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Chapter 7
Supernatural Nation: The Gathering Part 2

Chapter 7

"Anthony, wake up," a musical voice called jerking him from sleep. He opened his eyes and turned his head to look in the direction of the voice and found her less than a foot away. Wind stood on his chest her fists on her hips looking like a woman scolding her children. Her shimmering silvery dress swung around her in the breeze created by her incandescent wings as they beat at a pace so fast they blurred.

"It's time to get up and get ready for the first meeting of the day," she said and stomped a foot down onto him.

"How old are you," he asked her suddenly. Her actions lately were much more mature and didn't match her young features and it peaked his curiosity.

"Ten," she replied.

"Your only ten years old," he asked in disbelief.

"No fairies live forever unless killed so we count time differently. A fairy year is about ten human years so I am about a century old by your calendar," she said and blushed when he stared at her in shock.

"You look so young," he said still trying to wrap his mind around this new information.

"Fairies aren't fully grown until they are nearly a thousand human years old. If you want my age in comparison to human years I am about twenty or maybe eighteen in physical development," she said and blushed looking down when he continued to stare at her.

"That doesn't... bother you... does it," she asked tentatively looking down at her feet as her toe drew an imaginary circle on his skin.

"No it doesn't bother me I am just surprised is all. How old are Moonlight and Sunshine," Anthony asked.

"Moonlight is five hundred and fifty three, Mama is two thousand three hundred and seven," she answered and her wings, a blur of motion, smoothly lifted her into the air when Anthony sat up. He looked over at the clock and saw that he still had an hour or so before the preliminary meeting in the conference room was supposed to begin.

"Really she doesn't look a day over a thousand," he quipped as he hurriedly dressed in the clothes from the previous day that became instantly clean and warm with a thought from him.

"I'm gonna tell her you said that," she said giggling and rolling in the air as if on the ground. Anthony grinned at the chiming sound of her mirth and to simply take in the sound. The girls were all gone getting ready for the next few days. When Wind regained control of herself and her laughter faded he headed for the door and she settled down on his shoulder. She kicked her legs out as they walked in sync with his steps and he could feel her heels banging into his shoulder in a light, soothing rhythmic tapping. He caught the elevator down to the second floor and headed for room two-ten, Anya and her mother's room. Each delegation was given two rooms, a suite with several rooms for the emissaries and a room for the guards with a connecting door between them. He halted in front of the door and took a deep breath before pounding on the door. One of the guards Anthony recognized from yesterday, as the one who agreed with him and had gotten smacked for it, opened the door and glared at him.

"Can I speak with Anya," he asked the big werewolf. The big man opened his mouth to say something, Anthony was sure would have been insulting, but was cut off before he could speak.

"Let him in," Anya's mother's voice came from deeper in the room behind the guard who was blocking Anthony's line of sight into the room. The guard stepped aside, still glaring, and Anthony entered the room. When no one else followed him in the guard looked out into the hall and then closed the door before turning to Anthony.

"Didn't think we were enough of a threat to need a body guard here," the guard sneered down at him. Anthony simply raised an eyebrow and studied the Were. Anthony guessed he must be nearly seven feet tall if not taller, since he had to look far up to meet the man's eyes standing this close together. He had tanned skin and a tight black shirt that emphasized his broad, muscular shoulders. He had curly dark brown hair and matching eyes and his obvious dislike was evident in his gaze.

"From what Anya said his wife did, he could kill us all and probably everything in the building within a few thoughts so relax, Evan," Anya's mother said.

"Anthony Caine, we haven't been formally introduced I am Sonya and that is my nephew, Evan," she said and gesture to the tall guard who remained standing next to him.

"Mom have you seen my," Anya said suddenly walking into the room from the hall leading to the bed rooms. Her focus on her mother had her facing away from both Anthony and Evan so she didn't notice them at first. She was wear long t-shirt that left the very bottom of her ass flash the room and Anthony was sure he would have been able to see her front as well but he only had a profile view of her. Anthony prayed in his head for her to turn in his direction and was pleasantly surprised when it happened.

"We have a guest dear," Sonya said to her daughter and nodded in Anthony's direction. Anya spun on her heel and the shirt billowed giving him an even better view of her panty clad pussy. Her eyes widened and her face flushed a brilliant red before she darted back into the hallway and out of Anthony's sight. Sonya let of a drawn out sigh and shook her head at her daughter and shot a raised eyebrow at Anthony when he couldn't suppress a grin as a thought filled his head.

"What," she asked as she watched him try and fail to suppress a wide smile that almost turned into a laugh.

"You don't want to know," he said trying to fight the grin and her own lips twitched in response wanting to smile along with him.

