The following days were horrible. I couldn’t face my brother. Every time I looked at him I remembered every detail of his body. I heard his soft moans echo. Whenever he walked away I couldn’t help but look at his butt. Knowing what was hiding under his shorts.
I knew I had to talk to him. For his sake as much as mine.

I walk towards my brother’s room only to stop halfway and turn around. I really need to talk to him. Apologize and promise him it would never happen again. And explain all the feelings to him as well, prevent him to be as confused as I was.
But I stumble over the words in my head, I have no idea how to explain to him what I did, and why I did it.

At one point he walks into my room. The timing was horrible. I had just been watching a gay porn video and was getting ready to jerk myself. I had already undressed myself to my shorts. I closed down the browser in time, but I was fully aroused. Looking at his cute face, his blond hairs covering those big blue eyes, I couldn’t help but glance down, taking in the image of his innocent and sexy body.
It was really not the time to explain what happened last week. But he wasn’t there for a talk.
“Can I play on your computer again?” he asks me as if nothing happened.
I nod straight away.
He walks over to my chair and I get up. Instead of sitting down I see him starting to fumble with the button on his shorts. I quickly grab his hand and stop him.
I take a deep breath and look straight into his eyes. I feel myself getting flushed with shame.
“No, it’s ok” I tell him, “You don’t have to be naked, you can just play the game if you want, I won’t do anything this time.”
I feel a chunk in my throat, as if I’m about to cry.

Suddenly the happiness in his face disappears. He frowns. Then shrugs and turns around. I see him move towards the chair to sit down, but halfway he stops. He turns to face me again. I see him taking a deep breath and open his mouth to say something. But he remains quiet, now it’s his time to turn red. I see his ears burn red and his freckles disappear in his blush.
He opens his mouth, and then closes it. He makes a sigh.
“Actuallyijustwantedyoutodothatthingagainlikelastweek” he mumbles as fast as he can. He stares at the ground and shuffles with his feet.
“What?” I gently ask him.
“That thing… that you did. Do you want to do that again?” He is talking so soft I have to bring my face closer to him to understand.

I sense my rationality disappear like snow for the sun. To jerk him again, to hear his moans, feel his shudder. Before I realize it I feel myself nod to him.
I feel a small string of rational thoughts in my head and grasp it with all my might.
“Ok… But only if you understand what it all is ok?”
He looks at me with his big blue eyes, asking many questions without opening his mouth. I smile comforting to him.
In my mind I make a deal with myself. Reassuring my greatest desires as well as my rational being.
I walk towards the door and lock it.

“Go lay down on the bed” I tell him, “Naked” I add with a grin. He smiles that irresistible cute smile and undresses with a speed only boys with slender bodies have. In his full nudity I have to struggle with myself not to dive onto him and kiss him all over. He stretches himself before laying down, showing off every curve in his body. A perfect V shape appears in the small muscles in his belly, pointing to his profound package.
I see his cock is already halfway to its full size. Pointing forward in a half effort. I walk over to the bed and sit down next to him. His legs are slightly spread, I can tell he is gladly surrendering himself to my hands.

I let my hand wander over his belly a few times. It feels so tight. The skin is stretched perfectly over his slender body. I hear a small gasp when I let my hand trail downwards. I ignore his cock with a self-discipline that surprises me. He is laying flat every curve in his body is pointing to his cock. I can see his ribs hiding under his flesh. His head has that slightly bigger than his body size all boys his age have. It’s irresistibly cute, yet his giant blue eyes always draw my gaze.
While I play with his belly button a bit he shifts himself up, letting his cock softly touch my hand. It’s rock hard now. The moment I start playing with it he lets his head down on the pillow and closes his eyes. With a big smile on his face he is waiting for me to bring him to an orgasm.

I have to take a few deep breaths to collect my thoughts again. In the palm of my hand I feel his silk small cock throb gently. I release it again and place my hand on the bed. I can’t touch him without being overwhelmed with erotic thoughts.

