,” Jason said thoughtfully, bending over his daughter so he could slide his fingers through her bald slit. “She has a DVD player too, so we can watch just about anything we want. Is there anything special you want to watch?”

“Yes there is,” Vicky said with a wicked grin, “mommy has a copy of the DVD you made when she was pregnant with me, I’d like to watch that while you fuck me.”

“That sounds very sexy,” Jason agreed, “fucking you while we watch me fuck you into mommy and then watch her belly growing as you grow inside her, that sounds very kinky and sexy.”

“Yes it does,” Vicky giggled while she pulled her father into their mother’s bedroom.

Jason laughed as he batted his daughter’s hand away from his prick, “If you want me to put the DVD in the player you better leave me alone for a couple minutes.”

“You don’t have to put the DVD in the player, daddy,” Vicky squealed, “mommy put set everything up earlier when I told her I wanted to watch the movie while we were fucking. All I have to do is use the remote sitting here on the bedside table.”

“I should have known,” Jason sighed, hugging his daughter tight and running his hand down her back until he reached past her butt and fingered her bald cunt lips. “I don’t know who’s kinkier, Vicky, you or our mom. One things for sure, you both know how to turn me on.”

“I know,” Vicky giggled, squirming our of her father’s arms just long enough to reach for the remote, she turned everything on and started the video before she snuggled back into her father’s grasp.

Jason licked Vicky’s little nipples while he stroked her wet pussy and the preteen stroked his cock. The video started and Jason watched his smiling face appear on the screen, “Hi, I’m Jason of Jason’ and I’m here to introduce your video. As I’m sure most of you know Karen is my mother and we already have 2 children, one boy and one girl. This video is a collection of videos starting with the night I knocked my mom up for the third time and running through the nine months of her pregnancy until our new baby is born. So, hang on and enjoy the show, I know I enjoyed making it.”

“Did you really enjoy making me, daddy,” Vicky asked, pushing her cunt into her father’s fingers while he finger fucked the little girl.

“I love fucking,” Jason told his daughter, “especially when I’m trying to knock a girl up or fucking a girl that’s already pregnant.”

“Like me?” Vicky asked.

“Especially a little pregnant girl like you,” Jason said, giving Vicky a quick kiss.

“And I’m the littlest pregnant girl you know, right daddy?”

“You sure are,” Jason chuckled. “You’re also one of the horniest ones I know.”

“Even hornier than mommy?”

“I don’t know about that,” Jason said hesitantly, “but you’re definitely younger than mommy.”

“Thank you daddy,” Vicky mumbled happily, pressing her butt into her father’s groin and turning to watch the video while Jason continued to play with her pussy and nipples.

On the screen Karen was giving her son a strip tease while Jason watched her from the bed, stroking his own erect cock in anticipation of what was coming up. As the two of them watched Karen finished her dance and jumped onto the bed, straddling her son’s legs and sinking down on her son’s body so that his prick was eaten by one gulp of her hungry pussy.

“Oh wow,” Vicky gulped as she watched the fuck scene on the TV. “Do you think we can do that, daddy?”

“Your pussy’s way to small to swallow my cock all at once like that,” Jason sighed, “remember, by that time mom and I were fucking for years, and she already had 4 babies so her pussy was bigger than yours. I’m afraid I’d hurt you - and maybe the baby too - if we tried that.”

“You’re right,” Vicky sighed, “I guess I’ll just have to settle for our usual fuck.”

Without waiting for her father to say anything else Vicky pulled away from her father’s fucking fingers and climbed on to Jason’s belly. Without taking her eyes off the scene Vicky humped down her father’s body until she had his hard prick trapped under her ass. While Karen continued to fuck her son on the screen her daughter raised her butt high enough to release her father’s cock and then lowered herself while her father guided his shaft into his daughter’s drooling cunt.

“Ok,” Jason groaned while his nine year old daughter lowered herself onto his hard cock, “You’re definitely hornier than mom. She didn’t start fucking until she was thirteen - though she probably thought about fucking her own father when she was your age.”

“What about my sisters?” Vicky asked, sliding her pussy up and down her father’s shaft, matching the fuck on the screen that created her almost ten years earlier. “Did any of my sisters start fucking you when they were my age?”

“No,” Jason hissed, reaching around Vicky to play with her nipples while they fucked, “none of your sisters started fucking until they were ten. Your pussy is the youngest pussy I ever fucked. It’s also the tightest pussy I ever fucked, in fact you’re so tight I don’t know how I’m able to last as long as I do.”

