This is a nasty one.
Bob rubbed the head of his cock up and down over Cassie's pussy lips as he had so many times before, stroking it as he looked at the eight-year-old's face, saw that she was enjoying it as much as he was. Penny held Cassie's legs apart and watched her father molest the girl, feeling the heat rising in her body.

Bob felt Cassie's lips part slightly, as they'd never done before, and his reflexes took over. He bucked his hips forward, heard Cassie scream as he watched two inches of his hard cock drive into her tiny pussy. He knew he should pull out, but he couldn't. Couldn't do anything but grunt as the feel of the little girl's hole gripping his shaft caused his cock to twitch, sending spurt after spurt of his cum deep into the whimpering girl's belly.

Cassie's body jerked, her face twisting into a mask of pain, as she felt herself being penetrated for the first time. She didn't want to scream, but she couldn't help herself, it felt like she was being ripped apart. Then she felt Grandpa's thing pulsing inside her, and she was flooded by the stuff that came out of him, whining as it filled her up.

Penny's face twisted as she watched her father's cock slide into Cassie's cunt, too, but with lust, not pain. She'd spread the girl's pussy lips apart, knowing that Bob wouldn't be able to resist thrusting into that tight little cunt. Now, as she watched her father cumming inside her daughter, she knew her plan was working perfectly.

Bob watched his twelve-year-old daughter cleaning up the kitchen while he sucked down another beer. He'd lost track of how many it was, and didn't really care. Since Penny's mother had walked out on him a couple of months ago, about all he did was work and drink. Penny took care of the house and did the cooking. She didn't seem to mind, but Bob figured she wouldn't say anything to him if she did. She didn't say much period.

Right after Linda left, Penny had come to him asking why her mother was gone. He hadn't had any good answers for her. Hell, he didn't know why she'd taken off, she hadn't even said anything, just disappeared one day and left a note that didn't say much more than "I'm gone." After that, Bob and Penny retreated into their own separate worlds. He worked, she went to school. At the end of the day, he drank, she took care of the house. When it was time to go to bed, he watched porn and jerked off. He had no idea what Penny did.

"Hey, baby, bring me another beer!" Penny did as he told her, but when she handed over the beer, their fingers brushed against each other. And something sparked in Bob's mind. He watched her as she walked back to the kitchen, followed the swing of her hips in their tight jeans. For the first time since Linda had gone, Bob's cock began to harden without a porn video playing.

Cassie was pouting, something she did quite well. She was eight years old, after all.

"What's the matter, baby, why are you all grumpy?"

"Because you don't put your peepee against mine any more like you used to, Grampa. I like that."

Bob was stunned. And very glad that Penny wasn't around. She'd gone away for the weekend with a couple of friends.

"But, baby, last time I made a mistake and put it in. It hurt you, and I don't want to do that again."

Cassie's lower lip curled. "But it only hurt at first. And I liked it when you put your stuff in me instead of all over my tummy. It felt all warm and nice."

"Really?" Bob couldn't believe he was hearing this. Although his cock didn't seem to have any trouble with it. "Do you want to try it again? Inside, I mean."

"Yes, grampa, I want you to put your peepee in me again. Please!" She was biting her lip, and her eyes were pleading.

"Come here, baby." Bob took Cassie in his arms. "Remember how mommy showed you how to kiss?" She nodded. Penny had been showing Cassie how grown-ups kissed with their tongues. Bob was going to find out how well she'd learned the lesson.

Their lips brushed together, Bob put his hand on the back of Cassie's head, pulled her tighter against him. His tongue flicked out, and Cassie's mouth opened, let him in. He tasted her, felt her wriggling against him. He pulled back slowly drew Cassie's t-shirt up over her head, looked at her flat little chest, the tiniest of bumps just starting to form around her nipples. He licked his lips and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her shorts, pulled them down along with her panties. He was practically drooling as he stared at her hairless crotch. Bob had long since given up trying to convince himself that he wasn't some kind of disgusting pervert. Molesting his granddaughter wasn't even the half of it. He quickly stripped out of his own clothes, and could tell that Cassie was excited when she saw his hard cock pop out of his boxers. He wondered how much of it he could fit into that tight little cunt.

Cassie trembled as her grampa laid her on her back on the bed. She'd wanted to feel his peepee in her again since that first time. He'd been rubbing it against her like forever, since she was four or something, but he'd never put it in her before. She knew that was he was supposed to do with it, that was what he did with Mommy.

Grampa spread her legs wide apart, moved between them. His peepee was really big and hard.

"Are you sure you want this, Cassie?" Grampa looked a little nervous, and she didn't know why.

"Yeah, I want you put it in me like you do with Mommy."

She felt the end of it rubbing against her peepee, craned her neck to watch. She saw Grampa use his fingers to spread her open, the way Mommy had the first time he put it it her, then the big head popped inside. Cassie moaned, whimpered, her head flopped back on the bed, as she felt Grampa's peepee start to press inside her. He put it in slow this time, a little bit at a time, but pretty soon there was more of it in her than before. She twisted her head again to see, it must all be in her by now. Oh, god, it was only about half! She was afraid she couldn't take it all.

Bob watched Cassie's face as he slipped his cock into her. The first time, when it was accidental, he'd rammed it in all at once, but only put a couple of inches into her. This time he took it slow, but was going to see if he could bury himself in her pussy. He had about half of his seven inches in her now, and saw Cassie looking at her crotch, watching it go in.

"Do you like that, honey?"

"Yes Grampa, put it all in, please?" He wouldn't have believed an eight-year-old girl could have lust painted all over her face, but there it was. She wanted it. So he'd give it to her. He put his hands on Cassie's hips and jerked his own forward; the rest of his cock disappeared into her tight little cunt.

"Uhn, yeah, oooohhhh!" Cassie's head was laying back on the bed again, eyes closed, her blonde hair spread out around her face. Bob looked at her body and could see her belly bulging out from his cock. Almost in awe at the fact she could take all of him, not to mention how tight she felt around him, he started fucking his granddaughter.

Cassie's body trembled when Grampa shoved the rest of his peepee in her. It hurt a little, not like when he'd put it in the first time, more like just it was so big and didn't fit in her very well. But it felt good, too. Then he started moving it in and out, and that really felt good. Just a little at first, but then he was pulling it almost all the way out of her and then pushing it back in. Cassie's body jerked with every stroke, and she moved her hand down along her belly, to the place where it made her go almost crazy when Mommy licked it. She found the spot with her finger and started rubbing it.

Bob watched his granddaughter play with her clit while he fucked her. Shit, eight years old and she was already a fucking little slut. He pumped into her harder, his fingers digging into her hips to hold her steady on the bed. He wanted to fuck her until he ripped her in half.

