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wife gets fucked again
So my wife told me that every time her boyfriend fucked her, she would think about her roommates boyfriend and how he could fuck. My wife said, “Pretty much every guy that had ever fucked me would come when he started humping fast”. She said “Don’t get me wrong, I was getting good lays but not like that”.

After Her boyfriend and her broke up and Denise and her boyfriend broke up, my wife decided to sneak a peak in her roommates address book and copy his number. She wrote it down but did not call it for a while. One day, she decided to call it and his mother answered. She was worried about having him call her back just in case Denise answered the phone. My wife was real worried about getting busted. But she went ahead and told the guys mother but to make sure that he called back that day.

Several hours went by. Denise even came home between classes but the phone never rang. When (I am going to call him Carl) Carl finally called, my wife answered. He was kind of confused as he knew that the phone number was Denises so why was my wife calling him. My wife was like “I heard you and Denise broke up. How are you. You guys were such a cute couple, etc.”. My wife said that he was still really wondering what was going on (he thought that Denise was involved). She said “I am going to be in Denver this weekend and I thought that maybe you and I could meet somewhere?”. She told him that she was going to be staying at some Holiday Inn or some other crappy motel in Denver. He agreed to stop by the motel and pick her up (he drove a motorcycle). My wife made sure that she said “Denise does not know about this so please don’t tell her”.

On Friday, my wife had to find somebody at her college that was going to Denver for the weekend so she could catch a ride. She said that it was easy because half the college students lived in Denver. So her ride dropped her off at the motel and she checked in. It was like $25 she said. She walked across the street and bought a 12 pack or Coors and came back to her hotel. She said that she kind of got worried about what she was doing. What if Carl told Denise, etc?

She went outside and was smoking a cigarette (she has long since quit) and he pulled up. He still was thinking that Denise was somehow involved. He thought that she was going to pop out and this whole ploy was about him and Denise getting back together. The two of them sat outside drinking cans of Coors and smoking and talking. My wife finally got up the nerve to say “Carl, remember that night we had that kind of orgy?”. He said “How could I forget it?”. She said “I want you to fuck me like that”. She said “I have slept with about 10 guys and I cant stop thinking about how you fucked Denise that night”.

It took about 10 seconds for the two of them to get into the shitty room (with coat hanger TV antenna!) and be on the bed. She said that they were making out like crazy and that they were both ripping each others clothes off as fast as they could. She started sucking his cock immediately. She told me that with other guys, she would always have to slow down when giving head as they were always on the verge of coming so she really went to town on his cock. She said that she was giving a ‘porno movie blow job’. They got into the 69 position and that she was getting off and that she just could not believe that he could control himself like that. She was licking his asshole and jacking him and he was just staying hard.

She finally laid down on her back and spread her huge bush (this was the early 80’s so big bushes were in vogue) and they started fucking. She said that she could barely even speak he was fucking her so hard. When she would try and say “Fuck me” she said that it was barely audible. She was biting her lip and closing her eyes. They would change positions and then he would start pounding her again. It was her first time doing reverse cow girl. He fucked her against the wall. She said that she had always heard about girls getting their heads pounded against the head board but this was the first time she had ever done it. She said that her legs were drenching because she had so much love juice rushing out of her pussy. She finally flipped onto her back where she had started out 30 minutes before and held her ankles behind her ears and raised her butt way up. He was on his tip toes so the only part of them that was touching was his cock in her pussy. He finally started to tense up and she said that they both had a huge climax and that he came in her pussy.

They only fucked once though. My wife said that she could not fuck like that again twice in a row. She could barely walk!!! They laid in the bed for a while Carl stroked his hands through her bush. She said that it was the first time she had ever been fucked to the point that she absolutely could not move. She told him “Thank goodness you don’t have a huge dick! (he was average sized).

He got dressed and left. And she ended up getting a ride back to school the next day. She thought about telling Denise about it on several occasions (including a 25 year reunion a few years ago) but she never did.

My wife has no idea of how many guys she has fucked. She knows that it is “more than 50 but less than 100”. Cant wait to hear about all of them!!!

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2013-02-26 13:34:44
I enjoy reading your stories. I am in my mid 50's. I remember the girls in college who got fucked by lots of guys. I was always so jealous that I was not one of the guys banging them! There was a girl on my dorm floor who got fucked by at least 5 guys my freshman year. After reading about your wife, I wish now that I had been more persistent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2013-02-26 05:52:39
Sounds good I want to be fucked like that

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2013-02-25 14:47:47
I agree. very sexy stories. sound real.

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2013-02-25 14:17:55
Excellent, very believeable

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