Once I trust my voice I start talking to him.
“You need to understand what I am doing before I can do it again ok? Or else I will feel bad about it.”
I expect him to ask questions, instead he replies with “Sure.” I can hear he is impatient.
“That great feeling you had last time is called an orgasm.”
I can tell he doesn’t care at all. Still I continue.
“When you get older white stuff comes out the moment you have an orgasm.”
This got his attention. His eyes flings open and he looks at me like I just told him I am a girl.
“White stuff?”
“Yes, it’s called sperm. Or cum.”
“Can you make cum?” he asks quickly.
“Yes I can but hear me out.” I continue,
“Can you show me?” he interrupts.
“Yes, no. Perhaps. Just wait let me finish my little talk.”
“Ok fine.” He says and lets his head rest on my pillow again.
“Sperm is used to make babies. Yes really. To practice this boys often ‘jerk’ themselves.
It’s like having sex with a girl, except you do it yourself.”
I try to continue but he has turned his body, pressing his crotch against my hand. I need every bit of rationality to keep my thoughts together. His cock feels so slick, soft, silky to the touch yet hard and throbbing. It’s so perfectly straight, his skin his tightly wrapped around his shaft. His balls are lightly colored making them look even softer and cuter.

I collect my thoughts again but do give myself a little gift. I softly push him onto his back again, but use both hands to caress his balls and inner thighs. I ignore his cock again, afraid I’ll lose myself in the touch of his cock against my hand. He shivers lightly.
I want to continue my story but he interrupts me again.
“So you jerk yourself?”
“Yes, bu-“
“How often?”
“Every night, bu-“
“Show me!”
I lose my patience. I bend over and bring my face close to him. I wanted to sternly say to him to let me finish talking. But his eyes are wide open. He has a mischievous look in his eyes and his face is slightly wrinkled with a half teasing smile that makes a visible dimple on his cheek. I completely lose myself. Instead of talking I bend over more and press my lips tightly onto his. They are small but so soft. I can hear him make a surprising sound but then relaxes. I kiss his lower lip, then his upper lip.
I feel his warm breath glide along my face. It tastes sweet.

When I break our kiss his look hasn’t changed. Although there is a hint of surprise in his eyes, the twinkle in those blue seas are still of a mischievous nature. I feel the palm of my hand is warm and sweaty. Without realizing I had taking a good hold of his package. He is softly shaking his hips, pressing his cock around my fingers. I feel my own cock throb harder than ever. It feels amazing.
I softly sit up again and release my grip. The moment the warmth of his cock leaves my hand I regret it, yet I need him to know.
“Look, sometimes a boy likes to do this with other boys.” I continue my story.
“Like us?” he asks. I notice right away he used ‘us’, rather than ‘you’.
“Yes, at least I think. Look I already know all this stuff. I know what it is to have an orgasm, I know how I can cum. And I know I like to do this with other boys and not girls. But you are young. You still have to learn all this. And I’m so afraid you only like this because it’s new and exciting and not because you do it with me. And I don’t want to force you, or make you do things you don’t like. I don’t want you to feel bad.”
At the end I ramble. Partly because I really really want to start jerking my young brother and partly because it’s difficult to say it.
He looks at me and frowns. I can see him think about what I just said. Then he comes with an answer I should have expected. “Well I like it, you like it right? So what’s so bad about it?”
It’s the logic of a young boy, one I cannot argue with.

I take a deep sigh. Somewhere I know there is a fault in his logic, but his cock had been going soft during our talk. It’s laying on the side of his white hairless thigh in a curve. So inviting.
I can’t respond to him anymore. I take his logic gladly and grab his cock. I use only two fingers to jerk him. I need to see him get hard.
The moment I start going up and down, using his silky skin to make his small cock rise he gasps for air. I see muscles everywhere tighten and relax. I can feel the blood surge to his rock. It goes rock hard in seconds. It’s a beauty to watch.
Once I’m holding a fully erect boys cock I start jerking him faster. His gasps are the most erotic sounds. I can see his lips and ears turning red. Every part of his face is rigid in arousal. While jerking him I bend over. I can see he is sweating. His slim thighs are glistering. I press my lips on his soft salty skin. He moans softly.
I kiss him again but higher. Slowly I let my lips go upwards. My hand is moving fast and my room is filled with the heaving breathing of my young brother. Near his crotch I look at his body. His entire middle is shaking with pleasure and from the moving of my hand. His balls are rocking up and down. I kiss them. The taste is wonderful and it feels incredibly warm. Then, without thinking, I let my hand go of his cock and replace it with my mouth. I hadn’t intended on sucking him. I just wanted to make him cum. Hear his high voice moan in pleasure. But so close to his cock. I could just smell his taste.
I couldn’t resist it. With my eyes inches away I could see every bit of texture in that smooth hard cock that is attached to the cutest sweetest boy that is so eager to feel my touch.
My heart skips a beat the moment his cockhead touches my tongue. My mouth is filled with the taste of his small stiffy.

