This story takes place in the Dakotas, in 1854, The town is fictional, as are the people, however they are fun loving and have a unique way of solving the towns problems.
This is the story of the town of Long Bow in the Dakotas. Most everything I’m gonna tell you about happened in 1854, the Indian Wars were still goin’ on, but we here in Long Bow seemed to be out of touch with all those happenings. We made friends with the Indians some years back, and they just left us alone while the attacked everything and everyone around us.

You see we are a small town, and like the rest of the frontier we had a town with mostly men folk, there was more’n two men for every woman in town, up till 1849. That’s when most of the men left for the Gold fields. Our town was a rough frontier town, but we gerw up and even got a Church, no special Denomination, it’s ran by the Reverend Wright, and his wife Sandra, or least wise they say she’s his wife no one seems to remember a wedding, and if there was a wedding who married them, him being the only Reverend in these parts. Then there’s the Silver Dollar Saloon. It seems that most of the territories have a town with a "Silver Dollar Saloon, even though there isn't many people in town with a silver dollar and some haven't even seen one. It’s ran by Miss Rebecca, she serves Whisky, made by her in the back room, Beer, made by her in the back room, and Vodka, made by her in the back room. She also serves up 7 young, or mostly young women, you would call them women of ill repute, or horizontal refreshment. They will suck you dick for a quarter, you can fuck their pussy for six bits, or fuck their as for a dollar. Ain’t much ass fucking going on but a whole lot of cock sucking.

Now what made Long Bow a bit different from the rest of the world was Rev. Wright’s sermon of July 6, 1856. It was that service that set the town on edge, and nearly got itself burnt to the ground. On that day the Reverend damned the girls at the Silver Dollar, stating that what was going on there was a sin and that it had to be put an end to. Now you would think that he was against the girls sucking and a fucking, but that wasn’t what bothered him, noseree, he said it was the quarter, six bits and the dollar that bothered him. He said the good book said that you can’t charge for what god put between your legs, and if they wanted to continue here in Long Bow, they had to stop chargin’, they had to give it away fer free.

Now Rebecca made most of her money of the fucking and sucking and said she couldn’t afford to feed and clothe whores that was givin’ it away. No quarter, six bits, or dollar the them ther legs would remain crossed.
Now we never saw no need for no Sheriff, or Mayor before, because we never had no disagreement before, and it was clear that there just wasn’t no law about sucking and fucking for a quarter, six bits, or a dollar.
Now as I said, with a town of mostly women, 85 women to 42 men, cause of the gold and Indians, if a guy isn’t hitched then there was a need for the whores. But if the Reverend’s dictates, were followed it would mean a whole lot of men with no place to put their cocks, except in the ass of some poor chicken, or in their own hands.
Jake Adler, owned the General Store, and he stood right there in the church and said that if the Reverend Wright didn’t change his tune we could do without a church in this town, but the Silver Dollar was goin’ to keep on chargin’ for what was a needed commodity. Now Jake’s wife, had passed away a few years earlier, and he had three daughters, but them there daughters was no good to the men in town, and for the chickens sake the Silver Dollar’s whores were needed.

Jake did point out that the Reverend had Sandra to stick his dick into and he had no need for the ladies at the saloon, even though he had used them on more than one occasion before gettin’ a wife. He pointed out that no women or girl would be safe if there wasn’t a place for single men to get some relief.
It was then that Molly Brown, the widow of Samuel Brown suggested that we form a committee to come up with some solution. After some debate six women, and two men were selected to be on a committee. It was called the Long Bow Ladies of ill repute committee.

It took them six weeks to write out their suggestions and a town meeting was called, and on the evening of August 10, every man woman and child in the town showed up at 4:00 at the church. The committee members were up where the reverend usually sat, and Molly Brown called the meeting to order.

“We members of the Women of ill repute committee have come up with a solution to the problem. As we see it there are four problems in Long Bow, First, men need a women to take care of natural God given urges, Two, single Ladies, have urges too, Three, the Saloon Whores seem to be a sinful situation, and Four, the town needs some revenue for things that need fixin’. This solution that will take care of the desires of the healthy men of this community, the desires of the healthy women, and will allow the Whores to stay. At the same time it will provide an income to all the women of Long Bow, the ones whose husbands took off for the gold fields and never returned, and the widows of the Indian wars.”

“It is our recommendation that the women of the Silver Dollar Saloon no longer get paid for their services, since as the good reverend pointed out it is prohibited by the good book, but instead will receive an income from the city.”

Everyone at the meeting stared talking at the same time, and Randall stood up, and yelled where in tarnation will Long Bow get money to pay these whores?

Molly continued, “as I said it is against the good book to be whorin’ and whorin’ is when they get paid, so instead of paying the women, the men will be taxed, two bits for the mouth, six bits for the ladies private hole and one dollar for the rear hole. Further, every man will be able to do the same with every woman over the age of 16 in town, and be taxed two bits for the mouth, six bits for the front hole and one dollar for the rear hole.”
Again everyone started talking at once, and Amy Lewis stood, “you tellin’ us that we women will be a givin’ our selves to any man in town?”

“That's our recommendation.”

“But what if we don’t want to?” Amy yelled.