"Tell me," she demanded.

"Fine. I've got the penthouse suite but you still have the best view in the hotel," he told her. Evan let out a bark of laughter and a small smile played across her lips and faded as Anthony regained control of his features. Anya hurried back into the room wear loose pajama bottoms now and sat next to her mother, avoiding his eyes. Anthony stepped forward and Evan shot out a hand to bar his way from approaching them. With a thought Anthony willed himself in front of the couch opposite Anya and Sonya and sat before Evan even spun around to face the room.

"I told you to relax," Sonya said to Evan her eyes beginning to show her ire. Evan grunted and didn't answer but he glared his dislike at Anthony and was ignored in return.

"What do you need," Sonya asked turning her attention back to Anthony.

"I wanted to come by and apologize for how hard this gathering is going to be on all of you. I sent the elementals out to tell every supernatural they could find I didn't think of excluding that group from the list and Anya is going suffer for it. Emotionally through her, you and probably your entire party will suffer for it and I am truly sorry for that," he said and lowered his eyes to his hands in his lap.

"Sure you are," Evan sneered from his position leaning against the wall. Anthony's clenched his jaw and ignored the Were even as anger filled him at the man's words.

"Evan, get out," Sonya ordered turning angry eyes on her nephew.

"I can't leave you unprotected with him here," Evan objected. A snarl ripped from her mouth and she shot to feet and stood glaring at Evan menacingly, her face somehow less human in her rage. Anthony couldn't pinpoint exactly what had changed about her to make her look more dangerous until she spoke again.

"I said leave," she growl through dangerously sharp teeth and the sound rumbled in her chest. Without another word he stood and walked to the connecting door between the rooms and stepped through, slamming the door behind him. Sonya closed her eyes and struggled to regain her temper before she retook her seat and opened her eyes to look at Anthony again.

"I apologize for Evan," she said.

"It isn't a problem he is trying to protect you," Anthony said waving the apology away. He was glad that the other Were was gone though, because he didn't want the temptation to hit the man to distract him from their conversation.

"How are you doing," he asked Anya.

"Fine," she said but her voice quavered and she wouldn't meet his eyes. He looked up at Sonya with worry and she nodded in agreement with her daughter and he sagged in relief.

"Alright, I have given orders to have the renegade Weres watched and if they approach any of you tell me and they will be confined to their rooms for the duration of their stay here. I will leave you to get ready now," he said and stood.

"And after the gathering," Anya asked him. He didn't even need to ask to know what she meant.

"After the gathering he is dead, all of them are. I don't care what they vote I will not accept them as allies for any reason," he said looking down at the top of her head. He turned and headed for the door and walked out without another word.

Half an hour later he was standing in the middle of the magically altered conference room. The inside of the room couldn't physically fit inside the hotel anymore but magic makes many things possible. The room now looked like a large white marble amphitheater with a half circle moat in front of the bottom seat. Anthony and the girls sat in comfortable chairs, stationed in a half circle facing the toward the half circle of the amphitheater seats, on the open space at the bottom and waited while everyone began filing in and taking their seats. The water bound supernaturals also began appearing in the moat raising their heads from the water to watch all of the others enter slowly. When all of them were seated a silence fell on the room but Anthony rose before it could become awkward.

"Welcome and thank you all for coming," he said leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees and his chin on his entwined hands.

"For those of you who don't know me, I am Anthony Caine, and these are my wives, my mother, my second in command, and several of my other companions," smiling back at them.

"I called you here to discuss the future of your species'. The human population grows at a prolific rate and sooner or later, unless you pull back into a dimensional pocket, they will find you and the outcome of such a discovery is an unknown but most likely will result in genocide or slavery on your part. With each passing year they take more of the undeveloped land and wipe out the wilds where you may easily hide. I don't understand what is going through your minds when you sit and hide away from them but you are only postponing the inevitable. They will find each of you in time and when they do your people will be weakened and at their mercy. I am not saying they are all evil or incapable of great kindness but they fear change. They fear the unknown, and you all possess abilities that they don't and will be seen as dangerous. Also they will envy your abilities and greed will become a part of their decision on how to deal with any of you they find. Even if they don't decide to eradicate you when they discover you, you have almost all been alive a long time and have seen how they treat even their own who differ from the majority," Anthony said. He paused and reached down beside his chair and grabbed a chilled bottle of ice tea that was suddenly appeared there and took a long drink. Many of the guests also looked down and found beverages to fit their tastes and reached down to take a drink.

