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Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy have sex.
A mass of unruly brown hair poked through from under the silken covers. As the sheets were pulled down, the famous boy known as Harry Potter found himself in a room he had never seen before. Not only was he in a strange room but he was also in a strange bed that was covered with silk sheets (pink of all colors!) and soft feather pillows decorated in sequins, frilly tassels and embroidery. Harry rubbed his head, his hand passing over the lightning shaped scar that everyone noticed even at the most inappropriate of times. His scar no longer burned. Since his encounter with Voldemorte after winning the Tri-wizards tournament his scar seemed to burn consistently. Now, he felt nothing. Harry looked over the bed to see a stretch of white marble, which lead to a deep blue pool. He swung his legs to jump off the bed and (to his horror) found himself wearing only his underwear. Harry quickly got back under the covers and glanced around the room with one of the many sheets wrapped around his waist. He could see, not only one pile of clothes, but two. Harry quickly jumped off the bed and ran to one of the piles of clothes. He rummaged through it and found his socks, his school pants, his shirt, vest and cloak.

“Where am I?” Harry thought to himself as he picked up his school uniform and began to get dressed. As Harry continued to think, he realized that his last thoughts were from his 6th period potions with Professor Snape, the greasy-haired head of Slytherine, who hated him more than anyone at Hogwarts.

As Harry began to think more, looking very puzzled as he scratched his messy brown hair, “Something had to have happened in potions class…” As Harry thought more and more he reached down to pick up his tie. As he began to put it on, he noticed something odd. The colors. The tie was not the colors of Gryffindor (red and gold) but the colors of Slytherine (green and silver). “Why would there be a Slytherine tie in here… with me?” Harry’s eyes suddenly darted to the other pile of clothes and then immediately to the bed that Harry was in. There was someone else in it. The sheets were moving and shifting as long platinum blonde hair poked out from under the sheets to reveal the puzzled face of Draco Malfoy. Malfoy stirred about and (after a moment or two of looking around) quickly noticed Harry staring back at him.

“What are you doing here Potter!” Malfoy snarled as his narrow lips curled in disgust.

“What am I doing here?” Harry said in an aggravated and slightly bitter tone, “I don’t even know where HERE is?”

Malfoy had nothing to say to this and simply gave Harry another of his familiar dirty looks. Harry went to the other pile of clothes, picked up his tie and glanced over at a door in the far back of the room. Malfoy was still confused, which made Harry pleased as he made his way to the far door. Harry opened it and walked out finding himself at Hogwarts. He finally understood where he was. He was in the Room of Requirement, a place in Hogwarts that changes what’s inside to suit the needs and desires of the person or people entering through it. A beautiful room, silk sheets, a large bed, soft decorative pillows, and a pool: Why would someone need these things? Suddenly, the memories of what happened during potions flooded back.

It was 6th period, double potions, and Harry’s most dreaded class. Even worse, the class was full of Slytherines; including the person Harry hated the most at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy. Malfoy was tall and had long white blonde hair like his fathers. His narrow pointed face was always etched with a permanent scowl. Ever since Harry got Malfoy’s father, Lucius, arrested, Malfoy had been trying to torment Harry as often as he could. In most other classes, Malfoy could not harass Harry as much as he would like. This was particularly impossible in Hagrid’s class who made a point of watching Malfoy ever since he got him in trouble with Buckbeak. However, in potions, he could get away with a lot. Snape always preferred his own students to others. Snape also had no tolerance for Harry who (according to him) did not belong in his class because of his low O.W.L. score. However, Professor McGonagall convinced Professor Snape to allow him to take his course. Harry had no desire to take potions again but if he was going to be an auror he was going to have to deal with Snape. Since Ron decided not to be an auror, Ron didn’t have to take potions again, which pleased Ron, but left Harry feeling somewhat betrayed. Hermione, however, had a full schedule but managed to squeeze in potions as an elective. Why anyone would want to be stuck in a room with Snape for two hours was beyond him.

As Harry started to set up his cauldron, he heard a happy voice come from behind him, “Hello Harry!” said the bushy haired Hermione as she started to set up her own cauldron. “I hear Professor Snape is going to be teaching us about Passion Potions today!”

“Passion Potions?” Harry said, “Like love potions?”

“What else could it be Potter?” said a bitter voice a few rows down. It was Draco Malfoy. “Are you going to make one to fall in love with Granger?” Crabbe started guffawing and Hermione blushed.

“Well are you going to make one for Crabbe or are you still in love with that cow Millicent Bullstrode?”

