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(HOAR adjective : white or grayish white in color, usually as a result of age or frost.)
(HORNY slang : feeling sexy, sexually excited, or easily aroused sexually.)

Hoary The Horny Snowman
By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2013)

“Mom, I’m going outside to play. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before dark” Tommy called out as he pulled on his worn winter coat.

“Wait a minute young man” came the sound of his mother’s voice in response. “Let me see how you’re dressed first.”

A minute later she came down the stairs wearing her pajamas with a pale blue terry cloth robe over them even though it was mid afternoon. She looked at her only child then shook her head disapprovingly.

“First of all Tommy Jones where are your mittens and hat? Plus you still need to tell me where it is you’re going” she said as she bent down and adjusted the zipper on his coat, pulling it all the way up to his elfin chin.

“Oh Mom, stop fussing with me. I’m not a baby anymore” Tommy told her with an exasperated tone to his voice.

“I know that honey but it’s a mother’s job to worry about her little man. Besides its cold out and I don’t want you to get sick from not being properly dressed for the weather.”

“Don’t worry, I was going to wear my hat anyway” he lied as he pulled it from the pocket of his coat and placed it on his head. “I’m just going to the backyard to play in the snow. Maybe later if I get bored I’ll go and see if James wants to come out.”

“That’s fine Tommy, just make sure you don’t go any further than James’ house.”

James Durante was one of Tommy’s best friends in the whole wide world and the neatest part was he lived only a block and a half away so Tommy could go to his house all on his own. But right then Tommy wasn’t looking to play with James; for some reason he wanted to be alone that frigid Sunday afternoon.

His mother kissed him goodbye on the cheek before closing the door behind him. She watched from the window next to the door as he stomped down the stairs before turning onto the walkway that ran between their home and the empty foreclosed house next door. A little later after eating breakfast she looked out the kitchen window and in spite of her melancholy mood the woman had to smile as she watched him running around playing in the narrow fenced in backyard. She wished that she could be so carefree again, if only for an afternoon.

She decided to jump in the shower and then get dressed but when she turned to leave her gaze fell upon the half empty bottle sitting on top of the refrigerator. Unable to stop herself she opened it before removing a glass from the cabinet and pouring herself a double of the clear, potent liquid. She drank it straight down without stopping and as she felt the warmth radiate internally she poured herself another glass. The second one she drank at a slower pace but it still disappeared too soon for her liking.

What was the point in getting dressed anyway? She had no plans since it was her day off and she’d already promised Tommy they could order pizza for dinner. No, she might as well just spend the day in her bedroom with her now almost constant companion. It was always there for her and while it couldn’t make her totally forget, it did help to deaden the still omnipresent pain. So with the bottle in one hand and the glass in the other, Mrs. Jill Jones retreated back to her warm and welcoming bed.

Meanwhile her son continued to play unaware of what she was doing, not that he was old enough to fully comprehend anyway. Tommy knew that she’d changed a lot in the last two years ever since that evening when the policeman came knocking came on their door. She used to be almost always happy and now she seldom smiled; the only exception being that Tommy could still draw one from her on occasion with something cute he said or did.

Right then he was pretending to be Naruto, the main character from his favorite cartoon. As he ran around in circles he imagined he was fighting all the Akatsuki, the bad guys who gave Naruto a hard time. When he became bored of that he tried to resume work on the snow fort he’d begun the previous week when it first snowed. But there’d been a few warmer days since then that had melted away much of the accumulation. Now with below freezing temperatures all weekend what was left was a small frozen mound.

“Gee willikers! This snow is too hard to work with” he thought to himself. “I need some softer snow and more of it.”

No sooner had he thought this than a light bulb went on over his head. Tommy knew exactly where he could get what he needed so he went to the shed against the house and entered it. A minute later he was pulling his little red wagon over the lumpy, frozen snow alongside the house. He turned left when he reached the sidewalk and it was a good thing for him his mother was currently becoming inebriated, for James lived in the opposite direction.

The cherubic tyke whistled as he walked, the wagon clattering behind. When he reached the corner he was careful to look both ways before he crossed like his mother had taught him. There was barely any traffic with it being Sunday so he had no problem reaching the other side. He continued walking until reaching the abandoned property which was girded by a high chain link fence topped with razor wire.

Tommy knew his mother wouldn’t be happy if she found out he was going there but it was perfect for what he needed. Besides he’d gone there sometimes with James and his older brother Frank and nothing bad had ever happened to them. He walked along until reaching a spot where the fence had been cut leaving a small gap. Due to his size he easily slipped through, though he had to hold the fence with one hand in order to squeeze the wagon inside as well.

Once he did he was unable to drag the wagon much beyond the fence for a large amount of snow had blown into a high drift caused by the north wind’s blowing. Tommy began to scoop handfuls of the snow and put it in his red wagon but even before it was full he realized that it might be a lost cause. The small amount that it could hold would necessitate him making multiple trips back to his yard in order to transport enough to complete the fort. So the boy sat down in the snow and pondered.

Within five minutes another idea came to him, this one even better. While there was no point in constructing a fort here, there was something he could build instead. Something that reminded him of past, happier times. He remembered when he was younger and along with his mom and dad they’d built the best snowman ever. Truthfully his parents did most of the work with Tommy lending a hand here and there but it had unquestionably been ‘his snowman’. Most importantly he’d been the one who decided how to decorate it and everyone knows that’s what determines the snowman’s personality.

Inspired by his idea Tommy started work immediately. He carried the wagon as he worked his way behind the drift so none could see him from the street. With the sun shining down on the open ground between the shuttered chemical factory and the snowdrift he tirelessly toiled on the task at hand. Within an hour he’d made three snow spheres from the largest for a base to the smallest for the head. Getting the middle section onto the base had been difficult but he persevered until it was accomplished. Unfortunately due to the large size of his unfinished creation Tommy was unable to reach high enough to place the head on top.

No matter what he tried was unsuccessful, whether it was jumping and putting it there or standing on his wagon and reaching up. Either he still couldn’t reach high enough or the head would roll off to the ground; in one case breaking into pieces. He was about to give up when he noticed a row of objects standing alongside the graffiti scarred, boarded up building. They were closed top, fifty-five gallon steel drum barrels used for storing both liquids and solids in a variety of industries, not that Tommy knew about such things. All he saw was something that was high enough for him to reach the top of the snowman if he were standing on it.

Of course moving one to where he needed was easier said than done. For the most part snow wasn’t a problem. For between melting and the wind creating the snow drift the ground between the building and the snowman was relatively clear. Rather it was that Tommy just wasn’t strong enough to maneuver one to where he wanted. Even if empty it would be difficult for him to move and those full proved impossible for the precocious tyke.

In frustration he kicked the drum located at the end of the row and to his surprise it moved slightly. When he then attempted to shift it from the wall he found that he was able to. It was still difficult but this particular barrel wasn’t full so with much toil and considerable luck he succeeded in moving it next to his snowman. Tommy then placed his wagon alongside the drum and used it to climb onto the barrel and once there he was able to place the head where it belonged.

Satisfied with its body Tommy knew he now had to find all the personal touches that would make it more than just snow but a real snowman. Taking his wagon he hurried home and while returning it to the shed he removed a number of charcoal briquettes from their bag and slipped them in his pocket before going inside. His mom was still in her room but he knew where at least some of what he sought could be found. He crept up to the attic and did his best to be quiet to not disturb his mother below as he searched.

There was an old wardrobe up there that dated back to his grandparents’ time and it was there he first looked. Almost immediately he found an old scarf he could use and after further digging he came up with a vest with four antique silver buttons which he also took. Finally after burrowing under some pants Tommy discovered an old belt that had belonged to his grandfather. He’d been a portly man late in his life and it appeared large enough to encircle the snowman’s considerable girth.

