This is how I ended up fucking my brothers hot girlfriend when I was 16
I'd always thought she was attractive. With her short blonde hair, blue eyes, nice, full body, which had tattoos all over it.. But someone like me, who's only 16, and less attractive than her boyfriend, would never have a chance with someone like that.

Oh, I'm sorry. By “she” I meant my brothers girlfriend. He's always been one to have attractive girlfriends, even since he was a teenager, but this one was definitely the best. Her name was Jacky. She was 2 years younger than my brother, who was 28. Her and my brother, Will, have been dating for a couple years now. And they visit my house quite a lot, especially during the summer, when my pools open.

I always liked when they would come over to swim, because I was able to see her in her bikini's. I'd go out to swim with them too, so I could get a better look at her almost naked body. Her butt wasn't too big, but she had nice boobs. Which didn't bug me, because I've always been a boob kind of guy.

Anyways, aside from all of this, there was one day, where by chance, the unthinkable happened. Nothing too bad, well.. other than her cheating on my brother with me. And if you'd like to know how this happened, well.. just keep reading.

During the summer, they came over to my house to stay for a couple of days. I myself was kind of like

“Oh great.. They're really probably gonna be here for a week or too.”

But, I quickly got over it. I happened to come downstairs from my bedroom, which in a way was perfect timing, but it was really kind of.. awkward too. I came downstairs just in time to see her change into her bathing suit. I saw everything.. Her breasts, her ass, her mound. We just stood there, eyes locked, for what seemed like eternity. After she broke eye contact, she quickly finished putting on her bathing suit.

“Sorry..” I managed to mumble so it wasn't so quiet.

“It's alright.” She said with a smile. “You were just coming downstairs, and I decided to change right here.”

“Haha, yeah.”

This short conversation was definitely one of the most awkard conversations of my life. But, with the image of her naked body in mind, I decided to go upstairs and beat off. In one quick movement, I had taken off my boxers and gotten to my bed. I just lay there, cock in hand, imagining her body against mine, sucking her nice nipples, tasting her.. Oh I was so horny. Before I knew it I was ready to cum, so I got up and hurried to my bathroom to blow my load.

“Jeez,” I thought to myself. “Maybe I should try to act on this, she didn't seem embarrassed or anything.” But, of course I never did. As the next few days passed, things were fairly normal. I'd go out to swim with her and my brother, I'd see her in her bikini and get turned on, go to my room and masturbate.

Now.. here's where it gets interesting. During one of my “sessions” I guess you could call them, she had come upstairs into my room.

“Hey bud, I brought up your laundry.”

When she said this, thats when I first knew she was up there. And before I could cover up or anything, she turned towards me and saw me laying in my bed, naked, cock in hand. I just laid there frozen, her staring at my naked body.

“Uhhh.. thanks for bringing up my laundry.”

“Why are you thinking about laundry, with your dick in your hand, and an attractive girl 10 feet away from you? A normal boy would be jumping at the chance to get some!” She smiled.

I was still frozen, not believing this was really happening.

“Well.. you're dating my brother, and he's better looking than me, and..”

“He isn't better looking than you. I think you're a looker too, ya know.” and she began to approach me.

“Thanks..” I said shyly.

As she approached my bed I just stared at her, and how hot she looked walking towards me. I saw the lust in her eyes.. like she was a dirty slut hungry for my cock.

Wait.. was I really thinking these kind of things? Yes, I was! And this might be it, I might actually get to fuck my brothers girlfriend!

When she finally reached my bed, she was just staring at my cock.

“Damn.. For you being 16, you've got a huge cock! This is not only longer than your brothers, its thicker too!” She wrapped a hand around it, and slowly began rubbing up and down.

“It is?” I said with almost too much excitement.

“Mhmm..” She said as she bent down and took my cock in her mouth.

This was such an amazing feeling, feeling her tongue all over my throbbing cock. It also made me so horny because I was really about to fuck my brothers girlfriend.. and I felt dirty.

“Mm that feels good Jacky..”

She didnt say anything, but it was almost like I could feel her smile. Instead, she just kept bobbing her head up and down, sucking and slurping like a dirty whore.

After a couple of minutes, I sat up and pulled her to my face, kissing her hard. I forced my tongue into her mouth, and she forced hers into mine.

“You like my cock?”

“Mm.. its so big.”

I stood up and pushed her down on my bed. I kissed her all over, letting my tongue taste her body from her neck to her breasts. I grabbed her breast and squeezed, sucking her nipples. Then, I continued to kiss her body, now from her breasts to her crotch. When I got down to her pussy, I didn't waste any time taking her pants off. I was hungry for her pussy, and nothing was going to slow me down. As soon as I could, I spread her legs and slid my tongue up and down her wet pussy. I heard a couple of small moans, and she was beginning to arch her back, so I knew she liked it.

I started to slide my fingers into her slit, and was fingering her and eating her at the same time. After getting her hole nice and ready, I stood up and leaned over her, bringing the head of my dick to her opening. I slowly began to slide into her, pushing myself inside of her.

“Oooh damn that feels nice” she said as I got deeper.

“This will feel better,” I said as I pushed as far as I could inside of her.

She just moaned, and stared me in the eyes. I knew she wanted it harder, so thats what I gave her. I began to slowly thrust in and out of her, grunting each time I entered. After a little, I began to get faster, and harder. I noticed that I was moaning too, because of how amazing this felt. Finally, I just decided to go crazy. Pounding her pussy with my cock as hard and as fast as I could.

“You like that? “

She didn't manage to say anything, but was just moaning.

“ I said do you like that?”

“Yes.. It.. Feels.. So.. Good!”

Knowing that I was pleasuring her like this turned me on more. I realized I was close to cumming, but I didn't want this to end quite yet. I pulled out and shoved my fingers into her pussy, rubbing her g-spot.

“What are you doing?”

“I don't want to cum just yet.”

And I continued to finger her. After I was ready and knew I could go a little bit longer, I turned her on her stomach. She grabbed a pillow to rest her abdomen on, as she perked her ass in the air for me to have. I began to rub my cock up and down her crack, and that's when I decided I wanted to fuck her ass.

I figured she was okay with this too, because I began poking my head at her asshole, and she moaned in agreement. I began to go deeper into her asshole, and I felt her thrusting her ass against my cock.

“Do you like anal better?” I asked.

“Yes I do, please dont stop.”

I chuckled and didnt try to take it slow now, I gripped her hips and began to thrust in and out of her asshole. God damn this felt amazing.. and I hope it felt just as good for her too.

“Oh my god yes!” She said rather loud.

I reached one hand up and grabbed her shoulder, so I could try to get myself a little deeper inside of her. When I did this, she did that head-twirl thing, which just drove me crazy. A couple minutes passed, and I once again realized I was about to cum. I wanted to this time though.

“Oh, I'm gonna cum..”

“Don't stop, fill me!”

And with a few final strokes, I burst my load right into her asshole. When things weren't as loud I realized how loud we were both breathing. I slid my cock out of her ass and she turned around on her back again. I just collapsed on top of her, and was just holding her, kissing her.

“That was so good.. We should do this again sometime.” I said to her, breaking our kiss.

“Anytime you want, just ask for it..” She gazed at me and smiled.

“Oh.. trust me, I will.”

The End.

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