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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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Lisa squinted into the light. She could barely make out an older grey haired man
through her swollen eyes.
Lisa my little girl, you are lucky to be alive. My name is Dr. Rosen, Ira Rosen.
You will be OK, you must rest.
Lisa was too groggy it to understand what was happening.
What happened? What is going on?
Please rest now my little one.

Dr. Rosen walked over to talk to Lamont and Cyrus.
She will recover but no sex for 4 weeks but she will be able
OK for handjobs in a week laughed the old doctor. Ha HA
Lamont and Cyrus just looked at each other.

You have to keep her on a clean bed, lots of fluids and good food.
The doctor smile broadly. She is on strong pain killers.
But here is the secret, hold back on the pain killers
She will beg you to do what ever you want. What ever. HA HA.

Cool Doc. Dats what we like to hear.
Ok guys, I’ll need a few more minutes to wrap things up.
Lisa was on a bed in the corner of the room.
Lamont and Cyrus sat around and talked.
Wat da?? Cyrus looked over at Lisa and Doc Rosen had his hand on
Lisa’s breast and was jacking his cock.

Lokk at Dat. Just aint right. Doc shot his cum on her breast and
rubbed his dick against her. Nice tittens’s sweetie. You are
such a sweet young girl. I can’t wait till you are well.

Doc walked toward the door. Keep her well, the meds, fresh bandages,
plenty of fluids.
I’ll see you in a week.

Man U think we bad shit, look at the Doc Man, he one fukin weirdo.
Ya, but he does all this odd work we need u know what I mean.
He patchd up da two brothers in the shoot out with the PO-leese.
Ya but still pretty fucked up shit, man.

Earlier that evening:
They all figured Lisa was gone.
Jose thought he was fucking her dead body when all of a sudden she started
coughing. Fuck man, look at theesee, sheees is still alive.
Lisa was coughing up vomit and cum.

What da fuck u talkin bout.
Sure enough , Lisa was moving around on the ground.
Jose got up, spooked. I am out of here.
Lamont and Cyrus looked over Lisa on the floor trying to figure out what to do.
Lamont, I be thinkin, maybe we shuldn’t do her, keep her alive? Asked Cyrus.
She could be our little fuck pig here. Good for suckin and fuckin.
Then whe we tired of da bitch we can cut her up slow like.
Man u and the cutting up shit.
Fuck, don’t know. Damn, OK, lets call Doc Rosen. See what he can do.

Whatever would happen Lisa would never be the same.
She had seen her father. She had stood at the abyss.
It seemed like a ledge, not knowing which way you would fall.
Lisa had been where few living had been.

One week later:
Lisa awoke to liquid splashing on her face. She looked up to
Lamont, Cyrus and four other guys were jacking their
cocks and one after another shooting their loads over her face.
Dr. Rosen was watching and laughing.
Very Goot Boys. Lisa would turn one way to get away only to face another
smiling face and black dick.

Cum coated her face. She had spent a week resting but fearing this moment.
Why do they hate me. Why do they do this.
Dr. Rosen smile. Very pretty my little girl.
Now use your hand and suck down that cum. It is good for you.
Doctor know best.
What could Lisa do? She ran her fingers over her face and sucked up the
cum swallowing it all.
Lokk liks she still a good cum bitch. Laughed Cyrus.
Gt dat right, little cum slut.
Ya told U, she be our little cum pig.

Ok, Lisa, no more laying around.
Lamont had a studded leather neck collar.
She struggled but Cyrus held her down. Lamont tightened the straps and
locked it in place. The leather was tight from her collar bone to her throat.
Then he attached a heavy 6 foot chain to one end.

Lamont pulled her off the bed with the chain. Wherever U go u carry this widt U.
The collar was very strict and held Lisa’s head upright in one position.
Please, don’t do this, I’ll…………………
No mo back sassin, U talk when I talk to U.
U talk to anny of us U call us Masta. Let me hear it.
Yes Masta.

Walk around on Ure hands and knees, Doc says U ready fo u.
Lisa walked around on all fours dragging the chain.
Lisa’s body still showed the effects of her brutal ordeal as she crawled over the floor .
Many of her old injuries ached from the movements. Scrapes and bruises were still red and swollen.
Sore. Legs, arms, everything still ached.

The seven men formed a circle making Lisa walk on all fours.
Everyone was laughing watching the teen, naked, still beaten and bruised, humiliated.
She crawled around until Lamont took the chain and puller her up to him.

She looked up at him with a pleading look.
Please Masta. Please.
Bow Yure head. Lisa was crying.

It was starting all over again. Oh no no more not again.
Lisa was in tears. Throughout the last week of rest she feared this.
Lisa looked at Dr. Rosen.
Please Masta, I need my pain pills. Please.
Lisa, call me Papa, that is what my granddaughter calls me.
What, no OH no, I can’t.
Oh yes, my dear, just remember your pills.

No please, the pain is coming back, I need the pills.
Papa, I need my pills.

Dr. Rosen smiled at Lamont. See what I told you.
U heard da Doc. Snarled Lamont.
Start with the Doc here. Nice handjob.

Lisa looked at the small white dick.???
That’s alright my dear just pull the skin back.
She started to work his cock in her hand. Spit on it, Keep it wet.
A yes my little one, use both hands. Put one on the balls.

Lisa keep it nice and wet. Spit on it.
Lisa, my dear rub under the crotch. Ah, yess sweetie.
Stick you hand in your mouth, keep it nice and wet.
Ah you are such a nice girl.

Doc Rosen laid down on the sofa. Come here little girl.
Lick your hand and massage my penis.
Yes Papa.
Ah yes. Now put your other hand in your mouth.
Let me see you suck your hand.
Oh you are so sweet, nice titties.

Ok, now push a finger in my ass.
What? What papa?
Push your middle finger in my ass.
Lisa looked dumbfounded but began to pushing.
Keep stroking my penis Lisa.

Tell me you love me, call me papa.
I love you papa.

To Be Continued

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