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Alright, here's the next part. Yay for it not taking a thousand years! I'm pretty proud of this chapter, especially considering the brain fart state of mind I've been hanging out in...

Thank you, everyone who gave me some ideas. I'm still deciding on how I am going to continue this story. I most likely will, but there will probably only be a chapter or two more.

But, you will all be happy to know that I am starting another story as soon as this one is over. I'm really excited to post it; I really think you guys will like it.

I have been getting like a bazillion of the same questions from PM's, so I'm going to address a few here.

1. Why are all my stories so cheesy and corny?
I don't even mean to make my stories cheesy. I just sorta write what I know, and my boyfriend and I are really like that, so it's just how I'm used to expressing romance, I guess. If you don't like it, I don't care... Cause I do.

2. Is this story really fiction?
This story is not 100% fiction. Some of the specific sex parts are inspired by actual specific times that my boyfriend and I have been together. The plot, and the way my characters met, and all the stuff about Travis is all made up. But a very delightful shower scene (wink-wink) is an actual true story of one amazing afternoon with my boyfriend and I.

I think that's all of the questions. So I hope you enjoy Chapter 6! :D


I awoke the next morning to find that Kyle was no longer next to me with his arms around me. I sat up and glanced at my alarm clock and saw the time. 10:30 am.

I slowly sat up; my head spinning as the events of the previous night came rushing back to me. Smiling to myself at the memories of Kyle and I’s amazing night, I got out of bed and made my way into the kitchen.

There, I found on the refrigerator from Kyle.

Be right back. Went to get breakfast. Don’t eat. K

My stomach growled in opposition as I left the kitchen. I glanced around my room, and seeing the huge mess Kyle and I had left, decided I should clean it up. I made my bed and picked up the discarded clothes that were strewn over nearly every inch of floor between the kitchen and my bed.

After a while, my room was spotless, and Kyle still hadn’t returned. I sat on my bed, deliberating over what to do. I sat out two plates and glasses on the table for when he brought food back. I did the dishes and cleaned, and recleaned the kitchen.

Finally out of things to do, I happened to glance at myself in the mirror.

Shower, now. I told myself. My hair was in disarray, and the little makeup that I wore the night before was still on my eyes. I ran my fingers over my neck slowly over a small red spot; a hickey that I spotted that Kyle left on my neck.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower quickly, now afraid that Kyle would come back and see me. Waiting for the water to warm up, I brushed my teeth and washed my face, then stepped into the warm water.

I stood under the shower head for a long time, replaying the events of the previous night. I thought about how Kyle had pleasured me more than I ever imagined he could have. I thought about the beautiful, sensuous way that we made love; how are thrusts and moans were in sync with each other’s. How he kissed me and looked into my eyes as we both came harder than either of us ever have before.

It wasn’t long for these thoughts to cause in between my legs to dampen, and not because of the shower.

After washing my hair, I massaged my vanilla body wash into my skin, moving down my arms and shoulders, and then chest and stomach.

I slid one hand between my legs, running my fingertips over my smooth mound, and ever so slowly slid a finger between my pussy lips, pressing down as my finger moved over my slit. I remembered how Kyle’s dick felt, sliding into me; giving me butterflies. Nothing like how it ever felt with Travis.

My finger found my clit, and my mind went to Kyle’s lips there. I couldn’t help moaning at the thought.

“I hope your thinking about me in there,” I jumped when I heard his voice and turned around to see Kyle stepping into the shower next to me, wearing nothing.

I took in his muscular arms and chest, and then my eyes wandered to his abs, and even lower than that.

I looked up and met his gaze, taking in his smiling face. “Do you mind if I join you?” He asked.

I returned his smile and shook my head as I leaned up and kissed him gently. He returned my kiss and slid his arms around my naked, wet body.

“So, were you?” I raised an eyebrow, and he added with a small smirk on his face, “Thinking of me, while you touched yourself.”

