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In prison anything might happen and turn about is fair play

CHAPTER 1 - The New Punk
27 year old Brian Butler was a fit muscular man. While his face was considered ruggedly handsome by some, his body was what had gotten him his choice of women on the streets. At 5 foot 8 inches, the 180 pounder was a cut and chiseled mass of beefy rippling muscle. He had broad shoulders, strong arms, meaty pecs, a ripped washboard 29 inch waist, big strong legs, and a butt that could fill out any pair of pants known to man.

Women had been impressed with his build, Brian had plenty of cut muscles for them to admire and desire, but those same women weren’t very impressed when they finally saw the muscle stud stripped and erect. His five inch penis and average testicles didn’t seem to fit his big manly frame. He loved to fuck, but he was a very selfish lover, he had never really satisfied a woman. He considered the women he laid to be lucky to have him in their beds. He’d never had a lasting relationship, he went from woman to woman, it only took one or two fucks and females seem to loose interest in both him and his incredible body.

He had been in prison for 2 years and still had at least one to go. It had only taken a couple of months of being locked up before he tried sex with his first punk boy. The first few times, he only got a blow job, but that soon changed. He loved fucking, he loved driving his cock in and out of a hot hole. Head jobs were okay for a quickie but Brian found the physical act of fucking much more satisfying. The real shame was he that he wasn’t very good at it.

Like most incarcerated men, Brian didn’t think that fucking another guy in the ass was homosexual. Homosexuals were the ones that sucked dick or took it up the ass. Brian thought of himself as all man, a real stud. He was a tough guy, he wasn’t a dude to refuse.

In country jail he had gone as far as bullying a couple of guys into giving up some head. In prison, there was a huge selection of fuck boys that could be had very easily for a few dollars. He could choose from cute boys, pretty boys, effeminate boys, the selection seemed endless. A pack of cigarettes would buy a piece of ass, Brian bought several pieces a week. He loved to fuck!

He had plenty of money, his family made sure of that. His life in prison was as comfortable as convict could lead. He worked out, he fucked, and he drank. There was liquor and beer smuggled into the prison on a daily basis but he liked the potent home brewed wine that was made in secluded store rooms and hidden areas thru out the prison.

James Espada was new to the prison but not new to living behind bars. The 19 year old was beginning his second week of prison life but had been locked up off and on since the age of 14. He was doing a simple 2 year sentence for possession of marijuana.

James was only 5 foot 5 and 145 pounds. Cute, very good looking and trim described the young man perfectly. His body appeared slim in clothes but he was actually quite strong and muscular for his size. His chest and arms were smooth and well developed. His abs were tight, hard as steel, there was a slight trace of a treasure trail below his navel. His thighs bulged, his calves were equally strong. His butt was a tight bubble of smooth teenage man flesh. His lower legs had a light dusting of dark hairs, his butt was as smooth and hairless as his chest. However, his cock bush was full and rich, a tangle of dark hair nested above his large endowment.

He was a quiet guy and preferred being alone. He avoided the large noisy crowds that formed in the day room when sports were on TV. He went to chow call, he went to yard call but spent most of his time alone in his cell. Having 7 older brothers, he had never had much peace and quiet growing up.

His first homosexual experience hadn’t taken place behind bars. At age 13, he had let a 14 year old neighbor boy suck his cock. He had also experimented with girls at an early age but found his preference to be butt fucking. He had stuck his dick in the mouths and ass of many other boys and men, yet strangely enough, he also considered himself straight. After all, he didn’t suck cock, he didn’t take it up his ass!

James didn’t look or act tough but growing up with 7 older brothers had definitely made him tough. He was a fighter, he could and would kick ass if it was called for.

At 19, he was cute, almost boyishly pretty, when he had landed in Juvie for the first time, he had been downright beautiful. His very first night there, a large 16 year old had attempted to punk James. It didn’t happen, young James kicked the 16 year olds ass then proceeded to give the would be bully boy a good hard fucking. The bully had screamed, cried, begged, and pleaded but James rode that boy’s ass and popped that tight hole.

He had been locked up quite a few times before he finally landed in prison. On more than a few occasions, he defended and protected his ass from would be rapists. Even during his last stay in county jail before being sentenced to prison, two men had tried to turn him into the jail cell cock sucker. It hadn’t happened, he beat them both down.

