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Part 1 was met with a great response and so Julia is back.
I hope you enjoy this and please feel free to leave feedback and comments.

The longest stretch of time I've ever experienced, was waiting for Ellie to get home. She knew ever little fucking thing about me, and after just one look I knew she would be able to tell that earlier that day, I fucked Julia on the kitchen counter. I just knew it.
I wasn't sure what I was feeling, whether it was dread, guilt or excitement. Probably all three. I didn't wanna lose her, I didn't wanna lose Jack either. Fair enough I knew that financially I'd be okay, I'm a fucking millionaire, but you can rich and still have nothing. That possibility never occurred to me before. I was still standing in the kitchen staring at the clock, I needed to shower but the way this day had gone I don't think I could look at Julia again. She was still upstairs with Jack, I knew that she'd be down with him in a minute or so to get him a drink or a snack. Was I going to still be stood here like a lost child when that happened? Fuck no. I left the kitchen and ran up the stairs, I bypassed Jacks room and went straight into mine. I stripped down to my bare ass and buried my clothes to the bottom of the laundry hamper. I went into the on-suite bathroom and saw that my shower was already running. My heart stopped beating, the steam clouded up the room as I edged closer to the drawn shower curtain. It was then that I noticed the post-it note attached to the wall. 'thought you'd need one of these xx'.
Son of a bitch.

After I was dressed I headed back down the stairs, looking out for Julia but what I found was my wife and son in the kitchen. Jack was sitting in the same spot Julia had been a hour or so ago. Ellie turned to me and smiled. “I paid Julia, she said to say bye.”
“Oh right, thanks. They had a pretty fun day, Jack had a nap.” I told her, she looked at me sternly. “I know. Julia told me.” she said as she then picked up the take-away menu. “So how was your day?” I asked, going to the fridge. “Okay I suppose, I secured some more planning permission.” she said with a smile. “Really? That's great honey. Where?” I asked. Her smile then faded a little. “Well, Heddonsford.”
“Heddonsford? That's fucking miles away.” I spluttered. Ellie turned to me and gave me a dis-believed look. She didn't really like my swearing all that much, especially when Jack was around. I held up my hands in apology. “That's miles away.” I re-said. “Yes, I know. It'll mean me out of town for a couple of days. I have to write up some plans, and drive over there. Then meet with the various types who can approve it and design it.”
“When is this?” I asked. She puffed a sigh and picked Jack up from the counter. “I'm leaving Wednesday.” she told me. “But, today is Monday.” I said. “Yes, I know. It's short notice but you know what the people I work for are like. They've given me this project because they know I can do it. I'm not going to tell them that I can't spend a couple of days in Heddonsford because my husband tells me it's too far away. Remember when I did something similar last year? That was even further away and I was gone longer.” she told me.
“Yeah but I had more free time back then, two of my gyms at the moment don't have managers and one of them needs a new weekend staff member. Wednesday I'm interviewing.” I didn't want this to become an argument, hell at this point I'd even managed to forget about Julia. That is until my wife started talking again.
“Well Julia is just around the corner. I'm sure she can cover you Wednesday for a couple of hours, Jack really likes her. And I think we've done really well to provide stability in his life. He gets enough of me to know I'm 'Mum' and enough of her to know she isn't 'Mum'.”
Fuck, what she said just cancelled out any idea I would ever have of trying to find another babysitter. She was right, Jack loved her.
“Okay, okay. I'll call Julia tomorrow and see if she's available. It's fine.” I told her. She smiled lightly, and then leaned in and kissed my on the lips. “I love you,” she said. “I love you too.” I replied.

That night was a special night, Julia was feeling bad because the Heddonsford thing had upset me. And I was feeling bad because of what I did with Julia, though Ellie didn't know that. Our sex that night was something different, she tried to fuck me while I tried making love. In the end we just fucked, and fucked. When we got tired it went into the sensual love making that had created Jack. We hadn't been that close to one another since Jack was born, since then we would squeeze in whatever we could, and whatever you can is never enough.