“Then those who are not willin’ will be asked to leave Long Bow.”

Then it was Fred Lewis, Amy’s husband who stood up. “You tellin’ us we got to pay a tax to fuck our wives?”
“No,” Molly continued. “If’n you’re married you can fuck as you put it and suck all you want. No tax there in the marriage bed. But if you decided you wanted Jake’s daughter Becky to suck you, you would pay to the town two bits. Of course you would have to wait until she’s 16.”

“My daughter?” Jake yelled, “You tellin’ me every man in town can fuck my little Carrie, and then there is Becky?”

“No,” continued Molly, “you will note that I said after she turns 16. It’s Carrie that’s 16, ain’t that so? And more’n likely a virgin, Under 16 no touching, after 16 if’n she’s a virgin then no man can do her front hole without paying. And the first time there will be an auction and the girl will get $5.00 for herself, and there will be a minimum bid of a ten dollar tax.”

“Ten Dollars,” screamed Carrie. “No man in this town has ten dollars, I ain’t ever goin’ to get fucked.”

Everyone laughed, and started talking at once.

Jake continued, “If I won’t let a man have my daughter, what will happen?”

“You’ll be asked to sell your store and leave Long Bow.”

Then Edna Baxter stood up. Her husband had left for California five years ago, and she hadn’t heard a word from him since. “You say us married women, who ain’t got no husband here abouts are goin’ to get paid?”
“Yes the town will take care of you.”

“But what if Tom Black, the trapper comes to town? I don’t think he’s had a bath in ten years. You tellin’ me I got to put his thing in my mouth or some other hole? You can smell him comin’ from a mile away.”
“Yes, “ Molly continued, “but that brings up the question of hygiene. If a man is dirty, then he is just goin’ to have to go over to Rebecca’s saloon, and pay her ten cents to use that copper tub she has. No woman in town is goin’ to service no dirty smelling man.”

Then Rod, stood. “you know Miss Molly it ain’t only the men that need to be cleaned up. Some of the ladies in this town smell real powerful. You pass them on the side walk and smells like dead fish.”

Now that got them aroaring. Old Sam Helmsly, yelled, “That is just pussy juice you stupid boy, ain’t you never tasted no pussy juice? It’s best when it hasn’t seen water for a couple of weeks. Strong smell like that will get that wiener of yours stickin’ straight out.

“Yes,” Molly said. “Sometimes we women need a bit of soap and water in the right places. And a little rose water wouldn’t hurt none.”

Edna stood again. “Most of these men haven’t had six bits in their pocket for years.”

“That’s the best part of this,” Molly said. “with this money the town can cobble stone the street, fix up the sidewalks, put up street lanturns, put communal privies in town, and all of this will be done by hiring the men of the town, who in turn will pay to, pardon the expression, fuck the ladies, most of whom haven’t been fucked in a long time. The money will go around and around. We get work done in town, the men get paid, the men pay for the use of the town’s ladies, and more money comes in to the towns treasury to get more work done.”
Bethy, one of the ladies of the saloon stood up. “We live and work at the saloon, do we need to leave?”
“No, you stay put, and continue as dance all girls. The men love to come in drink, dance and fuck. You give the money to the town, but if they tip you for dancing, that is your money.”

“What about that time of the month?” Edan asked.

“You ladies can wear a red scarf, or ribbon during your monthly. Of course if you want, you can use your mouth or if the man has a dollar, there is always the back door, but during the monthly you’re under no obligation.”

“There’s goin’ to be young uns.” Somebody yelled.

“Doctor McIntyre will hold classes for the ladies to teach them how to avoid having a swollen belly. But there will be accidents, and if the child is born to an unwed woman, then the town will be the father. If the child is born to a wed woman, the town will aid the father. Any more questions.”

“I don’t think I can do that, and I’m sure my husband won’t allow it.” Hattie Stewart said.

“Then we’re sorry to lose you.”

“What about strangers?”

“Good question. If a stranger comes to town, he has the same privileges as any man does, except he is taxed at two dollars for a mouth, five dollars for the front, and ten dollars for the rear door. That ought to protect you from outsiders, that is unless a rich fella comes through. Also I forgot to mention, occasionally, I’m sure, some fella’s goin’ to want to give you gifts, or some money, and that is perfectly acceptable, as long as he pays the tax. If you fail to pay a tax then you will be fined at a rate of two dollars for a suck, five dollars for a fuck and ten dollars for a push through the back door. If you can’t pay the fine, you will work it off at the rate of five dollars a month. Now I think that just about covers everything.”

The Reverend Wright stood up. “You may think that this is cute, that you have found a way around the dictates of the bible, but I will not comply, and neither will Sandra.”

“Speak for yourself,” Sandra said standing up. “I’m tired of your missionary position without any fire. I want to get a good fucking and I want it often. If you don’t, then perhaps we don’t need you. You go, I’m staying.”
The reverend stomped out of the church, and the meeting continued into the evening. By evening’s end every one of the single women had opted to stay, knowing that there was no place for them to go, and only three families, all with young daughters decided to load up their wagons and head to Oregon and California.
At meeting end they elected a town counsel, all women.

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