Author's note: If you haven't read the tags or if I have yet again fucked up with that, you may want to know that this story contains explicit sexual content between minors of both genders, partially homosexual. If you're not okay with that, move along. Please also acknowledge the fact that everything written here is pure fantasy. And now, please enjoy:

Bobby's new Power – Chapter 4

Bobby had to act quickly. He lay on his bed, along with Martin and Sara, all of them naked and looking as well as smelling like sex. He couldn't let Mary come in. Yet, he couldn't enslave her right now. It was not that he didn't want to, but he was afraid of consequences.
Every single person he has enslaved by now, has immediately entered a sex-crazed state, trying to bring him to orgasm, and only an orgasm of his could make them go normal again. That was the initiation, he talked about to his mother earlier.
And, in fact, he would be more than happy to initiate his big sister, but firstly, he was worn out right now and he didn't even know, if he'd be able to cum again and secondly, his father and brother could arrive every minute now. It'd probably a bad idea to have three sex-crazed people around him, as he was sure, he'd have to enslave the two others as well.

No, he had to think about something else, and he was feeling bold enough to try something new.
He touched Mary's mind lightly and didn't enter her as he used to do. When he noticed that she wasn't aware of his presence, he sent her the thought of forgetting and going back to her room.
He felt that she hesitated, but after he constantly influenced her for at least 30 seconds, she turned around and went back to her room.

“Phew that was close,” Martin sighed. “I almost shat my pants. But why didn't you enslave her?”
Bobby explained what he had done and how he'd done it. “I see...pretty good thinking there, master. So, do you think that you can use this kind of control on more than one person?”
“I guess...I need to experiment further, but it didn't really exhaust me like the violent control I had over Sara's mind earlier. Speaking of her, has she passed out?”
In fact, it was true. Sara lay on her back, sleeping like a little baby, with a smile of satisfaction on her face. The boys quickly redressed, then looked at the naked Sara and a big smile appeared on Bobby's face when he got a nasty idea.
He pulled her up, taking her dress and pulling it over her, while she still slept, unaware of what he did to her.
“What about her panties?” Martin asked innocently.
Bobby took the panties and hid them in his dresser. “Look at her messy pussy. It'd be no use, her panties would get dirty, and that's the least we want, right?”
They laughed, and with nothing else to do, just played another video game, while they waited for Gottfried and Thomas to come home. After all, Bobby wanted to experiment....

Not even 5 minutes later, the two arrived, Thomas instantly running upstairs, wanting to join Bobby, playing video games as they did every Tuesday. When he entered the room, he was surprised to see two things being different from the usual.
Firstly, his sister lay on the bed, fast asleep. She would join them occasionally, but she'd never just sleep there, considering the time. She loved to stay up late and yet seemed never to grow tired.
Secondly, there sat a boy he didn't know, who played games with his brother. He never saw any of Bobby's friends, he even wondered if Bobby actually had friends at school.
Bobby and Martin had been looking up as they heard the door, now looking strangely at Thomas....

He's cute, Martin noted, admiring the little 11-year-old standing right in front of them.
Bobby had to agree, as he had never looked like that at his little brother.
But yeah, he was cute as hell. He was small, standing at only 1.36m, and as skinny as his brother, weighing only 34kg. He had short, light-blonde hair and a very cute face, even for a boy that age. He had gotten rid of most of his baby-teeth very early, so that his teeth didn't look like the mess they usually were on boys of that age. Due to summer, his face was sprayed with freckles and the visible skin was bronzed, showing a good contrast to his hair and his white shirt. He also wore short jeans and white socks, the typical look of an 11-year-old boy.
Bobby noticed that they stared a little too long at Thomas and decided to break the ice.
“Hey Thommy, this is Martin, he's a friend from school. Martin, this is my little brother Bobby. Do you mind if he joins us?”
“What? No! Come here, have a seat, we just were about to have a good round of brawl. The more, the merrier,” Martin declared.
Bobby looked surreptitiously at Martin, he well knew that little phrase of his, and he well knew what Martin meant.
But it had to wait, as they started to play Brawl.
They had fun, laughing about the loser, as well as cursing at the winner of the respective matches. They grew a little too loud, as Sara woke up, first confused, but then became well aware of Thomas, as well as of the fact that Thomas was still normal.
She carefully crawled behind Thomas and suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders, shouting “BUH” into his ear.
He jumped up, obviously scared by her little prank, as the two others laughed about it.
“SIS! You scared me!” Thomas complained.
“Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation,” Sara giggled, and sat down next to Martin. She joined their round in the next match, again being the punching ball. She just never got better at this game.
After a series of 4 lost matches, Sara wanted to play another game, and so they switched over to her all-time-favorite: Again, Wii Sports Resort.
Thomas was not very happy about this, he exactly knew that she would kick his ass every single round.