"Now I could go on with examples to prove my point but I think you all understand the danger so I will move on to the only solution I see. We must try to release the news of our existence in a controlled manner," he said and the room exploded into noise. Some of the supernaturals were silent and some were on their feet screaming at him in various pitches and languages. Some of them sat quietly with agreement written in their eyes and waited for the noise to die down to hear more.

"Calm the fuck down, and stop clucking like a bunch of chickens," Anthony roared and his voice filled the large space and seemed to echo. Silence filled the room as they stared at him in shocked, disbelief unable or unwilling to reply. These were kings and queens or at the very least powerful people in their respective societies and were unaccustomed to such disrespect.

"This meeting is for me to tell you what I plan, and then we will break. After a few hours we will reconvene here and hopefully discuss our future plans. Now what I am going to do is reveal our presence to the humans in a way to hopefully minimize the shock of our existence. Then if the reaction to our big reveal if favorable and they don't try to kill or dissect us we will convene again to discuss how to mingle into the human world without losing your cultures. If the reaction is unfavorable which is the most likely option we will retreat to a safe haven until we have finished our permanent new home. If the humans become violent there will be almost certainly be casualties on both sides before the retreat can be carried out completely. Now that is all for now so after a few hours we will meet back here and your will be given the chance to voice your opinions," Anthony said and began to stand.

"Wait," Risa said and everyone who had begun to rise stopped.

"I am head of security and I have something to add before you depart. We have prepared to take care of any need that you informed us about when we spoke on the phone. The staff of this hotel have been spelled to not notice anything unusual so you can call any order you want down stairs. However we had an incident earlier with one of or vampire guests, so let me be very clear. Just like you are for the moment under our protection so are the innocent people of this city. If you harm anyone in this city or this hotel you will be forfeiting your safety. That means no rape or eating innocent people here," she said looking directly at a tall vampire with blonde hair sitting in the second tier.

"You would expect us to go hungry," he asked with distain.

"We expect you to follow the rules or we expect you to leave our city," said Anthony cutting into the conversation.

"And if we don't obey," he said with a defiant look.

"Jenny," Anthony said with looking away from the vampire.

"Yes," she answered from her seat to his left.

"If our esteemed guests feed in our city on anyone you haven't okayed, kill them, slowly," he said.

"Yes, Anthony," she replied and anger filled the blonde vampires expression.

"Who are you to tell us what to do," the vampire spat out.

"I already told you, I am Anthony Caine. I am the only High Djinn, a Prince of the Elves, King of the Silver Smith goblin clan, and Master of the Eternal Night vampire coven. This is my city for the moment and I say who hunts here or doesn't hunt as the case maybe. You will not have to starve here as I am sure Risa told you when you attacked one of the staff and she stopped you," he said the last statement coming out as more of a question. He saw Risa nod her head at him from the corner of his eye to confirm his guess.

"Fake blood," the vampire sneered derisively.

"Look, I am going to make this simple. I have offered you an alternative but I really don't give a shit if you starve or not. You will follow the rules I have set or face the consequences of your actions. You are free to leave this city at any time you choose," Anthony told him. The vampire was practically vibrating with rage when he stood and stormed from the room followed by another tall thin dark hair vampire that Anthony hadn't noticed sitting behind him.

"Jenny, have some of our people tail each of his group, not just him and his guard," he said and she nodded and pulled out her phone. While she issued orders into her phone he watched as the emissaries filed out of the room and ran his hand through his hair. His stomach was flipping like a landed fish with the nervousness of speaking in front of so many people. Once they were alone in the room Liz came forward and wrapped her arms around him from the front and Angela did the same from his back. He was sandwiched between them and he closed his eyes and drew comfort from the touch of their soft bodies against his.

"Alright what's for lunch," he said and Liz giggled. He could feel Angela behind him shaking with silent laughter and he smiled, enjoying the moment.

"Just like a man always thinking about food or sex," Angela teased releasing him.

"Hey I can multitask," he said and spun to face her and jerked her so she was pressed tightly against him. She could feel his already almost completely hard cock pressing into her stomach through his pants and her clothes.

"I can think about eating my food off your naked body as I make you writhe in pleasure on my cock," he said and his tongue darted out and licked her lip. Her hands shot up and tangled in his hair as she pulled his face down to crush his lips against hers in a passionate kiss.

"Or I could just eat you," he said when their kiss broke and she shivered at his suggestion.