James didn’t know fear but neither was he a trouble maker. Though he had raped some of the ones who had thought to rape him, he never used his fighting abilities to force himself on an innocent person. He knew he was cute, he was well aware that he had a huge dick, and that made him a magnet for cock loving faggots. No matter where he was, sooner or later a punk or two would seek him out and satisfy his man needs.

It was a hot August night, Brian had gotten his hands on a couple of joints and a gallon of strong home brew. He was high, drunk, and horny. As he guzzled down the homemade wine, his thoughts were on the stiff erection in his boxer shorts. His five incher was rock hard and throbbing. He had fucked a pretty boy last night and one the night before but his balls were full and his boner was nagging at him to fuck again.

He stood up and went to the toilet in the back of his cell to take a leak. It was hard to piss with his cock so hard but he managed. He poured some more wine and looked in his locker. He had plenty of commissary, lots of cigarettes. He was going to fuck tonight! He was going to shoot a load of hot cum inside some cute little fuck boy. He snickered, thinking about his stash of commissary, maybe he would fuck a couple of boys tonight.

As he drank, he started thinking about the choices. There were quite a few punks on the cell block. There was a blonde with long dark lashes and big pink lips that he hadn’t hired in awhile. There was a red head with a big creamy white butt that was so dick crazy he gave it up for free.

A few cells down the run, James also found himself with a raging erection. His wasn’t the 5 inch kind that Brian was dealing with. His was a huge fat uncut 10 inches of teenaged fuck tool. He was in his bunk, buck naked under a sheet that his pulsing prick had tented upwards. He pulled the sheet down and looked at his fuck meat with pride. He could see large veins throbbing as they pumped the amount of blood that it took to keep his big rod hard.

He pulled his foreskin down and exposed his cock head. Precum oozed from the fat knob. He began to smear the precum around the shaft, using his own ball goo for lubrication. He used both hands, massaging the cream into his massive piece of hard meat. The small cell filled with the scent of man fluid. He touched those special spots on his dick that made him feel good. He felt of his low hanging nut sack, his balls were so pumped up with cum they were even larger than normal.

He stretched out his big scrotum and rolled his balls around. More precum leaked from his piss slit as he manipulated his nuts. He used it to add more natural lube to his fuck rod. He gave his dick a couple of strokes. He played with his nuts and cock thinking about the last hot ass he had plowed.

Down the way, Brian had his hand inside his boxers. He was squeezing his rod and also thinking about the last hot ass he had screwed. The drunken stud needed a piece of ass. He needed to fuck! Yeah, he needed a big butt boy. As he was thinking about the cute boys he could choose from, his thoughts wandered to the new Mexican kid that he had recently arrived. He hadn’t seen the boy naked but he imagined that punk had a nice hot ass. The boy was pretty and all pretty boys take it up the ass in prison.

Even though Brian hadn’t seen any signs that indicated James was a willing fuck boy, it really didn’t matter to the drunken man. The Mexican punk would be lucky to get some of Brian’s convict cock. He stood again, looking down at his muscular chest. He flexed his big arms making the muscle ripple. He looked in the mirror, the new punk would be lucky to get some of his dick. He started to reach in his locker for the standard pack of cigarettes but decided he would just tell that cute little bitch he planned to fuck. The idea of fucking and not paying made him snicker. He grabbed a small tube of hair grease, it might be needed, some times a new punk could be pretty tight until they made their way around the cell block a few times.

He headed out of his cell with a glaring look on his face and his large chest stuck out. He was still sober enough to manage a rugged swagger as he walked towards James’s cell.

James was still in his bunk, not yet beating off but still in the playing with his dick and balls stage when the blanket he had hung over his cell bars was suddenly pushed aside. As the muscular white dude barged into his cell, James instictively pulled the sheet up hiding his massive erection. He stared up at the glaring man with no expression on his face.

Brian sneered down at the pretty new boy, “I want some pussy, bitch! I want some nice hot pussy!” He glared down at the new kid with muscles bulging and a cruel look on his face that he calculated would put fear into the new boots heart.

