The weekend after my sister Tracey and I invited Amber into our brother/sister relationship, the girls hatched the plan for Amber to get what she finally wanted, boned by her father.
At 16, Amber was stunning. Her long light brown hair accented her cute teenage face. Her breasts were full and firm with pert little nipples that sprung to life with the slightest touch. Her legs were slender but not long. Her private mound was topped with a thin bush of the same amber hair that was her namesake. But once you spread her pussy lips, and dipped your tongue in her twat to gather the flowing juices; you were rewarded with a sweet nectar. I dubbed her “Sugarpot” because of it. After our romp in my bed, she was no virgin and was eager to bed her father.

Tim Drake, Amber’s father, was 39 but had taken good care of his body over the years. Both Amber and Tracey had seen him in his bathing suit. They thought his broad chest looked perfect to lay their teenage head on, and those muscular legs would certainly allow him to pile drive any pussy into ecstasy. The telltale bulge in his tight swim suit foretold of a sleeping anaconda. Tracey confided in me that every time she looked at him at the swimming pool, her legs instinctively parted as if welcoming his invasion. Tim enjoyed having the young Tracey around as it feed his male ego. He hadn’t gotten much sex since his wife died six years ago. He could dream about the young girl, but was smart enough not to act on it. But there were a lot of nights when his jerk off fantasies included Tracey, and even a few that included Amber, harmless fantasies.

Because it was a long holiday weekend, Amber convinced her Dad to allow my sister Tracey to sleep over on Friday night. While the girls had what they thought was a foolproof plan to seduce Mr. Drake, there was one problem, Amber’s brother Jimmy. Jimmy was your typical 15 year old boy. He had a “steady” girlfriend with her legs locked at the knees, and constant frustration. If he was not overshadowed by the hunk his father was, he might be the object of desire of several girls including his sister and Tracey. It’s hell when you bring a girl home, and she practically creams her jeans when she meets your father and then turns you down for even a handjob. Again this weekend, he was a minor obstacle to be removed before the girls went after his father. All week, Amber teased him about Tracey spending the night, and how the two of them were going to watch chick flicks on the tv and gossip about all the boys at school, a typical teenage girl sleepover. Just the kind of scene a teenage boy did not want to be around. While he thought it might be nice to have Tracey, and her hot body, around; not at the cost of suffering through girlie times. As a result, he made plans to stay over at one of his friend’s house for the night. Amber told Tracey that he would probably spend the whole night over there watching porn as she laughingly made a jackoff motion with her hand.

Friday night, I gave Tracey a ride over to Amber’s. I suggested we stop by my apartment for a quickie but Tracey gave me a rain check. She wanted to save all her energy for Mr. Drake, but promised full details on Saturday. Tracey was dressed in a white blouse tied just under the bust to show off her tits. I think she painted her jean shorts on because they hug to every inch of her skin. From the camel toe pussy outline in the front to the tuck up her ass cleft in the back, her bottom looked like a candy bar ready to be unwrapped. I reached over and grabbed her crotch for a feel, but she pushed my hand away. I suggested a quick blowjob to hold me over. She turned to me with her pouty face and told me I would have to wait until the next day. Leaning over, she said, “If you wait, I’ll let you try my ass tomorrow.” Hallow promise as I knew. Tracey’s idea of “try my ass” was to let me lick her asshole and mumble how much she wanted my dick up her butt. But when the time came to pop my cock through her ass ring, she would back off saying it hurt too much. No problem because she always gave me the best blowjobs to make up for it. As she bounced out of the car at Amber’s, I patted her ass and warned her, “Don’t let him wear out your pussy tonight. I’m going to need it tomorrow.” She turned and smiled at me before bouncing up the stairs.

When Mr. Drake answered the door, he found a cute little 16 year old sex kitten shyly smiling up at him. Always the actor, Tracey put her finger to her mouth and swiveled on her hips as she asked if Amber was home. Tim Drake was use to Tracey’s flirting and got a secret thrill out of it. He said yes, Amber was home. Tracey replied, “Oh well, I’ll come in anyhow,” as she batted her eyes at him. Every man enjoys a little harmless flirting and Tim was no exception. He replied, “Better luck next time.” Tracey giggled and darted past him up the stairs to Amber’s room. Tim watched her ass as is it bounced as much as the tight jeans would allow. In his head, he thought if I was only twenty years younger. A fleeting image crossed his mind of a naked Tracey stretched out on the couch as he fucked her. He shook his mind clear muttering about becoming a dirty old man.