"No time for that, we only have two hours until the next meeting," Wind said from his shoulder. The others burst into giggles at her words and Jenny eyed him thoughtfully and he heaved a dramatic sigh of disappointment and led them from the room. They left the hotel and pulled into a Taco Bell just done the street and headed in to order. When they got their food they took up three tables in the middle of the restaurant while the other patrons eyed them speculatively. The other guys stared until to the annoyance of several of their dates and one guy's date got up and walked out. He hurried after her making placating gestures as he spoke and Anthony shook his head. Half-way through the meal his cell rang and he flipped it open to check the caller. It was Cassie, she and her mother had moved in during Liz' convalescence and her pregnancy was progressing much faster than a normal human pregnancy would. Eliza said with the rate she was going she would have the baby at the five month mark instead of the ninth. They had left her home because moving around a lot gave her back pains and because he wanted to keep her safe in case the gathering took a very bad turn.

"How is the beautiful mother of my child," he asked after taking the call. The others quieted when he opened the phone so he could clearly hear the fear in her voice when she spoke and so must have several of the others because they stiffened and their eyes unfocused as they listened.

"Anthony, there a men outside the house. There are two men in suits claiming to be FBI and I saw shadows at several of the back windows," she whispered in to the phone. Even though her voice was low he could hear the fear in it and he stood abruptly.

"I'll be right there," he told Cassie.

"Keep her on the line, take the cars and meet me at home," he ordered and handed the phone to Liz. He whirled and ran through the door with Risa right on his heels. He turned and head for the back of the restaurant where they wouldn't be seen by anyone passing. When they were out of sight he gripped Risa's arm, closed his eyes, and will them to be in his bed room. There was a sliding sensation and a jerk and they were standing in the center of his bedroom. He fell to his knees as he felt a massive drain on his energy from doing something he couldn't understand the process of. Cassie who was sitting in the corner next to the bed with the phone clutched to her ear shrieked when they suddenly appeared but rushed over when he collapsed.

"Are you okay," Risa and Cassie asked in sync.

"Fine, just drained," Anthony said and struggled to his feet. Risa reached out and rested a hand on his shoulder and he immediately felt stronger as she shared some of her energy with him. He smiled at her in thanks and then headed for the front door. He pulled it open to see two guys that looked like the stepped out of a 'Men in Black' movie with the only difference being their suits were grey and not black. They stood staring for several silent moments before Anthony, annoyed, spoke.

"What," he demanded.

"We are Agents Strom and Bangle," one of the men said. And pulled out a wallet looking thing and flipped it open to show and ID card and a badge. He was tall and thin and his ID said he was Richard Strom so Anthony deduced that the other, shorter, agent was Agent Bangle.

"Anthony Caine, what do you want," he introduced himself back and asked them again.

"May we come in," Agent Strom asked and took a half step forward without waiting for a reply. He had stepped into Anthony's personal space and Anthony suspected that most people would have backed up in reaction to that and the Agent would have taken that as an invitation to enter. Anthony didn't stepped back even though Agent Strom was standing inches in front of him.

"No you can't come in without at least telling me why you are here," Anthony replied.

"Do you have something to hide," asked Agent Bangle, speaking for the first time. Anthony immediately disliked the man and turned hostile eyes toward him.

"Yes, my unicorn knick-knack fetish," Anthony shot back. Risa snorted behind him drawing the two agent's attention to her.

"Are you Elizabeth Caine," Strom asked his attention focus intently on Risa.

"Nope," she answered.

"Well who are you," Bangle asked when she gave no more information.

"I don't think that is any of your concern," Anthony said cutting in before Risa could respond.

"We're the FBI," Bangle began but Strom held up a hand to cut him off.

"I'll ask you one last time before I tell you to get off my property. What do you want," Anthony said his grip tightening on the door in annoyance.

"We have reason to believe that a Ms. Elizabeth Caine has been self-medicating with some kind of prototype drug," Strom said. Anthony blinked at the man in disbelief completely baffled by that accusation.

"What exactly does this drug do? It can't be making her sick or she would never have been released from the hospital, as it would have appeared in her blood work there," Risa asked. The agents looked at each other clearly uncomfortable but trying to hide it now. Before they could answer the girls pulled around the corner and pulled up in front of the house and piled out. Two more agents walked around the corner from the side of the house and moved to intercept them. Liz was in the lead and when one of the agents stepped in front of her to bar her path and she ducked under his out stretched arm and he grabbed her.

"You," Anthony said his voice said cracking like lightning.

"Let my sister go this instant and all of you get the fuck off my property," Anthony said his voice cold and emotionless.

"Let’s just all calm down, there’s no need to get upset," Strom said.

"Have your agent let go of my sister or I will press charges of assault with the rest of you as accomplices, along with charges of trespassing. I have clearly told you to leave and now I am calling the police and the local office for the FBI to report the conduct of their agents. If they don't take punitive action against you I will go to the media the news and see how corruption in the FBI goes over," Anthony said and pulled out his phone. He began snapping pictures of all of the agents along with the one tightly gripping Liz's arm as she tried to pull free. Agent Strom's face lost the friendly look that Anthony was sure was a mask to hide the man's true thoughts and he stared coldly at Anthony.