“Oh, daddy,” Vicky giggled, “I know you last so long because you want us to enjoy fucking as much as you do.”

“That’s true,” Jason sighed. “So, are you enjoying this fuck as much as I am?”

“I love it,” Vicky groaned. “Nothing feels better than your cock in my pregnant pussy.”

Jason closed his eyes to enjoy the feel of Vicky’s tight little cunt around his cock and he wasn’t paying attention to the video as he concentrated on giving his daughter the best fuck of her life. “Look, daddy,” Vicky grunted, “this is where you knocked mommy up with me.”

When he opened his eyes Jason could see that his daughter was right. On the screen his mother was screaming with pleasure as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy and held it there, pumping his sperm into her hungry womb. “Wow,” Vicky gasped, “is that really when you knocked mommy up with me?”

“It sure is,” Jason said, patting Vicky’s flat belly while the little girl continued to ride his shaft. “And now, here we are watching your conception well we celebrate your first pregnancy with a good old fashioned fuck. Can you think of anything better?”

“I can’t,” Vicky agreed, picking up the pace as her pussy quivered around her father’s cock with her approaching orgasm. Jason gritted his teeth and held back his own cum, determined to bring his daughter off again before he filled her hairless pussy with more baby juice.

“I’m cumming. Daddy,” Vicky screamed at the same time her mother screamed in the video. Jason held his daughter steady as her body shook through her orgasm and she gasped to catch her voice before she started riding his cock again.

“You didn’t cum yet, Daddy?” Vicky asked, starting to slide her pussy up and down her father’s cock again.

“Not yet,” Jason told the nine year old, “I bet I can hold out until you have another orgasm.”

“I love a challenge,” Vicky chuckled. “Can we make it a bet?”

“Sure,” Jason agreed. “What do you want to bet?”
“I want another baby, after this one is born of course,” Vicky said without even thinking about it.

“That’s no bet,” Jason laughed, “I’ll knock you up with as many babies as you want no matter what. Is there something you really want?”

“My own computer?” Vicky said after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“I think we can do that,” Jason told his daughter. And what are you going to give me if I make you cum first?”

“What do you want?” Vicky finally asked after several seconds thinking about it.

“I don’t know,” Jason said after thinking about it himself. “Everything I want from you you’re already giving me. We’re already fucking, you’re already pregnant, and you already walk around naked most of the time. I can’t think of anything else I could ask for. So we’ll make this a one sided bet. If you can make me cum before you cum a second time then I’ll give you your own computer, OK?”

“OK,” Vicky said, “we can do that.”

“So the only rule is that you have to make me cum before I make you cum, right?” Jason asked.
“Right,” Vicky agreed. “Oh, look daddy, mommy’s belly is starting to grow in the video. That’s me in there, and in just a few months my belly is going to be just as big as hers.”

“And it’s going to look even bigger since you’re only nine,” Jason pointed out. “You are going to look so cute and sexy with that big baby belly on your nine year old body.”

“Cute and sexy enough to keep fucking me?” Vicky asked hopefully.

“Just try and stop me,” Jason chuckled. “You know how much I enjoy fucking pregnant girls.”

“Yes, daddy,” Vicky said with a grin as she watched their mother’s milk filled breasts bouncing up and down on her swollen belly while she fucked her son’s hard prick.

“Daddy that’s not fair,” Vicky gasped when her father’s fingers started teasing her erect clit. “The bet was to see if you could make me cum first by fucking me, not by playing with my clit while you fucked me.”

“In that case,” Jason chuckled, “it’s not fair for you to remind me how cute you’re going to look when your belly starts growing with our baby. You know I can’t control myself when I’m fucking a pregnant girl.”

“I know,” Vicky said, slamming her ass down on her father’s thighs hard enough to jolt her father’s fingers away from her hard clit. “But it doesn’t matter if I remind you or not, you’re still fucking my pregnant pussy, even if you can’t see my belly yet.”

“I know,” Jason hissed. He could feel his balls starting to tingle with his approaching orgasm and he hoped that the quivers he felt in Vicky’s pussy meant that she would cum before he did.

“Oh, daddy,” Vicky groaned, “I can feel it, your cock is getting bigger and you’re fucking me harder. Your going to cum first and I’m going to win.”