That morning I sat in my office going through the list of applicants for the managers and weekend staff vacancy I had. I narrowed down the list to three manager possibilities and three weekend staff. Only three from the six could be hired, I was about to call them for the interview when I got the text from Ellie. She was downstairs with Jack and needed to work on her proposition for Heddonsford. So we took shifts, which worked pretty well for me. She had the hyper Jack of the morning, I had the lazy Jack who curled up next to me on the couch while watching Batman. I then did what I hadn't done for quite a while, and sent out a 'tweet' on this social networking thing.
'two couch potatoes getting fat on cookies and batman. #fatherhood.'
Yes, I actually gave myself a mental pat on the back for being hip enough to hash-tag the main point of the sentence. A few moments later my phone buzzed, it was that tweet thing. I had a reply. I'd never gotten one of those before and had no idea my phone told me when I did.
'lol. love this. How am I guna work off that fat?x'
Who the fuck is Julzybby? Then it clicked, I went onto the profile and my thumb hit the picture, it was her. Julia.
Who was she referring to? Me or Jack? I knew that what had happened the other couldn't happen again. And shouldn't happen again. Her picture was still on my display screen. She held the camera out on front of her, with pouted lips she had one hand on the back of her head, gripping her hair. The baggy t-shirt she was wearing had the slogan 'gym rat' on it. Her legs were bare, I could only see her thighs, she looked tempting. Tempting to anyone.
I decided that I'd write a reply and see what kind of game she was playing. I hit the reply option and typed; 'im sure jack wud love you tryin!' and then tapped send.
I put the phone down onto my thigh and continued watching Batman with Jack. Whenever the Joker popped up on screen, he'd point and say 'Jo-kerr'. Id agree with him, and then he'd so the same again whenever Batman appeared.
My phone then buzzed again.
'yep, cumin to urs always gives me a gud workout 2 ;) x'
The dark side of me knew that she'd never been given a work out like the one I'd give her, but then my other side told me she never would. I didn't bother replying again, I knew that I'd just get in deeper and with what had been exchanged thus far, was safe enough to leave. I just needed to get her out of my head, no doubt tomorrow she'd be back, wearing god only knows what. I hope it rains, hope it fucking pours. Anything to stop her coming into this house in a tiny skirt and top. Tomorrow Ellie would leave, and not be back until Thursday evening at the earliest. I knew that at some point, me and Julia would be alone. I'm not sure when It was that I started blaming Julia, sure she had made the first move, but it wasn't like I didn't want her to. There was something about that sex, it was quick, hard and passionate. Frenzied and primal, I didn't know how badly I wanted her until I was inside of her. Watching her tits bounce up and down while her head titled back and then letting out that moan. I was now willing to admit to myself that I was as much to blame, and had not been for the thought of Heddonsford being on her mind, I know Ellie would have guessed it.
“Jo-kerr.” Jack said, it snapped me out of the sexual trance I was momentarily in and I then realised that I was sat with Jack watching Batman with a hard-on. Any passer by would have me locked up. It was while I was sitting with Jack I realised something. Something that I couldn't believe hadn't hit me before, I came inside of Julia.
“Awh fuck.” I said aloud as I jumped up from the couch. I turned and saw Ellie stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Swearing, with Jack sat with you?” “I'm sorry honey I just remembered something. I have a call to make, could you watch Jack for a minute?”
“I came down to tell you that I called Julia, she's free tomorrow. I told her to be here by eleven.” she told me, I kissed her on the cheek as I passed her and ran up the stairs to my office. I burst through the door and marched to my desk, I picked up the phone and then quickly put it back down again.
Ellie checks the phone record whenever we get the bill, two calls to Julia in the same day would be a little off. So I pulled out my cell and went into the social networking app. I found Julia's profile and tapped the 'send private message' option. Sweat had began to form on my body, how the fuck was I going to word this? And how much of a dick do I look, cheating on my wife and then asking her about her safe sex precautions? Fuck it, I thought to myself and began typing;
'Julia, it hit me that I didn't use protection yesterday-'
No I couldn't send that, if she got nasty she'd show Ellie and I'd be fucked. I deleted the characters and tried again;
'Julia, had a question about yesterday, will talk 2moro.'
Yeah, that'll do. Of course I’d need an actual fake question in case this shit ever came up, but I'll wing that when that day comes. I turned to leave the office and my phone buzzed. That sweat came back, It’s amazing that you can sweat when you've never felt colder, that old saying swept over me, it truly felt as though my blood had ran cold. I pulled my phone back out of pocket and saw what I wanted to see;
'I thought u mite, theres no need 2 worry. C u 2moro xx'

