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A 37 year old man cannot resist his sexual daughter.
I am a 37 year old male, working as an engineer in a
small research lab with a great reputation. We've just
been assigned a top secret job from government, and
I've became the leader of the group. As a contract, the
government provided me with economical benefits.
Basically, I would be set for life if this project
would do it's magic. Even if it didn't - I would still
only have to work a few more years.

Being the leader, I didn't really have any spare time.
I worked from six to ten. My daughter Kelly, a junior
in a high school woke up seven, and slept when I got
home. We would talk about what we did during the day,
and she would go to her bed then I would go to mine.

Today, our project is becoming to a great success.
We've started to loosen our tension and get a bit laid
back. The crew suggested me to take a day off. I
politely refused, but they insisted.

I sat down on the couch and started watching the TV.
Scrolling the channels, I landed on MTV. There was this
hot girl, about as old as my daughter singing. Damn was
she hot. Ample tits, sassy face, long brunette hair and
oh that bright smile... I haven't had sex in a long
time. Since my wife left me back in the days because of
the family financial issue, I've never really had been
in a relationship that promised regular sex.

She kind of reminded me of my daughter. Hell, Kelly was
much hotter. Blonde hair with highlights, slightly
tanned body and long smooth leg. She was sixteen years
old and already a woman. Her killer body often made me
hard, and I did masturbate thinking about her. I've
even put drugs into the wine and let her drink it
during Thanksgiving, and fucked that tight pussy and
took her virginity. Of course, she was sleeping and I
laid few paper towels so her virgin blood won't be
spilled onto the bed sheets.

Rocking her round ass, bending her over the bed to
fuck, playing with her tits, and I fucked her beautiful
face while playing with her long hair. Then as a
finale, I slid my cock into her asshole using her face
lotion as a lube. The tightness made me ejaculate into
her pink hole in less than five minutes. I decided that
this was too good and I had to enjoy her more.

I walked to the medicine cabinet, hoping to find a
Viagra. She didn't wake up till two days later, hardly
able to walk. She said it was probably because she
slept in a wrong position that maybe tweaked her bones.
She didn't say anything about the pain up her ass nor
the soreness of her throat. And I didn't tell her

So I'm sitting down, watching the music video and a
hard penis in my hand. I walked to the DVD player and
popped in a porn video of an old guy fucking a young
blonde cheerleader. I smiled and slowly jacked my
penis. She looked so much like my sweet daughter. I was
just about to shoot a load into the air, and I heard
the door open. I quickly put my hard cock back into my
shorts, and shut the DVD player with my remote control.

"Hi daddy, what's up?" She said in her peppy voice. She
was wearing her favorite short skirt. It was maybe made
of cotton. The soft skirt wrapped her nice round ass
and reached right on the thigh. I wanted to fuck her.

"N-nothing, just thinking." I replied with a red face.
I can't resist this feeling forever, I thought. She was
just too damn sexy, and it was a fact that she was

"Well, you don't seem okay." She did her sad face
smile. Ah god, that bitch. That angelic face. Must look
better than right now with my cum on it.

"Here Kelly, sit on my lap." I said, "Been a long time
since I had my baby girl sitting on my lap."

She walked over and sat. My penis was still rock hard,
and it probably made her uncomfortable. I started
flexing my penis.

"Daddy? What..?" Her words trailed off as I put my left
hand on her knees, and moving higher and higher.

"Shhh," I whispered. My hands slowly rubbed her inner
thigh, they were so soft and smooth. Finally my hands
got under her skirt.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

Using my right hand, I grabbed the remote and turned
the TV on. Kelly gasped as she took a glance at the sex
scene. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down so I
could see it, then I slowly inserted my middle finger
into her pussy. She tried to stand up, but I used my
right hand to hold her arms tight. This was perfect.

"Daddy, this is wrong! Oh my god, get your hands off
me!" She tried to pull my hand away with her small
hands. I carried her to her bed. I slapped her and she
shut the hell up. I put her down face down and pulled
her leg towards me. I pulled her skirt up then pushed
my hard penis into her.

"You're now my bitch, slut." I made a rule, "And now,
I'm gonna fuck you."

She whimpered as I fucked her tight pussy. She tried to
get up by pushing on the bed. This isn't going to be so
pleasant, I thought. I pulled my cock out and walked to
her closet to find something to tie her with. All I
found was a belt. This should do it. I took a glance at
her, she was getting up ready to escape.

"Where do you think you're going bitch?" I yelled at
her. I then grabbed her hair roughly and dragged her
onto the bed. Putting her back into the position I
fucked her, I took her hands then tied them up.

"Little fucking bitch," I smirked at her. I grabbed my
still hard penis and inserted back into her heavenly
pussy, silencing her by pushing her face into the
pillow. I could feel her vagina muscles spasming waves
onto my cock. I felt my balls tightening. I can't get
her pregnant, I thought. I pulled my cock out then got
on the bed.

"Open your mouth." I demanded.

"No dad, this is wrong, stop, please!" She screamed. I
smacked her face several times. "Open your mouth you
damn fucking bitch!" I yelled at her. Maybe she was
scared, she slowly opened her mouth.

"Suck on it." I told her. Her beautiful clear blue eyes
stared at me with hatred. I didn't give a shit. I
placed my hand on back of her head, and started fucking
it slowly. As I expected, I came in her mouth. I pulled
it out and left some on her face too.

"This is art Kelly, we must record this memory." I said
in excitement. I picked up my digital camera and
started taking pictures of her. Her beautiful revealed
ass, her cum drooling mouth and cum covered face. This
was a dream come true!

"I'm telling you, this weekend is going to be a blast
for both of us." I said. I jumped on to the bed and
pulled her next to me. I resumed my exploration of her
body by lifting up her t-skirt, then her bra. Wow, what
a nice set. I could fondle with them my entire life and
not get bored.

I looked at Kelly. She was crying with her eyes closed.
I grinned and placed my lips on her left nipple,
planning what I'll do to her this weekend.


2017-11-16 08:06:13
"MY Daaughter Kelly" -

Even though this is "supposedly" fiction, I cannot imagine that anyone one could have such personal hatred to even consider writing such debasement and utter ravaging of a female--especially one that could be HIS daughter--is far, far beyond the pale!! I'll accept this trash as fiction, but I cannot put my head around anyone with such a morbid, terrible thought process to even put these kinds of thought processes/garbage to words on paper for others to read.

Only three of the total (so far) fourteen comments, of those that cared enough to voice their displeasure, makes this an almost seventy-nine percent (79 %) DISapproval of an absolutely despicable male attitude toward the female populace--toward ANY female!! I apologize that my harsh words are necessary, even for the worst of pornography.

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2016-06-14 22:29:14
wow what a sick mother fucking bitch you are fucking dumass

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2014-04-19 07:20:48
UKNts2 Major thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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2014-01-31 10:02:04
Pa5v9M Really enjoyed this blog post.Much thanks again. Great.

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2013-03-11 22:17:52
This is wrong. Consensual sex is one thing this is out and out aggravated rape.

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