“Not if I can help it,” Jason grunted, wrapping his arms around Vicky’s flat belly and tickling her clit while he slammed his prick in and out of his daughter’s nine year old fuck hole.

In the end they weren’t sure who came first as they both screamed through their orgasms as the flopped all over their mother’s bed. Father and daughter were catching their breath a few seconds later when they noticed another wail and the two of them turned to the TV just in time to see Jason hold his screaming daughter up to the camera. “That’s me,” Vicky giggled.

“That’s right,” Jason chuckled. “That was the day mom brought you home from the hospital. Even then you were a natural for the camera, and that hasn’t changed in nine years.”

“The camera does love me, especially my pregnant pussy,” Vicky agreed. “That reminds me, daddy, did you record this fuck?”
“I sure did,” Jason said, running his hands across his daughter’s flat belly. “I thought I’d be fucking mom in this bed tonight, but I knew there was going to be a hot fuck session so I made sure the cameras were set up before I came over tonight. And if I know our customers this video is going to be number one when they find out that you’re pregnant.”

“So, daddy, who won the bet? Do I get my computer or not?”

“Well,” Jason considered, “I think we’ll have to call it a tie. How does this sound for a computer? I’ve been thinking about upgrading a couple of the computers in the video lab, so when I do that I can give you one of the replacement computers.”

“I think that sounds good,” Vicky said thoughtfully, “you do have the best computers for the video lab, so even an old computer from the lab is better than most kids have.”

“So, what do you want to do now?” Jason asked his daughter with a grin, “after all, this is you night, right?”

“Yes it is,” Vicky agreed, wriggling her cunt around her father’s cock where it was still embedded in her pregnant belly. “And I want to do something that I’ve never done before because you’re always too busy fucking all the other girls in the family.”

“Sounds like you have something special in mind,” Jason murmured, he could already feel his cock starting to harden in his daughters preteen pussy.
“Yes I do,” Vicky grinned. “Tonight I want you all to myself, daddy. Tonight I want you to sleep with me and keep your cock in my pussy the whole night. Does that sound pretty special to you, daddy?”

“It sure does,” Jason said, pulling his daughter tight against his chest and playing with her tiny tit buds. “And if one of us wakes up during the night and wants to fuck some more we’re all set to go.”

“If?” Vicky giggled. “Daddy, I’m so horny I’m almost ready to fuck right now. Just imagine what I’m going to be like an hour from now when I wake up with you cock filling my pregnant little pussy.”

“I don’t think I’ll have to imagine it for very long,” Jason chuckled.

The phone on the night stand rang and Jason reached for it without taking his prick out of his daughter’s wet pussy. “Hello? Oh, hi Nancy, how’s mom doing? Already? That was a quick delivery. A boy and a girl you say? Brandon Joseph and Brandy Jennifer? Yeah, that’s what we decided on. OK, thanks for letting me know. Tell mom I love her and I’ll see her when she brings the babies home in a few days.”

“Brandon and Brandy,” Vicky said after her father put the phone down. “That sounds like twin names. Did mommy really plan to give them the initials BJ?”

“I’m sure she did,” Jason chuckled, “I just didn’t consider their initials until now. But that’s nothing compared to what mom has planned for Brandon and Brandy.”

“I know what mom has planned for the twins,” Vicky chuckled. “She’s going to have them in the same bed starting the day she brings them home from the hospital. She figures it’s only a matter of time before the two of them start fucking like crazy, and when they do the video sales are going to skyrocket. It’s one thing to have a brother and sister fucking, but when twins start fucking it’s going to be even bigger.”

“I know. I only see one problem with mom’s plans.”

“What’s that?” Vicky asked.

“Mom says I can’t fuck Brandy until Brandon knocks her up with her first baby,” Jason said wistfully.

“Don’t worry, daddy,” Vicky chuckled. “After all, you knocked me up on my ninth birthday. Since Brandon and Brandy are going to be sleeping together every night I’m sure they’ll be fucking in no time - and if she’s as fertile as the rest of your daughters she’ll be pregnant before you know it. Besides, you already have more daughters than you can handle on your own, why not let your newest son have his twin sister?”

“I guess you’re right,” Jason sighed. “But I’m still going to miss fucking Brandy’s virgin pussy when the time comes.”

“Goodnight, daddy,” Vicky said with a yawn. “I’m going to need some sleep before I fuck you again.”

“Goodnight , Vicky,” Jason said, turning off the light, “until one of us wakes up horny.”

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