The only item he still needed from the attic was a hat but the only one he found just didn’t feel right to him. He vaguely remembered seeing one that was perfect on an earlier foray of his to the attic. He couldn’t recall where until it finally came to him. His grandfather had been something of a junk collector during his lifetime and on more than one occasion he’d brought home boxes of things he’d found or bought at garage sales and the like. It was one of those times that he’d discovered a crate belonging to a former vaudevillian magician named Melvyn the Magnificent. It contained many props for magic tricks but also a cape, a magic wand and a silken top hat.

Tommy located the crate and opened it after first clearing off a couple of boxes on top of it. His eyes widened with wonder as they fell upon the sought after chapeau. It was a truly spectacular specimen of evening dress from a bygone era in its elegance and craftsmanship. He found himself lifting it gingerly to avoid damaging it. He was about to close the crate when he noticed the wand out of the corner of his eye. He couldn’t explain why but something compelled the boy to take it as well.

With his finds secured Tommy then went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. In the bottom shelf was a bag of carrots which he removed and after examining them all he chose the one he thought was perfect for a nose. It wasn’t too long or too thin but instead was short and thick, being around four inches long with a similar circumference. Then he placed all the items in his school backpack save the hat which he didn’t wish to chance crushing, before heading back outside.

Again he took the same route and it was only after he’d crossed the street that he realized he’d forgotten about arms. A moment of indecision followed while he thought about what to do when fate intervened and gave a helping hand. Though the day was cold for the most part the weather had been calm, but at that instant a sudden gust of wind came from the north chilling young Tommy. As he shivered beneath its icy breath there was a loud cracking sound nearby and seconds later a large branch crashed to the ground twenty feet away.

Before it even settled Tommy was on his way toward it and realized as soon as he reached it his wish had been granted. For there were a number of smaller branches that grew from the main one and some of them seemed ideal for his need. In fact one of them had broken off when it hit the ground so he only needed to remove one. It wasn’t easy for the child as the branch had been living until the wind sheared it off but his perseverance was rewarded and now he had two slightly mismatched ‘arms’ firmly in his grasp.

A few minutes later he stood by his snowman and he began to personalize it. First he put the vest over the middle section and buttoned it closed and it fit like it was made for the snowman. Next came placing the belt below the vest before he tackled the arms. The boy examined both branches and neither was straight but instead each had a bend that resembled an elbow joint and the best part was at the ends were a number of tiny finger like twigs.

In fact one had exactly five tiny splayed branches with one offset like a thumb so Tommy used that first. It was shorter and thicker than the other branch and when he slid it into the snow it went in smoothly and appeared almost as if they fused together. The other was longer though not as thick and at the end there were eight twigs.

Tommy broke off three twigs leaving on the five that made it most resemble a hand and then inserted it into the body of the snowman. With that done he again climbed onto the top of the drum so he could make the face. The charcoal briquettes were used both for the eyes and the mouth while of course the carrot served as a nose. The three removed twigs weren’t discarded but in a flash of inspiration they became eyebrows and a pencil thin mustache. Next came the long scarf which he wrapped below the head with the excess draping over the vest.

Finally the silk hat was placed on top and it fit perfectly. After climbing down Tommy gazed up at his creation with wonder. He had almost forgotten about the wand but then remembered and slipped it between the twig fingers which remarkably held it in place. All that was left now was to give the snowman its name.

He thought long and hard about it, considering then discarding a hundred names for one reason or another. It had to be a name that reflected its nature without being too cutesy while also being original. Then it came to him - a blast from the past. Back when still alive his dad loved to listen to music, so often Tommy would hear it as they spent time together. One of his dad’s favorite bands had been Siouxsie and the Banshees and one of their songs contained a word Tommy didn’t know the meaning of. So he had asked his father who’d explained what it meant.

“It’s perfect” he called aloud. “I know what to call you - you’re Hoary. Hoary the Snowman!”

Tommy smiled when he said this as somehow it made him feel close to his dad though he was now in heaven watching down. He felt so happy he even did a little impromptu dance until he slipped on a patch of ice and fell on his butt. That did nothing to dampen his high spirits for as soon as he hit the ground he started to laugh with good cheer.

Then for the next hour he talked to his snowman, partially about silly things but he also shared some of his own hopes and fears. Before he knew it the sun had almost set as he’d forgotten about time while he confided in his new friend. Tommy realized he had to hurry home before his mother started to worry where he was and possibly call the Durante house looking for him. With a wave to Hoary he turned to go but not before saying bye.

“Good night Hoary but don’t worry, I’ll come and visit you tomorrow. I have to go to school but afterwards on my way home I’ll stop by.”

The next day he couldn’t wait until school was over and because of that the day seemed to drag. Eventually the final bell rang and he rushed out the door while still pulling on his coat. He dragged James with him to see his new friend so naturally James’ big brother Frank accompanied them. However once they’d climbed around the snowdrift the snowman was nowhere to be seen though the barrel remained.

“I’m telling you, he was right here. I swear it! I don’t understand what happened to him.”

“Maybe he melted Tommy. He was made of snow, right?” James replied.

“No, that can’t be it. It wasn’t that warm today and he was way too big to melt that fast.”

“I’ll tell you what happened, you little weirdo” Frank interrupted, upset that he was freezing his ass off while waiting for his brother. “That drum you used to climb on, do you have any idea what was in it? Because it leaked out the bottom right onto your snowman and probably disintegrated it. Must have been some kind of toxic waste or something. Look at the label on it, must be some kind of warning. C’mon let‘s go guys”

To his horror Tommy saw Frank was right, at least partially. For he could see a gray, sludge like ooze on the ground that had seeped from the barrel and pooled where Hoary had stood. He hadn’t noticed before but the bottom of the drum was dented and corroded. On closer inspection Tommy noticed there was also some kind of multi colored diamond shaped sticker affixed to the barrel though it was too faded to be read easily.

“But wait” Tommy exclaimed “even if this goop melted the snowman it doesn’t explain what happened to his clothes. They can’t melt.”

“Listen you dumbass, this stuff is mad powerful and probably destroyed the clothes as well. I’m going and so is James and if you have half a brain you’ll come too. I don’t want to be within fifty feet of this shit.”

After saying that Frank grabbed his brother by the arm and headed back the way they’d come. Tommy stood for a moment before he reluctantly followed. Right as he turned the edge of the drift he looked back. For a second he thought he saw movement near the corner of the boarded up plant but as he stood and stared he saw nothing more.

“Tommy, come on!” James called to him.

Shaking his head the boy hurried after them and slipped through the hole in the fence. He was silent the rest of the walk home even as James attempted to cheer him up while Frank teased him mercilessly. Normally Tommy was watched by a neighbor woman from the block, a Mrs. Quimby, after he got out of school until his mom finished work. Once he completed his homework that afternoon he told her he was going to visit James, which was a common occurrence.

“All right Tommy, you can go. Just make sure you’re back before your mother gets here to pick you up” the sweet old lady instructed him.

“Don’t worry, I will” he replied as he rushed out the door.

He hurried back to the abandoned plant as fast as his short legs could take him and squeezed through the fence. He went to where Hoary had been though he kept a safe distance, for if the toxic sludge had caused what happened then he didn’t want to come in contact with it. But Tommy wasn’t convinced that was what had happened so he started toward the building.

Once he rounded its corner to his amazement he found Hoary - but he’d been transformed! For a start he appeared larger than before but where previously his bottom section had been like a giant snowball now the top third remained the same but he had two thick snow legs with snow feet descending from there. When the snowman saw Tommy he turned and started to retreat until the boy overcame his shock and called out to him.

“Wait Hoary, don’t go! It’s me, Tommy. Don’t you remember me talking to you yesterday? I’m your friend!”

Like a dog responding to its master’s call, the now ambulatory snowman stopped and then cocked his head as the boy spoke. Heartened by this, Tommy rushed forward toward the snowman who turned in his direction. When he caught up to his creation the boy’s eyes filled with wonder at the fantastic change that had occurred since he’d made him.

“Gee Hoary, you’re alive! How did that happen?”

“Alive? I don’t know what I am but I do remember your voice” Hoary replied in a cheery voice.

“Of course you do. Do you remember that it was me that made you?”

