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My Sexy Stepmom
By CompletelySexual

Before I start this I want everyone to know I never wanted to become this kind of person, but now that I am, I love it.

It all started one saturday night, my Stepbrother was off hanging out with his friends and my Dad and Stepmom were out for dinner. I went downstairs to borrow my Dads headphones, I remembered Krysta ( My Stepmom) had done some reorganizing, but I figured my Dads stuff should be in the same drawer. I pulled it open expecting running clothes, but instead I found something amazing. Inside was Krystas pajamas, and next to that was a small pile of sexy lingerie ranging from a red skimpy one to a maids outfit. I quickly found myself exmtremely turned on by the thought of Krysta in those.

Krysta doesnt have the biggest boobs but what she lacks there, she makes up for with her giant sexy 40 year old ass. Her huge butt in that lingerie would've made me go insane. I took a few pictures and continued looking through the drawer, careful to fold up and put back everything exactly where I found it. To my pleasure I found some thongs, some bras, and some sex toys. One was still a little wet, I pulled it to my nose, it smelt amazing. I put everything back and ran upstairs with a raging boner.

I could picture her curly dirty blonde hair up in a bun, her eyes full of lust, her lips big and open as she watched me, her boobs perky in her little maids outfit, her tight little body with her hands on her hips tilted at an angle, her butt escaping the low cut uniform on either side, and her sexy legs all the way to her black heels. The thought of it alone almost made me cum but I decided it was too late and they'd be home soon.

I instead sat in my room watching tvfor a while. Just when I thought it was possible to die of boredom, I heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs to the front door and unlocked it for them.

"Hey Eric," Krysta said, "Watch ya been up to?" She began taking of her shoes by the door and I couldnt help but stare her ass.
"Nothing much, just watching tv," I replied.
"Hey Eric," my Dad said as he ran up the steps and into the door to grab Krystas jacket off of her.
"I'm gonna hop in the shower and then go to bed," Krysta said as she walked off. Her ass bounced from side to side in the most boner inducing way.
"Me too," my Dad said as he walked into they're room and closed the door.

For a while I found myself constantly masturbating to the lingerie and pictures of her scattered around the house and in albums. It felt wrong sometimes, but decided it was just puberty or something.

It was your average saturday, I was playing xbox upstairs, my brother Brian was off with his friends, Krysta was cleaning around the house, and my dad was doing yardwork.
" Im going to lowes to pick up some supplies," my dad yelled from the front door."I'll be back in an hour!"
"Ok!" Krysta responded

My throat was dry so I went downstairs to grab a coke, the cabinet was empty. " Krysta, do we have any cokes?". No response. "Krysta?!" I began walking to their room, when I noticed a strange noise.

"Ughn, oooh oh oh yeeeaaah, oh oh oh oh, uuuuughhh, ughnnn" I felt a bulge growing in my pants as I peered around the corner at Krysta's ass rapidly fucking a dildo that was sticking striaght up from the ground. "Oh yeah, fuck me, you like that, ughn, you like it when my big ass rides your nice big cock? Oh oh oh, fuuuuccckk!" Luckily her back was turned to me so I could get a good view. She got up off it, turned around, got on all fours and began sucking the dildo with her ass in the air. I loved the way she did it, turning her head different ways, and sometimes going down until she would begin choking. I never realized she was so kinky! I slowly began to creep away so I wouldnt get caught when she suddenly looked up!

" Eric!?" She yelled suprised, "I thought you went with your father!?" She quickly got up covering her boobs and kitty. "Were watching?" She said in a slightly calmer voice.
" Y-yes mam" I said trying to hide my raging boner.
"Did you enjoy it?" She said her eyes wandering around the room innocently.
"Yeah, you make it really sexy" I said shcoked with both of us.
"Well, let me handle that for you"
She said taking her hands away from herself and walking towards me.

She knelt down infront of me and unzipped my jeans. "Um, I dont think this is right" I stuttered, even though I wanted this so bad. "I dont think I can wait any longer, I need your 17 year old cock in my mouth." She wipped out my 7" rod and put her juicy lips on the head of my cock looking up at me with puppy eyes.

" Wow, this is amazing!" She said staring at my cock. She quickly wrapped her big red lips around my dick and began pumping her head back and forth while turning her head from side to side. She really knew how to give a blow job. I rested my hand on the back of her head, guiding her to my speed. She let out soft moans as she looked up at me which only made me pump her head faster on my dick. She looked like a model, butt naked bobbing her head back and forth on my cock with her ass out.

I could feel my dick building and swelling. As I began to cum she didnt pull away like I expected she pulled my dick deeper into her mouth and let my cum fill her mouth.
" Your penis is amazing," she said pulling her cum filled mouth away. "Lets do this again sometime" she said standing up and swallowing my cum. She rubbed her ass in front of me, "I want you to own this next."

I pulled up my pants and ran back upstairs with the biggest grin ever.


So tell me how I did, this is just supposed to be an introduction to a series I will hopefully be starting and didnt contain much of anything but how it all started. Feel free to critique me and tell me what to improve on. Thanks!

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2013-02-28 02:35:20
nice job, a bit quick in the pace but nice.

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2013-02-27 22:56:11
I thought you did a great job man keep them coming!!!


2013-02-27 20:52:11
cant wait to read the rest great start to hopefully a great chain story

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2013-02-27 16:04:14
Great story, i hope there will be more

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2013-02-27 13:28:39
loved it,looking forward to more,just need it a little longer

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