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Friends becoming closer friends
***This is my first story, please leave comments on how I can make it better** I am new at this, So please be nice and polite. If you could, leave some comments. I need to know how I can make my story's better, and how I can make them more steamy ;).

Me and my friend John have been friends since 2nd grade. Me and John would spend the night together all the time. Back when we were in 10th grade, things got interesting.
One night, we were spending the night, it was at 3 a.m. I say "Hey John, you up?"
"Yeah man, whats up"
"Look what this girl sent me yesterday"
I show him a picture of this girl, who sent me a nude pic of her. She was sexy as hell. Anyway, he was like. "Dude, Can you send me that?"
"I do not know man, I don't know if I can trust you"
"What can I do, to make you know that you can trust me??"
I said jokingly "You can suck my dick! Hahaha"
"Well...If you want me to, I can"

I stared at him, I didn't know if he was being serious or not.
I changed the subject and we just talked about his ex girlfriend dating this freshman. He got all sad and started to cry. He asked me if he could sleep by my side, I said sure why not. Then, he decides to lay beside me. While he was getting up, He didn't have a shirt on, and I saw his 6 pack, and what also saw was his dick sticking out of his shorts, I didn't say anything about it though.He asked me if he could sleep beside me on the bed, I said sure. Being a good friend and all. We slept different ways, 10 minutes later, he turns the opposite way towards me. I was like...okay, maybe he's asleep. I felt something bulging at my back...IT WAS HIS DICK! So, I tried to move away, but he wouldn't let go of me. His arm was around my body, and I didn't want to wake him by moving his arm.

I sat there, feeling the sensation of his dick on my back. It was so strange, and my head was spinning. I knew I wasn't gay, but....I never knew I would like the sensation of what was going on. Then he started to rub his hand down my back, and onto my front. Down to my crotch. He whispered into my ear, "I know a way that I can change your mind about sending me that girl's picture" He puts his hand down my shots. He was now thrusting my dick, back and forth. It felt amazing, I didn't want it to stop. He whispers into my ear "Turn around and let me see that dick of yours" And so I did. He starts to pull my underwear down, and sees my hard 6inch dick. He starts to move his hand up and down. It felt amazing. It was the best thing ive felt in a while.

"John, I am about to cum" I whispered. He didn't care. He kept on going. My moaning becoming more loud, and he begins to intensify the thrusting, I let out a loud moan. "Oh John, Yes, Yessss, Oh God". Then, he let out one last thrust and then my juicy cum went down his hand. I looked at him as he licked my cum off his hand, he smiled at me and I said "Oh, you are gonna do more for that picture bud"

Part 2. If Needed, Leave comments if I should make a part 2, if not. I understand :)

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2013-02-28 18:44:17
This is good part 2 please but make it longer and have more sex

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2013-02-25 04:12:40
Hi my name is jon I just recently found out I was gay love the story so sorry about the mean fucktards that were smashing your story keep on writing

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2013-02-24 11:06:09
yeah dont make a part two if its going to be like that

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2013-02-24 07:06:44
this stink's like dog shit

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