That night I couldn't sleep, over and over again Julia flashed over my mind. There were several times when I'd turn and look at Ellie, she was beautiful. Women look their most beautiful when sleeping, it never mattered if they were sluts or angels, when they were asleep they all looked innocent.
I finally managed to drift off at around four, Ellie then woke me at six thirty while she was getting ready. I didn't let her know I was awake, I remained there with my eyes closed. She sat down on the bed next to where I was led, she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, whispering 'I love you' into my ear before getting up and leaving.
I awoke again a couple of hours later, I immediately reached for my phone and sent a text to Ellie, it was a simple 'hope it goes well, I love you'. I left the bedroom still in my boxer shorts, I checked in on Jack and he was still sound. I went downstairs and into the kitchen I called the gym and told the assistant manager I'd be there by twelve for the interviews and hung up. As I switched on the percolator I heard the doorbell ring. Without thinking I left the kitchen and went into the hallway and opened the door.
“Hi.” Julia said. I blinked blankly at her, I raised my wrist to check my watch but I wasn't wearing one, she smiled “It's about five to eleven.” she told me. “Oh right, shit, didn't realise that was the time. God, um, yeah come in. Jacks still asleep, I clearly over slept.”
“It's fine.” she replied, she took off her jacket and I was a little relieved to see that she was wearing a blue V-neck sweater and a pair of tight jeans. I think skinny jeans, were the term. She followed me through to the kitchen where I offered her some coffee. “No thanks.” she said with a smile, she then sat on the stool she sat on that started this all.
I had done well I think, it might have been the grogginess from just waking up, I poured out some coffee and took a long sip. The moment I swallowed the coffee, it dawned on me that I was still in my boxers. “Sorry,” I said looking down at myself. “I really had no idea what the time was.” she shrugged her shoulders, “It's no problem. Things are off now aren't they?” she asked. She caught me off guard, I was expecting a little discussion about it, but I was still tired. So I guess it was going to be my chance to practise winging it.
“How do you mean, off?” I asked. “Well, the other day there was nothing else we wanted other than to fuck one another. To take what we wanted from each other. But since then there's been distance, and trepidation.” she said. I had no idea what trepidation meant, but I knew what she was saying. It was amazing to see how how mature she was, if anything caught me more off guard it was that. She wasn't a girl, she was a woman.
“Look,” I told her. “I love my wife. And you're right, a couple of days ago something inside of me took over and I wanted you. But since then I've felt so many things, good things, but mostly bad.” My eyes caught sight of the clock. “Look, I've got to go and do some interviews, ill be back in a couple of hours, we'll talk more then.” I left the kitchen and went up to shower, leaving her seated.

Driving back from the gym I felt pretty good, I think things could work out at home. Julia was a lot more mature than I thought she was, and I made it clear that I loved Ellie. I pulled the car into the drive-way and stepped out. Shutting the door hard enough for Julia and Jack to hear me, I was expecting the door to open and Jack appear. I got to the door and pushed down the handle, stepping in. I heard laughter coming from up stairs and went up to investigate, I checked Jacks room and it was empty. I then opened my bedroom door and saw Julia and Jack wrestling on my bed. Julia was on all fours with her back to me, Jack was underneath the duvet laughing. Julia's ass was in the air as she arched her back, a yellow thong sprung from her tight jeans like a whales tale. Her bare feet were hanging off the bed as she tickled Jack, I remained in the doorway watching for a moment before turning and heading back down stairs.
I went into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of water from the refrigerator and went out into the garden, the sun was up but the sky was starting to grey, a wind had started to blow in and I then turned and went back inside. Julia was in the kitchen, “Sorry, I didn't hear you come home.” she said. “Ha, you sound like my wife.” I replied. “Well someone’s gotta take care of you.” she fired back with a half smile. I returned the smile, “We're playing hide and seek.” she then said. “I'm not really sure where to hide though.” she continued. We heard Jack coming down the stairs and then his little footsteps approaching the kitchen, she quickly moved and ducked behind me.
Jack walked through the door and saw me, “Ju-lah?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “I don't know Jack.” she then ran out from behind me and chased after him as he ran laughing, she grabbed him around the waist and picked him up tickling him. She put him back down and he ran off as she turned back to me, “Did you need me back tomorrow?” she asked. I thought for a moment, then before a second thought could rationalise me, “I think so, did you want to stay for dinner? I think theres something around her I can throw together.” “Sure.” she said. Jack then re-appeared with his bottle in hand. “Oh okay,” she said. “Time for a nap I guess.”

