August 14th was hot day, a hot humid day, with the wind from the South bringing up moisture from the Gulf. It started off cool enough, but by noon every dog was panting, every horse lathering, and every man woman and child sweating. There was no relief except in the river. Now they called it a river but it wasn’t more than a small stream, that meandered down toward the Mississippi River, and dried up about a hundred miles short of its goal. But it was cool, and that is where most of the town headed.

In the past, the ladies would go up stream near the cottonwoods, and disrobe down to their petti coats, and the men would try to steal a peek of what would amount to nothing more than bare feet. Today however, Cynthia James, the wife of Jeb James the blacksmith, decided that since everyone was obliged to give in to any reasonable request decided that she would bathe down stream with the gents. Now the day before she had been fucked twice, and had sucked a sixteen year old boys cock right there in the stable next to the Blacksmith shop with her husband banging away at some large piece of steel, making whatever it was that blacksmiths made. The red hot steel was on the anvil, and the sledge hammer would strike with an ear piercing clang, sparks would fly and he would grunt and look up to watch his beautiful blond wife, devour the cock of the young stable boy. Under his leather apron his cock was screaming to break free. He finally threw the hot metal into a bucket of water, it hissed and bubbled, and stormed out of the shop, stopping in front of Molly, saw the red ribbon, grunted something and went up the street to the Bank.

Now the Bank is owned by Edward G. Kolle and he has only one teller is Norman Spielman. It so happened that Norman’s wife was waiting to talk to Norman about packing up and leaving this town that had turned into a God forsaken Sodom and Gomorra, when Jeb walked in.

Now I should be telling you about these people, Ethel, is only eighteen years old, she has been married to Norman for only eight months and neither one of them had any experience with sex prior to their marriage. She has long auburn hair, large breasts, actually they look larger than they are, but since she is so small they stick out like a main feature, above her tiny waist. She weighes maybe a hundred pounds and is only five foot two inches tall. Now Jeb the blacksmith would make two of Norman, he has enormous arms, a broad chest, and a cock most women would die for. It's more than six inches flaccid and a good eight inches hard. He was six foot two, with broad shoulders, and a handsome face.

He walked up to Ethel, picked her up into his arms. “Come on little lady, you and me got some fucking to do.”

And fuck they did, right there in the Bank lobby, in front of Norman. He pulled up her dress revealing petti coats, and pantaloons, a God awful mess of clothing. He grabbed her pettiecoats and ripped them off of her, took hold of the pantaloos and ripped them off, reavealing a red thatch of hair covering one of the most beautiful cunts you wouild ever see. He ripped open the top of her dress allowing her tits to fall out. He opened his pants, picked her up and lowered her on his raging cock. She had only seen Norman’s cock, and thought all men had cocks like his, five and a half inches hard. When she saw Jeb’s she was in shock. “Sir,” she screamed. “That will never fit in me.”

“It’ll fit and after it fits you’re gonna clean it up with those sweet rouge covered lips of yours.”

“Norman help me, she wailed,” as he settled her down on his massive cock. “Norman….. she said again, with a weak voice. “Help me. Oh God…. Help,” she groaned. “It’s too big, …it's…….so big…” he settled her slowly down until the entire blood engorged cock was buried up to his balls in her sweet little cunt. “Oh….. it’s so big….so… oh so…big” she whimpered as he lifter her and lowered her up and down, up and down, up and down. “It’s soooo nice oh God it’s so big and so nice,” she grunted “So nice,” she whispered into Jeb’s ear. “Do I have to lick it clean?”

“Yes mam,” he said through his own grunts.

“You got a dollar?”

“Yes mam…”

“Can my husband fuck your wife?” she whispered.

“Yes mam…. If’n he’s got six bits.”

Now Jeb was so hot, and I’m not talking about his blacksmith shop or the hot August day, I’m talking pure in heat lust. It didn’t take him long to unload a massive amount of cum in Ethel’s tight pussy. They both yelled and screamed cuming at the same time. He raised her up off of his cock and put her on the floor, "Now I must clean it?" she asked. "Yes Mam, wrap those lips around it and clean it clean as a whistle." She smiled and knelt taking his cock into her mouth, savoring its texture and tast. Now you gotta know she never did suck on poor Norman’s cock, in fact neither one of them had even thought that it was something people did, but she just had to get a better look at that massive cock that just seconds before was sunk into her throbbing cunt. As she squatted there massive amounts of cum dripped from her cunt onto the floor.

“I do believe I’m making a mess on the banks floor,” she said looking up at Jeb.