I felt my cheeks burning and looked down slightly. “I… uh- I guess I was…”

He smiled and moved his hands from my waist to my ass as he leaned down slightly to kiss my neck. “Mm, that’s hot baby…”

I felt his lips brushing ever so lightly across my skin, his tongue occasionally flicking over it as well. I moved my hands down his sides and he pulled me closer so our bodies were pressed together, and I could feel his hardening dick against me.

I was just about to wrap my fingers around it when he suddenly pulled back. I looked at him curiously, and saw that the smirk was still on his lips.

Chuckling, I turned around and stood under the water as I started to put more body wash in my hands, deciding it’d be fun to give him a show.

I started at my shoulders again, rubbing the suds into my skin. I moved my hands over my back and sides, slowly running them down my ass. I glanced over my shoulder at him and smiled when I saw his eyes were locked on my hands, massaging my own ass.

I moved my hands back to my front, and up to my chest, rubbing the soap into my boobs obviously enough that he could tell what I was doing.

I moved to stand back under the shower head to rinse off the bubbles when his arms slipped around my waist from behind, and his hands stopped mine.

“I think you missed a spot baby,” He whispered in my ear, his breath and lustful voice sending chills down my spine.

I smiled and moved my hands down my stomach. “Where?”

He took one of my hands and slid it between my legs where it had been before he caught me. “Somewhere around here, but I’m not exactly sure, so you better make sure you get everywhere…”

I slid my fingers over my pussy slowly as I felt his lips return to my neck. “Did I get it yet?” I asked in a wavering voice.

“A little further…” I moved my finger over my slit and up to my clit, and then asked, “Now?”

He put his hand over mine and guided my middle finger to the center of my slit, pushing slowly until my finger was deep inside my wet folds. “Right…..there.”

I let out a soft moan and instantly started to pull my finger back out slowly, before pushing it back in. So he wants to see me finger myself… I thought as I felt his lips move back up to my ear.

“That feel good, baby?” I whimpered my approval, and continued moving my finger in and out slowly. “Damn baby, that is so incredibly sexy to watch.”

He moved his hand off of mine and put a finger against my clit, rubbing it in a circular motion as I started pumping my fingers faster.

He nibbled gently on my ear lobe and whispered, “Add another finger, baby.”

Doing as he said, I was starting to moan loudly. He trailed kissed down my neck, only increasing my volume. His lips reached the base of my neck and he bit gently.

How did he know I liked biting? I asked myself. His finger kept moving in quick motions on my clit, and I was pounding my two fingers into my pussy fast and hard, soon adding another without needing him to encourage me to do so.

I moaned louder with each thrust of my fingers and he started pressing harder on my clit. I could feel his growing dick behind me and suddenly felt the hand that was still on my waist disappear.

He soon took his hand from my clit and put it back on my hand, guiding my fingers deeper into my pussy; harder and faster. I could still feel his wrist brushing against my clit every once in a while. That and my fingers inside of me, his hand on mine, and his shallow breaths in my ear, encouraging me to fuck myself harder and faster and deeper were all enough to send me into a mind-numbing orgasm.

I was practically screaming as I began to cum, my legs shaking and my fingers thrusting furiously. I had to hold onto Kyle’s arm to keep from collapsing as I came. I felt squirt after squirt of my warm juices leaking over Kyle’s and my hands, and down my leg.

I heard soft grunts and groans escape Kyle lips against my ear and soon realized he was cumming as well; his hand leaving my waist to satisfy himself behind me. The thought of him watching me, encouraging me to make myself cum while he rubbed his cock to our mutual orgasm just prolonged mine. I was still moaning when I registered the sudden warmth on my lower back as Kyle’s cum dripping down it onto my ass.

Finally, my orgasm ceased and I was left leaning against Kyle for support, my breathing labored.

“Holy shit…” I heard in my ear. I could already feel his dick softening against my ass he removed my hand from my pussy and lifted it to his lips. I turned to see him take my fingers into his mouth, slowly licking and sucking my juices off my fingers. “Mm, you taste so amazing, baby.”

