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Diary of How I Became a Gay Sex Slave - chapter 4
I don't remember the plane ride home. The next few days were a blur, as I was exhausted from the trip. After a week, I received an email from Darren. Subject said: ready for more? The email was just a picture of me, tied up, surrounded by black cocks. The picture made me very aroused, but I could not keep it around. So I deleted the picture and responded back – YES. I don't know if I can go back, or how much more I can take, but I did love every minute of them using me as their sex toy.

I don't hear from Darren for another week. Then I get a package in the mail. There is a 9” dildo, not too thick, and a plane ticket, for Friday, August 5th. There is a return ticket for Monday, August 22nd. That would be two weeks, 16 nights to be exact. No way I can do that. In the same package is another envelope, inside are two pictures of me, surrounded by black cocks. There is also a note, telling me to excerise my ass muscles with the dildo, to make them stronger and tighter.

I think this is there way of saying I have to come down? Are they trying to blackmail me?

I spend the entire day at work worrying about who they might send more pictures. How am I going to get away for 2 weeks? What are they going to do to me that they didn't already do?

That night, I call Darren.

“I got the tickets and the pictures.”

“Great, can't wait to see you again. I'll pick you up.” Darren replies.

“I am not sure I can come down for that long.” I tell him, this is rather soon, I don't have much notice.

“You have to, you don't have a choice.” He insists.

“What do you mean I don't have a choice?”

Darren replies, “We need to complete your training. You will be our slave. There are more things we need to do to you.”

“You must understand, I want to come down. I am not sure I can work that out.”

“You will be on that plane.” He tells me and then he hangs up.

How am I going to get time off from work for this? I only have a few vacation days left. I spend a couple more days worrying about how I can get off from work. I do want to take the trip down to see them again. I remember that we can take family leave, so I tell HR that I need to take a few weeks off to help my parents out. They don't ask any questions, and the time off is approved.

I send Darren a note, and he responds back they he knew I would find a way to get the time off.

I spend the next few weeks excercising like they asked. Finding time throughout the days to play with the dildo, gripping it with my ass and holding it tight.

The 5th arrives quickly, and I find myself on the plane, eagerly awaiting my training. I had not spoken to Darren since the phone call after he sent the dildo and pictures. I have no idea what he is planning, but can't wait to find out. I hope I please him.

The plane lands, and I quickly exit and get my luggage. Darren is waiting just outside. It is only just after 5, but it is getting dark out due to the rain clouds gathering. I put my bags in the trunk and get into the car. It is a quick, and quiet ride to his house. Once we pull up, he leaves my bags in the trunk, and we head up to the front door. As we get into the house, it starts raining. Once inside, he closes the door.

Standing in the hallway, I see a leather collar on the table. Darren picks it up.

“Undress” He tell me.

I eagerly, and quickly remove my shoes, socks, shirt, jeans and boxers. Leaving everything in a pile. He shows me the collar. It is a simple leather collar, with some rings and studs. He secures it around my neck.

“Robb, come in with the camera.” He yells down the hall.

Robb comes walking in. “Hey slut.” He tells me. He is carrying a video camera.

“Robb, video this, let me know when you are ready.” He tells him.

Robb has the camera up and aimed at me. It is a small sony video camera. “All set” he says.

“Please state your name, and today's date into the camera.” He tells me.

I look into the camera. “My name is Greg Richards. Today is Friday, August 5th, 2011.”

“Do you willingly submit to me, Darren, as your master?”

“Yes, I submit to you Darren as my master.” I reply into the camera.

“Do you understand that you will be used by me and any I wish, for sex?”

“Yes, I understand I will be sex slave for you and those you wish to use me.”

“What is your safety word? Use of this word will stop everything, and you will be sent home.”

I pause for a minute. I am so aroused, I would do anything for him. “Sir, I do not want a safety word, I submit to you completely.” I tell him.

“Suck my cock slave.” He tells me.

I kneel down, and unzip Darren's pants. His cock is already semi-erect. I put the head of his cock into my mouth. I have been craving this for weeks. I start sucking, feeling his cock get harder in my mouth. I love how it grows and gets larger inside my wet mouth. His cock is finally fully erect. I suck harder as Darren grabs my head and begins fucking my mouth with his large cock. He shudders, and warm cum shoots down my throat.

“Down to the dungeon.” He tells me. I get up, and follow him down the stairs into the basement of the house. He leads me over to the mat in the center of the room and motions for me to kneel down. He then pulls my arms over my head, and secures them onto a chain with leather cuffs. My ankles are secured into leather straps in mat.

