I looked at my 8 year old daughter and man was she something! She looked like that young girl from The Sitter without make-up. She was a rape baby.
***First story written here! Completely fake so don't take it literally. If you take of fence to it I'm sorry, but it's your fault for reading this.***

I used to have another daughter but she died giving birth to this miracle, when she was 11. My family have been doing this for years! We get our daughter pregnant at a young age and if its a girl, we make sure the mom dies after the baby doesn't really need her. If it's a boy we try again and make sure it's a girl. But we don't kill the boy, we train then to learn our ways.

This is my forth girl and I have two boys. One is 11 and the other is 13. They both have good look that they get from their father.

And if your wondering if any of my child's are or have been disable, they aren't. My great great granddad made sure of it when he sold his soul to the devil to make sure all the Trevino's live a happy life. We own millions of businesses -including a private one- and have amazing good looks. Over the past years our private business was too much to handle, so my dad have some men working for us.

I am 30 years old and started when I was 14. I plan to do the same to my boys. I am 6'7 and have a well put together body. I am Hispanic with a bit of Italian in there from my mom, and I have an enormous penis (14in. in height and 3in wide) that gets girls screaming before it's in them! Also part of the deal my granddad made.

As I was saying before all this nonsense I looked at my daughter. She was heartbroken because we killed her mom a couple of hours ago. She didn't know I was involved or her brother, all she knew was that she wasn't returning. And all I knew was that her training would start soon.

"It's okay Abby, shhhh don't cry" I soothed in her ear, and put her on my lap. "I want my mommy" was all she kept saying, over and over again. Her brothers were all trying to look sad, but I could tell they were getting impatient. "Shhh.." I said to her, rubbing her back and thigh. "Everything will be okay I promise." She looked at me with big brown puppy eyes and cried even more. "How about I get you a pony?" I soon as I said that she calmed down a bit. Of corse she's only a kid and bribing them is the best way to shut them up. "Okay daddy." She said looking at me and smiled a bit. "Good girl" I told her and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. She looked surprised but dismissed it right after. Jason -my oldest son- turned on the tv and put American Pie. I looked at my daughter when a dirty part came on and saw her cover her eyes. I moved my hand from her thigh and placed then on top of hers. I moved her hands from her eyes. "It's okay you can look" Jason and Chris -my youngest son- looked at their sister and smiled at her.

When the movie was over Jason and Chris went to their room. Abby was about to get up and go to hers. "Sleep with me tonight Abby, so I won't be lonely" She nodded in response. I stood and wrapped her legs on my torso. I moved my hands on her butt and she put her on my neck. My dick was getting stiff in this position. I walked us too my room and put laid her on my bed. She got up and walked to the door. "Where are you going?" I asked her. "To get pajamas" She said as in a small childlike voice. "Just sleep in your undies I said making no big deal of it. "Okay"

She walked back to bed with me. I took of my pants and shirt, leaving only my boxers on. I cuddled next to her with my penis still stiff. I put it against her entrance and put one hand on her flat chest and the other on her panties right above her clit. "Daddy..?" I heard Abby say. "Your mom and me sleep like this." I replied in a normal tone so she won't dig too much in to this. "Goodnight daddy"

The next morning we were in the same position. I looked and Abby and she was sound asleep. I rubbed her clit in circler motions and, pinched and twisted her tits. She stirred in an uncomfortable way. Her eyes flutters open. "Daddy your hurting me." Her eyes were watery and she looked really displease. "Abby you have to be the mom now, cause without a mom your brothers will be real sad. You have to learn to take this because this is baby stuff" I told her in a stern voice twisting her nipples harder. She yelped and tried to push me away. I pinched her clit as hard as I could.

She let out a high pitch scream. Luckily our every room is sound proof. "If you push me away, it will hurt a lot more." I gave her the you-don't-want-to-mess-with-me look and she looked on the edge of tears. We stayed like that for at least 10 more minutes and she kept on screaming and trying to carefully push me away. Probably hoping I won't notice but I did every time. When I was done my dick was real hard but I decided that Abby would have to wait for that.

"Let's go eat breakfast" I have her a kiss on the mouth and grabbed some sweats to put on and did the usual morning stuff. When I walked back from my restroom Abby wasn't there. I walked towards the door but before I could open it, Abby came in and she looked like she showered and changed in to a a knee length dress.

We walked towards the kitchen, which took sometime because we live in a mansion. I saw the maid and ordered her to make me breakfast. She was a cute 15yr. old asian who I paid for because her family was broke and desperate. She was 8yrs. old when I got her.

