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Hello everyone i just started writing stories on this site and hope everyone gives constructive criticism. Thanks
We all have that one girl that drives you mad even during math class. The way they sway their hips left to right, the way their ass was just perfect and tits to die for. Jill was that one girl and a lot changed one day after class.

Friday afternoon was just like any other with one let down, i had detention. I hated being there and worst part it was the last friday before summer vacation. Everyone is good during these days to avoid detention. So you could imagine how i felt i was going to detention for being late for Art class. I slowly walked into the detention class and scouted around for any living soul. Nothing. Just Mrs Greyman and her cold stare. I could tell i had spoilt her afternoon too. I took a seat at the extreme corner to my left where a bookcase would shield any iPhone use i had planned on my way here. Then the fates decided to curse me as my phone showed only 3% battery, i could feel my anger boil but kept my cool. Just as i had given up hope of any intresting events over the next 2 hours the door opened in a cautious manner and the last person i thought i would see entered. She just looked amazing wearing a mini skirt that hugged her perfect ass tightly and an amazing top that just squeezed her tits together. That body was amazing. She stood at 5'9, blonde and truly God had been generous in all senses. Me on the other hand felt diminished by her looks as i was this skinny black boy standing at 6'2 generously endowed with 8 inches having just over 3 inches in grith.

Jill sat two desks over and glanced over at me and smiled. Thats when i noticed my tent down there and a throbbing came to my realization. "Excuse me Mrs Greyman may i go to the lavatory before i settle down?" erupted Jill. A nod was all she got back. I shifted my cock as soon as the door closed and imagined that smile she shot at me not forgetting those lips. Oh god those lips. By the time she came back i had managed to calm my throbbing member. To my surprise she sat by the desk next to me. She quietly ripped a page from a notebook and wrote
'hey im bored wanna hav sum fun?'
I played it cool and wrote back a simple
'yeah, wat do u hav in mind'
and quickly passed the paper on. With a smirk on her face she replied
'truth or dare?'
and i replied 'dare'

For the next 30 minutes we dared each other to make noises and ask Mrs Greyman wierd questions. Then finally i asked for a truth instead of a dare. 'hw big is ur dick?' she wrote. I swallowed hard, my cock twitched. I gave her my size and all i saw was her gasp and look at me with a face of lust. And by this point my dick was at full attention. My turn to dare and i planned on making sure i blew her mind sooner or later.
'wat color panties u wearing?' i jotted down. The response was immediate, 'white and black ploka dotted' my dick was now throbbing. I decided to push it. 'really? Prove it!' Her reaction was a mixture of 'are you insane and you are gonna regret this' she passed back the paper to me and i saw 4 letters that spelt out 'LOOK' i turned to face her then down her body to her mini skirt to see it raised up revealing her panties and that sweet perfectlooking cameltoe. Out of nowhere Mrs Greyman was at the foot of our desks and looking at the happenings. "and what exactly is going on young lady? Showing off your panties to boys? Well this detention just got brutal for you!" she shouted "over to my desk. NOW!! And dont you dare think you are off this hook sit on that desk next to mine!" she shouted at both of us. We moved our way to our respective locations. "I want you to strip down to nothing. Not even your panties you hear me young lady? Same goes for you too" she pointed at me. As i opened my mouth to protest she shot a commanding glance at me and said " unless you want both your parents to know about that! Let alone the school board" In a flash of light i was down to nothing trying to cover my semi erect cock. Jill took her time and damn with every peice of clothing she lost my cock grew bigger. By the time she got to her bra i wass stroking my shaft slowly marveling the sight of her c-cups. I started jacking off faster as she hooked her thumbs over her panties and pull them down over her ass. I let out a soft moan. Mrs Greyman had locked the door and had took off her jacket which revealed her DD melons. She was a heavy dresser so to see this sight was an achievement. "Bend over on my lap!" She instructed Jill. Quietly she bent over and her ass was in the air towards me her legs closed tight. -SMACK SMACK SMACK- and three red hand prints showed on Jill's ass. I was jacking off so fast i knew if this continued i would cum soon. She continued to smack her for the next 10 minutes. By this time Jill had her legs loose and the sight of her pussy was beautiful. I could see she was wet and that sent me off the edge and i came right then. First shot landed on Jill's thigh then her calf and i directed the remaining shots to the ground.

Continue? Constructive criticism please.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-26 20:36:48
You should write more

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-26 13:40:26
Write more. Go in the direction you planned on going with, it's your fantasy and it is hot. I like the teacher being in there.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-26 11:03:09
if you going to write write about them sneaking off to the bathroom or under the bleachers to go have sex not the teacher it ruins it. and alot of pepole like the sneaking off parts to go have sex

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-26 05:55:11
Dont bother writing any more, its total crap, as if a teacher would do that !!!!!!!

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