“No, all I remember was hearing your voice, then it was quiet and dark for a long time. When it got light I could now see but I started to feel warm and I was afraid that I’d melt and I didn’t know what to do. So I thought about moving away and all of a sudden I grew legs.”

“Wow! That is so awesome! It’s like something from a book or a TV show. Well since you’re alive now, do you want to play with me Hoary?”

“Sure Tommy, whatever you want. You‘re my friend.”

For the next hour they had great fun throwing snowballs at each other though every time Hoary was hit he would simply absorb the snowball into his body which Tommy thought was unfair. But as the sun sank down it became time for him to go, reluctant as the boy was to depart.

“Don’t worry Hoary, I’ll be back tomorrow and we can play again.”

“Can’t I come with you Tommy?” Hoary replied sadly “I don’t like being all alone.”

“Golly Hoary, I wish I could take you home but I don’t know how I’d explain you to my mom. Besides if people saw a snowman walking down the street they would freak out and probably call the police. They might arrest us and take you to jail where you’d melt.”

Hoary shook his head and shuddered just at the thought of melting.

“No I don’t want that to happen. I guess that means I’m trapped here.”

“Well I’ve been thinking and I might have a plan. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try though. Bye for now, but I promise I’ll come back.”

The two new friends walked around to the front of the building and as Tommy left the property Hoary waved goodbye. The rest of that night and all the next day in school Tommy went over the plan in his mind. In fact he was mildly rebuked by his teacher Ms. Crabtree for daydreaming in class and not paying attention but none could’ve blamed him if they knew the actual circumstances.

Finally the last bell rang signaling the end of classes for the day. He didn’t even wait for James but instead rushed home in order to begin implementing his plan. The wardrobe in the attic again provided him with materials needed and soon he was standing with his new friend as he explained the details.

“Right now I have to go to Mrs. Quimby’s house before it gets too late but I’ll be back. When I do, put on this long coat, gloves and snow boots and then we‘ll go.”

Hoary assented and assured Tommy he’d be ready and waiting and was true to his word. The final touches to the disguise were a pair of big sunglasses followed by wrapping the scarf around the lower part of Hoary’s face covering it completely.

When they came to the hole in the fence Tommy struggled mightily to pull it wide enough for Hoary to slip through but the snowman held up his gloved hand and signaled for the boy to stand back. He then took hold of the fence and easily pulled it back to the point where the steel ripped and he could walk thru without it touching him.

“Gee willikers Hoary, I could hardly move it. How did you do that?”

“I’m not sure, I just knew how to. Kind of like walking and talking. Plus I appear to be very strong.”

“It must be magic cause your hat and wand used to belong to a magician. Well, either way we have to go.”

They turned and were soon hurrying along the sidewalk as quickly as they could. They received a few strange looks, this mismatched pair, but none stopped or questioned them and soon they stood safely in Tommy’s backyard.

“You can stay here pal of mine and you won’t be bothered any. Only thing is, at night it would be better if you went into the shed so you’ll be out of sight of my mom when she gets home. Do you want to sleep or have anything to eat?”

“I don’t think so. I can stand still and relax but I don’t think I can sleep. And somehow I understand what you mean by eating but I doubt I have to. I don’t think I have a stomach anyway.”

“Wow! That would be neat if I didn’t need to sleep. I could do a lot more stuff but I get tired. But I like eating, at least some stuff like ice cream. Maybe you should try that, it’s frozen like you. Okay Hoary, I have to go now but I’ll see you after I get home tonight. If you want you can take off the disguise now but keep it in the shed in case you have to wear it again.”

That night while his mom cooked dinner he again met with the sentient snowman and they talked so quietly there was no chance they’d be overheard. For a thought had come to Tommy; one that troubled him greatly and he needed to discuss it with the snowman.

“Right now things are okay Hoary, but when the weather gets warmer in the spring its going to be trouble for you. I don’t want to scare you but when that happens I’m afraid you’ll melt away and I don’t know what to do to stop it from happening.”

Before this revelation the snowman had seemed carefree but this sobering news soured his mood. He became grumpy and his replies to Tommy were now monosyllabic. The boy felt bad about having to tell him but it was concern for his friend’s welfare that drove him to do so. Still he had hope that a solution to the problem could be found.

“Don’t be sad Hoary, we’re not beaten yet. Tomorrow we can go on the computer and try to figure something out.”

The snowman just harrumphed so the boy said good night and went inside. The next afternoon Tommy again lied to Mrs. Quimby and said he was going to see James but instead he went home. First he turned the heat all the way down in the house and opened a dining room window to allow some cold air in before going out the backdoor to the yard. He led Hoary into the house once he’d put on the boots and from there to the dining room where the computer was located.

He showed the snowman how to use it and like everything else Hoary picked it up almost instantly. Tommy first researched the North Pole for he knew it was always cold but it was so far away he couldn’t imagine how to get Hoary there. The two of them sat there dejectedly until Tommy had to return to Mrs. Quimby’s house. Before they left he showed the snowman how to turn down the heat and also gave him his backdoor key so he could access the computer the following day once the house was empty.

“In case you come up with an idea while I’m at school then you can use the computer to check to see if it might work. If I get an idea I’ll check myself or tell you about it. Don’t worry though, I’m sure we’ll find something. It doesn’t make sense that you’d come to life only to melt away.”

Hoary wasn’t so sure about that but he realized his friend meant well, so he said nothing. That night as he stood in the shed he attempted to plot a strategy but the gaps in his knowledge of the world were too great to overcome. He resolved to learn as much as possible the next day so he might be able to find a solution. It was either that or perish when spring arrived and Hoary didn’t want that, for life was already sweet and he wanted to survive.

The following morning he listened as Tommy and his mother left the house and it was shortly after he unlocked the backdoor and slipped inside. He was sure to wear the snow boots so he wouldn’t leave a trail of moisture on the floor during his visit. The house felt very hot to him so the first thing he did was bottom the thermostat out before going to the dining room and opening the window wide. Next he turned the computer on and began to search the internet like Tommy had taught him how to.

It was due to the vagaries of search engines and how they listed sites that our story takes an even more amazing turn. Hoary learned much about weather and temperatures along with geography when he decided to also find out about himself, or rather his composition. So his twig fingers typed in the word snow and hit search.

Many of the listings contained useful scientific information while others were irrelevant but there were a few that caught his attention simply because he didn’t understand what they were about. So he clicked on one to see what it meant and to gain more knowledge of this strange world he found himself a part of. For he’d already discovered what an aurora was while researching the north pole but he hadn’t a clue what an aurora snow was; that is until he clicked the button.

If Hoary had an actual jaw it would have dropped when the image popped up on the screen. There before him in all her glory was a naked human female doing something with a naked human male and for whatever unexplainable reason he was spellbound. The snowman’s twig fingers clicked link after link as Aurora Snow, porn star extraordinaire, taught him the mysteries of the flesh though it appeared nothing about her remained a mystery.

Suddenly much as before when he grew legs Hoary felt something happening to his body, something new and exciting. While staring at the perverted and quite frankly gymnastic contortions she managed to twist herself into, often with multiple males, something emerged out of him from right between his wide snow legs. Something that was long, thick and as hard as solid ice.

Right after the snow phallus emerged Hoary felt more growing and a moment later two large snowballs popped free to hang below his frozen snow member. A horny grin spread over his face as his hand found his brand new part. He’d observed the various men stroking their protuberances with great pleasure as they cavorted with Aurora and he wished to try it out for himself.

The twigs curled around the base of the shaft and stroked it slowly in an upward motion and to his delight he experienced the most sublime feeling of his short existence. Faster his hand moved now, going up and down the prodigious length of the phallus as his charcoal eyes remained fixed on his instructor of the carnal arts. At that moment she was sucking and jerking a large cock as she knelt before its owner, when the man cried out he was going to cum.

