They say that Democrats haven't seen a Tax they didn't like. They would love this town, and it's answer to the Whore Problem.

It was decided that they would not start the program for two days, during that time sex was not allowed, except of course in the marriage bedroom. During that time they constructed boxes with locks on them and placed them throughout the town. Each box had a slot and small envelopes. On the envelope was a place for the names of the two parties, the type of sex, and an amount. The money was to be put into the envelope and then placed in the slot.

On Augusts 13 the program started. There was a strange air in the town. No one seemed to be talking, everyone was just walking around looking at each other. The day before Rebecca’s bath tub was fully booked up, everyone seemed to want a bath.

Molly strutted down the street, watching, she and only she wore a red ribbon around her neck, a display that indeed she was having her monthly period. She was excited and walked back and forth thinking of what was going to happen that day. No one had said if they had to be out of sight of others or if they could just do it on a sidewalk bench. She felt like she would cum just in anticipation of seeing cocks, and young girl’s cunts. She could almost smell the sex hanging in the air before it had even began.

“Morning mam,” It was the Reverend Wright. “Sure is a good morning.”

“I thought you were headed out of town?”

“No, my little lady talked me into staying. She and I prayed over it, and read the Bible, where it said to be fruitful and multiply. Don’t suppose the good lord had anything but sex in mind when he wrote it.”

“I suppose not.”

“See you’re wearing red. Having a heavy period?”

“Not too heavy, it seems to have nearly run its course. Did you have something in mind?”

“Always did like the smell of a woman having her monthly. Suppose you think that’s odd?”

“Do you lick the bloody slit of your wife during her monthly?”

“No, not lick, but I do like to put a finger in, and get my nose down to it. Don’t suppose the Bible ever mentioned that so I suppose it’s okay.”

“Got six bits?” she asked.

“Six bits, for a finger in and a smell?”

“Front hole six bits, back hole a dollar.”

“Don’t suppose an IOU's acceptable?”

“No. That isn’t acceptable. Just cash. But if you can’t afford it today, then there is always next month, and about 64 women still having their monthly coming up.”

“Suppose you are right. Anyways, don’t think I would want to be the first.” He took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. “You can almost smell the sex in this glorious brisk morning air. We’re going to be a very popular town when…..if the word gets out.”

“I suppose so. If you’ll excuse me I think I need to change my cloth. My pussy needs a pat or two.”

“May I?”

“Six bits.”

“Never mind.” He turned and walked on down the street toward the church. After a few steps he stopped and looked over his shoulder. “What if a woman refuses a man with six bits?”

“Then the six bits is taken out of her stipend, and if it happens a second time a dollar and a half is taken out.”

“Oh. Maybe my wife has six bits I can borrow.”

He walked to the church and up the steps into the front door. Sounds were coming from the Choir loft, he went up and peaked around the corner. There bent over a chair was Sandra, naked with young Jeffery behind her pumping his large cock into her cunt. He wasn’t sure if he was in her cunt or ass, since he was behind her, but he figured that the boy didn’t have a dollar but could possibly come up with six bits. He was grunting with every push, and a little squeal came out of her. He could hear the boys balls slapping at her legs, and his hands were around in front of her massaging her ample tits. He wondered if that was extra, or if it came with a fuck. He expected it was part of the fuck. He went into the loft and sat next to his lovely blond wife, reached out and massaged her tit as the boy fucked her. It was strange, he wasn’t jealous, and his cock was growing with every push. He looked back behind the boy and saw that indeed the cock was large and buried deep into his wife’s cunt.

“Can I be next?” he asked.
“I’m your wife,” she answered, “and it’s free.”

“Can you suck my cock while he fucks you?”

She looked back over her shoulder, “do you mind? It’s your six bits.”

“No mind to me,” the boy grunted “Suck away.”

She had her knees on the chair, and was leaning over the back, so he just stood there in front of her dropped his pants, and pushed his throbbing cock into her mouth. He couldn't believe how horny he was and how her grunts every time the cock was sunk into her made his dick harder and harder, he thought it would burst.

“I better get some work, or I’m going to be plum broke,” the boy said through his grunts. “God I love this town, and this hot cunt.”