Cassie's body started to shake, she couldn't control herself, then she felt like something was exploding between her legs. "Oh! Oh! Oooooohhhhhh!" She moaned, low, back in her throat, as she felt her belly churn. It was even better than when Mommy licked her there. Cassie gasped as she felt Grampa's stuff come out of him. There was so much of it, and she was so full already from having his peepee in her, that she thought her belly was going to explode. She squealed, then just kind of collapsed back on the bed, panting.

Bob couldn't believe it when Cassie started moaning and shaking. Fuckin' A, the little bitch was cumming! When that happened he just couldn't hold it any more, and started pumping his load into the eight-year-old's cunt. He grunted like an animal while he filled her up and felt like he was never going to stop cumming. When he finally did, and pulled his cock out of her, he watched his cum leaking out of her pussy onto the bed. Cassie was still breathing heavily, but she was smiling.

"Grampa, I want to do that all the time!"

"We'll do it some more, baby, but only when Mommy's not here, okay. And don't tell her about it." For some reason, Bob didn't think it was a good idea to let Penny know what they were doing.

"Okay, Grampa, I won't say anything."

Penny watched her father as they ate. Neither one of them said anything during the meal. As usual. Since her mother had split, her dad was like a fucking zombie. She didn't much care about that, they'd never been what you'd call close, but he wouldn't let her do anything. She couldn't go out with any of her friends, had to come home right after school to take care of the house. It was like he was punishing her for what her mother did to him. She couldn't help it if she looked like her mother and reminded her dad of what had happened.

Penny noticed that her father had been looking at her while they ate, almost staring at her. It wasn't like him, he usually just stared down at his plate and sucked down his beer. It was kind of creeping her out. They finished eating and Penny was cleaning up while her father trudged back into the living room to drink more beer and... well, just to drink more beer, really.

"Hey, honey, bring me another beer." It was an order, as usual. It wouldn't have been so bad if he'd just ask nicely once in a while. She thought about telling him to get his own fucking beer, but that would just piss him off. She didn't want to do that. The one time, just after her mother left, that she'd really made him mad, he'd beat her. Not just spanked her. He'd slapped her face, punched her in the stomach. Actually kicked her after he knocked her onto the floor. Afterward he'd apologized all over himself, blamed it on the beer and the stress of her mother leaving. But she didn't want to chance it. He was still drinking, and still just as upset over losing his wife. Penny didn't want him to do that again. Didn't want to feel what she'd felt that time. Like she wanted to beg him to hit her again, to hit her harder.

Cassie had just turned four when Penny started molesting her. It wasn't really Penny's fault, she walked into the little girl's room and found her playing with her pussy.

"Cassie, don't do that! You're not supposed to touch yourself there!"

"But Mommy, it feels good when I touch my peepee." She was pouting. She was a smart girl, maybe a little too smart.

"I know, but you have to be careful. You can't let anybody see you doing that." Penny sat down next to her daughter on the floor. "Let me show you something." She put her hand between Cassie's legs, feeling herself getting wet between her own. Cassie purred when Penny's finger rubbed up and down her tiny slit. Penny's own seventeen-year-old pussy was churning. She picked Cassie up and set her on a chair, positioned herself on her knees in front of it. As she lowered her face to her daughter's crotch, she slipped a finger into her jeans, reaching for her pussy.

"Mommy, that's nice!" Cassie couldn't believe anything could feel better than when she touched her peepee, but when Mommy kissed it it was better than anything. She relaxed, letting new feelings roll through her. Mommy must like it, too, her body was shaking like she was really excited.

Penny was still working on cleaning up after dinner when Bob walked into the kitchen. It surprised her, he'd finally decided to get up and get his own beer instead of telling her to do it. But he didn't go to the fridge. Instead he moved up behind her at the sink. She felt his arms slip around her waist, could smell the stale beer that clouded his breath.

"Daddy, stop it! What are you doing?"

"What I should have done as soon as your slut mother walked out." He turned her around roughly to face him, and she almost gagged when his mouth crushed against hers. She struggled against him, but he shook her violently, then took her hair in one hand, pulling it hard, holding her. His other hand cracked against her cheek. Penny gasped in pain. But she felt the other thing, too, the excitement. She wanted more, of everything.

Her father's eyes lit up as he looked at her face. He dragged her face back up to his, kissed her again, this time forcing his tongue into her mouth. She could taste beer and cigarettes. His other hand was moving over her body now, squeezing her little twelve-year-old boobs, clawing at her ass, sliding between her legs. She twisted, tried to pull away. He pulled her back by her hair, bending her backwards over the sink. His fist slammed into her belly, down low, below her navel. As she gasped for breath with the pain lashing through her Penny felt her pussy getting wet.

The look on Penny's face when Bob slapped her told him all he needed to know about his daughter. He'd seen the look before, knew what it meant. His little girl was a pain slut, needed pain the way most women needed pleasure. At twelve she probably didn't realize it herself yet, but he was going to make sure she learned.

After ramming his fist into her gut, he dragged her by the hair, moving fast so she'd have to struggle to keep up. He led her to his bedroom, then slammed her up against the wall, knocking the wind out of her.

"Okay, you little bitch, now I'm gonna give you what you need." He was breathing heavily, the thought of ripping open his daughter's cunt making him absolutely wild. He practically tore her clothes off, listening to her whimper the whole time, then wrapped his hand around her throat and used it to throw her naked body onto the bed. He took a good look at her, the long blonde hair like her mother's, the skinny little pre-teen body with the tiny tits and narrow hips, before he stripped off his own clothes. She was trembling. He was sure it was as much anticipation as fear.

Penny lay on the bed waiting for her father to rape and beat her. The excitement was incredible. But she suddenly realized that she shouldn't seem too eager. If she wanted him to be really rough with her, she should act like she was trying to stop him, to get away.

"Daddy, what are you doing? You have to stop, right now!" She hoped she was being convincing.

"Shut up, you fuckin' whore!" He backhanded her across her face, making her head snap to the side and sending another jolt of excitement through her. Then he was on top of her, spreading her legs. She struggled against him, trying to do just enough to make him think she didn't want it. He didn't hit her again, he was concentrating between her legs. She felt his cock touch the opening of her pussy, and a second later her body exploded in pain as he forced his way into her, ripping her open. She screamed. It was real, part pain and part shock at actually having her father's cock inside her. His fist crashed into her midsection.

"I said shut up." His voice was low and dangerous, and for the first time Penny realized that she could be getting into something she couldn't handle. And she didn't care.