As I bashed away at the keyboard Julia appeared at my office doorway, she held up a take-away menu and I replied with a nod. “What're you up to?” she asked. “Typing up the notes from the interviews I held earlier, making decisions on who I should hire. Boring stuff.” I said. She took a couple of steps into the room. “You should hire me, I'm fit enough to work in a gym.” she exclaimed. “Oh I've no doubt about that, but you already have a job. You're our babysitter.” I told her. “So that's secured is it?” she asked. “Me being your babysitter.” she elaborated. “Yeah I think so, Ellie and Jack love you.” I replied. “What about you? Do you love me?” she asked. My eyes darted from her to my laptop screen. She walked over to my desk and put the menu down, she leaned over and put her hands underneath her chin. “So what would you like to eat?” she asked. I looked her dead in the eyes and leaned back in my chair. I closed the laptop lid and picked up the menu. “I'll let you decide. You know what I like.” I said as I got up from the chair, I dropped the menu down on the desk in front of her and moved around, she didn't move from where she was. Again I could see her yellow thong peering over the top of jeans. I continued walking and left the room, I ducked into my own room and pulled off my t-shirt and headed for the bathroom. I turned on the shower and dropped my shorts. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run all over me. My cock was at semi, I re-played that office scene with Julia over again. Why the fuck would I say something like that? 'you know what I like'. Really? Fucking idiot.
I turned the water off and grabbed a towel and tied it around my waist. I left the bathroom and entered the bed room, and that sweet smell greeted me. The change in air from leaving a steamy room. “Cold shower?” Julia asked. I almost jumped, my head span over to Ellie's dresser, and sat in the chair was Julia. Her legs crossed and both hands resting on the arms of the chair. “No, a fairly hot one.” I replied. She smiled. “I've ordered food. Figured you were a chicken chow mien, with a side of spare ribs man.” “Oh did you? Well if the ribs are dry roasted then you'd be correct.” I replied. “they will be. If there's any unwanted juices I'll just suck it all off for you.” she said, getting up from the chair. “Oh by the way, I've borrowed one of your wife’s dresses for tonight. Hope you don't mind. I just like to look good when eating a proper meal.” she said, leaving the room.

I paid the delivery guy and brought the food into the kitchen. I sorted out Jacks rice and figured that Julia was the one with the special fried rice, curry sauce and prawn crackers. I put the plates on the table and sat Jack down. He started eating right away, I went to the doorway and called Julia. I then heard her coming down the stairs, when she reached the bottom I couldn't believe it. She was wearing one of my wife's dresses, and it looked as though it was about to rip at the bust. I'd forgotten how huge Julia tits were. Her cleavage looked like It had never been held back as much. The slinky black dress came down just below her ass, the straps on her shoulders looked like they were digging in. she'd found a pair of stocking and had put them on, they came to about half way up her thigh, between there and her ass it was bare leg. I had to stop staring, I turned and pulled out a chair and then went and sat down. Jack didn't much care, that was the gift children had. In any situation they would solely focus on what they were doing, nothing detracted them.
Men on the other hand, were different. I did my best to focus on eating and Jack, but the cleavage kept pulling at my eyes. She'd put her long blonde hair up into a tight ponytail too, some eye liner was also thrown on. She looked unbelievable.
“So, tomorrow, what time are you free from?” I managed to ask. “Whenever you want me. I'm free.” she said looking into my eyes. I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. I was eating but not hungry, Jack was going to town on his rice and Julia had hardly eaten too. I then just sat and picked at the ribs. Several times I’d stare into Julia's eyes and try and figure out what she was thinking, but I couldn't. A temptress.
My phone then started ringing. It was Ellie. “Saved by the bell.” I said and excused myself from the table, I went out into the kitchen and and answered. I told her about the interviews and she told me that things were going well there, she asked about Jack and ik told her that Julia had him running around the house playing hide and seek. She then asked me about dinner and then complained about take-away twice in one week. I told her it was fine and Jack would eat healthily tomorrow. She then asked me about Julia, and how much I paid her. She said that she forgot to say that she usually give Julia a fifty, I just said that I did the same as that's all I had on me. We exchanged a few other words, and agreed that I'd call her tomorrow to try and figure out what time she'd be back. I told her I loved her and will see her soon.
I hung up as Julia was bringing in the dishes. “Jack's finished and wants Batman.” “That's fine, the DVD is still in the machine, I'll clean up here and go run his bath.” she turned and left, I cleaned up the kitchen and left the kitchen. I looked in on Jack and he was asleep on the sofa. “Aw Jack.” I muttered and managed to change him for bed before taking him up. Once he was in bed I decided what I was going to do about Julia.
I'm over six feet tall and built, why the fuck am I worried about what the babysitter could do to my family? I suddenly realised that I was being a pussy about this, Ellie was away and downstairs Julia is slinking around in one of her dresses. It was about time I took charge and asserted myself.