Tracey was well aware that Mr. Drake was staring at her ass, and wondered what nasty things he was dreaming of. She burst into Amber’s room laughing. She and Amber giggled as Tracey told her about the greeting downstairs. They were giggling and bouncing on the bed as Jimmy walked past the open door to his sister’s room. He shook his head and thanked his stars he wasn’t going to have to suffer through this night with them. Amber saw him passing and poked Tracey to look. After glancing at him, Tracey and Amber fell down on the bed laughing. Jimmy slung his pack over his back and headed out thinking, “Poor Dad.”

Dinner was delivery pizza, chips and soda. After dinner, the girls went upstairs to change while Mr. Drake cleaned up. When he returned to the living room, he stopped in shock. Both girls were dressed in very small baby doll pjs. They were stretched out on the floor in front of the tv. He coughed as his breath caught at the sight. At the current angle, he had a clear line of sight up their legs and right to the tight, thin material covering their pussies. When they heard him, they sat up right drawing their legs under them Indian style. With their tight tops barely containing their ample breasts and the material drawn tight to their crotch, it was all he could do to control his desire to throw one of them on the floor and fuck them. He suggested they might want to put some bathrobes on, but Amber dismissed his suggestion with a firm “Don’t be a prude, Dad. There’s nobody here but us.”

Tim shook his head to clear the images forming in his mind again and plopped down in his recliner. He asked the girls what they were going to watch and they pulled out some romantic movie he had never heard of. He buried his head in the newspaper as the girls giggled through the movie. Even though he couldn’t see them through the paper, his dick remembered the sight of two young pussies just feet away from him and swelled. He kept his legs crossed to allow more room and hide the bulge. His concentration was broken when Amber squealed, “Oh, they’re finally going to do it.” Putting down the paper, Tim was shocked to see a man and woman in bed obviously getting ready to fuck under the covers. He stammered as he asked what they were watching. The girls dismissed him with, “all the girls in our class have seen this movie. They tease us because we haven’t seen it.” Tim started to demand they shut off the movie as too mature for them, and stalled in mid-sentence. He didn’t want to seem like an old foggie or prude, especially in front of Tracey. Amber turned to him and commented, “Daddy, don’t worry, it’s not as bad as the porn movies you watch at night.” Tracey giggled, and Tim flushed at the comment. He was not aware Amber knew about his late night viewing habits, and certainly was embarrassed to be confronted about it in front of Tracey. He silently went back to his paper.

All was going to plan, Amber thought. Now was the time to increase the intensity. Tracey nudged Amber, and pointed to the screen. “I saw him naked in Playgirl magazine,” she said as she held her hands up to indicate a whopper. Amber giggled and acknowledged, “Yes, Ginger passed that magazine around school so much it fell apart. Luckily, I saw it before Mrs. Badger took it away.” Tim was shocked by these comments. Before he worked up the nerve to speak up, the movie ended. The girls jumped up and shut off the movie. Tim suggested the two girls head to bed. Amber came over and leaned over to give him a little peck on the cheek good night. It presented Tim with a clear view down the cleft of her breasts. He squirmed as his dick took a beat. He was more shocked when Tracey followed Amber with a kiss on his cheek also. He nearly jumped out of his chair when Tracey in leaning over to give him a peck on the cheek balanced herself by placing her hand on his thigh. Her hand was right on his rock hard dick. However, she stood back up and trotted up the stairs without showing any recognition she had grabbed his stiff cock.

Tim heard the girls upstairs in the bathroom and then running down the hall to Amber’s room. He waited a few minutes to allow them time to settle in, and for his dick to calm down. He went upstairs to use the john and check in on the girls. They giggled as he popped his head in the door, and protested about his eavesdropping. Tim went back downstairs with a fresh memory of the two girls in their baby dolls bouncing on the bed. He thought about putting a porn on the tv, but Amber’s comment earlier made him reconsider. Instead, he made himself a strong drink and settled back into his chair with one of his favorite porn magazines. He dozed off with nasty thoughts overtaking his mind.

Tim woke up with a start. Something had disturbed him. Sitting up in the recliner, he saw Tracey sitting on the couch in her baby dolls. She was thumbing through the girlie mag he had let fall to the floor. He blinked as he realized she was rubbing her tits and pinching the nipples as she flicked through the pages. He reached over and grabbed the mag back. Tracey looked up at him and stated, “Don’t get upset, Mr. Drake. I was just checking out what you were reading.” Tim spurted that this was not the proper stuff for such a young girl. Tracey laughed as she told him she read them all the time over at her brother’s apartment. He implored her not to tell Amber, but Tracey dismissed his comment with a simple “You don’t think she already knows?” Tim started to stand up and realized it would be a mistake as it would be impossible to hide his erection.