“There’s gonna be a lot of that around here I suspect.”

It was then that Norman got his voice. “Sir, Mr. Jeb sir….”

Jeb turned and looked at Norman, who was still in his teller’s cage, and just stood there as Ethel sucked and licked his flaccid cock. “You speakin’ to me?”

“Yes sir,” he stammered.

“Well boy, I’m waiting. You got something to say, say it.”

“Who’s gona pay for my wifes ripped clothing?”

“I just ripped the stuff that she shouldn’t a’been wearing in the first place. No need for all that cloth under her dress if’n she’s gonna get fucked on and off all day. So I guess the answer is, no one.”

“Oh then very well,” he said knowing full well that there was absolutely nothing he could have done, and nothing he can do now. “very well,” he repeated in a small voice.

“You done down there, little lady?”

“Yes,” she reluctantly admitted as she stood. “It’s all clean. You can put it back in your pants now.”

“You want to do it?” he asked.

She smiled took his cock in her small hand and stuffed it back into the opening in his pants. “There all put away,” she said with a smile.

Jeb left the bank and Ethel was left standing there with cum dripping out of her cunt and running down her leg. Norman retrieved his voice. “Did you come down to discuss something with me?” She just stood looking out the window as Jeb walked across the street toward the Blacksmith shop. “Ethel,” Norman repeated, raising his voice. “did you hear me. Was there something you wanted to see me about?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “I….. I just… I thought. Oh it was nothing, I thought you should know though that Jeb’s wife would like you to fuck her.” She said as she reached down between her legs scooped up some of his cum, pushed into her mouth, smacked her lips and left the bank.

Now I know, I started telling you about the hot day, the river and all, and got a little side tracked with Jeb and Ethel, but here we are again at the river, with Cynthia, Jeb’s wife bathing with the men. Now she wasn’t naked mind you, she had on a camisole and pantaloons, but them things are made of thin cotton and not ever expected to get wet when they are on a woman’s body. So as soon as she waided into the water the white cotton became transparent. Now this being a Saturday, and the Bank being closed, she strode up to Norman who was waist deep in the water.

“My husband tells me that you’re suppose to fuck me. He also tells me he’ll pay the six bits because of some clothing he tore. So do you want to put that cock of yours into my mouth, my cunt or my ass?”

“What would you like Mrs. James.”

“Mrs James is it. You’re about to fuck me and you can’t call me Cynthia?”

“Sorry, Mam” he stammered.

"Now it's Mam?"

“What do you like Miss Cynthia.”

“’Don’t make me no never mind. You can put that lovely cock in my cunt, and then in my mouth. Or in my mouth and then in my cunt, or in my ass then in my mouth. Whatever is your pleasure. I’ve got to tell you. Last night that man of mine, Jeb, he did me good. Your wife just wetted his appetite. I’ve never been so well fucked in my life. I suspect he’ll be you’re wifes regular, as long as we can afford it. Can I see you’re cock?”


“Yes, of course here. I’m not gonna sneak off into no bush somewhere. Look at me you can see right though this clothing. It’s like I got nothing on at all. If you don’t stuff that cock into me somebody will, and you’ll get sloppy seconds. So pull that cock out so I can take a look at it.”

Norman pulled down his long johns and revealed his hard cock.

“Oh… It’s so …. So cute.” She said as she reached out and took it into her hands…… “So what will it be, on the sand over there, or do you just want me to bend over here so you can fuck me standing up?”

“In the sand,”he said. They walked to the sandy spot on the bank of the river. “We better do this doggie style,” she said otherwise you’re gonna get sand on your balls and I’ll get it up my ass.”

“Doggie style?”

“Yes, I get on my knees, you get on your knees behind me and push that cute little cock into my cunt from the back.”
“We can do that?”

“Of course. You’ll like it I promise you. And you can push your finger into my ass hole while you fuck me, and reach around and grab my hanging tits. You’ll like it.”

When the got to the beach they found that they were not alone. There were children there playing in the sand.
“Should we do this in front of them?” Norman asked.

“Why not. If they are goin’ to live in this town they are goin’ to see a lot of fucking and sucking. Do you want to lick my pussy?”

“We can do that?”

“Sure, and it’s free. You’re only charged for me sucking, and you fucking front and back. Nothing in the book that says you can’t put your tongue in my cunt.”

“I’ve never done that before.”

“Here you just lay here on your back, I’ll squat here on your face and you can try it. If you don’t like it let me know and I’ll get up.”