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs started laughing and Malfoy turned around to face the front with a scowl.

“So who are you going to make a passion potion for?” Hermione asked quietly.

“Are you kidding Hermione?” I’m not making one for anyone. I doubt Snape is going to have us use this potion.”

“You’re right Harry,” Hermione said, “It wouldn’t be right for Professor Snape to let us take our potions outside of class.”

A door slammed and Snape walked down to the front where he immediately began class. As he spoke, a piece of chalk floated up and wrote on the chalkboard. “Today, we’re going to be making a Passion Potion,” if you had read your books you will remember that Passion Potions have been used for centuries and that it’s main ingredient can determine how powerful this potion can be. Potter, what is the name of this ingredient?”

Harry was stumped. He had read the lesson but forgot the name of the plant. “Lover’s Wort?” Harry said hoping that he had guessed right. Snape looked angry, “Potter is correct.” Saying that almost looked painful for Snape. “The ingredients are on the board. You have two hours. When you are done bring a flask of your potion to me. Do not take any with you outside of class this means you Potter!” Harry was waiting for Snape to say something to him. “Remember, use only a small amount of Lover’s Wort!”

The class seemed to pass relatively quickly. Harry had cut up his lover’s wort into very fine pieces and was about to add them until Malfoy stuck his face over Harry’s cauldron.

“Hey Potter,” Malfoy snarled, “You still going to use your potion on Granger?” he laughed.

“Oh shut-up Malfoy,” Hermione said.

Malfoy mocked Hermione in a wishy-washy voice. “Hopefully nothing happens to your potion,” Malfoy said smiling as Harry added his own Lover’s Wort. Suddenly, his cauldron exploded spraying Malfoy and himself in pink, rose smelling liquid. Malfoy had added a huge handful of Lover’s Wort to Harry’s cauldron.

Snape ran over, “Potter!! What did you do!? Stay there, you too Draco! I need to give you an antidote,” and Snape ran off to his office.

Draco seemed to have a different air about him and he looked at Harry in a way he had never seen before. “You okay there Harry?” Malfoy asked him in a seriously concerned voice, “I thought it would be funny to add more wort. I never wanted you to get hurt.” Harry was confused. Not only was Malfoy being nice to him but he did not hate Malfoy at all. Not only did he not hate Malfoy, he liked him. Harry looked over at Hermione who looked shocked.

“Harry,” Hermione said, “Umm.. Are you feeling alright?”

I’m fine Hermione. Don’t worry about me.”

Snape came running back with two putrid smelling black vials. “Potter. Draco. Drink this and head immediately to Mrs. Pomfrey. Tell her you drank a passion potion. Now hurry, the both of you!”

Harry drank his potion and started out the door with Malfoy close behind him talking to him like he was his best friend. Harry, however, did not mind this, in fact, he rather liked it, and the two of them chatted as they made their way to Mrs. Pomfry. Peeves, the poltergeist flew by, his round face and beady eyes staring at them as he flew down.

“Potter! Draco! OOH lovebirds! Peeves knows! Peeves knows! Passion potion!” He laughed maniacally.

“If you don’t leave right now,” Malfoy warned, “My father will have you exorcised out of Hogwarts!”

Peeves looked genuinely worried and flew off chanting, ‘Potter and Malfoy sitting in a tree.”

“Sorry about that,” said Malfoy looking at Harry with bright eyes. “That poltergeist is really a piece of work.” He reached down and grabbed Harry’s hand. Harry was confused. Malfoy was holding his hand. Again, he didn’t mind this and he found himself caressing Malfoy’s hand with his thumb. Malfoy smiled.

“Do you want to skip going to Mrs. Pomfrey’s office?” Malfoy said seductively.

“And do what?” Harry questioned.

“Well, remember that room you were in last year? The one where you were teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts? Well, we could go there and make-out?”

This was something Harry could not believe. No one would believe it. Malfoy wanted to his him!! Harry, however, wanted to kiss Malfoy too. Of all the people Harry wanted to kiss, he never would have thought that Malfoy would’ve been that person. The two of them made their way to the far end of Hogwarts where a painting stood waiting.

“Pine fresh,” Harry said and the painting moved revealing a door. The two of them walked in and seen a beautiful bed with silky sheets, huge windows with beautiful scenery, a white marble floor and the bluest pool Harry had ever seen. Malfoy’s eyes widened as he looked at the pool and he started to take his clothes off.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked as Malfoy took off his shirt and pants standing in his underwear in front of him.