I cannot believe how sweet it tastes and how soft it feels. He moans hard. I can hear him trying to talk. “Your…. Mouth…”
I move my head further down. His cockhead slides gently over my tongue until I feel his balls pat my chin softly. His cock throbs hard, flinging to the upper side of my mouth. Put my hand around his balls and use my fingers to keep his skin down. Leaving his cockhead unhooded in my warm mouth. I flick my tongue gently to the underside of his cock, wetting it with spit, and then I pull my head up. I wrap my tongue around his sensitive head and gently massage it.
From the corner of my eye I see him clasp the blanket with all his might. His knuckles turn white and he almost tears the fabric apart. I hear him gasp for air. I want to move my head down again but he is quicker. He lifts his middle up and slams his cock deeper in my mouth. The blow is cushioned softly by his cute belly. I use my other to rub his tummy softly and then force him back down. I keep him in place while I start making sucking motions and moving my head up and down.
He loses it. Every breath turns into a moan and I feel his legs thrash around me.
The very air I breathe is nothing but his sweet salty smell. His small cockhead glides smoothly over my tongue and I can feel his heartbeat going faster and faster.
I tease him a bit. I release his cock from my mouth and kiss the skin around it. It’s so silky smooth it tickles my lips.
“Don’t…” I hear him. “Don’t stop, don’t stop” he begs me.
Encouraged by his cute voice I use my tongue to collect his throbbing pleasure again and continue my blowjob.
Within seconds I feel he is getting close to an orgasm. His cock pulsates in my mouth and his legs close around my head. I feel one hand on my neck, holding my tightly while his hips shiver violently.
“I…” I hear him say but the rest is lost in another moan.

Then it happens. The world stops for a second. I see him draw in a huge breath and his belly falls down. His legs take a stand on the bed and he presses his crotch against my face in full force.
The pulsating in his stiffy stop for once second and then returns ten times stronger. His moan is more a high pitched yell. I catch his cock between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, feeling every pulse move down into my throat. Something drips into my mouth. Then his entire body falls back onto the bed, having shot all his strength into my mouth.
I cannot tell how much it was, but before I release his cock I let my tongue wander over his tip a few times, making sure I collect everything. There is a taste in my mouth that is difficult to place. It’s salty, sweet yet sort of bitter. It matches his smell but is stronger.
Every breath I hear is an echo of his moans. He almost sounds like a girl yet there is a boyish end to his noises.
When I finally draw my head back I see his entire crotch his still pulsating. His cute balls rock softly up and down to his heartbeat. His head is laying sideways. His eyes are closed but his mouth is open.
He looks completely knocked out. His legs are sideways with his knees drawn up. He had surrendered every inch of his crotch to my mouth.

His body is glistering with small drops of sweat. I very gently massage his balls, giving them the attention they need. I kiss his belly, his side, his chest and neck. I lick his taste of my lips and play with his soft hair until I lower myself next to him on the bed, exhausted.
He turns to face me. He is smiling again. So close to my face I can count the freckles on his nose.
We stay like this for a while Neither of us talks, but just watches each other. Then he giggles softly. He kisses my lips first, then my nose and giggles again. He rolls over and gets up. For a second I’m the happiest guy ever, then I follow the faint shadow of his spine to his perfectly round butt. I instantly am the most aroused person in the world. I softly place one hand on his cheeks. I can cup on cheek in my palm and I squeeze. He makes a soft approve sound and stands still, letting me touch him. His butt is sweaty and warm. I pat it, squeeze it and caress it softly. I cannot believe I am actually touching his butt. I want to let my fingers slide into his crack and feel his cute hole again, but refrain from it. With a sight I release his ass and roll over onto my back. I really want to jerk myself, I can feel my cock throbbing but decide to wait until my brother leaves the room.
But he doesn’t.

