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White Sportscaster Bitch disses a Rapper
U really look like da fool.
Watch who u callin a fool, Half-dolllar ain’t no fool.
Man dat White Bitch made U look lik won, dats fo sho.
Everyon talk about da video at da race, she turned away from U when U tried to kiss her.
Fuck dat, NO Hole gonna do dat, NO.
Yea, she really Dissed U big.

Dat Bitch, at da football games she snuggling up to da brothers.
At da track, she be hanging on the fuckin KKK types.
She didn’t even want to know no Black Man

Wat U goona do bout it?

I got my homie’s on it alright.
She got some extra weight on, no dummy. Couple dem special ops guys everywhere she goes.
Gotta knows Not to fool wit dem.

So now what.
I waits. I gots time. Wait for da xtras to be done, den only the rental guys be der.
Gotta show dat bitch dat fo sho.
Should fucking OJ’ner her.
I’d rather Channonize her. Wash her throat widt da bleach.
Plastic bag over dat stupid bitch face would be good.

Can’t get away widt that.
Yea but can fuck her around some, gotta show dat white slut.
She be fuckin dem white prodcers but couldn’t even kiss me.

Six Weeks Later----------------
Karin Andrews was in an uptown dance club, hanging out and flirting
She had on tight stretch pants and a tight low cut top. She didn’t notice a couple
Gangsta’s keeping eye on her. They were on the cell keeping Half-dollar informed.
She hadn’t found anyone to hook up with so she was going out the heading to another club
to find some cock for the night. She had the itch. Needed a good fuck.

As she exited the door was pushed close behind her.
There were a half dozen big Black man in black pants and black shirts.
What’s going on. Where is Jason and Kyle.
Half-dollar got out of the car.
Uer boys had atalk and took a walk, it is just us.

Karin tried to walk away but her path was blocked.
What do you think you are doing?
Ure taking a ride wid us.
No fucking way…………….

In no time Karin found herself in the back of the Limo.
Half-dollar was in the middle on one side with two thugs.
There were three thugs on the other side on a seat facing.
Karin was in the middle on the floor.
Half-dollar grabbed her by the hair and kissed her.
No dars my kiss bitch. No U gonna do some cock sucking.
You are crazy, I am not sucking your dick, Bastard.
One of the thugs grabbed her by the neck.

Half-dollar looked her in the eye. My man her could snap Ure neck.
U re gonna suck, won wa or da other.
Scowling Karin knelt in front of Half-dollar and took his cock in her mouth.
She was sucking slow and unwillingly.

Half-dollar grabbed her hair,pulled her face up his face.
Listn U White Piece of shit, U gonna suck me lik U do the KKK guys at
Da track.

She didn’t have time to answer as he pushed her head on his hard dick.
Karin knew she better comply or she would be throat fucked.
Dats better use both dem hands and suck widt that mouth.
AHHHH dats it now, work it. Pump dose hands.

All Karin could hear was the steady thump of the rap music, the thugs
laughing and Half-dollar. His cock began to throb.
Dats it, pump it, take It on you face Bitch.
The mess spattered all over her face.

He held er by the hair and showed her face to the thugs
Dee now dats whats happens to da White Bitch dat Dis’s me.
The Gangsta across from Half-dollar grabbed her and pushed her
head in his crotch.

Oh NO, not everyone. No wait.
They all laughed as he pushed her face on his cock.
She felt hands on her top and it was ripped off by brute force.
NOOOOO. Don’t …… Her pants were ripped apart.

She felt Half-dollars hands on her ass. U gonna be gangbanged Gangsta style
Please wear a condom. Please.
Wats U talkin bout, U freekin crazy bitch.
Wat U thinkal da ------- got AIDS.

Her head was pulled up and three of the guys spit on her face.
U don’t be dis da Man.
Her face was pushed down even more on the hard black rod.
She felt Half-dollars cock push into her.
A powerfull thrust and he was inside her.

Slaaaap. He smacked her white ass hard.
U lik dat hit Bitch. Fukin hrd balck cock way up dat white pussy.
Fuck her Man, fuck it hard.
The rap music was turned way up. The Gangsta getting the blow job
was no longer satisfied, he started to face fuck her lily white face.

Half-dollars cock was slamming into her harder to the beat of the music.
The sound was so loud the whole car was shaking.
Her ass was shaking from the hard fuck.
Smaaaack, her ass took more hard slaps.

No White Bitch be dissin no Gangsta, dats fo sho.
Slappp. Who da fuck u thin U re. Took fuckin good.
The cock kept ramming into her throat and he pussy.

She was red in the face. She felt hands on herbreasts, pinching and twisting.
AGGHHHHH. Karin tossed her cookies. Her vomit coated the black cock.
He cock slapped her with his dick. Back and forth his black meat abused her white face.
Fuckin White PIG. He shoved his dick back in her mouth.
Deep in her throat he he fucked her.

Karin could feel Half-dollar shooting his load inside her.
Dats what it is, Dere, now U got whats coming to you.
U got da seed, dats fo sho. Mabe U have a little Oreo.
Gots my shit deeps inside U.

The gangsta fucking her white bitch face held her hair
Pumping her throat with his cock.
Karin felt the cum from the gangsta deep in her throat.
AGGHHHHH. She threw up again.
Fuckin Pig, her head snapped back with double slaps.

No No, not my face. Please Don’t.
Bitch U not gonna be on TV again fo while when we dowidt U.
U gonna need some Gangsta time off.
U gotts sum more brothers to take care of.

First Man lets get sumptin to eat.
Ya, lets get sum KFC.
KFC, Jack and a White Bitch down low.

To Be Continued

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2013-03-09 00:48:15
this story killed my guinea pig.

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Sorry dude, I just couldn't read the whole thing. I read up til the second paragraph and couldn't finish reading


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2013-02-27 02:35:13
Please don't continue it. It's garbage.

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2013-02-26 11:15:39
50 CENT IS A CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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50 cent is a useless cocksucking nigger who's only famous because of Dre and Eminem and that one song that THEY gave him like ten years ago, seriously can you think of any other 50 cent songs just off the top of your head? The only ones I can remember are the ones that featured Eminem. 50 cent is nothing!! Goodbye.

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