“I’m going to swim in the pool Harry. Come on! Get undressed and get in!” Malfoy removed his underwear and ran into the pool and dove in. His long platinum hair was soaked and fell thick on his back. “You coming in or not?”

Harry did not know why but his urge to climb into the pool with Malfoy was beyond his control. He did try to fight it, knowing that his sudden preoccupation with Malfoy could not have been natural but the harder he fought the more difficult it became until he finally gave in and started to undress as well. He felt awkward (to say the least) taking is underwear off in front of Malfoy, but Malfoy looked pleased, almost excited, to see Harry’s naked body. He quickly ran in and dove into the pool, which was heated perfectly. As Harry came up, Malfoy was there, and they swam to the edge of the pool where Malfoy leaned in and kissed him. Harry, overcome, kissed him back. Their tongues mingling as the two boys pressed against each other, their wet faces pressed together. Harry had not even done this with Cho Chang, how come he was kissing Malfoy? This thought was fleeting and Harry found himself wrapped up in Malfoy’s arms, his lips sucking on Malfoy’s tongue as the two of them made out in the sapphire pool. Malfoy’s arms were on the edge of the pool, supporting him as he leaned into Harry who continued to french kiss him. Their dicks were rubbing against one another as the boys kept pressing and kissing. Harry liked this feeling. The feeling of, not only being loved, but being able to love in this way. Cho never kissed him like this. Cho never caressed his dick. In his wildest dreams would he have ever believed that Malfoy would probably be his first. Malfoy, dripping with water, smiled at Harry, not his usual vindictive smile, but a sweet tender one as he said softly, “Lets get into the bed Harry.” Harry smiled back, kissed Malfoy once more, and agreed.

As Malfoy got out of the pool, Harry could see all of Malfoy, from his slender body, to his round butt, to his cut penis. Harry could see it all, just as Malfoy had seen his. Malfoy ran and leapt on the bed and beckoned Harry to do the same. Harry did, and fell on the softest sheets he had ever been on. The sheets, soaked up the water quickly, but no trace of dampness remained. Malfoy was amazed too; he leaned in close to Harry and examined the sheets with him. “I think they soak up liquid,” Malfoy said, shaking his head and watched the water disappear into the sheets. Harry did the same. The sheets were perfectly dry. Harry looked at one of the corners where he found a tag that read:

Mr. Lovewell’s Love Sheets
Soaks up fluids in a beat!
No pain, no stain, no mess, no fuss, no cum, just fun!
No matter how hard you may try,
These sheets will always stay dry.

“Check it out Malfoy!” Harry exclaimed, “These sheets will soak up anything!” Malfoy pushed Harry down on the bed, mounted him and kissed him. “We’ll have to break them in Harry,” and the two boys continued where they left off.

After, what seemed like an hour of rubbing against one another and making out, the boys were even more excited than before. Any confusion from Harry had left him and now all he was left with was a yearning for Malfoy. Malfoy obviously felt the same as he climbed towards Harry’s hard cock and took it in his mouth. His mouth was warm and his tongue ran up his shaft as Malfoy pushed his head deep onto Harry’s aching cock. Harry groaned and Malfoy continued to suck. His lips were wrapped hard around his cock, his head bobbing as he slurped and sucked. He ran his hands along Harry’s stomach and chest, massaging his balls and occasionally stopping to kiss his stomach. Harry gripped the sheets, loving every lick and groan.

Harry thought to himself, “What will he do if I cum?? He’s not going to drink it is he?” He looked down at Malfoy who was sucking furiously on Harry’s cock, which seemed to have groan to about six inches. “Malfoy,” Harry said breathlessly, “I think… I think I’m going to cum.” However, Malfoy did not stop but continued until a sensation pulsated through Harry’s body and his hard dick spewed a large load of hot creamy fluid into Malfoy’s mouth. Malfoy kept sucking as Harry groaned and his breathing relaxed. Malfoy smiled, a bit of cum still on his lips, as he leaned in and kissed Harry. Harry was now too horny to stop. He had to taste Malfoy. He had to try it.