He stretches himself and then turns around and jumps back onto the bed. After a bit of a tussle he sits down with one leg folded under him, and the other awkwardly stretched to the side. He positions himself between my legs.
His giant blue eyes are focused on the visible bulge in my loose shorts. He looks at me for a second with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes. I realize his plan. I want to stop him, well actually I don’t. I want him to touch me. In one fast motion he clasps my underwear with both hand and yanks it down. My cock is drawn down in the motion but flings right back up again. I open my mouth a few times to say something but I cannot voice any words. He looks at my cock with a big smile. He wants to say something but stops and frowns. One finger trails over my lower belly, it tickles but it’s so close to my cock my heart feels like it’s about to explode.
“Aren’t you supposed to have hair down there yet?” He asks.
I nod. “Yes, but I shave it.” My voice is a whisper although I tried to talk normally.
He lifts up his hand and moves toward my hard cock. He approaches it hesitantly and with care, as if he is about to pet a wild animal. Finally I feel his small soft hand on my cock. Awkwardly he wraps it around my shaft and pulls it up so it points towards the ceiling. His grip is very soft, as if he is scared to break it.

My vision is surreal. I look down, along my so familiar belly. The sight of my shaved crotch is also so familiar. My cock looks like it always looks when I’m aroused. But between my legs sits my young cute brother. His pose is awkward yet so erotic. He is bending slightly forward bringing his face closer to my cock. He watches it with a boyish fascination. He sight of his small hand around my throbbing cock is erotic and scary at the same time. It’s an odd collision of worlds.
Looking behind it I see him sitting there. Even though he just came his cock is slightly hard again. Standing upwards pointing to his face. I feel him make a hesitant tug on my cock. His grip is so soft my skin hardly moves with his hand. His eyes flash between my cock and my eyes. There is a questioning look on his face, asking for permission or approval.

I smile comforting. I have to take a few deep shuddering breaths before I trust my voice.
“You have to grip it tighter.” I softly tell him.
I feel the strength in his hand increase. My heartbeat echo’s in his palm.
He tugs on my cock again. It feels unreal.
“Like this?” He asks me. He doesn’t even wait for an answer but keeps tugging on my cock.
It’s a bit awkward and erratic, but I close my eyes and just relish in the feeling of his small hand moving up and down my shaft.
I lay like this for a while. His tugging doesn’t bring me any closer to an orgasm yet it’s the most erotic experience I’ve ever had. When I feel his warm breath I open my eyes.
His head is cocked sideways and his hair is tickling my upper legs. He is watching my skin wrinkle and relax under his touch. He moves his hand as far down as he can, uncovering my head. He keeps it there and moves my cock to the side for a better view. Once he has seen enough he covers my head again and looks at me.
“So when does the cum come?” He asks impatiently.
Now it’s my turn to giggle.

I softly grab his hand and reposition it right beneath my sensitive head. I move his hand upwards tightly so the skin covers my head, but his hand has a tight grip on it, and then move down again. A small pulse shoots through my entire body.
“Like this.” I breathe to him.
He starts jerking me now. Not like a pro but hesitantly without a rhythm. Yet pulse after pulse rockets through my body.
I am having difficulty to speak. “Once you feel that throbbing getting stronger, you need to move your hand faster…”
I want to tell him more but my voice fails me. I let my head down onto the pillow again and spread my legs more. It feels so good.
After a while I sense him getting a better rythym. I completely lose my senses.
I close my eyes but lay one hand on his knee. Reminding me that it’s my young brother doing this.
I swallow and an echo of the taste of his preteen cum shoots through my throat.
I get close to an orgasm.