He suggested Tracey go back upstairs before Amber begins to wonder where she was. Tracey shocked him by saying, “You don’t have to worry about Amber. She is totally worn out, and will sleep for quite a while.” Tim looked at her puzzled. Tracey continued, “She had three orgasms before she went to sleep.” Tim just stared in shock at Tracey’s words. Tracey got up off the couch and moved over to him. Leaning down, she kissed him as he sat frozen. Pulling up, Tracey put her hand to her mouth and apologized, “Sorry, I should of washed my face before coming down. Amber always gushes so much when I eat her out. Hope you don’t mind the taste of your daughter’s pussy on my face.” Tim parted his lips and licked his lips where Tracey had kissed him. There was a slight trace of what he recognized as pussy nectar. Sitting in his lap, Tracey wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for another kiss. This time, Tim parted his lips and licked the cunt smeared lips. As her lips parted, he searched in her mouth for more of the sweet nectar. Then it sunk in that it was his own daughter’s juices he was tasting. He pushed Tracey back and said, “This is wrong. I think you need to go back upstairs.” In response, Tracey ground her ass against the erection poking her butt, and said, “Your dick seems to want me to stay.”

Tim was starting to lose control. It had been awhile since his last pussy conquest, and he could really use the sex. But his morals rebelled at fucking his daughter’s friend, her underage friend. Yet he did not resist when she leaned in for another kiss, nor did he forbid entry of her tongue into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, Tracey nuzzled up to his neck. Between the sweet smell of her and the lingering scent of his daughter’s juices, Tim’s morals lost the battle. He reached up and groped her young breasts. Tracey moved back and removed her top to allow him unrestricted access to her breasts. As he sunk his head between the fleshy mounds, she whispered, “I’m not like your daughter. Pussy licking is nice, but I need a dick to fuck me to make me happy.” Tracey reached down and rubbed the bulge of his cock. Tim knew there was no way he was going to refuse her or his lust.

Tracey slid down off his lap and reached up to free his cock. When it sprang to attention, she gripped it with her hand and playfully jacked it. When Tim felt the soft hand gripping his cock, he arched his head back and groaned. Satisfied that she was in control, Tracey leaned in and closed her lips over the head of his dick. Another groan encouraged her to slide her pursed lips down his shaft till it reached the back of her throat. She pulled back and flicked her tongue across the head as a drop of fluid eased out. Tim placed his hand on the back of her head. She slid up and down his shaft a couple of times to get it slick. Then, relaxing her throat muscles as her brother had trained her, she swallowed his cock the full length. As Tim felt his cock slid past the back of her mouth and lodge briefly in her throat, he arched his ass up off the chair to drive even a fraction of an inch more in. Tracey pulled off his dick to get a breath and started to jack his cock again. He smiled down at the sweet face drooling on his meat.

Tracey stood up and pulled her pj bottoms off. Tim pulled her close and dipped his head into her crotch. Flicking his tongue across her pussy lips, he noticed she was already sopping wet. Amber giggled, “Sorry, but Amber really worked my pussy into a frenzy.” Tim had an image of the two girls on the bed sucking each other’s pussy in a 69 position. Amber pulled him to his feet, and unbuckled his pants. He stepped out of them as they fell around his ankles. Reaching up under his shirt, Amber ran her hands across his hard chest. Pushing the shirt up, she fastened her lips around one of his nipples and sucked. Tim took the opportunity to remove his shirt. Now the two of them stood there naked. Amber lay on the couch with her legs open. Her pink pussy lips were swollen and glistening with juice. She raised her arms to beckon him to mount her. He moved in and kissed her as he lay on top of her. She reached down and grasped his cock to guide it toward her waiting pussy. Taking over, Tim rubbed the head of his dick up and down her slit a couple of times before zeroing in on her opening. She groaned as he steadily feed his rock hard dick into her warm flesh. She arched her ass off the couch to pull him further into her. Once he felt his balls bang against the warmth of her ass, he kissed her. Parting lips, she whispered into his ear, “I’ve wanted this for so long. Fuck me hard, I want to feel you.” He complied with forceful lunges in and out of her gripping pussy. Tim realized she was no stranger to sex as her pussy gripped and relaxed to milk his cock. Her groans grew in intensity, and she muttered her desire to get fucked more and more. In response, Tim uttered his approval of her sweet cunt and how he wanted to cream her pussy. Having had a vasectomy after Amber was born, he had no worries about knocking up this sweet pussy. All he thought of for the moment was dumping his load as far into her pussy as possible.