Bob couldn't believe how tight his little girl's cunt was. He'd never felt anything like it. Of course, he'd never had anything quite that young, either. He could feel her writhing on the bed under him, could feel her cunt pulsing around his cock. He knew she was loving it, no matter what she said. He moved one hand to her throat, tightened it.

Penny's body was on fire as she felt her father's cock slamming into her little pre-teen pussy. It was even better than she'd hoped, both the sex and the pain. She wanted him to hit her again, but couldn't ask for it. Instead she felt his hand on her throat, felt her breath being cut off. She panicked, thrashed on the bed, really scared now. This was different from the pain. There was an incredible tension building in her as she tried to breathe and couldn't, felt herself getting lightheaded. Just as she was afraid she was going to pass out, she lost control of her body. Lightning sizzled through her, her muscles jerked wildly, her pussy throbbed. She twisted under her father, her lower belly heaving as her legs locked around him, shaking. As her body convulsed, her father took his hand away from her throat. She gasped in a huge breath, and as soon as she could talk she screamed at him.

"Fuck, Daddy, choke me again!" She could feel his body shudder the way hers had. His cock pulsed inside her, and she felt him shooting his cum into her pussy.

"I'll decide what you get and when!" His fist buried itself in her belly, then again and again. Her body was still trembling from her orgasm when she passed out.

"God, what the hell are you doing?" Bob had come home from work early, and when he walked into the house he saw something that he never expected, even in his disgusting family. Penny, his seventeen-year-old slut of a daughter was naked on the floor, with her face between Cassie's legs and was obviously licking the four-year-old's tiny pussy. At the same time, Penny was finger-fucking herself. Both girls looked up at him. He felt his cock getting hard immediately.

"She likes it Daddy. Don't you, baby?" Cassie nodded her head solemnly.

"Uh huh. Feels good." Penny looked into her father's eyes. Here was a chance to get a step ahead in her plans.

"Dad, why don't you join us. I know Cassie wants to see your dick."

Yeah, right, a girl that age didn't even know what a dick was. Didn't matter though. He was already hard as a rock after what he'd seen and he was going to have to get something out of this. He unfastened and pulled down his pants. Penny picked Cassie up and sat her on a chair, then started sucking Bob's cock.

Penny had kept hoping Bob would stumble across what she was doing with Cassie ever since the first time she'd played with her daughter's pussy. Now he'd finally come home at the right time. She sucked him, tasting his familiar sweaty flavor, playing with his balls. She kept glancing over at Cassie, could see the little girl watching what was going on.

"Can I put Grampa's peepee in my mouth, too?"

"No, you're still too little for that. We can do something else, though." Penny knew her father was close to cumming. She led him by the dick over to where Cassie was sitting naked. She spread Cassie's legs apart the way she did when she licked her, then placed the tip of her father's cock against her daughter's opening. She slid it up and down along Cassie's slit, listening to her father groan, watching her daughter wiggle against it. She was stroking Bob's dick as she moved it against Cassie, and within a few seconds she could feel him starting to shudder. She held the tip of his cock tightly against Cassie's slit as Bob's cum spurted out. A lot it of squirted out onto Cassie's belly or on the floor, but some of it was pumping straight into the little girl's pussy. And Penny could tell from the look on Cassie's face that she liked it.

Penny didn't even notice when she missed her period. She hadn't been having them long enough to be regular. When the morning sickness started a couple of weeks later, she thought she had the flu. Bob knew better. A pregnancy test confirmed it.

Penny almost lost her mind. She didn't want to be pregnant, begged Bob to let her have an abortion. She was too young, it would kill her. And even if it didn't, the thought of carrying that around in her for nine months was too much. Bob would have nothing of it. He laid down the law in no uncertain terms.

"Honey, you're going to do what I say. That's what you're here for. Don't ever forget that. You're gonna have this baby. And don't even think about telling anybody who the daddy is. I'd wind up in jail, and you'd get put into some foster home. And believe me, a girl like you wouldn't do very well in a foster home."

She was pretty sure he was right about that. Penny knew she wasn't like other kids her age. She wanted, needed, different things. And she didn't think anybody but her father would give them to her. She nodded her head in agreement.

"Okay. Can we still fuck while I'm pregnant?" As soon as her father's cock had ripped into her the first time she knew she needed it. She didn't want to have to give it up this soon.

"Yeah, we'll fuck plenty, ya little slut. But I won't be able to beat you or choke you. Can't do anything that'll hurt the baby." Penny pouted at that. She needed the pain. "Don't worry, it'll give you something to look forward to. And after the baby comes I'll show you some new things."

Penny finally gave in, but she had a feeling that nine months was going to seem like forever.

Whatever he may be, Bob wasn't stupid. He knew that Penny being pregnant at twelve was going to raise questions. He managed to come up with a cover story about a guy in the neighborhood that Penny still liked and didn't want to get in trouble, so she wouldn't tell who the father was. He managed to convince the doctor she saw that his deep religious beliefs ruled out having her get an abortion. It was all working out just fine.

After that first time, when Grampa put his peepee against hers and rubbed it, Cassie wanted to do it again. And to find out what else there was to do. She'd seen Mommy put Grampa's peepee in her mouth. She started getting out of bed at night to see what else Grampa and Mommy did.

She found out that he put his peepee against Mommy's, too, but he didn't just rub it, he put it inside the little hole that was there. And she saw him put his peepee inside Mommy's butthole, too. Every time she watched Grampa and Mommy doing things it made her feel funny. She always wound up touching her peepee. That always felt good. After she found out that Grampa put his peepee inside Mommy's hole, she put a finger in hers. That felt really good. One time she even put her finger back and touched her butthole while Grampa had his peepee in Mommy's butthole. It felt kind of funny, but not bad.

Over the next couple of years, as Cassie watched Grampa and Mommy, she started to wish that Grampa would do things with her like he did with Mommy. More grown-up things was how she thought about them. But she didn't ask. She knew Grampa had a temper, that he did other things with Mommy, too, things that hurt her. She didn't want to make him mad.

On Penny's thirteenth birthday she was seven months pregnant, and miserable. Her body was grotesque, and was only going to get worse until it was over. She was getting plenty of sex, her father seemed to be turned on by her being pregnant, but she needed pain to really get off. And Daddy wouldn't do anything to hurt the baby. Especially once he found out it was going to be a girl. The only good thing was that she didn't have to go to school.

When her father got home from work that night, he gave her a big hug and kiss, his tongue swirling through her mouth. He was horny already, she could feel his dick through both of their clothes, pressing against her swollen belly. She was horny, too, her pussy dripping. She knew she was going to get fucked, but she wanted him to bite her lip while he was kissing her, or scratch her shoulders and tits, anything. She was about ready to go crazy.