"It doesn't have to be this way," Strom said coldly.

"What doesn't have to be this way? My sister isn't taking any drugs or they would have shown up in all of her blood work at the hospital," he said and then a thought occur to him. Strom looked at him curiously seeing understanding flash in his eyes.

"You wouldn't happen to know a Paul Smithe would you," Anthony asked and he let his mind expand out toward the agent to gently brush at the edges of his mind. The spikes of emotion he felt told him he'd hit the mark dead on, even though Strom's face showed no emotion, and he grinned at Agent Strom like a shark.

"I see, I know exactly why you are here now and it DOES have to be this way. Now take your men and leave or I will call the police and report trespassers on my property," Anthony said his face as blank as Strom's and his tone as cold. Agent Strom turned and headed for one the two big black cars parked at the curb and the other agents followed. The girls all filed into the house and Anthony filled them all in and everything that had happened.

"What now," Cassie asked. She was leaning heavily on her mother who was sitting next to her.

"Now we will all be going back to the hotel. No one is to go anywhere alone or without someone who has some metaphysical power. Eliza if you can would you explain how teleportation works to all of us, I nearly passed out from doing it without the understanding. Also before I forget make a door inside the lab and factory so that they can get around then set the doors in the basement to vanish if one of us isn’t in the house, lab, factory, or Goblin Complex. We don't want anyone sneaking into the house while we are gone and finding those doors," Anthony said. Eliza nodded and headed down into the basement and returned a few minutes later with a smile on her face.

"Alright let’s load into the cars and get going, at least one Djinn in each car," Anthony said. They looked at him curiously but did as instructed and as they pulled away three black cars farther down the street pulled away from the curb as well. He pulled out his phone and dialed Eliza and Risa who were in the other two cars.

"We being followed by the FBI," he said and Liz who was sitting next to him snorted in laughter. He grinned back at her but kept speaking into the phone.

"Turn the corner then speed up after that turn the next corner both of you going opposite directions and make your cars invisible and incorporeal. All you have to do is make the light bend around the car and make the molecules of the car so small they slip between the molecules of everything else with no resistance. That way you won't have to worry about anyone hitting you without seeing you," he told them. They sound an affirmation and hung up to follow his instructions turning the corner as he followed. He continued on straight ahead and saw two of the cars turn to follow the other cars. After a few seconds the car tailing him sped up closing the distance between them and he assumed that the other cars had reported losing their targets, so now they were closing the distance so they wouldn't lose him. Anthony drove around randomly turning down streets just to go back the way he come the next street over. When an idea popped into his head and he grinned evilly at Liz.

"What," she asked.

"Call the police on your cell and tell them that a black car is following you. Tell them that we have taken several wrong turns on purposed and the car is still there," he said and she complied. After she spoke into the phone for a moment she told them where they were and what direction they were heading.

"She says keep going straight and a patrol car will pull them over. She says to just keep driving," Liz said and flipped her phone closed. Less than five minutes later the flashing of red and blue lights lit the rearview mirror and the black car pulled over to the side of the road. Anthony took the next turn and the car vanished from sight with a shimmer, the driver behind Anthony's car shook her head and decided not drink so much coffee if it was making her hallucinate.

Anthony was mobbed by the others when he walked into the hotel.

"Are you okay? Did they follow you? What do they want," they asked him in a barrage and he held up his hands as if to defend himself from the onslaught.

"I'm fine, they didn't follow me obviously or I wouldn't have come back with the car. And as for what they want, they want to know why Liz was healing so fast, probably to duplicate the effect," he told them. Anthony headed for the elevator and they followed after cramming everyone inside. As they rode up towards the pent house some rubbed his cock through his pants but do to the cramped conditions he couldn't tell who it was. He grinned as the unseen hand worked him and was a little disappointed when they got to the top floor and the hand pulled away from his erection. As they crowded out of the elevator more than one of the girls noticed his state and smiled knowingly at him so he couldn't guess who it was.

"Alright, hurry up we've got a gathering to attend tonight," Anthony called and they all hurried off to get ready. He on the other hand waved a hand and his clothes were clean and his shirt changed to one with an egg humping a chicken doggy style on a black background. Above the picture the words 'Which came first the chicken or the egg?' were printed in blocky white type. Eliza was the first to enter the room and he called her over to sit next to him.

"Eliza, please give me the information on how teleportation works," he asked when she was seated next to him. She turned to him and drew him into a kiss, flooding his mind with her consciousness as she copied her knowledge into his memory. It must have taken longer than usual because when she pulled back panting slightly the others were all in the room watching them.