But the other two boys looked forward to this, as they had their plans about this. They knew that Sara still wasn't aware of her missing panties. Well, it didn't really matter anyway, after all, she would've walked around naked if Bobby had requested her to do so.
But her unawareness yet was another turn-on.
She suggested to play some Badminton, which of course she was best at.
They quickly set up a tourney, which made Thomas challenge Martin first, then Bobby had to play against Sara. After that, Thomas had to challenge Sara and Bobby would face Martin. In the final round, Sara and Martin would play against each other, followed up by Bobby and Thomas.
They began the tourney and Thomas and Martin stood up. They didn't take the game too seriously, moving lazily, exploiting the flaws of the Wii's motion-capture. In the end Martin defeated Thomas.
Then Bobby took one Wii-Mote, as Sara took the other one, both bending forward in “fighting-stance”. Bobby poked at Thomas' mind, making him casually look at Sara.
Thomas was astounded with what he saw: His sister didn't wear any panties. He could fully see her ass, as well as parts of her pussy. He tried to say something, but Bobby yet sent another thought of just shutting up and enjoying the sight. And so he did, even rewarded by Sara's playstyle.
She took the whole game far more seriously than the others, actively rushing a bit from side to side, taking full swings at the ball, even jumping sometimes, and all the while, she put on quite the show for little Thomas. Martin looked at his crotch and saw a little bulge growing in his pants. He definitely got aroused by the show, and Martin knew that this would be an easy prey for Bobby.

Quickly, Sara defeated Bobby and Thomas hesitantly got up, not really willing to give up the sight. In the game, he did even worse than against Bobby, failing almost every ball, as he was too distracted with the thought of his sister, playing without her panties and giving the boys behind them quite the sight.
By that time, Sara became aware of her lack of underwear, but she did nothing about it. She knew that Bobby must have been responsible for it, and she didn't intend to act against her masters will.
When she was finished beating Thomas, she laughed, took him by the hand and pulled him with her to Bobby's bed. He clumsily followed her and watched the other two contestants starting their game. Thomas was well aware of the fact that Sara was going to be playing against Martin in the next match, and so he couldn't await the end of this one.
But Martin and Bobby enjoyed teasing him, stretching the game to the max and peeking back occasionally. They got rewarded by his blushed face, ever growing in both excitement and a little anger.
After about 10 minutes, they ended their torture as Bobby lost to Martin.
Thomas seemed to tense up, as Sara looked at him kind of seductively and slowly stood up, giving him a good view of her ass.
She joined Martin in front of the screen, and as she again got into her fighting stance, Bobby joined his little brother on the bed, again sending him thoughts.
This time, he didn't influenced him to do anything in particular, but tried to influence him by images....

Thomas' wiener was harder than ever. He would have never thought that it was possible for his penis to become that hard. He didn't even try to hide the tent in his pants, as he tried to casually lean forward to get an even better look at Sara's bare ass. But then, his imagination suddenly started to go wild on him.
He saw Sara, smiling at him kind of dirty, slowly pulling her dress over her body, standing naked in front of him. She went nearer, grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. Her fingers started to caress his chest stroking up and down, while she smilingly leaned in to give him a deep, lustful kiss on the lips. Her tongue brushed over his lips, parting them almost violently, and joined his tongue in his own mouth. All of this gave him a strange, yet unknown feeling, and his penis was so hard that it almost hurt.
She seemed to notice it, as her hands trailed down his belly, undoing his pants, pulling down his underwear and starting to stroke his member, while she continued kissing him.
Thomas shuddered with the sudden good feelings, he thought he'd melt in her hands, as she slowly stroked up and down.
Sara pulled out of the kiss, smiling and giving him again a little peck on the lips. Now she kissed his neck, nibbled at his earlobes, went deeper and deeper, kissed his chest, sucked his little nipples, licked his navel and finally her head hovered in front of his cute 7cm-pecker. She gave it a tentative lick, which made him go numb. He would have never expected such a pleasure from such a thing. Sara smiled wickedly, then leaned in, opening her mouth, and enveloping....

