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wife gets fucked
Ok, so my wife told me another good story about her college days.

She moved out of the dorm her Junior year and moved in with her original Freshman roommate, Denise, to a small house. Denise had a boyfriend that lived in Denver about a 90 minute drive from the college. My wifes boyfriend was also a student at the school. On weekends, my wifes boyfriend would stay with her, and her roommates boyfriend would also come up for the weekend. My wife said it was very common to hear them fucking in their bedroom while she and her boyfriend were fucking in her bedroom.

She said that she and her boyfriend would lie in bed and try and guess what they were doing. She said that it was very easy. “OK, that’s a pussy eating moan” or “shes giving him head (when it was really quiet) or “Ok, now they are fucking”. She said that it was very easy to guess when they were fucking so they would try and guess the position. My wife said that she looked at her boyfriend once and said “OK, that’s ankles behind the ears” and they both cracked up.

So one time, my wife and her roommate were hanging out and my wife said “Can you by any chance hear me and Vinnie fucking?” . Her roommate said “Oh yeah” . They both started laughing and exchanging stories about what they had heard. My wife said that her boyfriend loved it when she gave him head while they listened to them fucking. She said that one time, they were listening to her roommates “Unh, Unh, Unh” rhythm of getting fucked and that her boy friend was fucking her mouth at the exact same rhythm. It turns out that they both kind of got off listening to one another.

They finally decided that if listening was so exciting, how exciting would it be to watch! So they came up with a plan to make it happen that weekend. My wifes boyfriend came over that Friday night and Denises boyfriend also arrived that same evening. They hung out as normal drinking and listening to music. My wifes boyfriend was all keen on hitting some bars but she persuaded him to just chill and hang out at the house. After an hour or two, my wife and Denise had a private meeting in the kitchen and decided that it was time to “go for it”.

They both walked out and both of them sat on their boyfriends laps. They made out a little bit and then announced “OK, we hope that you guys don’t think that this is weird but we want you guys to fuck us right now out here”. She said that the two guys were pretty much overwhelmed at this. They were not sure if it was a joke or what. My wife said that her boyfriend was like “Fuck right out here on the floor?”. My wife said that she put her hand right on his cock through his pants and that he was already growing. She did not say a word and unzipped his pants and started giving him head. She said that her roommate was really shocked that my wife had just jumped into it so quickly but after a moment, she said “OK” and did the same. SO the two of them were sucking cock side by side.

My wife announced “No one is allowed to come yet!”. After 5 minutes or so, they all decided to get naked. My wife and her roommate sat side by side on the sofa with their legs spread while their boyfriends ate their pussies. My wife said that it was a huge turn-on to watch her roommates boyfriend going down on her just inches away. She would turn and look at her roommate whos face was right next to hers and say “This is AWESOME!!!”.

Then they reversed and the guys sat on the sofa while the two girls lowered themselves onto their hard cocks. She said that they just fucked like they normally would and just got off. My wife said that she was the first one to get off. She said that she felt it coming on and she leaned forward and just started jack hammering her boyfriends cock. Then she leaned back and looked at her roommate and just said “WHOA!!!” . They then switched positions again and the girls laid on their backs and the guys fucked them. She said that her boyfriend was not long for this world. She reached back and put a finger in his asshole and he exploded all over her stomach. Then her roommates boyfriend put Denises ankles behind her ears and really started pounding away. My wife said that her boyfriend seemed embarrassed that he had come that fast but she told him that it was fine. “Just relax and enjoy the show”.

She said that Denises boyfriend just pounded her. Denise could barely catch her breath. My wife said out loud “Now I see why I can hear you!” and Denise just looked at her and tried to answer. My wife said that his balls were just slapping away against her ass as she held both legs up with the crux of her arms. By this time, her boyfriend had already gotten hard enough to go some more (with the help of my wifes hand) and so she spread out again and they started fucking again. My wife said that her boyfriend obviously felt he had something to prove now so he started pounding as hard as he could.

They then both got on their hands and knees in front of the sofa while the two boyfriends fucked them from behind. My wife was still just amazed at how hard and how long her roommate was getting fucked. She had never been fucked like that in her life. She said that Denise then started to just come over and over and over again then Denises boyfriend pulled out and Denise took his cock in her mouth and he exploded in her mouth. My wife said “OK, I had had a lot of loads blown in my mouth by several different guys but I had never had a guy pull out and come in my mouth”. My wife said she was thinking, “OK, I will have to try that!”. Her boyfriend came again about 20 seconds later but just pulled out and came on her back.

Now the 4 of them cuddled on the sofa and she said she could tell that her boyfriend was really jealous that he could not fuck like that. Amazingly, that was the only time that they ever did it (according to my wife). She said that Denise broke up with the guy a month later and she and her BF also broke up not too soon afterwards. My wife told me that after that, whenever she was spreading her legs for a new guy, she always thought about how that guy could fuck. I said “Since he and Denise broke up, you should have hooked up with him”. My wife said “Well, I never said that I didn’t”. 
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