Jimmy never knew his job would require such a
Jimmy had been a hard worker all of his life. He learned the habit from his mother,who when Jimmy was 11 was working three jobs to support Jimmy and his brother. Then tragedy struck Jimmy when at 14 his mom died of a heart attack,and he went to live with his Aunt and Uncle. From then Jimmy never let his grades go down or anything else for that matter, in his life. By 18 Jimmy knew he was not going to college, so he got a job at the local diner, The Chicken Wing. His boss liked his work ethic and soon Jimmy was assistant manager. Since he as starting to get off of work earlier, at about seven each night he would go to the strip club on the corner of Washington Avenue, The Ovary Office. That was the first time he met Deandra.
Deandra had been a shy girl throughout high school but since she had graduated she had completely filled out her her body and her self- esteem. Now when she walked out the door of a store guys down the street would ahh at her amazing beauty. She had straight brunette hair that went down to her shoulders and a glowing face. She had a pair of tits Angelina Jolie would be proud of and a nice round ass.She had started to work at the stripclub for extra cash over the summer but had never gotten laid. Then one Friday night a guy caught her eye. He was staring at her with fascination in his eyes. She recognized him from her old high school. His name was Jimmy.
On Monday Jimmy was at his usual post at the counter of the Chicken Wing when Deandra walked in. She was wearing a short jean skirt and a tight pink T-shirt. She walked up to the counter and was surprised to see Jimmy there.
"Hi. Your......Jimmy,right,"she asked.
"Yeah, and your Deandra,right,"he answered.
"Yes,"she replied,"so you work here?"she asked.
"Yeah,here's your seat."
After that first encounter Deandra came in regularly to talk with Jimmy,who usually bought her a cup of coffee and then went back to work.Soon Deandra started to wear skimpy,kinky outfits to the diner,but she would only talk to Jimmy.Then on a Thursday evening Deandra came in with a satin black dress and expensive high heels on. She immediately took her regular booth and waved Jimmy over.
"Jimmy,I need to tell you something," Deandra exclaimed.
"Anything,Deandra,anything,"Jimmy replied
"Jimmy,I want to be with you,right now,I want you to touch me,"she said.The sudden mark had caught him off guard,but he immediately responded,"I want to be with you too."
She pulled him out of his seat and and led him to the stripclub.They went inside and into the VIP room. There was a large bed and a stack of condems. Deandra quickly brought Jimmy over to the bed and pulled him down onto her.They played with each others tongues as they kissed,and she was at the same time pulling his shirt over his head. They briefly stopped kissing to undo her bra and her large breasts fell out.He immediately began to suck and nibble on her tits while she undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. His 9 inch lovestick was in flagpole position and she went down onto her knees and slowly engulfed the head of his cock,her tongue on the extra sensitive spot under the head. She slowly began to deep throat the cock,with her gag reflex finally leaving her and him with intense pleasure.Just when he was about to cum she stopped and pulled down her thong to the floor.He started to finger her,slowly at first to break her cherry and then faster and faster.The pain left her and extreme pleasure took over.He started to eat her and she immediately climaxed. She stopped him and helped him put on a condem. she got onto the bed and he entered her from behind. He quickly started to thrust in and out when a fist hit him across the jaw. His knees buckled and he looked up to see the owner of the stripclub.
"No one messes around with my bitches without paying first,motherfucker! Do you here me! Now if you ever get to this bitch again,I will kill you asshole,are we clear?"
With that he kicked him in the ribs and grabbed Deandra " What the fuck do you think your doing,baby girl? Now go in there and work your damn pole while I take care of your motherfuckin friend!"

To Be Continued......................................................

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2012-07-24 15:43:14
Ok so in todays music world the borlbiald 100s, pop stations, mtv, and even the msm rock stations are garbage in my opinion. So many have really forgotten where music has come from. Thus this leaves watered down post heavy arena rock with the followers gelling up thier hair, getting fake tans and rocking white oakleys and tap out shirts. Rock and roll is not a fashion show, it's pure expression. This is what was and fortunatley still is Led Zeppelin. They still sell albums and memorabillia like hot cakes to this day for one reason .. because they made some of the best rock music ever. So this is my plea to Sir James Patrick Page . PAGEY PLEASE TOUR AND SHOW THEM HOW ITS DONE. I know you have the know how to make mind blowing music and music certainly needs a savior right about now.


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2006-10-06 00:47:11
yeah the ending sucked and i dont think you can pop your cherry with just fingering, i would have popped mine already....


2005-12-14 22:38:03
your ass sucks canal water


2005-06-14 13:13:09
it was good cept for the ending, carry it on with hinm going to the chicks house and boning here and her sister

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