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I was visiting my 18 year old cousin. My cousin, Amy, had great legs and was always wearing short skirts or short-shorts.
Being a "leg man," one of the hottest scenes for me to see is a pair of great shapely legs coming out from under a short skirt, a skirt with a slit, or a towel. It's the "mystery of what lies beyond” that makes me tingle! Just thinking about it brings back a memory of when I was 25.

I was visiting my aunt, uncle & 18 year old cousin. My cousin, Amy, had great legs and was always wearing short skirts or short-shorts. I was having to go somewhere private and relieve myself several times a day because she was driving me crazy! One late morning, I came into the kitchen and she was just starting to fry some bacon. She was wearing a white fleece bath robe which had buttons down the front. It was closed at the top so I couldn't tell if she was wearing anything underneath the robe. However, the bottom couple of buttons on the robe were not fastened and when she turned to greet me the robe caught against the stove and opened up so that I could see one of her sexy bare legs all the way up to where it entered a pair of white cotton panties. I immediately started to "firm up!"

I asked her where everybody was and she said her dad was at work and her mom had gone out to run errands. Well...standing there looking at her exposed leg and the bottom edge of her panties, and knowing we were alone, I decided I had had enough! I saw her making live sex chat on and know why it is able, so I took courage and when she turned back to face the stove I reached down and adjusted my growing bulge and moved over directly behind her and said "that smells good" and immediately put my nose where her neck met her shoulder and inhaled. Then I said, "And so do you." Without any pause, I kissed her neck and at the same time I reached around with my hand and slipped it inside her robe and rested my fingertips on her upper thigh. She took a short, fast breath and froze, but didn't say anything or push my hand away. I took that response to mean "keep going." I kissed her again on the neck and she rolled her head around, slightly turning her body, until her lips met mine. At this point it didn't matter anymore that we were cousins. We were just two people, turning each other on!

I was only wearing a teeshirt and my PJ bottoms, without underwear. I didn't want to waste any time and take a chance that she would want to stop, so without hesitation, I reached over and turned the fire off from under the "now smoking" bacon and then reached down and pulled my "now very stiff" cock from my pajamas. As we continued to play tongue tag, I started stroking my cock, while at the same time moving it back and forth, lightly dragging the tip across her upper thigh. My cousin reached up and opened the remaining buttons on her robe and it fell open revealing what I was hoping for, that she was only wearing a pair of white cotton bikini panties and NO bra. Well, I don't have to tell you, my other hand went right to her tits. I continued to stroke my dick while I fondled one of her tits. When I started to roll her nipple inbetween my fingers and tug on it, she breathed out a quiet sigh and reached up with one hand and started to mirror my motions on the nipple of her other tit.

Then I felt her other hand moving down. I stopped kissing her for a second and leaned back to see what she was doing. She shoved her hand inside her white cotton panties and started to play with her clit. This brought precum pouring out of my cock and I drooled it all over her leg. We started kissing again as we kept masturbating for each other. I started to feel my sperm boiling in my balls and I told her that I was really close to cumming. She said, "Stop...I want you to play stop-and-go until I'm ready!" This statement, and the sexy way in how she said it, made another gush of precum run out onto her already slippery leg. Then I heard her say, "I'm gonna cum," and I said "NO, you have to play the game too!"

We continued to play "stop-and-go" for maybe 5 or 6 times and then I said, "Let’s rub in super slow motion and not stop this time." She softly said "OK" and we started into our "final landing pattern." I told her to look into my eyes and keep looking all the way through her orgasm. Then her eyes started to open wider. I slowed my rubbing to a crawl because I wanted to enjoy her orgasm and I knew watching her cumming would make me explode!

I could feel her body start to firm up; I knew she was almost at the point of no return. All of a sudden, I had an amaizingl-like response! I pushed her back against the counter, pushed my PJ's down over my ass and lifted her leg with one hand while I used the other to push her panties aside and guide my almost throbbing cock into her pussy. Her eyes never left mine and she never missed a beat on her swollen clit. As soon as I entered her dripping wet pussy I drove my cock all the way in as far as it would go and she started to shiver and moan. I started thrusting hard into her and after only about ten strokes, she said, "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" Her moans increased in volume as her body began to jerk like she was being shocked with electricity. That's when I felt her cunt start contracting on my cock. I kept up my pace and exploded deep inside of her! I remember the first 5 squirts and then I lost track of time and space as I gazed into her glistening eyes.

After the storm calmed, she whispered to me, "stay inside of me as long as you can" and she started rubbing her clit again. Cum to find out, she's a "multiple girl!" She came a 2nd and 3rd time almost immediately. Then she let out a big sigh and my cock finally slipped from her drenched pussy. This released my sperm to run out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. I reached down and pulled her panties to the floor, and then lifted her up and sat her on the counter. I pulled the panties off of her feet and spread her legs while raising her feet to the counter. I kissed and licked the front of her thighs, where my precum was still wet, and then moved to the inside of her thighs and tasted my cum. Then I gently kissed her clit a few times followed by a couple of licks all the way from her asshole to her clit, stopping along the way to insert my tongue in her pussy and lick out as much of my own cum as I could get. I rose back up and kissed her again. Except this time we were swapping my cum back and forth. I kissed my way across her cheek with my cum-covered lips and whispered in her ear that I was going to suck her clit and give her a fourth orgasm. "Oh...please do!" she whispered back. It was then that we heard a car door slam in the driveway! My aunt was back from running errands!

Amy jumped off the counter and started buttoning up her house coat. I pulled my PJ's back up to cover my still half-hard cock. Just as the door started to open, I noticed my cousin’s white cotton panties lying on the floor. With one quick swipe I reached down, grabbed them, and wadded them tight in my hand. Then I heard her mom say, "What's with all the smoke?' My cousin said, "Oh...I burned the damn bacon!" My aunt said, "Well, open a window." As my aunt turned to close the door, I noticed my cousin looking frantically at me while she was making a wiping motion on her face. It took a second for the gesture to sink in and then I understood what Amy was trying to tell me. I had my cum all around my mouth. In a flash, I reached up and wiped my face with my cousin's panties and then stuffed them inside my PJ's which gave me quite the bulge! My aunt turned back around from the door and started to walk across the kitchen. As she walked past me, her eyes shifted to the padded bulge in my PJs and she said, "Good morning, you look happy today!" I said, "Very! It's looking like it will be a good day!"
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