"Hey, baby, I'm going to give you a surprise for your birthday." He had a loopy grin on his face.

"What kind of surprise?" She wasn't too excited. Maybe he actually decided to get her a birthday present, or a cake.

"I'll show you. I was going to save it until after you had the baby, but I think you need something now. I know you're depressed. Come on." He took her hand, led her to the bedroom, their bedroom, no pretense of sleeping separately now.

In the bedroom Bob stripped quickly. Penny had been right, his cock was hard as a rock. Then he peeled off her clothes. That didn't take much, all she had on was a nightgown, not even slippers on her feet. She was so depressed about her body she didn't even bother getting dressed most days.

"Kneel down by the chair, rest your belly on the seat." She did what he told her. She always did what he said. Even now. She felt him come up behind her, bend over her back. His lips and tongue started on the back of her neck, licking, kissing, then moved down to her shoulders, her upper back. It felt good, her pussy was pulsing, wanting his cock, but she wanted to scream at him to bite her, hit her, beat her.

He wouldn't, of course. Not until her fucking daughter was born. Then he better beat her like he never had before. Until she passed out. At least.

He'd reached the small of her back now, was still moving lower, still licking. His fingers spread the cheeks of her butt apart. What? The tip of his tongue flicked over her asshole. She twitched. He shifted, wasn't bending over her any more. She felt something pressing against her asshole. She realized what he was doing a split second before his cock tore her apart.

"Oh FUCK! YES!" Penny's body shuddered with the sudden pain of having her ass violated for the first time. Her father's cock was reaming her like a jackhammer, she couldn't remember him pounding her this hard. He was holding her hips to keep her from moving with the force of his strokes. Penny bit her lip, reached up with one hand and dug a fingernail into her nipple. As the extra little jolts of pain shot through her, her body screamed its release, the first real orgasm she'd had in months.

Bob could tell that Penny was getting off on being fucked in the ass. He didn't know why he hadn't thought of it sooner. It had to hurt, having his big cock ripping open that little ass with no lubrication. But it wasn't dangerous for the baby, not like beating her would have been. He'd finally figured out how to give Penny what she needed.

And he was loving it, too. His little girl's ass was even tighter than her pussy. And with the baby in there, pushing against everything, well, this was about as tight as anything he'd ever felt around his cock. Without thinking his hands moved to her hips, held her as he slammed into her. He dug his fingers into the front of her hips, gripping hard. Might as well give her a little more of a treat.

Penny came again, shaking like a tree in a thunderstorm, when she felt her father's cum spurt up into her bowels. Her pussy pulsed along with her ass, and she'd swear she could feel the baby moving at the same time. As she leaned forward, bracing herself against the chair while she tried to catch her breath, she thought that she might just be able to get through this after all.

Things were different after the first time Grampa put his peepee in her. The three of them didn't do things together any more. Cassie did things with Grampa, and with Mommy, but not with both at once. And she knew Grampa and Mommy were still doing things, mostly at night. She still watched when she could.

There were new things now. And she learned other things. Like, Grampa's peepee was called a dick. And hers was called a pussy. She thought that was weird, it didn't look anything like a cat. And what they did when Grampa put his dick in her pussy was sex, or fucking. And that she couldn't tell any of the kids she knew about any of that, because everybody would get into big trouble.

Grampa let her put his dick in her mouth now, like Mommy did. She learned how to suck it, and found out that Grampa really liked it when she let him shoot his stuff in her mouth and she swallowed it. She didn't like to do that a lot, though. It tasted funny. Besides, she like it more when he shot it into her pussy.

Grampa started licking her pussy, too, the way Mommy did. At first she thought that was weird, but it felt good, so she wasn't going to tell him to stop.

After Cassie was born, Penny was depressed again for a while. She couldn't have sex for a a few weeks, her body didn't feel normal yet, and now she had this... thing... to take care of. She was in hell, and it didn't look like she was ever going to get out.

One night after Cassie was tucked away in her crib, while Penny and her father were watching TV, Bob suddenly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her feet. Penny felt the familiar rush, biting her lip in anticipation. Maybe she was finally going to get what she needed again.

"We've got some catching up to do, slut." Bob's voice was a low, dangerous growl, and Penny suddenly realized that he'd missed the violence as much as she had. He slammed her back against the wall, taking her breath, stunning her when her head banged the wall. As she tried to focus her eyes a knife appeared in front of her, in her father's hand, the blade long and thin, double-edged. She struggled against him, the way she usually did, their little game of pretending she didn't want it. The thrill that shot through her when she saw the knife was like nothing she'd ever felt.

Bob slipped the blade of the knife up under the hem of her shirt. She could feel the cold steel against her skin, could tell how sharp the edge was. He jerked the knife up, slicing through her shirt and Penny gasped. Now the blade was inside her bra, between her tits. The edges bit into the skin of her tits slightly, and she tingled. The blade moved again and her tits were free of the bra.

Penny was breathing heavily, staring into her father's eyes. The blade of the knife scraped along her belly. The tip slipped under the waist band of her shorts. She wouldn't fit back into her jeans yet, so she'd taken to wearing loose shorts with elastic in the waist. As the hard steel edged down along her lower belly, she wondered what it would feel like to have it bite into her skin. The tip was just above the top of her slit when the knife jerked again and her shorts fell away, leaving her naked.

Bob wasn't surprised at Penny's reaction to the knife. He figured there was probably nothing he could do to her that she'd object to. This was just a tease, though. Once he'd finished cutting off her clothes he set the knife aside. He stared at her body. It was different now, after the baby, tits a little bigger, hips wider. Closer to a woman's body. She was still only thirteen, though. Still his little girl.

Bob stripped off his own clothes, showing Penny his hard-on. He pinned her against the wall with his left hand on her throat. His other fist drew back, flashed forward, slammed into her belly. He hit her there again, down low, below her belly button, then punched her in the side, between her ribs and hip. He watched her face as he beat her, eyes closed, biting her lip. The power he felt was intoxicating, he was invincible, could do anything.

Penny was disappointed when her father put the knife down, but she had a feeling she hadn't seen the last of it. When he started hitting her the disappointment faded into bliss. This was what she'd needed the whole time she was pregnant. To feel his hand on her throat, his fist pounding against her body. She wanted to scream at him to do it harder, but couldn't because he was choking her.