Tracey wrapped her arms around his neck and told him his dick was the biggest and best she ever had.. He slammed his dick as far into her as possible and held as her body jerked and spasmed beneath him. At the top of her orgasm, his dick spurted repeated wads of cum to paint her womb. Crashing down on top of the spent girl, Tim felt the heat of their combined bodies. He pulled up on his knees and watched as his dick slid out of her cunt followed by a trickle of white cum. The young girl smiled up at him in a post climax glow.

There was a cough and Tim jerked back to reality. There was his daughter, Amber, standing in the doorway. He had totally forgotten about her in the throes of passion. Evidently, the noise of their passion had awoken her. He jumped up and grabbed for his pants to hold in front of him. Tracey looked over her shoulder at Amber, and smiled. Amber walked over and sat down beside Tracey. Dipping her fingers into Tracey’s cunt, she scooped up some of the cum. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked the slime off of them. She leaned over and kissed Tracey. Breaking for air, Amber asked Tracey how it was. Tracey said it was wonderful. Meanwhile, Tim was struggling to arrange his pants, and get them on without exposing his genitals. Amber laughed and told him to relax, “Too late, Dad. I watched it all. I saw your boney ass bouncing on my girl and I saw all of your dick when you pulled it out.” Tim stuttered his apologies and tried to explain it. Amber laughed, “Dad, calm down. Don’t you know when you’ve been set up?” Tim looked startled at this.

Amber got up off the couch and walked over to her Dad. She reached out and grabbed for the pants he was holding in front of him. He resisted until she increased her pull. Finally, she yanked them away leaving him naked. His daughter reached over and grabbed his slimy dick. She smiled up at him as she gripped it. As he stood frozen to the spot, Amber knelt down and wrapped her lips around his limp dick. She swirled her tongue around the head licking off the leavings of his fucking Tracey. Pulling his dick out, she smacked her lips and looked up at him. She said, “Dad, I can taste both you and Tracey at the same time.” Tim reached down and pulled her up to her feet. At first, she thought he was going to scold her or run away in shame, but instead he leaned in and planted his lips on her lips. She parted her lips and his tongue snaked into her mouth to brush her teeth and coax her tongue into his. Tim realized at this point there was no turning back. He had been caught fucking his daughter’s friend and the best way to gain her silence was to fuck her as well, or so he justified it to himself. He reached down and cupped her crotch. He found it was still wet from the tongue fuck that Tracey had given her.

Amber purred into his ears. Her legs were already wobbly as she realized her dreams were coming true. Her father was going to fuck her. Tracey had moved off the couch and sat in a chair to watch. Tim gently lay Amber back on the couch and knelt beside it. He leaned his face into her crotch and flicked out his tongue. At the first touch of her father’s tongue to her pussy lips, Amber felt a shot of electricity go through her body. Tracey had licked her to a lot of orgasms, but this time was extra special. Tim licked the outer lips from top to bottom. Amber’s legs spread instinctively opening her inner lips to his touch. He flicked across the nub at the top, and Amber arched her back as her clit exploded. He dipped his tongue lower and drilled it into her hole. Her flowing juices coated his tongue and face. He swallowed thirstily. His daughter squirmed under his assault. He took one of his fingers and inserted it into her hole as he withdrew his tongue. Her pussy sucked on it. He soon added a second and then third to her hole. His fingers plunged away on her cunt with such force, she though he was trying to force his whole hand into her. Her pussy rippled as muscle contractions heralded her next climax.

When her father stood up over her, she heard a pop as he withdrew his cock from Tracey’s sucking mouth. Her girlfriend had evidently joined the party to get her father’s cock up to full mast. Amber’s breath was short and quick as her father settled over her prone body. The feel of his dick rubbing up and down her slit was teasing. When he finally sunk his entire dick into her with one push, she climaxed again. This was what she wanted, she wanted her father to fuck her. She looked over at Tracey who was smiling at the look of triumph on Amber’s face.