Sandra screamed and dropped his cock from her mouth, saliva dripped off his cock and from her mouth, as she screamed through another orgasm, it was then that the boy unloaded into her dripping pussy. “Oh shit her cunt is so hot and tight, I think I’m gonna die.” He pushed hard, and then out and then hard, his legs stiffened, and then they buckled as he fell to his knees. He was looking up at her gaping gash and the cum was dripping onto his face.

“Don’t let it get on the carpet,” the reverand warned. “This carpet came all the way from New York City, and if you stain it it will cost you more than six bits.”

With that the boy cupped his hands and held them under her dripping cunt. “Catch it all,” she said. “I want it. Give it to me.” After the last drop fell into his hands he took it to her and she licked his hand clean and then took his flaccid cock into her mouth and cleaned him.

“That ain’t gonna cost another two bits is it?”

“No, I think that’s just part of the service. You know, cleaning up after you did your deed to save the carpet.”

“Good, cause I only got a nickel left.”

“And you chose me?”

“Yes mam, I think you’re just about the prettiest lady in these parts. I’ve had a hard on during church a number of times, just watching you sit back there behind the preacher.”

“Well next time bring a dollar.”

“Gotta get a job, Maybe I could sell my horse.”

“No, that’s not necessary. Don’t sell everything just for a fuck. We got plenty of time and my little cunt isn’t goin’ no where.”

Meanwhile the preacher stepped behind her. “Want a dollars worth?”

“Yes husband, but are you sure the Bible is okay with that, you know Sodom and Gomorrah?”

“Got to be, Sodom was man to man, this is husband to wife, so it’s got to be okay.”

“This isn’t be fruitful and multiply.”

“No I guess you’re right but the devils got me, and got me good,” he said as he pushed his saliva coated finger up his wifes tight ass.

She handed him a jar. “Here I thought he wanted my ass, so I brought some ointment," she said handing him the jar. "It should make it easier. If you put it on your hand, and push a couple of fingers in first you’ll get it all ready for your cock.”

“he dipped his hand into the jar, and rubbed it over her ass hole, and her cunt. “Put a couple of finger in.”

He did as he was told, pushing two fingers into her ass. He was surprised that it seemed to open up more, as he worked the ointment into her. “Gan you get another finger in,” she said panting, "and rub my pussy too.”

He put his other hand down and inserted his finger into her cunt and brought out a dollop of cum left behind by the young boy. “More cum,” he said.

“Give it to me.”

He reached around and inserted his finger into her mouth. “More fingers in the ass, please.” She said smacking her lips. “God how I love this,” she blurted out.

“Don’t take God’s name in vane.” He scolded.

“Sory, More fingers.”

He now had four fingers in her ass. “Oh Gaaaaa….Oh Sorry, Oh, shit oh.” Her screams were echoing throughout the empty church.

“Shush. People will hear you. “

“I don’t give a fuck,” she screamed “Pump my ass, rub my cunt.” He kept up his ministrations and was unaware of two children that had made their way up to the choir loft, watching and listening.

The preacher was excited beyond belief his wife had never shown any interest in ass fucking ,and now here she was demanding that he push more and more of his hand up her gaping ass hole. He had his whole hand in her and was pushing in and out as she screamed. Finally without warning she came thrashing back and forth, her head up and then down, her hair flying every which way, and streams of woman cum, squirted from her swollen cunt. When she calmed down he withdrew his hand, he hadn’t realized it but when she came, he had squirted his load all over her white ass.

The children, two little girls sitting two seats down laughed, clapped their hands, and ran from the loft.

"Gonna fuck my ass," she said looking over her shoulder.

"Already cum," he said apologetically. Damn that was good."

Sandra turned around and pulled her dress on and buttoned it. “You’re not wearing panties?”

“What’s the use,” she replied. “I’ll probably just be taking them off again. None of us will be wearing any panties just loose dresses so they can get to our tits, our cunts and ass. Do you know how much trouble it is to lace up a corset?”

She went down to the sanctuary floor, out the front door into the sunlight, and sat on the church steps. The brisk morning air filled her lungs and she squirmed moving her ass back and forth as her pink sphincter contracted back to normal size. Yes indeed it was a wonderful day.


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