When they were in position, Norman could smell her aroma. He liked it, it was. … was different. He pushed hin tongue into her, and savored the flavor. She squealed “do you like it?” He nodded his head, and as he did so his nose pushed first against her clit, and then sunk into her fuck hole. She squealed again and squirmed back and fourth covering his face with her juiced. Norman thought he would suffocate, but he loved it. He pushed her up, and took a deep breath,and pulled her back down so his tongue was buried deep into her. Shit he thought, this is free?

Finally he could stand it no longer. He crawled out from under her, pushed her onto her knees and sunk his throbbing cock into her wet cunt. She squealed again. It didn’t take long before they both were cuming, squealing, and grunting. When it was over the sat quietly side by side in the sand.

“Sorry,” he said.

“About what?”

“About my … my.. you know. It being so small. Cute I think is the way you put it.”

“Oh, honey, there is nothing to be sorry about. Listen Jeb’s cock is big. It’s huge, but it’s nice to have something like yours. No pain, just nice. That big thing is good, but this is nice.” She said taking hold of his cock. “Do you want me to clean you up with my mouth. Jeb’s paying.”

“Yes, please Mrs. I mean Cynthia. That would be nice.”

As she licked and sucked his cock and balls, Molly and Rebecca, strolled around the river, taking notes.
“I hope everyone pays.”

“If they don’t we’ll catch them,” Rebecca said as she wrote down Cynthia and Normans name on her tablet.

That’s pretty much how that day went. The children in the bushes playing adult, and the adults in the water and on the beach, playing like children.

Excitement was building for the deflowering of Carrie. The sun sets late in August and it was decided that it would be held outside on the church steps at 8:00 with the hope that it would be cooler, and that at that hour the children under the age of 16 would be in their beds.

The ladies were taking over the preparations, both of site, and Carrie. They took Carrie over to the Silver Dollar, and bathed her in rose water bubbles, fixed her hair, and dressed her in a linen dress that had been made for her by Emily Stattin, the town seamstress. It resembled a night gown, but the filmy linen clung to her young body and was translucent.

The Girls of the Silver Dollar, trimmed her cunt hairs, while Velma, the barbers wife fixed her hair.
While she was still naked, and after the cunt trim, Molly asked her to spread her legs. She reached down and spread the pink cunt lips wide, and looked in to inspect the unbroken hymen. Now you gotta understand, there wasn’t a woman there that had ever peeked inside another woman’s cunt, nor had they been able to see inside their own except with a looking glass, and not one had ever seen a hyman. “Come ladies look at this.”

Each woman in turn spread the her cunt lips and peered inside. “Ain’t that purdy,” Velma said as she stroked Carries cunt lips. “Oh my, she is getting wet. You getting’ excited honey?”

Carrie nodded her head as she bit her lower lip. Carrie didn’t know who was going to be the lucky man to break that cherry. But the ladies knew. It was Edward G. Kolle, Sr. the owner of the Long Bow Bank. He had bid $63.00 for the privilege.

Now Edward G. Kolle Sr. isn’t the handsomest man in town. He is married to Elizabeth, and they are both 54 years old. He is five foot, eight, and weighs 200 pounds, with a round belly. Everybody wondered if Elizabeth would be at the ceremony, to watch. Up to this date only one person had fucked her, Edward G. Kolle, Jr. her 23 year old son, and of course Edward G. Kolle, Sr.. Rebecca was surprised when they opened the envelope to find Edward G. Kolle, Jr. and Elizabeth Kolle’s name with, “Fuck Front”, “Fuck Back”, and “Suck Cock” checked, and $2.00 inside. The envelope was stained with cum and smelled like pussy. Molly and Rebecca nearly died laughing. “Guess old Elizabeth won’t be left out after all.” Molly said. Now Elizabeth is dowdy, and a bit overweight, Most of the weight it seems is in her enormous tits.

“Oh she isn’t left out. I say the McCartney boy, the 17 year old one, sucking her tit in the ally behind the barber shop.” Rebecca said.

“There’s no envelope.”

“No charge for tit sucking or cunt licking. Maybe we should bring it up at the next town meeting.”

“No some stuff just has to be fun, and more for the ladies than for the guy.”

The time finally arrived and the ladies escorted Carrie to the Church steps where a bed had been set up. Edward Kolle was sitting on a chair next to the bed when Carrie arrived. She hadn’t been told who would take her cherry, and was a bit surprised at the fat man that was to be her first lover.