Hoary was transfixed as he watched the man climax onto Aurora’s face as well as into her open and willing mouth. That triggered another new sensation in the snowman that he felt from his curling snow toes to the tingling top of his round head though it was centered in his newest parts. Suddenly from the frozen tip of his snow phallus exploded a thick white spurt of liquid. It shot over the computer screen with great force and was followed by many more.

During his first ever orgasm Hoary was given a brief taste of being one with the universe. That and how good it feels to shoot your load all over the place like crazy. No sooner had he finished then he decided to do it all again. His jovial smile became a lustful leer as his twig fingers continued their frenzied stroking.


Jill managed to work straight through to lunchtime that day without having a bad or depressing thought for a pleasant change. Since the day was cold she decided to eat somewhere close by though that limited her choices to either a fast food burger joint or the neighborhood bar and grille. As she passed the bar she noticed that on their daily specials sign they were offering a hearty French onion soup she thought would fit the bill on that chilly, winter afternoon.

It was only when she was sitting at a table with the steaming bowl before her that it happened. A random glance across the room where a man was whispering into the ear of his date who seemed enthralled was all it took. The feeling hit her like a speeding locomotive. Alone.

By the time Jill left the bar she had drunk three vodka martinis and called work to let them know something had come up unexpectedly and she wouldn’t be returning that afternoon. On the bus ride home she sat crying until a woman had offered her a tissue which caused her to pull herself together a bit. When she first arrived home her only concern was having another drink so it wasn’t until after she finished it and poured another that she removed her coat.

That was when she realized how cold the house felt. She remembered lowering the thermostat to sixty two degrees when she left for work but it felt much colder. With the drink in hand Jill walked toward the living room when she heard strange noises emanating from behind the closed dining room door. Without thinking she turned the doorknob intending to investigate the sounds.

What she saw when she did so made her doubt her sanity for a start. Standing there a few feet away was what appeared to be an over six foot tall living snowman watching a porno movie on the computer. A silk top hat, snow boots, a scarf, a belt and a vest with something protruding from a pocket comprised his wardrobe. What was even more disturbing was he was stroking his hard snow member while watching as a young woman was being penetrated by multiple men onscreen.

“Oh my God! I’ve lost it! There is no way this can really be happening!”

Jill slumped against the door frame, her mind spinning wildly. Somehow she managed to hold onto her glass which in itself rated as a minor miracle under the circumstances. Her eyes had tightly shut and she was babbling to herself and it was that sound which captured Hoary’s attention. Her womanly voice cut through the lustful haze and when he turned it was his turn to be surprised.

Tommy had so far been the only human he’d been in contact with, though he had been investigating a female of the species through the computer. So Jill Jones was the first real live woman he had seen with his own charcoal eyes and she certainly wasn’t a disappointment. In fact it made him realize how what he’d viewed on the screen was but a pale imitation of a real woman.

For despite her frequent bouts with depression the past two years after being widowed at age twenty six Jill Jones hadn’t lost an iota of her good looks. She was as beautiful as the day she married, the only differences being her hips had widened and her breasts had gotten fuller during her pregnancy and the positive changes remained in the years since Tommy’s birth.

There was something about her hysterical reaction which filled Hoary with pity but also guilt. For he understood that he was the cause of her troubled mood and wished to somehow comfort her, or at the least assure her he wasn’t a threat and in fact he was her son’s friend.

He approached the woman and reached out to her with one of his branch arms. Naturally it wasn’t the one engaged in stroking his member for he was loath to stop what he was doing in regards to that. He had just discovered the joys of sexual arousal, masturbation and orgasm and like a child with a shiny new toy he was unwilling to let go. And being in such close proximity to Jill only inflamed his inhuman lust. Still he felt he had to do something to calm her.

Jill felt a light touch on her cheek and when she opened her eyes the snow creature stood right before her. She closed her eyes again but still felt her face being stroked gently when she heard him speak to her in a voice both deep and kindly sounding.

“Um, excuse me. I’m sorry I’ve upset you but I wanted you to know that I mean you no harm.”

Jill opened her eyes and blinked a few times at the creature but she was still in such a state of shock that she was unable to do more at the moment. Hoary felt her looking at him was a good sign but now he found himself becoming somewhat tongue tied in her presence. He stammered a bit and felt hot under the scarf but he managed to say more to help her understand.

“Y-y-you must be Tommy’s mom. He’s spoken to me about you though he didn’t mention how beautiful you are.”

Somehow those words sank into her consciousness enough that she could respond.

“You know my Tommy?” she asked with a touch of hopefulness in her voice.

“Yes, in fact he’s the one who made me; as well as being my best and only friend. He also gave me permission to use the computer during the day while he’s at school. I’m so sorry I startled you.”

“Tommy made you, but how did he bring you to life?! And wait a second, but did you just say I was beautiful?”

“Yes Tommy’s mother, even more beautiful than the girl I’m watching on the computer.”

After Hoary compared Jill to a porn actress she felt a trifle embarrassed and so she cast her eyes downward where of course they fell upon his twig hand stroking his snocicle. It appeared so large and hard to her that her drunken mind wondered what it would feel like filling her suddenly tingling pussy. For his part Hoary took the opportunity to ogle her full breasts and he was able to catch a tantalizing glimpse of bare flesh where her top blouse buttons were undone while her chest rose and fell with her breathing.

Its doubtful things would have continued down this perverted path if she’d been sober, but she wasn’t by a long shot. Drunken curiosity (and add to that a touch of horniness and a pinch of frustration) got the best of Jill as her hand reached down and wrapped around Hoary’s thick (snow)manhood.

He let out a mighty groan as her touch pushed him past the frozen edge of frustration glacier and into a veritable sexual winter wonderland of orgasmic delight. Hoary had enjoyed his earlier climax and he would always treasure it as his first, but this one surpassed it in all ways. First being right next to a beautiful woman had excited him greatly and he’d discovered that his newfound sense of smell worked just fine as he savored Jill’s mingled scent of perfume, sweat, alcohol and the beginnings of arousal.

Then when she touched him it was like a revelation from heaven. For no matter how good his twig hand felt touching himself it couldn’t hold a candle to the incredible sensation he received when her much warmer hand encircled his cold shaft. It erupted like an Antarctic volcano and within seconds Jill’s blouse and slacks were coated and dripping with Hoary’s thick, sticky snow seed.

She watched with a combination of fascination and disgust as the white viscous fluid collided with and then clung to her clothing though a tiny drop here and there fell to the floor at her feet. But what had amazed her was as the snowman blew his load she could feel the life in his snow phallus. Each time it spurted Jill felt it tremble and pulsate in her hand. It was only when Hoary’s orgasm was finished and no more snow-cum emerged that she realized she had been unconsciously stroking its thick length.

She quickly removed her hand which prompted a disappointed sigh to escape Hoary’s mouth. However in spite of that setback he realized he had made a big mess on her which he should do his best to clean. He started to unwrap the scarf from around his neck with the intention of using it for that purpose when she stopped him with a raised hand.

“At this point it doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m not sure if my clothes are ruined but they’ll need more than that to clean them off.”

“I’m sorry about that Tommy’s mom.”

“Well since you’re Tommy’s friend, as strange as that is, you might as well call me by my name, which is Jill.”

“My pleasure to meet you Jill, I’m Hoary” he told her tipping his hat (with his free hand) and bowing slightly.

“Hoary, huh? I think horny would be more accurate” she told him with a giggle. “Though I’m sorry if I caused your accident.”

“Don’t be sorry Jill, at least for my sake. That was the greatest feeling I’ve experienced in the short time I’ve been around. Your hand felt so wonderful, much better than mine. I’m sorry about your clothes though.”

As he spoke Jill had started unbuttoning her blouse and after she slipped it off her shoulders Hoary was dumbstruck when he saw her large breasts now only covered by her lacy brassiere. When she unfastened her slacks and shimmied them down he was spellbound which turned to euphoria when her hand rested on the midsection of his body so she could lift each leg to remove them completely.