When Thomas started to buck his hips, moaning a little, Bobby stopped his influence.
He was astonished by the effect he was able to get when he sent such visions. Although he wasn't exactly sure, if the effect was just that big on Thomas because he was young and new to all of this, but he would definitely try this again with other people.
He felt a little bad that he left his little brother blue-balled like that, but he would maybe take care of it later. He noticed that Martin and Sara stood in front of them, finished with their game. He knew that this situation was extremely embarrassing for Thomas, so he acted like everything was perfectly normal.
“Thommy, what do you think? Should we play something else? I mean Sara sure is better at this, but she's maybe a little too good..”
“Shut up, you meanie! You're just afraid of me!” Sara complained.
“I-i think w-we should k-keep playing this game,” Thomas stuttered.
The three others smiled wickedly, well aware of why Thomas wanted to keep playing that game and they sure were ready to tease him some more, but their little act was interrupted by Gottfried.

Gottfried was not as thin as the rest of his family, but surely as fit as them. He stood at good 1.85m, weighed 87kg and kept his shape by practising Judo, mixed martial arts and occasional jogging. He could have be the cover-guy of Men's Health, except for his face. Not that it was especially ugly, it just seemed a little out of place compared to his body.
He usually wore glasses, although he sometimes used lenses, his nose was a little big, his lips a little too thick, but he managed to hide these flaws with a neat full beard which was as brown as his head. His hair was thick and as curly as Bobby's, currently still wet from the shower he had after coming home. He wore short white pants and a green shirt.

“Hi guys, enjoy yourselves?” he asked them.
They were kind of caught in the act, as Bobby quickly reacted and greeted his father.
“Hi dad, that's Martin. I think that mom told you about him?”
“Yeah, she seemed to be okay with him staying over tonight. I don't know how you did that, but I'm going to spoil your fun. Just make sure you get at least a little sleep, I don't want to hear about you sleeping in class.” The two boys nodded. “So anyways, it's 8pm. Thomas, time for bed.”
Thomas was a little confused by the speed of things happening around him, so he stood up and left the room without any muttering.
“Sara, your mother asked for you. She wants you to learn with her for your math test tomorrow.”
Sara jumped to her feet and hurried downstairs, as she had totally forgotten about that test.
Now was the perfect time for Bobby to test his powers on his father. He started by sending him the image of stepping in and closing the door. His father took a moment, standing in the door without moving, then reacted and did what Bobby had influenced him to do.
He was further instructed to sit on the bed next to the boys, which he also did after a short delay, but it seemed to be a shorter delay than before.
Now, for the final test, Bobby sent him the image of Sara and Mary...

Gottfried didn't really get what was happening to him. He sat between the boys, thinking that it was his very own decision to do so, although he didn't know what exactly he was intending to do. But suddenly a very lively vision of his daughters hit him.
They both were naked, although Mary's breasts and crotch seemed to be kind of blurred out, but it didn't leave much to the imagination. The two girls were hugging him, Mary kissing him right on the mouth, while Sara kneaded his buttocks and licked his nipples. She moved down on him, starting to suck his cock, as Mary's kiss grew wilder, their tongues dancing in between each other, while he heard Sara gagging on his proud 18cm-cock. He got turned on by her gagging, it made him feel proud of his cock, as well as his little girl. After all, her training had been successful. He placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed her deeper. She squirmed and gagged, surprised by his sudden initiative, but didn't pull away. He had also taught her that, “enjoying the duty” he called it.
“Like that, you little slut? Yeah that's nice. Your throat feels even better than your moms. Take it deep, I'm going to cum!” He rammed his cock deep in her throat and finally came.
The vision faded as he suddenly became aware of the wet spot on his pants. He just came in his pants free-handed.