She wasn't the only girl who I paid for in fact all my maids were stolen, paid, or trades to pay off someone's debt. Every maid wore the typical black and white uniform with a number sewed on so I won't have to remember no ones name. When they reach their limit (25yrs. old) we sell them. There are at least 18 maids working for me at the mansion. Me, my sons, or random visitors are to screw them from time to time. When we don't have time for them we tell them to record each other sucking each other off and sell it.

I grabbed Abby and sat her on my lap. I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs and waited for the food. Jason and Chris walked in after a while. Jason kneeled in front of me and put his hand under her dress. She pushed herself closer to me. She was about to say something, but I beat her to it. "Jason she's still learning." He look disappointed and moved his hand. Damnn that kid gets straight to the sex. He still needs to complete his training. He sat down on his chair looking a little mad.

#12 Came and gave us our food. She politely stood there waiting for her next order. "Chris do you mind" I said nodding towards 12. Jason was about to object, but my glare stopped him.

Christ went up to 12 and pushed her towards her knees. 12 unzipped his pants and pulled out his 8in penis. She started to suck on it. Abby was trying to avoid the scene in front of her and kept eating. I moved my hands closer to her pussy. I pushed her panties aside and started to masturbate Abby. 12 kept on sucking Christ, who looked like he was close to climax. Jason was jacking himself off to the live porn. 12 put Christ's balls in her mouth and kept on sucking him off. I move my hand faster already knowing Christ was about to cum. Abby let out a small moan. I have her a gentle kiss on her soft lips. She let out another moan. I jerked her off faster trying to make her have her first orgasam at the same time as her brother. She was starting to shake, I looked over at Chris and so was he. I called Jason over and had him kneel in front of me. Abby was shaking faster and let out a loud moan as she cummed all over her brothers face. I moved my fingers and brought them towards her lips. She licked them without any object. She gasped. I looked to see what made her gasped and Jason had his mouth in her pussy and was cleaning her up. "Stop Jason!" Abby told her brother. Jason bit her clit and she let out a scream and a small sob. Jason kept on licking her and when she moved he would bite her.

When Jason was done, we all ate. Abby was silently crying every now and then and 12 was moping the floor. When Abby was done I picked her up and took her to the living room. My dick was super hard after that show. I unzipped my hard dick and sat Abby on my lap. Abby looked at my cock in pure terror. Her back was against my torso and her pussy was rubbing against my dick. I grabbed her undies and slowly took them off of her. "Daddy I don't like what your doing." I grabbed her nipples and gave them a hard pinch and then a twisty twist. She screamed and cried instantly. I grabbed her pussy "Your mine you little slut. You were made only for me to rape you. I raped your mother and your grandmother. You don't get to tell me what to do because I own you and if I want Uncle Tony, Derek, or Jorge to come and rape you. They can!" She burst into tears. "Please daddy, please don't hurt me." I put my hand under her chin and brought it closer to me. Our lips met and this time I gave her a rough kiss. She kissed me back probably because she was scared I would call my friends over. She wasn't a good kisser, but what can you expect from an 8yr. old?

"Now Abby" I said sternly, breaking the kiss. "If I want to do this" I said while putting a finger into her pussy. She let out a small yelp. "I can alright. You can scream if you want. I actually like it when you do that. Crying is also allowed if you feel the need to do that. Your brothers are going to be doing things to you too, but they are only doing things that I already did too you. Okay?" I said looking her in the eyes. "Yes daddy." She said letting out a sob. "Good now rub your pussy on my dick and put your hands on it and move them up and down." I knew she knew what pussy and dick were, because I told her mother that I wanted her to know them growing up. Abby was moving her small hands on my huge shaft. I couldn't wait till she was ready to use her mouth. She was moving back and forth, up and down, side to side, rubbing my dick. My hands moved to her flat chest and were just playing with her nipples. "Faster Abby" She started to move her hands and body faster. I kissed her neck and shoulder. I pinched her nipples just enough to her her yelp. "Faster before I cut this babies off" She started to cry, but that didn't stop her from going lightning speed. I started to shake. Screw it, she was ready to have oral sex. "Abby you have to put you mouth on it" She looked shocked, disgusted, ad scared. She slower leaned down and put her lips on it. She did some unbelievable good magic. I was close to climax and I could feel it. Abby put my balls in her mouth. She probably was paying attention to Chris and 12 after all. I felt a burst of energy flow through me. Abby had her mouth right on the head of my dick, so all of my juice went straight to her stomach. Nevertheless, she tried spitting what she could out. "You better swallow." She gulped it down and made a disgusted face after.

"Good girl. You wanna go get your pony now?" I asked Abby.

***To Be Continued***

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