His still erect phallus literally bobbed and swayed without being touched he was so excited by Jill’s proximity to him when with no warning she crouched down. She tilted her head back as her brown eyes met his charcoal ones and he felt her warm breath on him. First she swallowed down what liquid remained in her glass for additional courage and then she wrapped her dainty hand around his frozen base while placing the glass on the floor.

“Would you like if I sucked your big snow cock, Hoary? Can I take that big thing into my little mouth? What do you say, hmm?”

All he could do was nod he was so worked up and when her full red lips opened and her pink tongue emerged and flicked across his head he almost came again.

“J-J-Jill, I want to warn you, I’m not sure how much of that I can take. My balls have another winter storm brewing.”

“Oh really! Well I’ll tell you what Hoary, you just wait until I take you in my mouth and then feel free to let yourself go.”

Putting her words into action the sexy widow opened her mouth wide and engulfed as much of Hoary as she could fit. Her lips slid down the shaft like it was a popsicle until the tip collided with the back of her mouth while at the same time her hand fondled his big snowballs.

For the third time that day Hoary felt the exhilarating rush of orgasm approach faster than a toboggan filled with plus size people hurtling down Deadman’s Slope when it was icy. Without thinking he grabbed Jill by her hair as he thrust forward. Seconds later her mouth was deluged by his splooge as it shot from his head in a torrent of thick white ejaculate.

Jill did her utmost to swallow it down and even though she was aided by the position of his head by her throat opening the large amount he produced proved more than she could handle. Even as she swallowed much of it, some did escape her mouth where it ran down to her chin and from there it cascaded to her full breasts where it settled in the valley of her ample cleavage. Hoary let out a delighted groan and now he knew for certain that a woman’s mouth felt even better than her hand on his snocicle.

Jill released him from her mouth with a popping sound as she swallowed the cum remaining in her mouth. It didn’t have much of a taste, just a faint hint of chemicals, but somehow it was as refreshing to her as the waters of a cold mountain spring. In fact she couldn’t get enough so she dipped her finger into what remained between her breasts and then greedily sucked it off.

If there had been a chance that his erection would subside after cumming then watching her eagerly feasting on his cum put an end to that. But Hoary wanted to try all he’d seen on the computer with her so as soon as Jill finished getting every drop of his seed he reached down and took her by the shoulders and pulled her to her feet. Once she was standing on her three inch heels Hoary snaked his longer arm behind her and with his nimble twig fingers he deftly unfastened her brassiere.

“Oh Hoary, you beast! I see you’re a snowman who see what he wants and takes it” she told him as she slid her bra off her shoulders and tossed it to the floor.

Her large nipples were already erect from the cold outside air that flowed in the open window but even if they hadn’t been his twig fingers pinching them roughly would have had the same effect. Jill felt her panties dampening as her juices escaped her and Hoary also smelled this which excited him further.

His hands now fondled each breast, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh and Jill moaned in response. As enjoyable as he found this Hoary wanted more, a lot more. So after a minute of this he slid his arms down to her waist and lifted her easily into the air before sitting her on the dining room table. From there his fingers slid under the waistband of her panties and tugged them down and he didn’t stop until they were off her.

He first brought them to his carrot nose where he inhaled deeply of her scent before he placed them on top of his erection. One of his hands then resumed stroking himself with the added stimulation of her silky lingerie while his other hand ran up the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

“Oh yes, don’t stop” she begged him as her thighs spread wider apart.

He traced the outline of her pretty pink pussy with a rough twig finger and his woody touch sent her senses reeling. When he brushed against her clitoris she gasped and when a finger entered her it proved to be too much. She let out a wail and threw her head back as her climax built. When he pinched her nub it sent her over the edge and it was for over a minute that her body shook and trembled in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Finally her orgasm subsided enough that she could see straight but her face now wore a wanton expression that most who knew her wouldn’t recognize. There was no need to encourage Hoary though, for he now bent his body so his head could be close to the object of his desire. Jill wasn’t sure what to expect but she wasn’t disappointed as his carrot nose slid between her lips and into her wet and juicy core.

“Yes Hoary, yes!” she cried out as all four orange inches penetrated her sopping pussy.

Though he didn’t have a proper tongue to lick her with Hoary was able to absorb her womanly juices with his face pressed to her pink lips as he nose fucked her. He had instinctively realized after he first gained ’awareness’ that he could absorb snow into his body as he’d done during the snowball fight with Tommy but he enjoyed her flavorful secretions much more than that.

Jill was also enjoying the feeling as he thrust his nose in and out of her wet pussy along with the feeling of his snow face colliding with her pelvis as he did so. When one twig hand found her breast and the other her clit she was in heaven and that was before he sped up his movement.

“Oh, I’m almost there! Please don’t stop! Yes!” Jill cried out as his efforts succeeded in again making her cum.

Hoary continued to pump his nose in her as she climaxed and he reveled in the amount of her juices that flowed from her onto his facial surface where he could ingest it. When it appeared her orgasm had ended he withdrew his now soaked nose from her passage prompting a disappointed sigh from Jill.

“Don’t worry gorgeous, I’m about to fill you with something much bigger - and colder” he told her with a lascivious leer. “Only one problem I can foresee - your insides are so hot I’m afraid you might melt my member some so I’m going to have to channel more of me to there as we go on to keep its size the same. Are you ready?”

“Yes Hoary, give it to me. Fill my tight, hot pussy with your big snow cock and fuck me good until I scream.”

“That sounds like a plan” he answered as he straightened his body up.

He started by running his snocicle shaft along the outside of her pink lips bringing them both pleasure. Even that was enough to melt a small amount of his shaft surface but he immediately absorbed the liquid back into himself as well as her juices. When he had built up an extra layer from her secretions he was ready to go for it.

First Hoary grabbed her supple legs near her knees and raised them to midair while also pushing them farther apart opening Jill’s petals even wider. He next pushed himself so his member was lined up with her hole. The tip of his snocicle slid between her open lips and once it was nestled there he drove forward hard, forcing a gasp from her lips.

She was already receptive to this due to his nose being in her earlier but his snocicle was much thicker and he only managed to work a third of it in her to begin with. But Hoary persevered and continued pushing deeper though he wasn’t sure if she could handle his full length. Still she managed to take over two thirds of his shaft in her pink paradise, for that was what it felt like to him.

Hoary now knew the greatest joy this world offers to those of the male persuasion. To wit, having his hard member squeezed and caressed by the most intimate part of a woman. This while plumbing her to the limits of her vaginal depths. For her part Jill had never felt so full as his wide shaft stretched her beyond what she’d ever experienced and somehow the coldness of his large member only fanned the white hot flames of her ardor.

He started at a relatively slow pace but as his passion grew he increased the tempo of his thrusts. Jill had placed her hands on his legs and did her best to encourage him to go deeper and faster by pulling on him. Hoary responded to her signal by sliding even more of his member inside her until his snow globes now slapped her ass with each thrust he made.

“Harder Hoary! Oh yes, give it to me baby! I love your big snow cock in me. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop now!”

He had no intention of doing that. In fact if the room had caught fire it was unlikely he would’ve attempted to flee he was so caught up in what he was doing with her. As they continued coupling he leaned his body forward which pushed her legs against her chest while all the time continuing his rapid pumping. He again felt climax nearing so he redoubled his efforts until with a shudder his body ceased moving. Jill felt him swell inside her and right after that he started to spew his chilly snow seed deep. It seemingly drew from an inexhaustible reservoir for even though it was his fourth orgasm of the day there was no diminishment in the volume of the slushy liquid.

In fact it was possible it was his biggest load as he was more turned on from this than what had happened earlier. Either way he came so much that it started to seep from her and onto the tablecloth while he was still filling her. Eventually no more came out so he withdrew his member from her which also allowed a large volume of cum to escape also.

“Wow! That was incredible Hoary. But what happened to you?” she asked him with the concern plain in her voice.

For as she looked at him she detected a change in his appearance. His snocicle was as long and thick as it had been but before his midsection had been full and round but now it looked much flatter and smaller to her and the vest hung loosely.