Malfoy lied back on the bed, his nice erect penis standing upright as Harry moved to position himself in front of it. He had never had sex before let alone suck a dick so he did not know what to expect. He knew that Malfoy had not done this before either, so Harry bent down and started to lick his nice head. Malfoy smiled and said, “That feels so good Harry. Keep doing that,” and Harry did. He started off slow, licking his head, occasionally kissing it and sucking on in gently. He then started to lick the shaft, jerking him off as he kissing his balls or his inner thighs. Malfoy could not have been happier. Soon, Harry found himself, swallowing Malfoy’s cock and trying his best not to gag as he let it slide in and out of his mouth. Malfoy groaned and grabbed the sheets like Harry did. Every now and then he’d moan out little words of encouragement like, “That’s right Harry… Keeping sucking me Harry… Harry you’re soo good…” Best of all, his scar didn’t hurt. Harry was finally happy, even better than happy. As he sucked faster Malfoy finally grunted and Harry pulled away just as a jet of sticky cum hit his face and the sheets. Harry looked down to see the sheets soak up the cum and disappear. Harry tasted some of the cum on his face. It was disgusting, but he did it for Malfoy. Malfoy looked up happy and Harry wiped his face with the sheet. Again, it soaked it up leaving nothing on Harry’s face or on the bed. He crawled up Malfoy and continued to kiss him until their dicks were hard again. Malfoy’s leg was over Harry’s and the two of them were scissored as they kissed, groped, and spooned one another. Finally, Harry could feel Malfoy’s dick poking his own and he knew it was time for more action. This time, Malfoy reached over and found a bottle that wasn’t there before. He read it and it said, “Mrs. Katrina Yizzoxy’s personal lubricant. When it’s hard to pleeeeze give this a squeeeeze.” Malfoy squeezed some on Harry’s cock, it was warm and soothing and Malfoy ran his hand over every inch of Harry’s dick. He also rubbed some in his own round buns and then smiled at Harry. “Are you ready Harry?” Harry nodded. Malfoy then slowly lowered himself onto Harry’s cock as it slowly forced it’s way into Malfoy’s tight ass. Malfoy seemed to be in some pain but he pushed through it and then began to bounce on Harry’s dick. Harry supported Malfoy’s hips as he bounced up and down on his dick. Malfoy’s balls were slapping against Harry’s groin. Harry moaned as his dick pushed harder and harder into Malfoy. Malfoy began to sweat, his body moving up and down, his breathing becoming heavier and heavier. Malfoy gushed, “Oh god…Harry… I love your cock Harry… oh God.” Harry smiled and groaned as well spouting such things as “Malfoy…your ass…it feels sooo good around my dick… bounce faster Malfoy… bounce harder.” So Malfoy did what he was asked with enthusiasm. Bouncing faster and faster until Harry could no longer hold out and he came deep inside Malfoy's ass. Malfoy pulled Harry’s dick out, leaned over and kissed his teenaged lover. Harry’s cum began to drip out of Malfoy's open hole and on the sheets which soaked up the cum that leaked from Malfoy. Malfoy smiled and fell back next to Harry and caressed his chest and stomach. Harry looked at a silver grandfather clock in a corner it was 9 at night. They had been fooling around for over five hours. Time had flown by and Harry looked, as Malfoy was fast asleep. His long blonde hair stretched across the pillow. Harry fell back, wrapped his arm around Malfoy and fell asleep.”

Harry had remembered it all and he knew, in the Room of Requirement, Malfoy was remembering it too. From every thrust and every kiss, Harry knew it all. Suddenly, the door opened and Malfoy stepped out, his eyes as wide as saucers as he starred at Harry. His eyes soon turned to slits as he pointed his finger at Harry. “What did you make me do Potter!!” Harry was enraged, “I didn’t make you do anything Malfoy!! It was you who added the Lover’s Wort not me!! It’s not my fault, it’s yours!! Because of you I ended up… I ended up.” Harry couldn’t get it out, “I ended up doing things with you that I should’ve been doing with Cho Chang!!” Malfoy glared at Harry, “Listen Potter,” he said in his most menacing tone, “You had better not tell a soul what happened here or else I’ll kill you Potter! You hear me?” Malfoy walked away, moving slowly and awkwardly as he held his butt, still horribly sore from what had happened the night before. From down the hall he heard a voice call to him, “There you are Harry!” The bushy haired figure of Hermione and the tall red-haired figure of Ron ran towards him from the far end of the hallway.

“What in the bloody hell happened to you Harry?” Ron said, “I thought we were going to play Quiddich after dinner yesterday but you never showed.

Harry shrugged, “Sorry Ron I forgot.”

“Anyways,” Ron started, “You better watch out for Malfoy today. We seen him in the hall and he looked horribly angry. He was holding his bum too. He said he hurt himself while practicing for Quiddich this morning but I don’t remember seeing him. I think he’s up to something.”

Harry smiled, “He probably is, Ron.”

Hermione smiled at Harry, “Well it’s a good thing we found you Harry breakfast is about to start,” and Harry, Hermione and Ron headed down to breakfast.

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