I let it happen and now I have created a monster and I cannot say a word.
Innocent Anniversary Night out - 20yr itch turned into breeding frenzy

My original story caused a lot of stir when I published it and I got somewhat blasted for allowing my wife to get gangbanged.
A year later I come to find out that she is not going out with her girlfriends but is still in contact with Joan and they have been going to the club and other places..

A found it strange that her girls night out usually means she comes home early, but lately she wants nothing to do with me for a few days. She even gets up early to shower. That when I realized by chance one day that her nipples were all red and she had ass was all red....I figured she was cheating on me and the guy was getting rough.....
Curiosity got the best of me so I followed her one night...She picked up joan and they headed to the city....I followed cautiously and they went to a bar and I could see through the window they met some guys there. Not just 2 but a an hour or so they all left and walked down the street and into a XXX theatre.....I waited for a while and paid to sneak in....There were 3 theatres all dark and playing porn and it was hard to find them....then I heard the yell through the moans of the porn movies...where the fuck were they? Soon i realized there was a door that led to the basement and a big black guy was standing there...he stopped me and said $50 buddy...I had to go back to my car to get more money...I came back and paid...i slowly walked down the stairs and there were several dark rooms only lite by black light....I peeked in each room and most were empty...Then I found them....there were booths on each side and guys peaking through I peeked...Holy shit there was my wife and Joan bound together in 69 position and there were guys fucking them from each end...guys were going ass to mouth alternating between joans ass and my Sues mouth and she seemed to love it...Joan looked to enjoy it even more.....then one of the guys blew a huge load in my wifes cunt and the cum all oozed out and down into joans mouth and she slurped it up......Sue being on top and to lean down and lick the cum out of Joans ass...I could not believe what I was seeing....there must have been 30 guys all walking around naked and waiting their turns...what had happened to my wife? How had she become a cock slut and into being gang ganged by strange men.....when it was all done they were untied and Joan forced Sue to here knees to eat all the remaining cum out of her pussy....then sue tied her back up and put an o-gag in her mouth...Sue did not argue and it seemed almost routine.....Soon 4 black guys came in with massive cocks....and they staired at sue kneeing there helpless on the floor all bound with o-gag....the first guy walked up to her and she willingly took his cock in her mouth.....he grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her throat violently....she gagged several times but he was relentless then he held it in until her face turn bright red...My God she is going to suffocate..!!!!

Then he pulled out and she fell to the floor and puked all over the place...To my shock she squirmed back up onto her knees and took his cock again.. This time he fucked her throat even harder and she puked again, but she kept coming back for more...Once he was happy with her oral endeavors he put pulled her back to her knees and stood there for a minute with his cock at the opening of the o-gag....what was he doing I thought...then he began to piss in my wifes mouth AND she swallowed it, gulp and gulp she swallowed it all like she had done it before....she swallowed it the other guys watched and chanted her name...
The next guy came over and pulled her to her knees….He bent her over and began to fuck her….soon he lined up his massive cock to her ass and she literally pushed back onto his shaft..I could see her wince but she did not stop until he was fully penetrated balls deep…he began to pull out and ram back in and in a few minutes she began to orgasm…..then he pulled her up right with his cock still in her…..another guy came up in front and bite her nipples and it seemed to make her scream and start to orgasm again….then he slid his cock inside her pussy and she wrapped her legs around his wasted….they began to fuck both of her holes…There cocks were so massive I thought they were going to split her in half, but soon she orgasmed again and that sparked them to ram her even harder and soon they both blew hot loads of cum deep inside her…

The untied her and she smiled and began to make out with Joan and said she had to run…The big black guy that was at the door collecting the money came down and gave her a stack of money. He said we had a very profitable night...Holy shit she was being paid and it sounded like it has been going on for a while.

They kissed again and she was leaving to go home…I quickly ran out of the theater and sped home…

When she got home I just pretended nothing had happened and she said she went to dinner with Donna and Maria…boring but nice to catch up with them…

In bed that night I tried to touch her but she turned me away and was dressed from head to toe in pajamas….What was I to do? I decided to say nothing and possibly follow her some more to see what was going on…maybe find out for how long…It has been a year since our anniversary so I have no clue….So over the months to follow I began to see exactly what my wife had become…It was far worse than I could have imagined but for some reason it all began to excite me…I liked watched her get fucked…It was like my personal porn star…..

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2015-01-08 04:19:38
dear Mikey, what no more stories. I think you lost your balls to your wife and she has fucked you off.

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2014-12-31 02:25:11
my wife did pretty much the same with my best friend from high school.

she asked if she could dance with him at a bar we at. i agreed they danced till the song ended then came back to ask if they could dance some more i was pretty high so i agreed. i lost sight of them so i shot the bull some more and they finally returned with big smiles. i figured they had a good time together little did i know they were also playing footies under table his foot deep under her skirt we went home and she wouldn't even kiss me good nite no biggie. next day she acted funny to. then she asked me to sit by her as she told me she let Tom have his way with her. i didn't say a word but wondered what went on
. she did say he played with her pussy alot, and her large breasts
had her say he could cum over any time he wanted her

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2014-12-17 01:10:22
Mikey for fuck sake man, try and get some proof. if she has a sister or friend go and fuck them..seriously she does not think much of you. how does it feel to be used. Man fuck her off and get your self a new tighter pussy. That one is well used.....

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2013-05-10 06:58:14
Seriously ditch the cheating bitch! If she willingly goes out to fuck around behind your back then leave the bitch to it and find someone else

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2013-04-29 01:43:33
She's cheating on him, how much worse could it get? Oh, right...where he doesn't stop her but follows her instead to see what she doing like it suddenly matters.

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