I used all the strength I could muster to turn around to face him. He immediately kissed me passionately, and I nearly melted. His arms around me were the only thing holding me up.

After Kyle and I finished rinsing off, he carried me bridal-style out of the bathroom and to my bed. Kyle informed me that he was going to stay with me again tonight, so I didn’t bother putting clothes back on.

We lay in bed for the next few hours eating breakfast, and then just laughing and talking and kissing; naked.

At around 6 pm, we decided to put a movie on, but that was completely worthless, because 30 minutes into it, Kyle was already on top of me, kissing me passionately and positioning his once again hard cock at my slit.

He pushed into me only the tiniest bit, before pulling out again. He continued to do this a few more times, and finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I would beg if I had to.

“Kyle, please… I need to feel you inside of me.” I said this in a nearly silent whisper against his lips. He responded by pushing into me a little more than before, but not much, before pulling out again.

My lips formed a pout, and I heard him chuckle. “Tell me what you want, Emma.”

I thought, trying to choose my words carefully. I knew that he may be a guy, and he may be fueled my sex and lust. But, I also knew that if I said it just right, he’d give me exactly what I want.

Glancing up into his eyes, I whispered, “Make love to me, Kyle….” The look in his eyes told me I was right.

He looked at me with a tender, loving stare as he pushed into me, finally giving me more than an inch or two; he gave me the whole length of his long cock, pushing against my cervix in a way that made my tummy flutter.

He did exactly what I wanted him to; made love to me in a gentle, passionate, beautiful way. It wasn’t long before we were both gasping that we were going to cum.

“Oh, my god, Kyle, don’t stop… please,” I breathed against his lips.

“Scream my name when you cum baby, I want to hear you loud and clear.” These words pushed me over the edge, and I did as he said.

“Oh, Kyle! Oh, yes!” The orgasm he gave me coursed through my body, leaving me shuddering and writhing beneath him. I heard him moaning as well as he thrust into me sporadically as he began to cum inside me.

“Fuck, baby!” He groaned.

My orgasm had slowed and I could no longer feel him cumming inside me as we both let out a heavy sigh of content. He pulled out of me and moved next to me.

We both lay still for a while, trying to steady our breathing when finally, he spoke.

“I love you, Emma,” He said.

I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. My brain was heavily clouded from the intense orgasm; I could’ve imagined it.

I glanced at him, just to be sure, and his face told me I had not imagined it. He looked happy at first, but then his expression changed, probably because of the look of confusion on my face. He probably thought I didn’t feel the same.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same, but I just wanted you to know….”
I smiled and turned onto my side to face him. “I love you, too.”

His face brightened. “You do?” I nodded and he leaned down to kiss me and was soon pulling my body onto his. We continued kissing and our hands began to roam over each other’s bodies. It wasn’t long before he was inside me again.

Our thrusts became synchronized, and this made it even more intense; our bodies were slapping together hard and fast, his dick moving deep into me each time.

It took Kyle longer to cum since he already had twice, but in the process, he made me cum three times, which made my total so far 5 orgasms. By the time Kyle was thrusting into me even harder and faster as he got closer to cumming, I was on the brink of my sixth.

When he did cum, he slammed my body down hard against his, forcing his cock so deep into me that I got chills and goosebumps, and came hard right along with him. The grand total was 6 mind-blowing, leg-shaking, amazing orgasms.

I slipped off of Kyle chest, settling into his arms like I did the night before. We were able to catch the last 10 minutes of Monsters Inc. before we were both drifting off to sleep.

I was nuzzled into his neck, breathing evenly and taking in the smell of his Old Spice cologne and body wash, with my arms around his neck. One of his arms was around my body, holding me close to him, and the other was on my back, rubbing gently in a soothing motion.

The last thing I remember hearing before I drifted off to sleep was his soft, “I love you, baby” in my ear. The last thing I remember thinking before I drifted off to sleep was how I wouldn’t mind staying exactly where I was for the rest of forever.

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