"Thanks," Anthony said with a smile and kissed her on the tip of her nose. She blushed prettily and he chuckled. He snapped his fingers and they all vanished only to reappear in the conference room. He, Eliza, Liz, Risa, and Jenny, everyone who had been sitting on a couch, were now sitting on the floor of the room. Several of the emissaries had arrived earlier and saw them appear sitting on the floor. The women all glared at him as they struggled to their feet with the help of the others. He got up and took his seat, summoning two more chairs on one end of the semi-circle so there would be enough for the new arrivals. Cassie and her mother were seated on either side of Anthony since Risa figured that was the safest place for the two humans to be. The trickle of arrivals turned into a stream and more than a few paused to stare at Cassie and her mother, recognizing them as human, before heading to their seats. Anthony reached out a hand and rested it on Cassie's stomach and smiled at the small bump under his palm the moved slightly. Cassie smiled back at him and rested one of hands on top of his lightly tracing a circle on his skin with a fingertip. Almost everyone one was present and seated when the leader of the renegade Weres walking in and frozen when he saw Cassie and Cindy sitting there. He stormed up to his seat and sat and the doors slammed closed and Anthony stood to speak.

"Where are those humans doing here," the renegade leader demanded popping back to his feet before Anthony could speak. He practically spit the word human out as if it tasted bad.

"Their sitting obviously," Anthony said. The man's face darkened to a red so deep it began to turn purple and if looks could kill he would have vaporized Anthony.

"Aside from that what is your name? I can't just keep calling you slimeball #87 in my head," Anthony asked and he thought the man might have a heart attack, or burst a vessel.

"Reed Logan, Leader...," the man said with a self-important air after calming himself but Anthony held up a hand to cut him off.

"I only need you name what people you are here representing doesn't matter," Anthony said.

"Why not doesn't everyone here have a right to have his say in the future plans," he asked and the delegates around him muttered quietly.

"They have the right to voice they concerns and if any of them impact my plan it will change accordingly. However let’s make this clear to everyone right now in case you didn't get it before. I AM going to reveal the existence of the Djinn, elves, goblins, and fairies that are allied with me. How I do so I am willing to discuss with you all but it will happen and I will be the one to ultimately make the decision on how," Anthony said and there room was silent as they waited for Reed to speak.

"And why do my people's opinion not matter," Reed asked.

"Because you are a scum sucking rapist and any group who would chose you as its leader should just go ahead and cease to exist in my opinion," Anthony replied.

"That isn't a very good attitude for the leader of an entire people. How will you keep the peace if you go around killing your potential allies, who would stand with you against the humans then," he asked smugly.

"I would stand alone against the entire human race if to do otherwise, meant I had to be allied with you," Anthony replied.

"Now let's move this along shall we? Does anyone have any input on my plan or question? Any helpful ideas," Anthony asked.

"What is your back up plan if the humans do not accept us peacefully," Amaranth said. She was hovering a few inches over a seat in the first row, which was taken up by mostly creatures of smaller stature.

"As we speak the Silver Smith goblin clan is working on two temporary safe havens. One will be a sub-aquatic dome that is nearly a hundred miles wide. They say it will take about a week but I am hoping that any of the sea dwelling people here today that decide to ally with us will go aid them and speed up the process. The other I will let Eliza explain," Anthony said and motioned to her.

"I am Eliza Caine," Eliza said after standing.

"The second safe haven will be a space station orbiting the planet. We have the core of the station and several extensions ready for launch. Do to the limited time we have had to work with we don't yet have a functioning ship with which to ferry people to the station so magical teleportation will be the only way to get there for the moment. We are planning to launch the space station pieces on the day of the revealing of our kind to the humans, as magic will not be able to disguise the launch without a considerable waste of power. Both of these safe havens while they will become permanent home to any who wish to remain in them are only a temporary stop gap as Anthony said. Once the space station is up we will be moving our base of operations there and will begin the task of making a new home. This is all of on the premise that the peace talks with the humans go badly," she said and sat back down in her chair.

"Questions," Anthony asked again standing.

"What of those of us who can't leave this place being bound to the planet," came the whispering sigh of the wind, as the elemental made her presence known and Anthony's hair ruffled in the breeze.

"Once I make you a body you should be able to travel off planet if you desire and our new home should be able to accommodate you even in your natural form. This, of course, applies to all of the elementals," he said to her before any of the others could pop in.

"How exactly do you plan on revealing yourself to them," a mermaid called from where she was leaning against the edge of the pool.

