Hello, this is my first story so I appreciate all feedback, positive or negative. Apologies for any typos or improper punctuation. This story is partly true and false at the same time. This first part will probably have no sex in it, but the next one I will try to put in as much as I can. This is sort of a prologue to the main story and will help you to understand what happens.
Hi, my name is Caleb and I am 22 years old, 6'5, and 240 pounds, and I have dark skin. My years in middle school were very mediocre and most of my friends moved away. I felt alone and and most stereotypes about black people didn't help. In grade 8, I met people who hang around with alot, and I mean ALOT. At lunch, in school, after school, at houses, and just everywhere. But there was this girl, a short girl by the name of Rachel, and of course she was the highlight of our group, and by highlight I mean she was a TOTAL BABE! I didn't realize it at first, but after a while she started to grow on me and I started to notice her looks. She was about 5'2, white with blonde hair, and about 105 pounds. She had cute freckles and wore glasses. She was not fat, but not skinny either. She had curves and in all the right places.

The first months of September to January, she was a pretty cool girl to hang around, but this other dude came into her life and she was a total bitch, and I mean A TOTAL BITCH after meeting him! Not just Rachel, but the whole group. We didn't hang together as much and we didnt talk like we always used to. Everybody in my school realized that. This guy's name was Lee and he was a very stereotypical person. (Not to hate on white people or think they are all racists, but he was an exception.) Every comment was mostly towards me and they were all about stealing, robbing, or just being black. I did not think anything of it and did not take it into any offence.

By the end of Grade 8, Prom had come up and I had a reserved spot with my "friends". I was feeling good and went to buy a suit for myself and my family assisted me as well. Only to realize that that they replace me with another dude who they only knew for only six days compared to a whole school year. I kinda ended up sitting alone for the rest of the night and going home early. And I know it was that Lee's fault. I knew because I heard from one of my friends who was with them at the time and I wasn't that I did not deserve to sit with them at the Prom and I was a bitch. I'm pretty sure there were some lies about me to make it sound even more convincing. I felt so angry and hurt, but not that he said all those things that were completely false but they rest actually agreed with it. You know what they say: Life isn't fair. :( *little sad face*)

Just because she acted like a total bitch, did not mean she was any less hot. I masturbated to her in private and just thought about her body and how she would look in a bikini. It wasn't really that hard as she had some bikini pics on Facebook that I fapped to every night. I did not have a nine inch cock, like some other stories which I find VERY hard to believe, it was an average 6 - 7 inch cock (even for a black dude) with a decent thickness to it. (Keep in mind I am a virgin and never seen a real life pussy, let alone touch one.) It hurt for the first few years into highschool and I will always remember that year. But I told myself to man up and move on. And that's what I did.

Now have graduated from College in Ontario and secured an awesome job as a Nutritionist, life for me has been going greatly. I live in a detached, single garage home, I have a B Class 2000 Nissan Skyline, I am paid an awesome salary (to my standards), and I have great co-workers, but the best part is that I live alone, with nobody to communicate with: just the way I like it. You may call it antisocial but that is my preference and that is how I roll. I think that event from Grade 8 probably was the fuel to the fire, and by that I mean the fuel and the fire. But regardless I stopped thinking about that and moved on.

It was one bright and sunny spring day in March, I just finished a successful workday with patients: answering questions, providing helpful tips on weight loss and exercising, and recommending healthy foods for clients. It was about 8 pm and I just finished packing away supplies with one of my co workers. He was a generally nice guy who I share a couple of beers with and someone and who was a regular visitor at my hose. I pretty sure he was married with a wife who I would fuck if I had the chance to. But of course, that is not who I am.

Anyway I finished with and we bided each other good night and went our separate ways. I approached my Nissan Skyline and hopped right in. I felt really stressed and somewhat horny so my first thoughts were to jack off 'till the world ends. After going 50km/h on a 35 I reached my house and got to work: lube here, tissue there, and naked clothes off. But before I could "spank my throbbing monkey" (as I would call it) a ring on my doorbell shattered my fappy time and made me real irritated. I only put on some sweats and went topless to answer the door. I opened the door lazily and was not really paying attention to whoever was there. Until I heard a familiar voice coming from the other end. "Hi, Caleb. Remember me?" She said with a very convincing sound. It was only then I looked up and saw who it was after all these years.

"Rachel?!" I asked shocked and confused.

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I liked it but one thing make part 2 a bit longer please

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