“Don’t worry,” Molly said to her in her ear. “I’ve seen his cock, and it isn’t that big, so you should be able to enjoy your first fuck without much pain. Just remember this is for you, not him so let yourself enjoy it, your pussy is already dripping juices, and I’ll bet his cock is dripping too so just relax. If it hurts tell him and he will stop to allow you to get accustomed to a cock in your little cunt. Then you can tell him when to continue. Do you understand?”

“Yes man, Mable’s been telling me all that stuff. I’m okay with it.”

She arrived at the bed, and the ladies streached her out and raised the dress up over her head leaving her beautiful ivory body naked in front of Kolle, and the audience. Much to everyone’s surprise Elizabeth Kolle was in a chair front row at the foot of the bed.

Kolle was wearing a night shirt, and it was obviouise that the site had him aroused, as a tent was formed over this hard cock. He pulled the night shirt off revealing a circumcised cock, which was rare among men on the frontier. It was six inches long, and had a normal girth. “Suck her tit Ed,” one of the on lookers yelled.

“Now there will be none of that,” Molly said standing to see who had said that. “This is a beautiful occasion, no rude remarks the poor girl is scared as it is.”

With that Ed lowered himself on the bed next to the girl, and whispered into her ear. He gently kissed her on the cheek, the lips, and worked his way down to her breast. Kissing it all round, and finally taking the pink nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. Her nipples hardened, and juice started visibly flowing from her cunt. He lowered his hand to her soft belly rubbing it, then down to her cunt.

“Spread your legs a little lady,” he whispered into her ear. She responded by spreading the fully, giving everyone a view of her wet cunt. Suddenly, her stomach muscles contracted, her legs came further apart and he hips came off of the bed, as her first climax engulfed her. Ed was surprised, he hadn’t even touched her cunt and she already had an orgasm.

“You okay?” he asked
Her breathing was heavy, and her cheeks were flushed. “Yes….. What happened?”

“You done cum. A powerful one.”

“It was amazing,” she said through her heavy breath.

Ed lowered his hand down further and ran his finger up and down her slit, stopping to rub her clit with little circles. Again her body convulsed and she shot cum out and onto the church steps.

“She peed,” Ed Junior said. “She peed all over the place.”

“Don’t be silly,” Rebecca said. “She had what’s called a wet orgasm. That isn’t pee it’s lady cum.”

“Fuck me,” Carrie whispered into Ed Sr.’s ear. “Please fuck me.”

With that he took his position and slowly lowered himself into her dripping cunt. He stopped when the tip of his cock touched her unbroken cherry.

“Oh, please hold for a minute. " Ed held his body wight on his arms. until finally "More please,” she panted.
“It might hurt a bit.” He said.

“I don’t care put it in.” He pushed harder and the barrier was broken and he slowly sunk all the way in. “Now don’t move,” she whispered. “Let me get used to it.”

It didn’t take long before she told him it was okay, and that would he please fuck her. He didn’t need to be asked twice. Her young cunt was as tight as a vice, and he started to pump her with vigor. After only four or five pumps she again convulsed and sent a stream of cum all over his balls and cock. “Oh God she screamed. Oh, shit, oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Now you’d think that a guy as old as old Ed Sr., would have a little staying power, but that just wasn’t the case. After about ten in and outs he to pumped his cum into her cunt. Now I don’t want you people to think that she was goin’ to be with child. The town ladies were smarter than that, and this day was selected because of the time of the month it was for young Carrie. No siree… she could fuck all she wanted, streams of cum could fill her and there would be no baby. As I told you earlier there are now 7 men waiting after paying in advance, six bits for a fuck, and one dollar for the ass. Now this had a few of the town’s ladies a little worried, cause they had never had anything other than shit in their ass, and the thought of something as hard and big as a cock had them worried. So it was decided, since they knew two guys had paid a whole dollar for her ass, they should prepare her. So before the event, they gave her 3 enemas, cleaned her up real good, and stuffed nearly a half Jar of ointment in her ass. Rebecca then had them work their fingers into her ass to get it ready for a cock. The were surprised that she seemed to like it.

So, after old Ed finished up, the ladies cleaned her pussy, and worked more ointment into her ass, and asked her how she felt. All she did was smile and rub her own cunt, bringing herself to another cum squirting climax.
It was 10:00 before they were finished with her. Adolph Schmidt, had a couple of lime lights, he was fix’n to use in a playhouse he wanted to build, so he set them up to provide light till the last man dumped his load into her ass. When it was over, she walked naked back to her father’s store, with cum dripping from her cunt and ass.

She had a day to remember, and was thinking about the stories she would be able to tell her granddaughters when she is old and gray.


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