He walks over to the wall with Robb, and they are looking at the various dildos. They select a very large butt plug and bring it over. “This is the intimidator. 15” insertable, and grows wider as you slide down to the base. 2” at the top, but 4” at the base.”

He secures the large dildo into the mat, and places the tip against my ass. With my arms pulled up over my head, and my ankles secured, the dildo is just touching my ass, and the head is just starting to press against my ass, but not enter.

Darren releases the chain above my head just a little, and I am able to slide down the dildo just a little, with the head entering my ass. He releases my arms enough, so that if I try, I would be able to slide down the entire length of the dildo.

I slide partially down, as Robb comes over, his pants are off, and his cock is in his hand. He puts the tip on my mouth, and I begin to suck his cock. The huge toy in my ass, filling me up as I slowly slide down. As my ass fills with the toy, Robb begins fucking my face with his huge tool. He pulls out just before he cums, and shoots his load all over my open mouth and face.

He picks up his jeans, and the two of them head upstairs, leaving me tied up, and impaled on the huge toy. While waiting for them to return, I slowly ease myself down the toy, until I find I am almost at the bottom. I fuck myself, riding the big toy up and down.

I didn't even notice a few guys show up. They are watching me ride the huge toy. One by one they come over, and I suck their cocks. I can't see everyone, but I have easily sucked off about dozen or more guys when Darren comes over.

He removes the cuffs from the chain, and removes the straps from my ankles. I get off the huge toy, and he leads me over to the sling.

I am tied into the sling, on my back, with my legs pulled back. My hands are secured to my ankles. To my side is a sign that reads: “Now Serving” , and the number 00 in red below it. It is one of those deli counter signs.

“Hey everyone, just so you all know, once we get this back to 00, I have a surprise planned. The numbers only count up when someone cums inside this sluts ass. So lets get started.”

100 fucks? I am going to be so sore and used by the time this is over. I am actually excited to be taking that many loads into my ass.

Darren, his cock already out, is the first to plunge his cock into my ass. I glance over at the clock, its almost midnight. Darren fucks me hard, ramming his cock into my ass in one hard stroke, then fucking me hard, pulling almost all the way out, and ramming back in. He starts using the sling – swinging me back and forth onto his cock, with each deep thrust. I missed having his cock in me. He lasts a long time, eventually he cums deep inside me with one final thrust. Curious, I glance over at the clock, he's been fucking me for over 30 minutes, wow. The guys change the number on the counter to 01, and the next guy is already fucking me. I forgot how good it felt to have the cocks splitting me open. Darren is big, this next guy is just as large. He fucks me hard and fast, but not as long as Darren. The number switches to 02, and he is replaced.

The fuckings in the sling continue for hours. I did not lose count, as the counter was right there the whole time. 03, 04....10....20...

Cum was leaking from my ass. Some guys came back for seconds. Other times I could see new guys arriving, and taking their first turns.

After a while, they flipped me over in the sling, as I was on my stomach, legs pulled under me.

As the number reached 75, they moved me to a padded bench. I was on my hands and knees. Secured to the side of the bench at the ankles, and my hands were tied in front, also to each side of the bench.

Guys continued to ram me hard, one after the other, cumming deep inside me. There seemed to be no end to the number of guys using me. The guys kept lining up to fuck me. Cum was leaking down my ass. I was just a hole for them to dump their cum, and I loved it.

Finally, the number reaches 99. Darren looks around, “is everyone done, or do you still need to blow a few loads?” he asks the crowd.

Several guys come over, hard cocks in hand.

“OK guys, you can fuck him some more, but cum on him, or in his mouth, not in his ass.”

For another hour or so, several more guys line up to fuck me in the ass. Each guy pulls out, and either cums on my back, or moves over to cum on my face and open mouth. This seems to turn on a few more guys, who also take a few more turns using me.

As things slow down, I see Darren. He moved around behind me. He places the tip of his hard cock against my ass, and rams it easily all the way in. He fucks me hard and fast. “Tell me how much you want my cum”

“Please fuck me harder, cum in me sir. I want you to use me.” I beg him.

Each stroke, he pulls almost all the way out, and then rams his length all the way inside. It feels so good to be fucked hard after taking all those cocks. He rams me one final time, and cums deep inside me, the comes around to the front, placing his cock on my lips for me to clean.

I eagerly lick and suck all the cum from his cock. The guys change the number on the counter to 00.

“OK, lets take a few minutes, I need to setup before the surprise.” Darren tells the guys.

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