I came out of Jacks room in time to see Julia disappear into my bedroom. Here we go, I thought to myself. I walked over to the doorway and saw Julia stood at Ellie's dresser, I walked into the room and stood behind her. “I was going to get dressed and head home, I wanted to thank you for the lovely meal and--” I cut her off. I pulled her by her ponytail towards me, she bumped into me and let out a startled gasp. As I held her by the hair my other hand moved up her hip and over her arm, I squeezed my fingers underneath one of the dress straps and I pulled, it snapped free. I did the same to the other strap and reached around to her chin, I guided her head toward me and kissed her hard on the mouth as my hands slid down her chest, I didn't have to use much strength and her breasts sprung free. I grabbed hold of them both while our tongues danced with each other. Her hand reached back and slid down my sweat pants, I felt her fingers close around my cock as I started kissing her neck. I again grabbed her by the ponytail and pulled her over to the bed, I forced her down onto her knees and pulled down my pants. My cock broke free and hovered outside of her mouth. She opened her lips as I pushed my way inside, I made her instantly take it as far as she could, she spluttered at first and gagged. But then I began thrusting and she quickly opened her throat.
I began fucking her face while still clinging to her ponytail, I reached down and squeezed one of her nipples, letting her moan with painful ecstasy. I then pulled her to her feet and grabbed her around the waist, I hoisted her up on my shoulders and let her drop down a little, I held her tight while burying my face into her moist pussy, she continued sucking my cock as I held her upside down. Her juices tasted so good. I knew she wouldn't be wearing her thong, the moment I saw her in this dress, I knew what a seductive bitch she was. Her legs resting on my shoulders as I ate her vagina, she moaned out loud now, I then fell back onto the bed, and she instantly started grinding up against my mouth. She grabbed hold of my cock and jerked me while she now fucked my face. Her hip movements were un-real, and started getting faster, as her moans got louder, and louder. She stopped jerking my cock as with one last thrust of her pelvis, brought her to climax.
I then wasted little time in getting her off me, I opened her legs wide and stood between them, “Fuck me.” she said, raising her hips, bringing herself closer to my out reaching penis. I pushed inside of her, her head flew back and she cried out, I went as deep as I could before pulling half way out and then pushing back in again. Her body contorted, her back arched off the bed as I started building up speed. Her huge tits now looked flat, but with every thrust they shook, her nipples moved back and fourth, she grabbed one breast and pulled it to her mouth, biting down on her own nipple as she stared into my eyes.
I pulled out and flipped her over, I ripped off what was left of the dress and left her in the stockings. I spread her ass cheeks open and pushed my cock back inside of her, I held her waist with one hand and pulled back on her ponytail with the other, she was gasping, moaning for more, begging for me to fuck her harder. She pinched on her nipple before reaching back and squeezing one of her ass cheeks. I raised my leg onto the bed, my thrusts were deeper and I had the gym time to be able to fuck her hard and fast for as long as I wanted.
Her moans were getting louder, she started to scream out, I felt her pussy tighten around me, she tried lowering her head but I pulled on her hair, making her scream at the ceiling. Her hand dropped back to the bed, I let go of her hair and pushed down on her back. Her head and shoulders were now pinned to the bed, her ass up in the air as I continued to fuck her from behind. I slapped her hard on the ass and she cried out, I slapped her again, she gripped the sheets tight and buried her face into the bed, she was going to climax again.
I thrust hard and deep, and kept my cock still, deep inside of her as she came. I then pulled out of her and started jerking off. I pulled her off the bed and to her knees, using her fore-arm she pushed up her breasts, she started up at me with her mouth open and tongue out. I held her by the ponytail still and forced her forward onto my cock, it hit the back of her throat as I exploded into her mouth. She choked and gagged, but never pulled back, she looked up into my eyes, tears had formed in hers, and sperm was seeping out of the corners of her mouth. I slowly started pulling my cock out of her mouth, she swallowed what she could but dribbled some onto her breasts. She lifted them and licked at her cleavage.
I collapsed onto the bed, feeling like a fucking king. Julia was still on her knees on the floor, it was then that I did something I hadn't done for months. I reached over to my bed side drawer and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. I'd cut down to about one a day and then stopped all together. Ellie hated my swearing, but understood that there comes a time when you need a release, just as long as I didn't do it when with Jack.
Julia's hands slid up my legs and onto my thighs, I saw her head appear between my legs as I lit the cigarette. Her tongue came out of her mouth and she licked a trail from my thigh to my dick, she took me back into her mouth and sucked deeply, her tongue inside her mouth was dancing around my cock. With one final suck, my dick slipped from her mouth and Julia got to her feet. “Had to clean up after myself,” she said seductively. “Mind if I use your shower?” she asked. I took a deep drag on the cigarette and nodded, “Go right ahead.” I told her.