Tim remembered the first time he had fucked Amber’s mother. He knew this was his daughter now, and not his departed wife; but he felt as if he was closer now to his lost love than ever before. He knew she would not have objected to him showering his daughter with love in this way. Tim had always lusted after Amber but hesitated because he was afraid she would be shocked. Now, balls deep in her twat, he was in heaven. He picked up the pace and hammered Amber down into the couch cushions. Amber wrapped her legs around her father and shouted, “Fuck me, Dad. Let me feel your love. Cum inside me, Dad.” Every time she said Dad, his dick jumped in joy inside her. Since he had already blown his first load inside Tracey, he was able to hold out longer on Amber. While it had been exciting fucking Tracey’s 16 year old body, what he was doing with Amber was more. He felt closer to her than ever before. He didn’t just want to fuck her, he want to love her. He had never felt this close to a woman except her mother. Sweat beaded on his forehead and dripped onto Amber’s chest to mix with her own sweat. For her part, Amber felt like drawing all of her father inside her and holding him as part of her. Her climaxes flowed over her, but it was the closeness of her father that was satisfying her. Tim felt his balls draw up as cum boiled up his shaft and splattered deep inside his daughter’s womb. Even after the last spurt filled into her, he remained atop her. Amber felt his cum warming her inside, and kept her legs locked behind his back. She did not want to ever let him go.

Reality set in with a cramp in the leg, and Tim had to reluctantly withdraw from his daughter’s grip. As his dick plopped out of her cunt, she squeezed her legs to hold his juice inside where it warmed her. She turned to look at Tracey masturbating in the chair across from the couch. She smiled, and reached out her arms. Tracey moved over and slipped into Amber’s arm. As Tim sat back into his recliner, the two girls melted into a twist of arms and lips. Soon, they shifted around and assumed a 69 position. Totally ignoring Tim’s presence, they dipped their heads into each other’s crotch and greedily slurped away at the mixture of cunt juice and Tim’s cum that both had. Tim watched in fascination as the two girls treated him to a lesbian orgy. After satisfying each other again, they stood up and moved over to the chair with Tim. They each sat on an arm of the recliner as he put his arms around them, he pulled them close. Both of their breasts were within easy reach of his sucking lips. His hands slid down and cupped both their asses. As he suckled on her boob, Amber looked across her father’s head and said to Tracey, “It was wonderful, but it was wonderful because it was my Dad. Is that how it is with you and your brother?” Tracey replied, “Sex is good, but love with someone in your family is the best.” Tim squeezed both their asses, and injected, “I don’t know about you two, but I need to lie down. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lie down on my bed.” Amber stood up and took his hand as she asked, “Can we join you for the night?” Tim laughed and wrapped his arms around both their waists as he led them to the bedroom.

Early morning found the three of them curled up in a ball on the bed. Tim was the first to wake up. He looked at the two young, naked girls curled up on either side of him. He pulled them close and they snuggled up to him in their sleep. Tracey woke up and lay her arm across his chest and kissed his breast. Amber stirred and opened her eyes. Lifting her head up, she kissed her father passionately. Tim pushed her onto her back, and was ready to mount her again when he looked at the clock. Drat, he thought, Jimmy will be home soon. He stirred the girls to get up and get cleaned up before his son caught them. Tracey went into the bathroom first. Amber started to leave the bed when her father took hold of her arm and pulled her back into his embrace. Looking at her, he asked, “Is this a one time thing or will we do it again?” Amber kissed him and said, “As many times as you want, Dad.” Tim watched as his naked daughter bounced out of bed and swayed her hips as she left the room. He wasn’t sure about Tracey, but he was definitely going to fuck Amber again.

Amber left her father’s bed contented. She knew there would be other boys in her life, but she doubted if she would ever find a better lover than her father. She was already aching for the feel of his body pressed against her again, and the feel of his rock hard cock plunging her pussy. She didn’t mind if she had to share him with Tracey sometimes as long as he didn’t mind her and Tracey sharing each other too. However, at least for the next time, she wanted him all to herself. She wanted to suck his dick until he forced her to swallow his load, she wanted to lick every inch of his body, and let him have access to any part of her body he desired.

She almost turned around to go back into her father’s bedroom for another quick fuck when she heard the door slam downstairs. She darted naked into her room as she realized Jimmy was home, and they had to hide their incestuous fucking from him. She began to regret her brother’s presence. She would never get enough of her father with him always around. She peeked out into the hallway as she heard him coming up the stairs. Through the crack of the door, she saw him pause before the bathroom door. She knew he could hear the shower running, but he reached for the door knob and pushed the door open a crack. As he pressed his eye to the sliver of view, he grabbed and rubbed his crotch. Amber didn’t know if he knew it was Tracey in there instead of her, but he obviously liked what he saw. When the running water shut off, he quickly darted down the hallway to his room and closed the door. Yup, Amber thought, she was going to have to solve the Jimmy problem if she and Dad were going to enjoy more time together. It was a problem she would have to work on.


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sexy story - liked it ;-)

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