James didn’t react at all to the man’s uninvited presence. He just continued staring. He hadn’t needed to hear the glaring convict’s words, he had known the man’s intentions from the first second. He could immediately recognize a bully though they seem to come in many shapes and sizes.

“You heard me, Spic! I want some pussy! I want some nice juicy tight boy pussy!” Brian barked. He figured the kid was too afraid to move so he bent down to grab the sheet off the punk.

That was a mistake. James’s right fist seem to come from nowhere, Brian saw darkness and flashes of light as the fist hit his temple. Before he could shake it off, another powerful punch made contact with his jaw.

With lightning speed, James flew out of the bunk and began to beat the larger more powerful man as hard as he could. His huge dick was still erect as he threw punches. It bobbed as his fist made contact with the older male’s face and body.

Brian never even managed to throw a punch back, as he collapsed at the hands of the younger smaller prisoner, he groaned, “I give, I give!”

“Naw, bitch,” James blurted out. “You wanted some pussy, you wanted some hot pussy! I’m gonna give you one, bitch! I’m gonna give you a nice big pussy!”

Chapter 2 - The Brand New Fuck Hole
Brian wasn’t a fighter, in fact, he had never been in a real fight in his life. He had gotten by with his impressive muscles and his ability to act tough. People just assumed he could kick ass. He had gotten thru life as a loud mouth and bully, this was the first time it had failed.

James had always disliked bullies, he glared down at Brian. He saw a weak man, but a weak man with lots of gym created muscles. He made the decision to butt fuck the dude immediately. That would teach the would be rapist bully a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget.

He nudged Brian with his foot. “Get up, bitch!” Brian didn’t move, he just cowered against the cell wall. James gave the convict a much harder kick. “I said get up, bitch!”

Brian realized the mistake he had made. This pretty smaller guy wasn’t the easy pushover that he had expected. He rose slowly as if expecting James’s fist to start flying again.

James snickered, “That’s right, bitch. You need to be afraid. You picked the wrong dude to mess with, bitch. Bet you thought you could just barge in my cell and fuck me, huh? I ain’t scared of you or ten men like you. I know a bitch when I see one!”

“I’m sorry.” Brian said. “I’m drunk, I’ve been drinking. I’m sorry, dude.”

James snickered again, “You’re gonna be sorry. You might have picked the wrong dude to mess with, but you picked the right time. I was just about to beat off, but now I’m gonna fuck instead. You were wanting some pussy and you lucked out because I’m gonna turn your little asshole into a nice hot pussy.”

Brian thought about darting out of the cell but he knew the kid would follow him. He didn’t want that. If it were known that this pretty boy could kick his ass, there was no telling what the other convicts might do. He tried bargaining. “I got money, I got two lockers filled with commissary. I can pay any fuck boy you want. You can have your choice of any punk on the block and I’ll pay for it.”

“It ain’t gonna be that easy, dude. You intended on raping me, you intended to punk me. You’re gonna pay with that ass. And by the way, you ain’t got commissary anymore. After I take your ass, I’m taking your money, too, bitch. Now get out of those boxers and let me see what you got to work with. Let me see that ass that I’m gonna turn into a pussy.” James smirked.

“You don’t wanna fuck me. There’s lots of big butt boys that’ll are sweet and pretty and love to get fucked. I’m not gay.” Brian still tried to bargain.

James’s snicker was very loud this time. “What do you mean, you’re not gay? You were gonna rape me in the ass, dude, that kind of makes you gay. But that ain’t the point. You called me a Spic, bitch. I’m gonna enjoy giving you about 10 inches of my Spic dick. You disrespected me and the best way I can get even is to fuck the hell out of your ass, dude. Now get out of those boxers before I kick your ass again.”

Brian turned around, his butt towards the cell wall, however, he followed orders and dropped his boxer shorts. He really didn’t think the boy would fuck him, he had offered the kid a choice of punks. Surely, the kid would rather be with a cute and willing fuck boy instead of a muscular masculine man.

That wasn’t the case at all, James’s big cock had attracted many willing partners, he’d never stuck his huge dick inside an unwilling man. He figured that Brian was cherry, he knew his cock would put the big muscular bully in agony.