His fist smashed into her crotch, against her pussy lips and clit, and the orgasm that washed over her left her startled. Her entire body seemed to spasm. She wasn't sure how much was the pain, how much the choking, how much just not having had anything like this for so long. She didn't really care. It was the first time she'd cum just from being beaten, with no sex at all. It was incredible. She blacked out for a second, came to when the slap across her face jerked her head to the side. She was on the floor, her father on top of her, inside her, his cock hammering her cunt. His teeth and fingernails were tearing at her throat, her chest, tits, shoulders. She came again, violently, and passed out. She didn't see her father standing over her later, after filling her pussy with his cum. Didn't see him holding the knife, trying to decide what to do.

When Cassie was nine, Mommy was licking her pussy one day when she felt something moving along the crack of her butt. It didn't take her too long to figure out that it was one of Mommy's fingers. She felt it pressing against her butthole. She knew Grampa put his dick in Mommy's butthole sometimes, she'd seen it, even touched herself there once, but she didn't think Mommy would ever do it to her. It felt good. Her butt wiggled against Mommy's finger. The finger moved, and Cassie twitched when she felt the tip wiggle up into her butt.

"Mmmm, Mommy, that feels good." Cassie squirmed on her mother's finger, her hips moving out, trying to pull more of it into her butt, while still feeling Mommy's tongue on her pussy. The finger moved deeper into her butt, she could feel the nail scraping along the inside of her tube. Her butt was actually clenching around it, like her pussy did on Grampa's dick when it was in her. She wondered what it would feel like to have that in her butt instead of Mommy's finger.

God, the little slut's ass is so tight! Penny wondered if her father had shoved his cock into it yet. They tried to hide what they were doing, but Penny knew they were fucking any time she wasn't around. She knew that would happen when she pulled Cassie's pussy open that day so her dad's cock could slip inside. She knew he wouldn't be able to resist the little girl. And it was no surprise to her that Cassie wanted it, either. She was her parents' daughter, after all.

Penny sucked on Cassie's clit, shoved her finger all the way up into the little girl's ass, twisted it.

"God, Mommy! Uh uh uh uh!" Cassie's body shuddered as an orgasm washed over her. She was going to have to ask some day if Cassie came when their father fucked her, or just when she got eaten out.

Whatever Penny had missed by being pregnant so her father couldn't beat her, he made up to her quickly once the baby was there and she was ready for sex again. The first night was just an introduction. He hit her, with fists and open hands, choked her. Bit and clawed at her, more than once leaving her bleeding. He found things to use on her, too, a whip, a chair leg that had broken. One night after finishing a bottle of whiskey he beat her, then fucked her with the bottle. After making her cum twice with it, he shoved the whole thing up inside her cunt, then choked her until she passed out. The bottle was still inside her when she came to.

Then there was the knife. He didn't bring it out all the time, just enough to keep Penny slavering for more. He teased her with it. Laid the blade flat against her skin, pressed it down so that the edges bit into her just a little. Pressed the point against her throat, then drew it down along her body, between her tits, over her belly, past her belly button, down to just above the top of her slit. Poked her with the point of it, so it just barely pressed into her skin, then twisted it. He did that in special spots, the hollow at the base of her throat, her nipples, belly button. Her clit.

Once in a while he pressed a little too hard, drew a drop or two of blood. She didn't know if he did it on purpose or not. But she knew she wanted more. Every time she felt the tip pressing against her she wanted to thrust out, take it into her, feel the bite of the steel into her flesh. Especially when he teased her clit with it. But she didn't. She was afraid that if she did he'd get scared and not use the knife any more. So she waited.

After getting her butt fingered by her mother, Cassie asked Grampa to do it, too. Actually, she asked him to put his dick in her butt, but he said no, that she wasn't old enough yet. He did put his finger in it. Not just when he was licking her like Mommy, he stuck his finger in her butt while he had his dick in her pussy. That felt really good, it was like she was all filled up. But she still wanted him to put his dick in it.

It was not long after she'd turned ten that she got her wish. Mommy was gone, so she and Grampa were fucking like they usually did when they were alone. They were doing it the way that Grampa called "doggy style" with her on her hands and knees and him behind her. He always reached around and played with her clit when they did it like that, so she'd cum. And she did, her body shaking, muscles twitching, moaning softly. But Grampa didn't shoot into her, he wasn't done yet. She felt him spread her butt apart, like he was looking at it.

"Baby, you still want me to put it in your ass?"

"Yes, Grampa, please!" She sounded like a whiny little girl, but she didn't care. She wanted it.

"Okay, but it'll hurt."

"I don't care, I want it." The only thing that had ever hurt when she was having sex was the first time Grampa had put his dick in her. That had made her scream, but it wasn't that bad. She wondered if this would be like that.

Grampa didn't say anything else, but he pulled his dick out of her. As the tip came out he moved it up and she felt it pressing against her butthole. Her butthole opened up, kind of like when she had a really big poop, but now something was going in instead of coming out. She felt the end of Grampa's dick move into her. She squealed in pain.

"You okay? Want me to stop?" Grampa sounded concerned.

"No, put it in. Put your dick in my butt." She screamed as she felt the entire length of Grampa's dick split her open.

Shit, I thought Penny's ass was tight when she was pregnant. He hadn't fucked Penny in the ass until her thirteenth birthday. Cassie was only ten, and the way her ass gripped his cock was unbelievable. He was a little concerned when she screamed, but since she started pumping back against him as soon as he was all the way in her, he wasn't going to worry about it. He started fucking the little bitch as hard as he could in the ass, losing himself in the feeling.

God, it hurt. The pain lanced through Cassie. And it felt strange to have something that big up her butt, a lot different than a finger. But it felt good. And the pain didn't stop it from feeling good. She reached between her legs, started rubbing her clit. She'd already cum once, but she wanted to do it again, with Grampa in her butt.

She bit her lower lip as the twin sensations of Grampa's dick ripping into her butt and her own finger on her clit drove her crazy. She bit so hard that it hurt. The skin broke, and she tasted a drop of her own blood on her tongue. It made her cum, hard, and that made her bite even more. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as she learned the link between pleasure and pain. Then Grampa's dick exploded in her butt, pumping his stuff into her. With a low moan she collapsed forward onto the bed, dragging Grampa with her, his stuff still squirting into her butt.

Penny started having dreams about her father and the knife. In the dreams, her father would let the point of the knife bite into her a little more than he did in real life. Enough to draw more than a drop or two of blood, enough so that the blood seeped out from Penny's tit, or from her belly. She could feel the sting when the tip slipped under her skin, the bite when it drove into her farther. She was constantly disappointed when she woke up to find that the knife wasn't in her, that there was no pain slicing through her. But she was still afraid to ask her father to do more with the knife, afraid that she'd scare him enough that he would no longer give her any of what she needed.