"I am thinking of popping into the United Nations conference that is being held in four days. Does anyone have a better suggestion," Anthony asked. No one spoke so he assumed that they had no better option for how to reveal themselves to the world.

"Who exactly is in charge of this alliance," a tall furry humanoid asked. He was sitting in the last row at the top because even sitting down he was taller than Anthony was standing up.

"Sorry if this is rude, but what are you," Anthony asked the big guy. The creature shook and issued a deep rumbling noise that vibrated Anthony's bones. At first he thought it was a growl of anger but he realized that the creature was laughing and Anthony grinned sheepishly.

"I am Thrall, a yeti," Thrall rumble when his laughter subsided.

"My pleasure to meet you Thrall. As for the answer to your question no one will be in charge of the alliance. The subaquatic dome and the space station are my property and while we are all in them I will enforce the peace but once our new home is finished everyone is free to go about their own business their own way," Anthony said.

"I would like to point out right now to everyone here that I don't tolerate the killing of innocents and any rapist that I catch will suffer a gruesome death, whatever race they might be," Anthony continued. The room was silent for several minutes before Anthony spoke again.

"Alright since there are now more questions we'll get to your decisions," Anthony said but was interrupted.

"How do you plan to get us to your safe havens," said the tree creature in the front row. She, Anthony decided it was a she from it soft lilting voice, looked like some had tried to build a human out of sticks and two glowing green orbs shone from her face. Anthony couldn't read her features from her face but her voice sounded friendly enough.

"I give each emissary here a bottle to take back with you keyed to your species. Pour the liquid into a lake of pond or bathtub, pretty much any non-moving body of water and bath in it. Any being unable to enter water should tell me and I have an alternative for them. If the humans become violent then we will teleport everyone to the safe havens all at once," he explained.

"Alright, everyone who is willing to join us can go now and everyone else just stay seated," Anthony said and with a gesture the doors opened.

"You are all free to stay the night in this hotel but I expect you to depart from this city tomorrow," Anthony said as most of the creatures stood to leave. His eyes bore in Reed's back as the Were left the room along with most of the other supernatural being. The other six goblin queens remained, as did all of the fairy queens of which there were twenty-one. Thrall still retained his seat along with the tree-woman and a female vampire that had not spoken during the meeting only watched. There were two beings, one male the other female, and both looked completely human with the only exception being their eyes. A six pointed star, formed by two over lapping triangles one rotated one-hundred and eighty degrees to the first, took the pace of their iris and pupil. There was a being that looked like several boulders of varying sizes had been stacked on top of each other. The mermaid remained along with a very thin woman with blue tinted skin and long bright green hair that lazily swim in the pool of water. Bri was also sitting there in the water and he smiled at her as they waited for the other to depart. Once there were no more people heading for the door Anthony flexed his will and the swung shut again and the room shifted. Gone was the amphitheater and it was replaced by a waterfall fed pond much like the one where they had first met Bri and Amy. The edge of the pond was a sheer rock shelf instead of a beach. Anthony walked over and sat on the edge of the shelf; his clothes shimmered into swim trunks, and let his legs hang into the water. Bri floated over and smiled at him before reaching out and touching his chest, again her fingers began to glow where they met his skin and her cheeks went translucent in a blush.

"Hi Bri," he said and reached out a hand and ran a finger down the wet surface of her watery skin.

"Amy," he said with a nod as she landed on a rock to his left. There was a rushing and the pattering of feet and Megan dove into the pool with a giggle, wearing only her skin. The rest of the girls were laughing and soon joined her in the pond, sans clothes.

"That isn't a sight you see every day," Thrall said and sat next to Anthony in the exact same position but towered over him. The girls were laughing and jokingly splashing each other, even Galina had joined in and she and Megan where trying to dunk Risa who kept dunking one of them and slipping away before the other could get her. Sunshine, Moonlight, and Wind were all swimming lazily around Anthony's legs in the water with a bunch fairies that Anthony recognized as the queen that had stayed. Only Amy, and Risa who sat behind Anthony and leaned against his back with her sword lying across her knees, had refrained from slipping free of her armor and joining them in the pool. Anthony introduced each of the girls and received the names of the emissary in turn. The tree-woman's name was unpronounceable and Anthony just called her Tes with her agreeing to the name, the green haired water swelling female, Mya, was the selkie high priestess and her clan was the only remaining clan in the world. Thrall it turned out, much to Anthony's embarrassment, to be female and the only one of her kind left that anyone was aware of. The female vamp was Sybil and she was master of a small coven of vamps in New York, the two human that could almost pass for humans, Tye and Leah, were brother and sister and called themselves witches. Their oddly shaped eyes remained focused on Liz as she cut through the water frolicking with the others, making Anthony uncomfortable.