He doesn’t feel it at first, but when a small moan escapes my mouth he starts moving faster. I feel one hand on my thigh. He is not caressing me but using it for a better grip. I open my eyes. His face is rigid in concentration and bright red. Every part of his body is shaking, moving his hand as fast as he can. I want to warn him but I can’t.
The feeling starts in my lower belly first. Like a fire that is spreading.
The orgasm is amazing. The first second my entire body goes numb, but then my cock explodes.
The first load shoots out and I hear that distinctive pat of seed hitting my bed. He is shocked and stops jerking. I quickly fold my hand around his and together we keep jerking the cum out of my cock. It sprays over my belly in thick streams. The last bits pulse in a gush over our hand. I have completely lost my vision. Everything is red and I bite my hand to prevent myself to moan loudly.
At the end our hands are still moving over my seeded head, slowly in a rhythm matching the last pulses in my softening cock.
When I can finally see again I am presented with a beautiful sight. He is smiling proudly. There is a huge grin on his face. When I release my grip he lifts his hand up to his face straight away. He opens his fingers revealing strings of white cum between them. There is an unbelieving look on his face.
I see him smell it and then wince. Without thinking he wipes it off on my blanket. He looks at me again with that smile.
His gaze is drawn to the cum on my belly and he puts one finger on it. He plays with it, spreading it over my skin.
“So this is cum?” he asks with excitement.
I nod to him.
He lets out a deep happy sigh. He then jerks on his own cock a few times, still surprised about all this new stuff. Finally he clambers over me and kisses my cheek. I turn my head and kiss him on his lips once more. He draws he face back right away.
For a moment I’m scared he doesn’t want it but then he giggles and points one finger to my mouth.
“You licked me with that you know” he says.
In my turn I point to his finger that still has some spots of sperm on it and tell him “You jerked me with that you know”.
He lets out a battle yell and flings himself on top of me. Totally forgetting the cum on my belly.
I feel it being squashed between our bodies. His eyes grow huge when he notices it and jumps off me again. There is a mess of cum on his tight tummy and he desperately tries to wipe it off. “Ieeeew”.
I cannot help but laugh at the sight of him struggling. “It’s warm!” he exclaims.
In mock anger of my laughter he whacks his cum ridden hand onto my belly. I immediately retaliate by smacking my cum hand on his chest. Within seconds we are wrestling on the bed trying to get my cum on each other.

Once our cumfight is over, I’m lying on top of him. I cannot help but kiss every freckle on his face.
We both smell horrible and the taste of his juice is now mingled with that of my own seed.
He lets me kiss him on his lips a few times. He claps his arms tightly around my neck and back in a hug. I lower myself and let my head rest next to his.
I see his ear and nibble on it softly. He shivers.
“Shower?” I ask him softly.
I feel him nod.
I try to get up but he doesn’t remove his arms. I collect my strength and stand up. He is dangling from my neck.
“Aren’t you going to let go?” I ask him.
“No!” He says mockingly.
I place my hands under his butt and lift him up, supporting his weight. Leniently he lifts his legs to my back and locks them together. He lets go off my back and leans backwards. His body makes a beautiful curve. His head is hanging down making his longish hair fall towards the ground. He is just perfectly beautiful. In his backwards curve I can count every rib and his belly is stretched like a sheet of paper. I make a turn and he flings his arms wide and makes whooping sounds.
I support his back with both hands.
“Gee it looks like I have a new belt.” I say out loud and pretend he isn’t there. I walk over to the mirror on my door and make a pose, looking at the cute boy attached to my body. He looks so slender. Our eyes meet in the mirror.
“It suits you” he says.
“Yeah, although it’s a bit loose in the middle” I tell him and squeeze his thigh with one hand. He giggles and yells “Don’t! I’ll fall.”
I rub his tummy softly and then support him again while I laugh softly.
I position his head close to the door. Like an upside down ninja he unlocks it and opens the door.
He puts one arms ahead of him in a superman pose so he fits through the opening and places the other in a curve on his side.
“To the shower!” He yells heroically.
Together, like an odd Siamese twin, I walk into the bathroom.

We both clean each other of my cum in the shower. The entire time he asks more questions than I can handle.
“Where does that feeling come from?” “When can he make white cum?” “Is it always this much?
“Why isn’t pee white?” On and on.
I do my best to answer all of them. He only shows a small sign of embarrassment when he asks me why I licked him. I explain to him that I just wanted to do it, and that it tasted really good.
It comforts him.

When we have dried ourselves off and walk back to my room to get dressed we both hesitate. I don’t want him to cover his beautiful body up, and apparently he thinks the same.
Finally with a red face he asks me if it’s ok to stay naked a little longer. I lock my room again and let him play games on my computer. All the time I rub him all over, massage his back and neck, softly caress his crotch and thighs. He loves it. Every time I take my hands of his body he wiggles a part he wants caressed.
When we hear our parent’s car park in the driveway we are shocked back into the world.
We both rush to get dressed again but I am no match for his speed. I have only fitted one leg in my underwear and see him already dressed unlocking the door. He opens the door and takes one step out, then he turns around and nearly tackles me with a powerful hug. He squeezes my middle. I look down and see him staring up to me with those eyes of his. “Thank you” he whispers. He bolts out of the room. I get my other leg in my underwear and try to put it on. But my little brother rushes back into my room. He grabs my soft cock, lifts it, lets it fall with a soft pat onto my balls, he giggles and runs out again. I cannot help but laugh at his weirdness.

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