He smirked as he looked at the now totally naked man. The guy had muscles on his muscles. The chiseled mature frame turned James on. He eyed the convict’s soft dick and snorted. “You were gonna rape me with that little thing? Hell, you barged in my cell acting all tough and like a bad ass dude and that’s all the dick you got? My cock was bigger than that when I was in first grade, dude. Get it hard, it’s gotta grow bigger than that little shriveled up Vienna sausage.”

Brian’s face reddened at the taunting, humiliating words. He was a vain man. He knew his dick wasn’t quite average. Having the pretty boy make fun of his manhood was embarrassing.

“Get it hard, bitch!” James barked. “Get the little wee wee hard! Play with that little thing and get it boned up. Do you need some tweezers or a microscope?”

As James watched the convict trying to get erect, he stroked his own impressive piece. His big teen tool had softened a little but rapidly came to life.

“Look what I got for you, bitch! Look what I’m packing. And I’m gonna pack your ass full with it.” James laughed.

Brian’s efforts had brought his own rod to firmness. His thin 5 incher had somehow gotten hard. His face went an even darker shade of red as he looked at the pretty boy’s erection. The kid’s cock was huge.

James laughed again. “I can’t believe you were gonna try and rape me with that little thing. That ain’t a dick, dude, that’s a clit. I bet you’re really embarrassed by that tiny little prick. I bet your ashamed of that little thimble sized thing. It looks like a little finger, dude, it doesn’t even look like a man’s cock. Look at my piece, bitch. This is what a dick is suppose to look like. Look at my big thick dick. Look at how long and fat it is. Look at my balls, look at how big and heavy they are. Look how low they hang down. Now look at the little pathetic wiener of yours, look at those little tiny marbles you call nuts. You may be older and have a lot of muscles, dude, but you ain’t got a dick like this big cock that I’ll soon be driving up your ass. I’m gonna fuck you, dude. I’m gonna shove my cock inside of your body. I’m gonna stretch that shit chute out and pack all of this big rod inside of it!”

Brian was too embarrassed to speak, the truth was that the pretty boy’s cock was twice the size of his own noodle. The kid’s balls were just as large, heavy golf ball sized sperm monsters dangling down with plenty of spare room in a huge scrotum.

During the fight, Brian had dropped the tube of hair grease. James spotted it laying on the cell floor. He snickered again. “You pathetic bitch! You really did think you were gonna fuck me in the ass, didn’t you? You even brought the lube. But I’m glad you brought some grease. I prefer fucking a slick hole. Now pick up that grease and lube up my rod, bitch. Grease my cock up good cause it’s going up your ass.” To keep the muscular convict in check, James slapped the stud’s face. A nice bitch slap that would enforce his control over the older male.

The slap wasn’t necessary, Brian was so humiliated that he picked up the grease. The pretty boy had turned the tables on him. He was now the victim and no longer the conquering convict. He squirted grease in one of his large hands and began to lubricate the kid’s large hard rod. The dick was so thick and long, he wondered if one tube of hair grease would be enough.

“Pull back the skin and grease up the head.” James ordered. “Get it all good and greasy, I don’t wanna rip that asshole open before I get my nut. If your cherry, my cock is gonna hurt you, bitch. You want to get it nice and greasy so it doesn’t split your open. Yeah, you’re gonna have a nice big pussy when I’m done. You might even like it, bitch. You might like having 10 inches of teen meat up that shitter. I’m going in deep, I’m gonna pump my cock in and out and stretch that fuck chute out good.”

When his dick was glistening from the grease. “That’s enough, bitch. “Get on the floor, on your hands and knees.” He watched the muscular man comply. He eyed the butt he was about to fuck. The convict had buns of steel, huge hams with a deep fuck crack. He had never fucked a man this muscular and it was exciting him. He knelt behind the stud and forced his way between Brian’s legs. He spread the butt cheeks and looked down at the man’s ass ring. Brown curling hair surrounded the wrinkled pink muscle. He smirked as he guided his huge greasy dick into the butt cleavage. That hole was gonna be stretched a lot. He had butt fucked a lot of men, he could have told the convict how to relax the little tight hole, he could have fingered grease inside the stud’s ass, he did none of those things. He wanted this bully hunk to feel pain. He wanted this muscled man to hurt.