After she started playing with Cassie, and got her father to do it, the dreams faded for a time. She still needed pain, still fantasized about the knife, but it wasn't the main thing in her sexual life any more. Until she saw the movie.

She was twenty when she came across the video. It was call Succubus, and it was a full-length porn vid starring Raven Riley and young redhead Liz Vicious. Liz played a sexual demon, and Raven had the job of trying to kill her. It was a pretty cool, if standard porn vid until the last scene. That scene changed everything.

Raven started fucking Liz with a dildo, first in her pussy, then in her ass. As she watched, Penny was masturbating, with fingers in both of her own holes. It was pretty hot. But then it became something more. As Liz was cumming, Raven pushed a button on the dildo. It fired a bullet from the disguised gun into Liz's bowels, killing her. As she watched Liz's body jerk, saw the fake blood trickle from her open mouth, Penny had the wildest orgasm of her life. Her fingers clawed at her pussy and ass as she twisted on her chair. When she finally finished, she was gasping for air, and she was ready to admit to herself what she wanted.

After that, the dreams came back with a vengeance, but with a difference. Now, instead of taking a little bit of the knife blade into her body, a half inch or so, she was taking the dildo, the one from the movie that was really a gun. The dreams varied. Sometimes she took the dildo up her ass, sometimes in her cunt. Usually it was her father wielding the weapon, but sometimes it was another man, or even a woman, once in a while Cassie. And sometimes instead of a gun, the dildo was a switchblade knife. When the button was pushed, the blade would flash out inside her, slicing into her bowels or pussy. Her favorite version of the dream was with the knife, the dildo rammed all the way up inside her cunt, pushing against her cervix, so that when it was triggered the blade plunged through her cervix into her womb, causing her curl up around it, ripping her insides to shreds.

No matter what the details of the dream, though, the ending was always the same. The button was pushed just as she was having a massive orgasm. As the bullet or blade ripped into her body, time seemed to slow down, and the pain, the knowledge of her death, all of it intensified her orgasm until nothing existed except the sensations rippling through her mind and body that were beyond anything she'd thought possible. Just as the blackness closed in, she would wake. And think about what she could do to get someone to give her that ultimate orgasm.

Penny normally thought of Cassie as her daughter, but sometimes she remembered that she was also her little sister, or half-sister anyway, they shared the same father. When she thought about that, she was jealous of her sister. Penny had been twelve before she got her father's cock, or any other sexual attention from him. Cassie had been only four when he'd started rubbing his cock on her pussy, just eight when he'd shoved it into her the first time. And, Penny now knew, ten when he'd fucked her in the ass. The fact that Penny had planned or instigated all of it didn't change the jealousy she felt.

Cassie was eleven now, just a year younger than Penny had been when their father had impregnated her. Penny knew that Cassie couldn't get pregnant yet, she hadn't had her first period, but it probably wasn't far off. She already had boobs, not much, but nice little bumps, and Penny was sure her father loved to suck on them. Her little girl was almost as tall as Penny herself, and every bit as hot. Penny was only twenty-four, but felt like an old woman next to her daughter/sister. She knew her father liked his pussy young, knew that he probably thought of her as too old by now. Before long he'd lose interest in her completely, probably as soon as Cassie got pregnant. Especially if Cassie gave him another daughter to play with. It was time to finish off her plan.

"Do you like it when things hurt, baby?" Penny and her daughter were in bed, naked, stroking each other's bodies. It was mid-morning, Bob was at work, wouldn't be home for hours.

"Sometimes. Like the first time Grampa put his dick in my butt, it hurt a lot, but it felt really good, too." She still always called him Grampa even though she knew by now that he was her father, too. Sometimes she wondered what her daughter would call him. There was no question that she'd have his daughter some day.

"I want to try something. You tell me if it feels good, baby." Penny leaned over, put her lips over Cassie's hard little nipple. She sucked it into her mouth, then bit down as hard as she could.

"Mommy, god YES!!" As the pain laced through her, Cassie's body started vibrating, her breath came in short gasps. She clawed at the bed with her hands.

Penny reached between her daughter's legs, jammed two fingers up her cunt, then mashed her thumb against the little girl's clit, grinding on it, pinching it against the side of her hand.

"Ahhhh, harder!" Cassie screamed, and Penny moved her thumb, dug her nail into the girl's clit. Cassie let out a series of incomprehensible grunts and squeals as an orgasm like nothing she'd ever felt before ripped through her. Cassie's body jerked uncontrollably on the bed until finally she slumped back, trying to push her mother's hand away. Penny stopped, pulled her fingers out of the eleven-year-old's cunt.

"Baby, when you're with Grandpa tonight, tell him you want it to hurt. Tell him to make you hurt the way he makes me hurt." Penny was smiling to herself. Things were going to work out just fine.

Bob knew where Cassie got the idea that she wanted him to make it hurt. Didn't matter to him. He liked making it hurt. No reason his granddaughter shouldn't get the same kind of treatment her mother got. Maybe it was time he found out if Cassie liked it as nasty as Penny did.

His hand flashed out, grabbed Cassie's hair, twisted it around his fingers. She gasped, and Bob recognized the expression on her face. She was her mother's daughter, all right.

"How do like this?" His free hand snapped forward, caught Cassie in her midsection. Bob laughed as she doubled over in pain.

When Grampa grabbed her hair it hurt and felt good at the same time, like when Mommy did those things before, but Cassie was sure there was a lot more to come. The feeling of his fist slamming into her belly was incredible. She whimpered, gasping for breath, managed to look up at him.

"Is that what you do Mommy? Is that how you make her hurt?"

"That. And other things. You want it? You want me to treat you like I treat Mommy?"

"Yes, Grampa, please! I need it!" She was begging, wanted Grampa to do everything to her that he did to Mommy.

He pulled her close, clamped his hand over her throat, squeezed. Cassie tried to breathe, couldn't. Panic closed in and she thrashed with her arms and legs. Just as she felt like she was going to pass out, Grampa threw her down on the bed, fell on her, jamming his fingers into her pussy while his mouth closed on her breast.

His fingers dug into her pussy, twisting in her, clawing at the walls of her hole, while he bit down on her breast. She moaned and thrashed, thrusting her hips out at his hand as he kept shoving more fingers into her.

"Grampa, it hurts! It really hurts!" Cassie wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop or do more. Suddenly he sat up, hovering over her crotch, and his fingers stopped moving in and out of her, pulled all the way out. She looked down to see what he was doing, and watched as he wrapped his fingers together, placed the tips against the opening of her dripping pussy, and shoved his whole hand up inside her in one thrust.