Bobby knew that this was the real thing. He now knew that he could influence both adults and kids without using too much of his power, and that the effect could bring people to orgasm with visions alone. After all, it hadn't been his work alone. He had never been thinking about dirty-talk, so his father must have made that little addition.
He felt a little sorry for his father, who tried to hide the wet spot from the boys and rushed out of the room, surely wanting to clean up.
The boys now had some time to kill, and looked at each other.
So now we finally have again some time for us, Bobby pointed out, grinning.
Soon they were engaged in a hot, sloppy kiss, getting rid of most of their clothes, as Bobby finally sat there in nothing but his shirt, while Martin left his white socks on. They lay back, as Bobby moved down on Martin, again sucking his member, but this time, he had more in mind than just sucking him off.
But he still took his time practicing, trying different techniques. He lapped at the tip, sucked the balls, moved his tongue under the foreskin, nibbled lightly, deepthroated, shortly: Martin had a hell of a time.
But he knew he had to be quiet as Mary was still in the room next to them. Bobby checked on her and saw that she chatted on her laptop, still listening to music. Then he stopped the sucking, not because of her but because he now wanted to finally putting that cock of Martin to real use.
All-day, he just got to cum inside mouths, now he would give him something better, something he had thought about since their little assplay in the shower.
Bobby had some lube hidden in his room, as it gave him additional joy while jacking off.
He had found it in his fathers closet and tried it once, growing addicted to it and simply stole it one day.
He pulled it out between some socks in his dresser and handed it to Martin.
Get me ready. I want to try it in my ass, Bobby simply stated.

Martin couldn't believe it. Not that his master eagerly sucked him, he even got to fuck him in the ass! But first, he had to get him ready, as he knew that it could become very painful for the bottom.
Bobby lay on his back, as he wanted to watch Martin the whole time. Now he had to get him ready.
He lubed his fingers well up and started to finger Bobby's anus with first one, then two fingers, as the lube made it easy for him to open up.
At the same time, he sucked on Bobby's penis a bit, to make things easier for him additionally. After a while, he felt that Bobby was ready and lubed up his cock well, placing it at Bobby's loosened anal opening. He carefully slid in the tip, as Bobby gasped and gritted his teeth at the foreign feeling, but he wanted it as much as Martin.
I'm ready. Move! Bobby commanded.
After all, they shared the same feelings, both pain and pleasure, so it was not that bad for Bobby when he made Martin move.
In fact, the initial pain was completely negated by the pleasure he was receiving from Martin's mind. He made Martin move faster, moaning under the ever-growing balance of pain and pleasure. He enjoyed the feeling of the hard cock in his ass, as well as he could say that Martin enjoyed himself too.
The pain soon faded, now replaced by a nice feeling of...fullness.
Your ass feels so good! Oh shit I'm not gonna last long, Martin “gasped”.
They bumped into each other, moaning and groaning, slowly moving towards orgasm, as Bobby suddenly saw a shadow standing in the door. He reached for it and learned that it was his little brother who watched them. Bobby didn't jump up to close the door or anything, like he maybe would have normally done, but he felt in control of the situation. He had nothing to fear, after all.

He carefully entered Thomas' mind, as he didn't want to scare him and was surprised that Thomas was actually aroused by this. He had a raging boner, yet he didn't know how to use it. He just rubbed awkwardly up and down his white pajama-pants, but didn't get the right pleasure from it. Bobby decided to help him, but it was way too risky to let him join in. But at least he could tell him what to do. He sent him the image of himself, reaching into his pants, grasping his cock and starting to rub it up and down.
Thomas started to do that and Bobby could tell that he was enjoying the feelings it gave him. Thomas rubbed harder and faster, as Bobby and Martin too moved faster and faster, until the two of them reached their sticky end. Martin started to grunt, as Bobby made him pull out and made him shoot his seed all over his cock and belly. The feeling of it, along with the shared feelings of Martin made Bobby cum too, pasting his belly and chest.
Bobby felt that Thomas came too, but it felt odd, something was different from his orgasms. He realized that Thomas wasn't able to produce sperm yet. He just had a dry orgasm!
What a sweet little surprise, Martin pointed out, amused by their little voyeur.
Now that he had brought Thomas to his well-earned end, he had to make him leave. He created images of his father, coming along the corridor, catching Thomas in the act, yelling at him and even punishing him, and sent these images to Thomas. The boy got scared and ran to his bedroom.

Now the two of them had enough time to clean up, as they didn't have to care about either Gottfried or Mary, which Bobby double-checked. Martin started licking the cum off of Bobby's cock, then moved up to his belly and chest, wiping everything with his tongue and mouth. When his mouth was full, he kissed Bobby, sharing all the cum with him, swapping it back and forth between their mouths. Soon, all they swapped was spit and so they just kept kissing and hugging. After a few minutes, they got into their pyjamas and went to the bathroom to brush their teeth.
Then they went to bed, nearly instantly falling asleep, tired by this adventurous day and also awaiting the next....

Thanks for reading! In the next chapter, Bobby will have some fun at his school, but I also have some possible plotlines for his father, brother and non-slave-remaining sister planned. Please consider commenting, if you have critique or suggestions, or send me an e-mail under

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