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Becomming meat and how it turns out at the processing plant
We woke on the monday morning, Angela woke first and lay there realising that this was her last day of life.

We had got into financial problems and after discussing with her family they agreed the best way was to take her to be butchered, and the family would buy her meat, leaving enough money to cover the bills and eat well for a few months as well.

There was an option at the processing plant to have Angela put on display after she had been butchered and gutted, Five hours and a slow garrotting gave another 2000 in the final payment and so we agreed.

We met the family at the processing plant, Angelas mum and dad and brother and myself. They would all be there to watch and take part if needed, there were a few jobs that her mum had already stated she wanted to do...

So we got in the queue and soon we were standing at the desk, Angelas paperwork was signed and she was declared meat. I stated that she was trimmed but not shaven and I wanted to have her pubic area skinned as a trophy(ones of mums jobs) and that was noted, then Angela was ordered to strip and place her clothes in the box provided.

At 40 years old she was in very good shape and as she removed her top she started to cry and ask us to find an alternative to this. She was ordered again to strip and her brother always short on patience unsnapped her bra letting it fall off her shoulders exposing her large shapely breasts. Crying harder she dropped her bra into the box and then took off her jeans and knickers standing naked in front of us.

Room number one please, the butcher is waiting the assistant said. Through the door and first on the left.We led Angela through and once inside the room she saw the huge wooden block and her legs gave way. That wasnt a problem, we lifted her to the block and layed her on her back, her arse cheeks in the gap in the wood ready for carving later.

Angela didnt struggle she was in shock, her ankles were placed into the stirups hanging from the ceiling and secured and her arms were strapped by the wrists out straight. Now she was helpless and was injected with a serum so she wouldnt go into shock or pass out during the whole time she was here.

The butcher turned a handle and Angelas legs started to move apart...wider and wider until she was fully exposed. The butcher said we should all fuck her before we start, but we had to come on her face not inside her as that would spoil her flavour. NO prob there. Angelas dad was too old he said to fuck her so as he watched the butcher push his cock inside his daughter he shot the first load of come over his daughters face. Her mum was standing by her daughters head and her job was to scrape all the spunk into her daughters mouth so it wasnt wasted. Angela begged her mum to stop but she soon had her dads come in her mouth swallowing and then the butcher shot his load into her mouth as well.

We all took it in turns fucking Angela as she cried and begged us to stop, too late now she was meat and this was just the start, too many handbags had been brought on her credit card running up the bills this was a great way for her to clear her debt.

The butcher walked over with 2 large syringes. 'Garlic and herb' he said smiling. I nodded and he proceeded to push the needle into Angelas left nipple. Her scream was amazing, tears ran down her face as she watched in horror as the flavoured oil went into her breast. The same happened with the right again a wonderful scream as her breast was filled. The butcher then picked up his knife and asked Angela which breast she would like to loose first. Of course she couldnt answer, so holding her left nipple he started to slice through the underside of her breast. Noooooooooooo she screamed as the blade went halfway through on the first cut. The second and Angelas breast was off. In shock and crying she didnt realise her brother had shot a load of come in her face again, not until her right breast was being cut off and she was screaming and mum was scraping the spunk into her daughters mouth. She almost choked as her breast was removed and she swallowed a mouthful of come at the same time...

Angela was begging that we stopped, but the butcher was telling her that if she was in pain now, wait till her pussy was removed along with her clit. That was the next thing to happen to her, and I got in between her legs and started to lick her clit and pussy so it was nice and sensitive ready for the knife.

After a few minutes the butcher returned and parted Angelas pussy lips, cutting from the inside he started to remove her fillet. Angelas body shook and her screams filled the room, as the knife cut out her clit and hood she cried out 'NOOOOOOOOOOO not my clit NOOOOOOOO' to late her fillet was removed with her clit and clit hood intact. The butcher took it to Angela so she could see his work, then he said that it was now time for her to be tubed. This was when her love tunnel was removed with a tube of razors.

To be continued

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HAHA a bit more to go yet....part 2 is published and part three will be here very soon

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