He placed his thick cock tip against the hairy little hole. He reached up the stud’s torso and locked his hands into the thick pecs. He gripped the pecs tight as if they were breasts. He dug his fingers into the meaty chest muscle and pressed inward.

The fuck hole resisted as he had known it would. He pressed harder with more determination. He felt the resisting ass ring to began to weaken. The sphincter parted slightly and caved in a little, he pressed harder, and he felt the sensation of his dick head slipping inside of the tight virgin fuck ring. He snickered again at the man’s gasp of pain.

Brian had expected pain but not this unbearable agony. It felt like a fist was being forced inside of his ass. He whimpered and groaned.

James was also slightly vocal, he loved the feelings a butt had to offer. He moaned as he was in the process of getting his thick cock head inside the fuck ring. He massaged the bulging pecs as he forced his rod thru the asshole. The sphincter was stretching wider and wider. With another shove, his cock head popped inside the fuck hole. He dug his fingers into Brian’s pecs and shoved again. His grease coated cock began sinking into hot tightness.

Brian groaned and whimpered, his eyes bulged out from the level of pain he was enduring. He felt more and more of the kid’s huge prick doing deeper inside of his body. He felt his ass being stretched as the cock made its way inside of his chute. He didn’t think he could take any more but more and more of that weapon was entering his butt. Deeper and deeper, it was like a steel post being forced up his ass.

James was almost halfway inside. The man’s ass was a pleasure pit. His big rod tingled as he sank inside the warm softness. He could feel the tight tunnel expanding to take his thickness. The fuck chute was a warm soft flesh glove that clutched his dick. The sphincter was a tight band of muscle that was stretched to the limit as it tried to adapt to his fat shaft. He played with the masculine chest muscles enjoying massaging them as he continued to stretch out the convict’s ass.

Brian was barely able to breath, he felt like his ass ring would tear at any moment. There didn’t seem to be enough room inside his butt for the kid’s big dick. He kept thinking that all of it had to be inside by now but then he would feel more and more being forced deeper into his guts. He couldn’t take anymore but more kept on coming!

James had finally managed to force all of his rod inside of the man. It had taken long enough, the dude had a tight ass. James snickered and thought, “Well, the dude had a tight ass, it would never be as tight again.”

“That’s all of it, bitch, but now comes the fun part. Now comes the fucking. You took every inch without even screaming once, dude. I bet you can take a good hard fucking. It doesn’t make much difference because a good rough screwing is what I’m gonna give you. How’s it feel to have your ass filled with my hard prick? How’s it feel to have a teenager take away what little manhood you had, bully bitch?”

James kept his grip on the stud’s big pecs and began his fuck thrust. He pumped his thick tool in and out of the fuck tunnel, growling as he humped the muscled ass hard and deep.

The hair grease had liquefied from the from the fuck friction. The teenager’s long fat cock was deep in Brian’s ass. His pain had lessened somewhat from the horrible agony of the original penetration. The kid’s huge rod glided in and out of his ass. His sphincter was stretched beyond belief. He felt it might rip at any moment. Now that some of the pain had diminished, the embarrassment of having his ass raped by a kid almost 10 years younger took control of his thoughts. If any one found out about this, he would never live it down. His tough act had finally failed him. A huge teenage cock was reaming his ass out! The muscled convict was now more worried about someone finding out about this then anything else.

As he took the ass pounding, the kid’s hands were playing with his pecs, pulling at his nipples. The kid’s big rod drilled in and out of his guts. His shit chute was becoming looser and looser as the fucking progressed.

James screwed in deep, the bully’s ass was nice and slick now. “Yeah, bitch, let that pussy open up for me. You wanted some pussy and now you got your very own juicy cunt. I’m fucking you good, bitch. I got 10 inches of cock buried inside your ass. Next time you think about raping some dude, remember this night. Remember the night I turned your ass into a big wide deep pussy!”

James looked down to the convict’s muscle butt. His dick disappeared between the two thick hams. It was inside that hot muscular ass. He looked down at the stud’s broad shoulders, the strong back, the narrow waist, and the flaring firm ass that was making such an excellent fuck.

He let loose of the big pecs and grabbed those hips and held them tight for leverage. He fucked faster and harder, his hips moved at high speed as he drove his hard fuck weapon in and out of the manhole.

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