“Oh that. I told you how hot your little pussy was and I’m afraid it was melting me as we fucked. I had to shrink other parts of my body in order to keep my full length but it was worth it.”

“Does that mean if you were to fuck me some more then you would keep shrinking until there was nothing left? That would be horrible.”

“It might happen that way if I kept going without doing anything about it but I don’t plan on that. All I have to do is be in contact with snow or some type of liquid though snow works best, I believe. Maybe I should go out to the yard for a little while and regenerate.”

Jill slid from the table onto her feet though she had to hold on to steady her body as her legs were a trifle unsteady from the pounding she’d just taken. The carpet under her feet was wet and with a start she realized that had come from Hoary’s melting body.

“Come on Hoary, I’ll let you out the backdoor” she said before turning and leaving the dining room after first picking up the glass from the floor.

He followed right behind and the whole time his eyes were focused on her round, shapely ass. Before that he really hadn’t a chance due to the positions she’d been in but he now was unable to look away. In fact without thinking he slapped it with his hand leaving four red marks from his twig fingers. She turned and glared at him though as soon as she saw his swaying snow cock she was unable to stay angry.

“Sorry Jill, but I couldn’t help myself. Your ass is so beautiful and it seemed to be asking for it” he sheepishly informed her with his head hung low.

“I forgive you Hoary, though I may ask something from you later to prove your sincerity. But I guess you’re what I’d call an ass-snowman.”

They continued into the kitchen and Jill poured herself a drink before going to the door. Hoary watched with curiosity as she took a sip then smiled.

“Do you mind if I ask what that is? It’s clear like water but unless my carrot nose is mistaken then it’s something else.”

“This” she said holding up the glass for his inspection “is a drink we people call vodka. Would you like to try some? It’ll grow hair on your chest.”

“I don’t know why I’d want that even if it was possible. Besides you’re drinking it and you sure don’t have hair on yours.”

“It was just a joke. But it makes you feel good, so try it if you like.”

She held out the glass to him and he took it from her. First he looked at it closely and then took a sniff.

“Its strong so you’re better off just drinking it down.”

He nodded then in one gulp he swallowed it all. Immediately he felt a type of fire spread outwards from the liquid as it coursed through his snow body but he had to admit he liked the feeling it gave him.

“More please” he requested while handing the empty glass back to Jill.

She poured another glass but surprised him by instead handing him the bottle before taking a sip from the glass.

“You might as well drink from this Hoary. You’re bigger than I am so you might need more. Now go outside and I’ll see you in a little while, snow stud.”

As he headed out the door Jill gave his snocicle a squeeze in passing. He went out by the frozen mound that was all that was left of Tommy’s unfinished fort. Since he was wearing boots he had to kneel down so his body could come into contact with the snow that remained on the ground. As he absorbed it he also absorbed the remaining vodka in the bottle; though in the more traditional way.

By the time he had regained his former size he was also quite polluted with his snow alcohol level well beyond the legal limit. He staggered to his feet and swaying heavily he headed into the shed to avoid the afternoon sun. He wasn’t there long when Jill appeared at the door. She was wearing a pair of snow boots herself as well as a long bubble coat. However once she stepped inside she removed the coat revealing she had nothing on beneath it.

Hoary’s charcoal eyes near bugged out of his snow head when he saw this and his snocicle which had softened though not shrunk immediately sprang upwards so that it jutted out proudly.

“I see someone’s glad to see me” Jill told him with a grin right before her hand encircled his girth.

“You got that right bitch. Now suck my big, snow cock!”

“Excuse me! Who do you think you’re talking to and where did you learn to speak like that?” she said, releasing him and then putting her hands on her wide hips.

“Did I say something wrong?” he slurred. “I saw them talking like that to Aurora Snow on the computer before so I thought it was okay.”

“Well, I guess you didn’t mean any harm by it, but that’s a movie, it isn’t real. But is that what you want, do you want me to be your little bitch?” she replied, warming up to the idea of role playing with him.

He was now totally confused but that is common for any male dealing with a woman, let alone for someone that had just recently been created and was finding his own way in the world. Fearing to say the wrong thing Hoary just nodded his head. Jill crouched before him and wrapped her hand right around the base while her other hand played with his big snowballs. She began by running her tongue the length of his shaft, starting at the bulbous head and sliding it down his full length until reaching the bottom. Her tongue lashed it all around until his shaft was coated by her saliva.

She then opened her mouth as wide as she was able to and swallowed the head into her warm and willing mouth. Jill bobbed her head up and down taking as much as would fit with every pass. His twig fingers ran through her long, dark hair as she sucked him deep and he again felt himself melting. But what a way to go!

Still as much as he enjoyed being sucked Hoary wished to fill her flesh sheath again with his snow sword. And he knew what position he wanted to try next. By this time Jill had resumed licking all around his head so he was able to move her away from him. She then looked up at him questioningly.

“Yes Hoary, what do you want me to do? What do you want from your horny little drunk bitch?”

“Stand up and turn around” he demanded.

With a final lick to his sno-cone Jill stood and then turned her back to him. He took his shaft with one hand while the other pushed her body down so she was bent at the waist. Once she was in position he pressed his large head to her entrance and started to rotate his hips. The tip of his head just penetrated her pink lips but he went no deeper and instead was content for the time being in just making little circular movements. After a minute of this Jill thought she would go crazy from lust so she attempted to move her booty back toward his snocicle. He thwarted that by exerting equal force with his powerful arms to keep her butt where it was.

“Please Hoary, stop teasing me! I want your big snow cock in me all the way. Give it to me baby!”

“All right, I will. You better brace yourself against the wall first” the horny and drunk snowman replied to the drunk and horny milf.

No sooner had Jill placed the palms of her hands against the shed wall then Hoary took hold of her hips with both hands and drove as deep as she could take. The breath was forced from her when he did but she didn’t care, not as long as he filled her pussy with his frozen treat.

Meanwhile an idea had occurred to him while he teased her which he decided to attempt. Hoary had discovered he could manipulate his body to a point so he attempted something new. Focusing all his concentration he managed to freeze his balls - literally turning them from snowballs to iceballs. He hoped this would allow him to delay his orgasm for up to that point Jill made him cum much too fast for his liking.

He was successful in his effort and now with them in a frozen state he let himself go. Jill was caught somewhat off guard as he pounded her harder and faster than he had previously, not that she was complaining. It wasn’t until after he’d made her climax repeatedly and the muscles in her legs were shaking violently that she said something coherent although she’d been moaning almost nonstop.

“Damn it Hoary, you’re like a sex machine that doesn’t stop. But my legs can’t take anymore.”

“Okay” he told her as he withdrew from her tight, wet passage. “Get onto the floor and on your knees.”

Her body slid to the floor where she positioned herself with her shapely ass sticking up high and her head and chest pressed to the cold shed floor. As he crouched behind her Hoary noticed that he’d left finger marks on the soft tender flesh of her hips where his fingers had dug into her. He resolved to be more careful in the future and not forget about his superior to human strength but at the moment his focus was reinserting his snocicle into her welcoming pussy.

Jill cried out as the large head worked its way in followed by several inches of cold hard shaft until she felt the frozen balls collide with her aroused clit. Now that Hoary was buried in Jill he placed one hand against the wall for leverage while resting the other on her ass and he then went to town on her. He thrust deeply and rapidly into her pussy until she thought she’d go mad from desire.

If someone had seen the shed from the outside at this time they’d wonder no doubt why an earthquake was only striking that one small plot of land. For the shed was swaying and shaking something terrible and on a few occasions it even seemed to go airborne a few inches before crashing back to the earth. If they had ears however they’d realize what was causing this as Jill was letting out a constant stream of moans, groans and filthy talk.

“Oh yes! Fuck me Hoary, fuck your little bitch. That’s it baby! Fill my hot, wet hole with your ice cold pole. Uuhnn, ooh! Yes! Yes! Oh don’t stop!”

