Rebecca was one of the ladies on the town council and she took it on herself to police the goins on during the first day. She met Molly who was sitting on the bench in front of the General Store. “Got a bit of red on.”

“Yep, a bit of red on.”

“Mind showing me?” she asked.

“You want to see my bleeding pussy?”

“If you don’t mind, and it better be bleeding or it’ll cost you.”

“Where do we need to go to do this?” Molly asked.

“No better place than right here. You wearing panties?”

“Got to, how else am I goin’ to hold the rag in place?”

“Okay then up with your skirt. Let’s take a look.”

Molly stood, and lifted her skirt, and Rebecca pulled down her panties. There in the crotch of her panties was a piece of cloth with fresh blood on it. She could tell that the rag had been used for many months because it was stained with prior month’s seepage. It was the habit to wash out the blood and use it over and over.

“Yep, fresh blood, but it looks like you probably about done. “Spread your legs.” Molly did as she was told, and Rebecca pulled her pussy lips apart and inserted a finger up to her knuckles. She withdrew her finger and looked at it. It was clean. She put it to her nose and smelled it, and then stuck it into her mouth cleaning it off.

“You’re done, might take off that red.”

“Why did you do that?” Molly asked.

“I gotta keep an eye on my girls at the Silver Dollar, once in a while they like an extra day off, so I gotta slip a finger in now and then. Did it bother you?”

“No, actually I kinda liked it. Do you think we should have something on the books say ten cents if a lady wants to visit a lady?”

“No, I think we ladies should be able to lick a cunt, or suck a tit free of charge.”

“What about a guy and a guy?”

“Don’t think we have any problem there. Don’t think we got any queers in these parts.”

“Never know,” Molly said. “May be a cock sucker out there wandering around.”

“Then let them suck, free of charge,” Rebecca answered. “If they can find a cock to suck, then more power to them.”

“We got three right now, Carrie is first and her sister, Becky’s goin’ to be 16 in three weeks. That aught to be interesting.”

“Carrie already has $23.00 bid.”

“Who was the last to bid?”
“Her father. He bid $23.00 and said he would outbid anyone. Can you imagine a father fucking his virgin daughter on the church steps in front of the whole town. After her deflowering there are six bids for fucking her, first come first serve. And one guy put in a doller for the ass. This poor girl is going to be sore for a week.”

“Any guy come a courtin’ you,” Molly asked.

“No, who would want an old whore like me with all the fine upstanding women to fuck?”

“Maybe some guy would want a little from a woman with experience.”

“Could be, but I doubt it. Did you hear all the commotion at the church. Sounded like the preacher’s wife got a good fuckin’”

“Yeah I heard, and I saw the McCarthy girls running out. I guess they had an audience. We never thought about the young’uns. Maybe all this in public isn’t all that good on them.”

“It only will make them horny and ready the day the turn 16 and the men folk start a bidding war over who gets their cherry.”

That was smart, putting that in. The bottom line is ten dollars, but the bidding goes up from there, and the town gets to watch the deflowering.”

“Well we had to, you know as well as I, that the family would bid and there is a big chance that the deflowering would never take place until someone came up with six bits.”

“I just hope she doesn’t stick a finger in there and break it before the ceremony.”

“If she does, she saves the town the $5.00 bonus that goes to the virgin.”

“I bet old Jake is figuring on getting that $5.00 to help pay for the fuck.”

“Probably so. Want to check my monthly again?” Molly asked with a sly grin on her face.

“You just want my finger up your cunt,” Rebecca said breaking into a full laugh. “Well Jake better save some money, his other daughter is coming of age and I don’t think he has enough money to bid on both of them.”
All day women screamed with orgasms, the same ogasms they’ve been having with husbands for years, but feared making any noise. Now the inhibitions were gone and the screams and grunts could be heard throughout the day.

At eleven oclock, Rebecca and Molly made their rounds collecting the envelops from the lock boxes. It came to $28.75. That was thirty-six fucks, and seven sucks. The towns coffers had more money in it now than it ever had, and this was only the first day. Not bad for a town that had only 42 men, three of which left with their families. Leaving only 39. They got thirty-six fucks out of thirty-nine men. “What a horny town.” Rebecca said laughing. “I never had a night or day like this town had today. All pussies and cock sucks, no ass holes.”
“Not what I heard,” Molly said. “Cynthia, that little girl we saw running from the church told her mother that the reverend had his whole hand up Sandra’s ass. His whole hand.” They both started laughing. Rebecca caught her breath, “His whole hand? Up her ass? Oh my God I heard about that and I’ve been whoren for 27 years but never have I seen it. I’ve seen girls with a hand in their cunts, cunts are much more stretchy, but an ass hole that is something else.” And they again started laughing.

“And the little girl thought she was being hurt, she was going to help her when, Sandra yelled at him to rub her cunt and put more hand in her ass.” Again they burst into laughter. “I’ll bet she doesn’t sit down for a week.”
“Want to try it?” Rebecca asked.

“Listen, my man has been gone for so many years, and I’ve had to do with things I found around in the kitchen for all of those years. I’m yearning for something human in my cunt, never mind my ass.”

“You should have come over to the Silver Dollar, you could have had all the fucking you want, you’re a beautiful woman. Not sloppy like most of the women around here, and I can testify that your pussy is sweet as honey.”
“Why thank you mam,” she said with a little curtsy. I’ll keep that in mind, but now I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finding something warm for my pussy.”


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