She screamed, shrieked, feeling like she was being ripped in half. Her body shook, and exploded in the strongest orgasm she'd ever felt.

Damn, she can take it. Bob was surprised, he'd never shoved his whole fist into Penny, but his eleven-year-old granddaughter took it. Wonder how much more she can take.

When Penny heard her daughter scream, she opened the door and walked into her father's bedroom. Not to stop it. To watch. To take part. Things were coming to a head now, and she had to make sure they turned out the way she wanted.

Penny took it all in at once. Cassie naked on the bed. Dad's fist inside the girl's pussy, her lips pulsing around his wrist. The incredible, twisted expression on Cassie's face, a wild combination of pain, lust, ecstasy. Penny knew that must be what her face looked like when her father beat her, when he pressed the knife into her skin. Yes, it was happening now, and Penny had to be in charge.

Cassie's body was trembling, she couldn't remember ever feeling quite this way before. Grampa's hand was so big inside her, and he was using his other hand to pinch her nipples, claw at her skin, punch her. Then she saw Mom walk into the room. She was surprised, all three of them hadn't been together like this in a long time. Grampa looked surprised, too, but didn't say anything, didn't stop pumping his hand into her belly.

Mom walked to the nightstand, opened the drawer and took something out. She turned toward the bed and Cassie could see she was holding a knife in her hand. Cassie's mind went as crazy as her body, disgusting images flitting past her. Another wild orgasm washed over her.

Bob saw Penny take his knife out of the drawer, wondered what she was doing. She'd never handled the knife before, it had always been him using it to hurt her, but mostly to tease her. He knew what she wanted, but had never been ready to go that far. He tried to figure out who the knife was for.

Penny stepped over to the bed, waited as her father slid his hand out of their daughter's pussy. She handed Bob the knife, lay down on the bed next to Cassie, whispered, "Watch what Grampa does to me with the knife. Then let him do it to you, see if you like it." She could see that Cassie was trembling as much as she was.

Bob ran the knife down Penny's body, sometimes watching what he was doing, sometimes looking at Penny's face, or glancing over at Cassie. Penny had the usual look on her face when he played with the knife, the look of lust and need that said, "Give me more, put it in me!" But he couldn't quite read Cassie's face, wasn't sure if she wanted the knife in her belly, or in her hand so she could use it on someone else.

Penny shuddered when she felt the familiar touch of the point of the knife scraping against her skin, moving, pressing into her. But knowing that Cassie was watching, learning, just made it more intense, made it even harder to keep from shoving herself onto the knife, letting it bite into her, open her body up.

Her father started it at the point of her chin, slipping it down along her jaw and along her throat. When it reached her Adam's apple, she swallowed hard, and felt the tip dig in a little. It moved down over her chest, reached the top of her tits. Bob used the knife to make a figure-8 around Penny's tits, stopping every inch or so to press the tip of the knife into her skin, each time a little harder. As Penny felt the bite of the blade she knew more than ever that she wanted it, needed it, inside her. The knife moved between her tits, laying flat against her skin, the edges poking into the soft flesh on either side. Penny put her hands on her tits, squeezed them together, felt the edges of the blade dig into her, gasped as she realized that a thin trickle of blood had started to seep from the inside of each of her breasts.

Cassie was getting hotter and hotter as she watched Grampa drag the knife over Mom's skin. She kept hoping he'd actually stick it into her, but she didn't think it was going to happen. Mom had said he was going to do it to Cassie when he was done with Mom. She couldn't wait, her body was tingling, wanting to know what the steel would feel like against her.

Then the knife was between Mom's boobs, she was squeezing them together. Cassie almost came when she saw the tiny twin ribbons of blood coming from Mom's boobs. She waited until Grampa moved the knife farther down, toward Mom's belly, then leaned over, stuck out her tongue, and pressed her mouth between Mom's breasts, lapping at the red stain. Shit, it tasted so good! Cassie heard Mom moaning as she drank, felt her body writhing on the bed. She licked until the bleeding stopped, then rose up to Mom's face, pressed her mouth on her mother's and kissed her, letting Mom get a taste of the blood.

As Bob ran the knife down over Penny's belly he wondered which of his daughters was more depraved. He watched Cassie slurp her mother's blood from the small gashes in her tits, then share with Penny. And he moved the knife lower. Over the swell of Penny's belly, to her navel. He pressed the point in there, twisted, heard Penny gasp, felt her thrust out against the knife. Before when she'd done that he'd pull it back to keep it from slicing into her. This time he simply held it there, watched the tip disappear into his daughter's belly. Not much, no more than a half-inch, maybe not that much. But enough to draw a startled gasp of "Daddy, yes!" from Penny. Enough to turn the expression on her face to one of elation as she realized that this time there might be more. Enough to cause a tiny pool of blood in Penny's belly button, a pool that soon disappeared into Cassie's mouth as the little girl dove on it like a hawk on a rabbit.

Penny was literally losing her mind. The feel of the cold steel of the knife on her skin, the incredible charge when she felt it penetrate, even so slightly, Cassie's tongue slurping up her blood, all of it had her no longer sure what was real. She was somewhere between her bedroom and the set of Succubus, waiting to feel the dildo plunge into her cunt or ass, or maybe both, fucking her to a crashing orgasm before a bullet or a blade ripped through her insides, ending her.

When she felt Daddy poke the knife into her belly button and twist it, digging in a little, she humped herself out at it the way she'd done before. But this time Daddy held the knife steady, didn't pull it back, let the tip slip into her. She hissed, "Daddy, yes!" as she felt it, just enough to draw blood, to make her cum. Then the knife was moving over her lower belly, down toward where she really wanted it, and Cassie's mouth was covering the wound in her belly, sucking up her blood the way it had between her tits.

Daddy's fingers spread the lips of her pussy, exposed her clit. The tip of the knife dug into the bud just a bit, then a little more. Penny wanted to fuck it, make it enter her like Daddy's cock, but she couldn't yet. Cassie wasn't ready yet. Then she felt something new, as the blade moved away from her clit, down, between her legs. Daddy let go of her pussy lips and they closed around the tip of the knife. God, it was in her cunt! Her hips thrust out in a quick fucking motion, and she whimpered as she felt the blade cut her, inside, slicing into the walls of her pussy. An orgasm rippled through her and her hips jerked again, the knife cutting more. She looked up at Daddy. Her voice was a hoarse whisper.
"Not yet, I have to show Cassie first." Daddy nodded, she felt the knife slip back out of her. And Cassie's mouth was on her pussy, licking out her blood and her cum.