For his part Hoary was unable to even speak he was so overwhelmed from the sheer erotic pleasure he was experiencing. By this point he would have cum two or three more times if his balls weren’t frozen and he now was in a constant state of heightened ecstasy. His charcoal eyes watched as his white thickness slid in and out of her tight pinkness with a sense of wonder and he had difficulty believing this was happening to him.

In spite of this Hoary was curious about something else he’d seen in the movie earlier so he attempted to satisfy this urge. Right above Jill’s snow filled pussy her tight brown hole winked merrily at him in invitation, spurring him on. He slowed the speed of his pumping though not by much; instead he worked at a steadier controlled pace. That allowed him to move his hand from the wall and with it remove the wand from his vest pocket.

He put the tip of the wand in his mouth to moisten it and as soon as it was prepared he positioned it outside her backdoor and waited for the right moment. That chance came a couple of minutes later when he surmised by her increasingly loud moans that she was approaching another orgasm. Hoary pulled out most of his snocicle leaving only the swollen head inside her. Then as he drove it all the way back into Jill he also pushed the wand halfway into her tiny sphincter causing her to squeal loudly.

“Hoary that’s an exit, not an entrance” she cried out, but in conjunction with his thrusting member the wand delivered the magic of another orgasm to her lush body.

Hoary held on for dear life after that as her body bucked and thrashed beneath him in the throes of a powerful climax and he wondered how much he could take. For Jill’s vaginal muscles clamped so tightly on his snocicle he feared for a moment that she might crush it or even worse separate it from his body. In spite of that fear it was Jill’s body that gave out first and she was unable to keep her ass in the air any longer. Her lower half slid off his rampant snocicle to the shed floor below so she was sprawled out on her belly.

“I’m sorry Hoary but its been years since I’ve been fucked this hard. Wait, to tell the truth I’ve never been fucked like this before and my damn legs won’t cooperate anymore.”

“Don’t worry about it, my sexy bitch lady” he said as he tipped his silk top hat to her. “I understand completely. What you need to do is roll onto your back so we can continue this face to face.”

“Fine but first you need to remove whatever you stuck up my ass.”

“That was only my magic wand. I gather from your tone that I won’t be putting anything else there, like say something much thicker and frostier?” he asked with little hope as he pulled out the wand.

“Let me guess, something else you saw on the internet? Before today I never thought I’d be having hot sex with a living snowman so I doubt I’ll rule anything out in the future. Who knows, play your cards right like you’ve been doing so far and you never know.”

He smiled on hearing her reply, his eyes twinkling with mirth and perversion. Jill rolled over then beckoned him hither with her curled finger. Hoary positioned his big snow body between her limp legs and while leaning on his longer arm he guided his snow member to her velvet soft lips.

Once he slid in Jill, her legs hooked around his, holding him in place as he began to grind deeper. His shorter arm moved up allowing his hand to fasten to her full breast and squeeze it. The buttons on the vest pressed into her soft skin as did the large belt buckle but she cared naught. All that mattered was the feeling of her body as it responded to Hoary’s thrusting.

He was driving like a jackhammer when she caught him off guard by suddenly sucking his nose into her warm mouth and running her tongue on it sensuously. All he could do was moan in response and it became much louder and higher in tone when her hand snaked underneath her leg and cupped his frozen balls.

Hoary tried to continue to what he was doing but there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. Like with the spring thaw causing the mountain streams to again flow, Jill’s warm hand caused the passage between Hoary’s balls and phallus to melt. That in turn released the floodgate allowing all the slushy cum that had built up in his loins to gush forth and flow into her canal with no warning. His body collapsed onto Jill as he continued to flood her insides even while some of the white fluid streamed around his invading shaft and down her leg. The two of them remained like that for some time, neither willing to be the first to move, each caught up in the moment and wishing for it to never end.


“Hoary, are you in here? Hello?” Tommy called out as loud as he dared after closing the front door behind him.

That afternoon he had been given an extra homework assignment by Ms. Crabtree because of his not paying attention in class again. Because of that it had taken longer to finish than usual before he could leave Mrs. Quimby’s house. It was already dark and both the backyard and the shed were empty when he arrived. Then when he noticed the dining room window was still open he hurried inside.

To his dismay the dining room was also empty and now the boy was getting nervous. Maybe something had happened to him he worried. Perhaps he’d been seen creeping into the house and was mistaken for a burglar and arrested or something even worse. When a search of downstairs came up empty Tommy didn’t know what to do when he heard something from upstairs. It was faint but it sounded like his mother’s laughter.

Slowly the boy climbed the stairs, his heart in his throat. When he reached the top he noticed light coming around the edges of the closed door to his mother’s room. He again heard her giggle followed by a sound he couldn’t identify.

“Mom! Is that you?” he called out.

“Tommy! What the …? Wait there a minute young man.”

He heard the sounds of movement for a minute and then the door opened partially. Jill stood in her robe with her long, dark hair hanging down and disheveled and she looked sweaty in spite of the cold temperature in the house.

“Well Tommy, what are you doing home? You should be at Mrs. Quimby’s until I pick you up in a little while.”

“I know Mom, I’m sorry. But why are you here?”

“Don’t worry about me young man. You still haven’t answered me why you’re here and did you tell Mrs. Quimby where you were coming?”

“No Mom” he said in a quiet voice “I told her I was going to see James.”

“Tommy, that’s not like you to lie. Tell me why.”

“I had to come home Mom, it was important. But now I don’t know what happened ‘cause he’s missing.”

The boy appeared so upset that Jill had to allay his fear though she still felt he needed to be punished.

“It’s all right Tommy. Hoary is fine but you should have told me about him.”

His face changed to something out of a Norman Rockwell picture the way it lit up when he heard that news. Tommy was so happy that he ran forward and launched himself into the body of his mother and hugged her hard. He did this with so much force that not only was Jill forced back a step but the door was pushed all the way open.

After he broke the embrace his jaw dropped when he saw his new friend in his mother’s bed with the covers pulled up to his waist and a smoking corn cob pipe in his mouth. Her face turned a deep shade of crimson when she realized her young son saw this but luckily he had no idea of the significance. He rushed around Jill and went up to Hoary.

“Hey Hoary, what are you doing here?”

“Well honey, he was feeling a little peckish so I thought resting in bed might help him” his mother answered.

“Yeah, maybe he’s sick. He looks skinnier than before. Are you okay pal?”

“Why yes Tommy and thank you for asking. You’re a good friend. The truth is I’ve never felt better and I owe it all to your mother. She’s quite a talented lady.”

Tommy missed the meaningful glances they exchanged and Jill’s face reddened further but he did notice something strange.

“Hoary, what is that big lump under the covers?” he asked while pointing his finger in the direction of a sizable bulge located a little below the quilt centered between Hoary’s legs.

“Okay Tommy, you can talk to Hoary later” Jill said interjecting herself before things got out of hand. “First things first. Since you feel free to travel between here and Mrs. Quimby’s on your own I want you to go back there and get your stuff together. I’ll call her and let her know I’m home. Later after dinner we can talk about Hoary. Now give me a kiss goodbye.”

When she bent to kiss the boy he couldn’t help but noticing there was something on the skin of her chest between the edges of her robe.

“Mom, did you spill something on yourself?” he innocently asked.

Jill laughed nervously before replying.

“Oh that. Since Hoary didn’t feel well I thought a bowl of ice cream might help him feel better and I spilled a little while bringing it to him.”

“Okay, I spill stuff a lot. Did you like the ice cream, pal?”

“It was great Tommy, the best thing I’ve ever had” he replied with both his twig eyebrows arching in a suggestive manner. “Goodbye Tommy. See you later.”

No sooner did the sound of the front door closing come to them than Jill opened her robe revealing that somehow she’d also managed to spill some ice cream on each breast, her stomach and her pubic region. Hoary had cast off the quilt revealing his hard snocicle and the bowl with ice cream.

“We only have a few minutes to spare but I want to try some off you too” Jill told Hoary as she spooned some onto his shaft.


“Hello I’m home” Jill called out cheerfully as she entered the house.