I tossed the butt of the cigarette down into the toilet, I looked at the bunched up stockings on the bathroom floor and watched her shower. It took a little while but she noticed me, and then put on a little show for me. The foamy soap was rubbed over her breasts, it ran down her body as tilted her head back into the running water, the water washed away the soap and made her glisten. I opened the shower door and stepped inside, I raised her leg and slid my way back inside of her. She jumped up, wrapping both legs around me wrapping her arms around my neck. She moaned in my ear as I thrust into her. The water was hot, but I didn't care. Julia began bringing her hips up and down on me, I held onto her ass as she moved up and down, it wasn't fucking, it was almost sensual. We stared into each others eyes while working one another, she dropped back to her feet and turned around, I lifted her leg from behind bent my knees to be at the right level to push back into her. She leaned forward against the wall while my hips went backwards and forwards, I reached around and squeezed her breast while she moaned in pleasure. Her wet hair stuck to her back while the water rained down on us, I could feel that rush building up in my balls again, she felt it too and began to tighten. We both came again, this time at the same time. Whatever was left in my sack now drained inside of her, her moan went on few a few seconds while I felt numb.
I pulled out of her and she turned around, I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth. I had a tingling sensation in my penis, it hadn't worked this much in years and it was letting me know it. Her hands ran over my biceps as she looked up into my eyes, “Best shift ever.” she told me.

She appeared in the kitchen doorway, dressed in the same clothes that she wore when she arrived. “My mum is on her way. What time was it you wanted me here tomorrow?” she asked, walking towards me. I thought for a moment, then I decided to answer her with a question.
“How did you get so strong minded?” I asked her. “It's like you knew that you wanted to have me, and you took me.” I continued. She half smiled, “I grew up with two older brothers. I learned to take what I wanted, and to let others take what they needed.” she said. “What do you mean, take what they needed?” she grinned, an evil grin.”I knew you wanted me, needed me. Your wife is beautiful, but behind every beautiful woman, is someone tired of fucking her.”
I never got tired of fucking Ellie, but at some point today I knew that I gained control, and I wanted to keep it. So I let Julia believe she was right. “Maybe you're right. So I think you should be here at about ten tomorrow. Oh, and here's your money.” I said, handing her a hundred. She took fifty and put the rest down on the counter. “And advance on tomorrows pay?” she asked. “No,” I replied. “It's some extra to buy your own damn stockings and dress with.” I told her smiling. She laughed. I then put a hand on her shoulder, “I'd never do something as crude as pay you for sex. You're my employee, you babysit my son.”
“Okay boss,” she grinned, “See you tomorrow.” she said picking up the other fifty. She then stopped at the doorway and turned around, she pulled up her sweater and gave me one last look at her beautiful breasts. “No kiss goodbye?” she asked, letting her tongue slide across her lips.
“See you tomorrow, Julia.” I said. She smiled, dropped her sweater and left the kitchen. This was now the point of no return, I had fucked my babysitter and I liked it. I could now admit that to myself. I didn't just like it though, I loved it. She was perfect, her hair silky blonde, her breasts like large water balloons, a prefect round ass and a strong slender pair of legs.
Ellie was coming home tomorrow night and it would be back to normality, back to mundane. Sure me and Ellie will likely have sex a couple of times over the next few days, but it slowly it would die out. It always does and it never takes a few days to do that either.

I stood alone in my kitchen and my mind went back to Julia, in that black dress at my knees, her hair gripped in my hand. And Julia in the shower, the soap running down her body as she massaged her breasts, eyes pleading with me to join her, to take her. She would be the end of my marriage, that much I knew. But before that day came, I was going to enjoy being the bad guy. My new found strength gave me desire to control, to use Julia at my disposal. She wanted me to, she wanted to build up a monster inside of me and then unleash it on her. And she succeeded, because this monster, was just getting started.

To Be Continued...

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