Cassie felt herself being lifted up away from Mom's crotch. Grampa's hands were strong, she couldn't fight him, even though she didn't want to move. Her body had been on fire since she'd tasted the blood from between Mom's boobs, and now, taking it from between Mom's legs, she thought she was going to pass out from the ecstasy.

Grampa laid her down on the bed, on her back, the way Mom was. She saw the two of them bending over her, wanted them both, wanted to fuck so bad she was ready to scream. Then she saw the knife, in Grampa's hand, moving down toward her. There was blood on the blade, Mom's blood. Cassie suddenly wanted her own to join it.

The point of the knife started under her chin, moved down over her throat to the little hollow at the base. It paused there, and Cassie tried to jerk her head up, to take it inside her throat, to feel the blade slicing into her, feel her blood trickle over her skin. But Mom held her, wouldn't let her move. Cassie whined.

"Mom, I want it!"

"I know, baby, but you have to wait, like I have. It's my time now, not yours. You still have to give Daddy another girl to take your place, and raise her until she's ready." Mom's voice was soft, soothing. Cassie knew she was right, but that didn't make her and happier about having to wait.

The knife moved lower, gliding over her chest, between her tiny boobs. She could barely feel it against her skin, not quite scratching her. She wanted it to dig in, leave marks, but she tried to be patient. The tip circled her right boob, slid up the little slope to her nipple. It pressed into the small brown bud, she could feel it about to break the skin, but it never quite did before it moved, down, across, up to her other nipple.

"Grampa, please! Put it in! Daddy, I want it!" It was the first time she'd ever called him "Daddy." She wondered how he'd react. She gasped as the tip of the knife poked her, just above her nipple, opened her skin. She looked down, saw a tiny bead of blood, watched as Mom's mouth closed over her boob, sucked the blood away as she moaned.

The knife moved lower, not hurrying, but not stopping much to play, either. It dance around her belly button, and she managed to arch her back up enough to make it bite into her again. The pain sent a sharp thrill through her body. This was what Mom was talking about. Mom licked the drops of blood out of her belly button, and the knife moved on, brushing over her lower belly, along her inner thighs. Then Mom was holding her hips tight, pressing them against the bed. Cassie wondered why, until she felt the tip of the knife move between her legs, flicking over her clit, then barely slip between the lips of her pussy. She knew why now. Mom was keeping her from what she wanted, keeping her from thrusting her hips out at the knife, taking it inside her, letting it ravish her. Then it was gone, and she lay on the bed, panting, whimpering, wanting it back.

Penny was ready now. She lay back on the bed, spread herself, looked up at Daddy. He moved the knife between her legs, placed the point at the mouth of her pussy. His hand moved, one quick thrust and she felt the blade penetrate her, all the way in, slicing the walls of her cunt as it went. Her hips thrust out against it, fucking it, finally feeling it the way she wanted.

"God, Daddy, please fuck me!" She could feel the blood flowing inside her, knew it wouldn't take long. She had to have him inside her. The knife slid out, and she felt his hard cock move into her for the last time. She moaned as her father fucked her, hard the way she liked it.

"Cassie, baby, suck on my tits." Her daughter's head dipped down, fastened on her nipple, and Penny felt her body shudder. She reached out, slid a hand between Cassie's legs. She heard Cassie moan, felt her body shake, as she slipped a finger each into her daughter's pussy and ass.

Daddy was fucking her like a wild animal now, pounding her as hard as he ever had. She could feel the muscles in her pussy pulsing frantically around his cock, and each time they did more of her blood pumped out. She knew that by now it was oozing out of her, around Daddy's cock and onto the bed. She could feel herself getting weaker. No, she had to cum first! Then Daddy's hand closed around her throat, squeezed. But something was wrong, the hand wasn't big enough. It was Cassie who was choking her, not Daddy. She looked up, saw the look of insane lust on Cassie's face, knew that must be how she looked. Penny twisted her fingers inside her daughter, dug her nails into the walls of Cassie's pussy and ass. Cassie moaned, her mouth hanging open, and Penny felt the small hand tighten on her throat.

She was close now, to everything. Daddy's pelvis was banging against her clit as he fucked her. The pain inside her was the most incredible thing she'd ever felt. And she was trying to gasp for breath, but couldn't get any because of Cassie's hand on her throat. Suddenly her body thrashed, convulsing on the bed, as the biggest orgasm she'd ever felt crashed over her. One hand clawed at the bed, while the other tried to rip her daughter's insides apart. Daddy's cock twitched inside her, and she felt his cum pouring out, mixing with her blood. It made her cum even harder. Her shoulders jerked up off the bed and she stared into Daddy's eyes. Her entire body spasmed, then again. Her view of Daddy's face started to fade, and as she shuddered a third time she felt her muscles relax and everything went black.

Cassie almost lost her mind from the sensations swirling through her. Watching Grampa, Daddy, shove the knife into Mom's pussy, then fuck her while she was dying. Choking her to help kill her. The feeling of Mom's fingers gouging into her, tearing at her, something like Mom must have felt when the blade sliced into her.

Cassie started cumming when Mom did, and when she saw Mom give her last shudder and her eyes clouded over and rolled back in her head, Cassie shook so hard she thought she was going to pass out. When her own orgasm finally finished, she collapsed onto the bed, worn out. Mom's fingers were still inside her.

Bob finally finished pumping his cum into his daughter's pussy. He'd felt her go limp, seen her slump onto the bed, while he was cumming in her, and knew she was gone. She'd finally gotten what she wanted. He looked over at Cassie, his other daughter. His granddaughter. She was laying on the bed next to her mother's body, panting. Her legs were spread, and he could see Penny's fingers still jammed up inside her pussy and ass.

He let his cock slip out of Penny, saw that it was covered with her blood. More blood was soaking into the bed. He was going to need a new mattress and some sheets. He reached down, grabbed Penny's wrist and pulled her fingers out of Cassie, then wrapped his fingers in Cassie's hair and pulled her to her feet.

"All right, you little slut, get my cock cleaned off and hard again. You need to get fucked." He jerked her head to his crotch, groaned as he felt her eleven-year-old tongue start to lick Penny's blood off him.

Cassie gasped when Daddy pulled her off the bed by her hair, the pain slicing through her, joining what was already churning in her pussy and ass. She could feel a little blood oozing around in both her holes from what Mom's nails had done to her. As she wrapped her lips around Daddy's cock, coated in Mom's blood, she glanced over at Mom's body, jealous. She couldn't wait until she could have that. Maybe when Daddy fucked her this time she'd get pregnant, and the countdown could start.

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