The television was blaring in the living room though no one was in the room when she got there. After she turned it off she noticed a number of empty beer cans littering the couch. Jill shook her head as she collected them before heading to the kitchen where she found Hoary. His head was inside the open freezer when she walked in which was probably the reason he didn’t hear her arrive so she smacked his ass to get his attention.

“Hey Jill” he said once he pulled his head from the freezer “how was your day?”

“It was good. I thought you had agreed to stop drinking so much during the day and at the least stop leaving your empties all over the furniture.”

“Sorry about that. It isn’t easy though, all I do is sit home alone every day while worrying if tomorrow will be the day I melt away for good.”

“Hoary, pull yourself together” she told him as she put the cans in the recycling bin. “I’ve told you I’m not going to let that happen to you, haven’t I? You know I want to keep you in top working order.”

Jill snuggled her body against his larger, colder one and her hand sought out his soft snocicle and stroked it gently. His member responded instantly to her touch but his troubled mood was another matter.

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one facing annihilation when the temperature goes above freezing. I try not to think about it but it’s not easy when you have nothing to do all day so I drink to forget about it.”

“Ooh, I’m sorry baby. But you have to have faith in your little bitch. It was going to be a surprise but I’ll tell you some of it today. I’ve taken off work tomorrow because we’ll be getting a special delivery that should put your mind at ease some. Now no more questions today, we only have a little time before I have to get Tommy so I’m heading up to my room to get undressed and to open the windows. Don’t keep me waiting long, stud.”

Giving his snow phallus a final squeeze Jill turned and left the kitchen. Her hips swayed provocatively as she walked and he stared at her lustfully. He then closed the freezer and headed after her, his hard snocicle leading the way.

The next day he was as excited as a child on Christmas morning or a horny snowman that was told he could have sex with a horny milf all he wanted. In spite of this Jill made him agree to stay out in the shed until she told him it was okay to leave.

“I don’t want you to become overeager and be spotted by any neighbors or the delivery men. So just have some patience.”

He reluctantly agreed, not that he had much choice in the matter. He must have walked for miles the way he paced the little shed that day until finally the door opened and Jill stood there smiling with a folder in her hand. He followed her in the backdoor and down to the basement where he had never been before. She led him toward the back room to which she opened the door and ushered Hoary inside. There before them on the concrete floor, plugged in and gleaming was a brand new, white appliance.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked him.

“What is it Jill?” he replied with a look of confusion.

“That Hoary is a Frigidaire twenty five cubic foot capacity chest freezer and your new home until a more permanent one can be arranged for” she told him as she flipped the top open revealing the below freezing interior.

“You mean…?”

“Yes snow stud, for the next six months until I can save up for a better solution this will be your bed and your sanctuary from warm temperatures. Take a look inside, there’s plenty of room for a big stud like you even if you have to bend a little.”

The snowman peered in and he had to admit he would fit in there even if cramped and he saw the layer of frost that lined the interior of the freezer. She then opened the folder to show him what she’d planned for the future.

“This will be your permanent home once I can get together eight thousand dollars. It’s a ten by ten walk in freezer and it will be constructed right here in the basement. It will be much nicer, like your own mini apartment. You’ll be able to have furniture and Tommy will be able to spend time with you there. Heck you boys will be able to play board games and watch cartoons and everything. Plus I’ll be visiting you just about every night. What do you think?”

“Wow, that is so incredible Jill. You guys are the best. What did I ever do to deserve such friends?”

He hugged her and when he did his snow phallus sprung to life, like every time he came in contact with her sexy body. Jill took a step back so she could lean down and kiss the tip eliciting a moan from him.

“Go ahead, climb in and try it out” she suggested.

Wasting no time he did as she said and stepped over the edge and settled in. First he stretched out though he had to bend his knees slightly in order to fully fit but there was plenty of room and the top could close with no difficulty. He then adjusted his body so he was sitting up with his legs stretched out fully.

“One more thing Hoary. Both this freezer and the walk in one run on electricity so there is always the chance we could lose power. But if that happens as long as the door stays closed you could survive for days without melting. But I’m not leaving it to chance for my special snow stud muffin. I’ve already placed an order for some dry ice just so we have a back up plan in case of a power failure.”

Hoary was truly overwhelmed by what Jill had done for him. Not only buying the freezer but also clearly spending so much time and effort to plan this out for his long term well being. He was touched by this and felt himself choking up. As Jill watched a few tears ran from his eyes to his face where they froze before tumbling off him.

“So how do you like it?”

“Its very comfy Jill, I must admit. You’ve done so much for me I just wish there was some way to thank you properly.”

“Oh, I’ll think of something Hoary. Just one thing - I expect you to be loyal to me. Do you understand? If I ever catch you looking at another woman, even if just on the internet, I won’t be happy. If I’m not happy who knows what could happen. Maybe I’d forget to pay the electric bill or something” she told him while staring at him pointedly.

He swallowed hard as he considered the potential consequences of her threat.

“Don’t worry Jill, you have nothing to worry about. I won’t even use the computer unless you or Tommy is with me. Besides no woman can turn me on like you. Just look how hard you have me” he told her while indicating his swollen snocicle.

When she saw it rearing proudly she couldn’t help but smile and knowing it was hers to do with what she wanted made her all wet and gooey in her special place.

“I’m glad to hear that Hoary, I really am. Just a little warning is all. Now let’s break in that new bed of yours the right way with a good hot fuck.”

Jill clambered over the side fully dressed though once she was inside she pulled her sweatshirt over her head and tossed it. She had on no brassiere and her nipples hardened right away but she still had on a pair of sweatpants and sneakers.

“Be a good snowman Hoary and help me with this. If my bare legs were to rub against the side of the freezer it would be uncomfortable at the least. So use your super snowman strength to rip this seam by my pussy.”

He grinned as his twig fingers took hold of the fabric and pulled it apart revealing her pink and pretty pussy. As soon as he did Jill crouched over his shaft and reached back and guided it to her wet hole. His hands took hold of her hips and he pulled her inexorably down until he was fully inside her and her tight ass was rubbing against his snowballs.

She put her hands on his vest and began to ride him slowly while their passion built. His hands guided her up and down by the hips and he did his utmost to speed her rhythm. While she was riding him Hoary gave her an extra treat by channeling some more snow to his member so its girth increased mid fuck. Jill felt her pussy stretched even more as he expanded inside her and she drenched his body with a copious amount of fluid as it gushed from her in orgasm.

Her hips stopped moving as she recovered from her orgasm and her upper half sank onto his big snow body. Hoary picked up the slack by holding her pelvis in place and pumping as fast as he could from beneath her, sliding his full, extra thick length up into her soft, pink lips.

She came two more times screaming like a banshee before Hoary reached the limits of his endurance. He thrust up one more time with all his might reaching her cervix before releasing his cold load into her. She shuddered as she felt his snow seed fill her up before beginning to escape her satisfied pussy and drip onto him. The two figures remained like that for a time as they collected themselves until Jill leaned in close to his face and whispered to him.

“What I said before, forget about it. There is no way I’d unplug your freezer even if you were up to no good. You mean too much to Tommy” she said. “And me as well” she added.

He smiled before replying and his hand stroked her head gently.

“Don’t worry Jill; I’ll always be there for you my little bitch because I love you.”


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2014-07-16 07:32:24
Definitely a very well-written sex story. Great characters and plot.

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2014-04-26 05:20:31
Simply delightful!!! I disagree with the comment about the synonyms, I found them both charming and witty!!!! Very, very, nicely done!!!

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2013-08-24 05:48:47
Jesus fuck what the shit, It's like Lovecraft made a porno for his blind brother. I'd say it's a fucking joke but the amount of work and detail put into this shit is mindboggling. Bravo, rutger5, you've constructed something of unfathomable...something.

Some constructive criticism though, don't abuse the thesaurus, your prose seems very unnatural when you work in all those fucking synonyms.

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I fucking died

Best XNXX story of 2013

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If I may be honest, this isn't really one of your best...sort of like a pornographic take on that film Jack Frost.

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