"Is there a problem with my sister," Anthony asked after Tye watched her for too long.

"No," Tye said breaking his stare. Anthony sat silently looking at the witch until finally Leah began to speak, realizing that more of an answer was needed.

"It isn't that we have a problem with her, it is just that we have never met a sorceress before. There are legends that say they were powerful enough to match demons and angels," Leah explained and Anthony nodded in acceptance.

"Do any of you have more questions," he asked and waited for them all to shake their heads.

"Alright, I'm going to bed I am really tired. Eliza will give you the tracking potion for each of your peoples before you leave," Anthony informed them as he stood. He headed for the door and Risa, Sonya, and Anya follow him out, he gave the others a wave as he passed the pool and Liz blew him a kiss and the other copied her. He grinned at their antics and walked into the elevator without having to wait for it to arrive. The others piled in and Anya punched the button for the pent house, at which he raised an eyebrow in question. Anya's face flushed red and all of her exposed skin glistened with a fine sheen of sweat and Anthony shot her a worried glance, hoping she wasn't coming down sick.

"Are you feeling alright," he asked and she nodded but didn't meet his eyes. Sonya was just watching him and he looked over at Risa to see if she knew what was going on but she shrugged unable to shed any light on the situation.

"Risa call security and ask them where Reed is. He is probably already on a plane back to Brazil but let’s make sure," he said and she nodded and pulled out her phone.

"Good job," she said after talking into the phone for several minutes.

"He is indeed already on a plane back to South America. One of the guards called the airport to make sure he caught his flight, by pretending that he left one of his bags in the hotel," she explained.

"Good," Anthony said with a stony look on his face. The elevator came to a stop and they all got out before he turned to Anya and looked at her waiting for an explanation.

"I need your help with something," she said obviously reluctant to say anymore. He looked over to Sonya but she was waiting patiently for Anya to speak so he waited also.

"I'm in heat," she said in a voice barely above a whisper and a bead of sweat trailed down her cheek to her chin. Anthony blinked in surprise and opened his mouth to speak but couldn't come up with anything to say.

"PLEASE! I there is no one else I trust to do this with," she said nearly bursting into tears when he didn't speak. He mustered all his wit and replied intelligently.


"She needs to have sex, she is part canine and she is in heat. She is already barely holding on to her self-control and if she doesn't mate soon she will throw herself at any male she can find," Sonya said in exasperation.

"You want to have sex with me," he asked and Anya nodded her head rapidly making her hair bounce. He looked over at Risa and again she shrugged at him nonchalantly though this time she was grinning and he shot her an annoyed glare.

"Okay," he said and Anya sighed in relief then seized his arm and dragged him towards the bed room. She pushed him inside then pulled the door closed behind her and locked it before tearing off her clothes in a frantic rush. She was more beautiful naked now then what he remembered from that night in the jungle thanks to being allowed to eat and her ribs were no longer showing. She hopped onto the bed on all fours and wagged her ass at him tantalizingly and his mouth went dry at the sight. He pulled his clothes off nearly as fast as she had and moved towards her kneeling form. When he drew close however he could see that she was shaking and when he laid a hand on her ass she jerked, tensed, and whimpered in fear. He took his hand off her and she whined in protest confusing him until his logical brain overrode his hormones and let him think straight. She probably hadn't been alone with a man since her ordeal in the forest, let alone had sex and this might bring back memories of that night for her. Anthony climbed onto the bed beside her and she flinched when she felt the mattress dip under his weight but didn't move to get away. He lay on his back next to her and reached over to run a finger across her cheek and over her lip. Her tongue flicked out and touched his finger before pulling back into her mouth.

"If you want me you’re going to have to do all the work," he told her and she looked at him confused. When understanding dawned on her face she smiled at him tentatively and threw a leg over his hips to straddle him. She reached back and holding his cock up in position she slowly sank down onto him. As soon as he was seated fully inside she pulled back and slammed his hips forward again, as hard and as fast as she could. Her body was screaming at her to mate NOW and she was not going slowly at all. Anthony groaned in ecstasy as he came inside her and she screamed out her own release as her nails dug into the flesh of his chest. His warm fluids inside her dampened her bodies need a little but not completely and her hips never slowed or stopped in their pounding rhythm. Anthony didn't go soft and he clenched his teeth against the feel of her moving on his over sensitive cock. She forced him to cum twice more and he had lost count of her climaxes. Finally after his third release she collapsed unconscious on top of him and he held her gently to him and drifted off for a much needed sleep. When he woke up in eight hours he would keep him promise and go hunting.
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