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I couldn't believe my daughter Shelley was marrying this
kid. I'm almost glad her mother didn't live to see this
day. No, that's cruel. I wished her mom was here, but I
also wished Shelly would use a little of her mother's
sense and would have realized what a worthless jerk this
kid was.

But I guess it's too late for that. The wedding was over
and we were already at the reception.

My daughter wanted to have the reception at our house as
a way of saying goodbye to the place she grew up in.
There was plenty of room, but having it here just made
it worse for me. Seeing my baby and her new husband get
drunk with all their friends in my own home was
agonizing. Knowing that her mother and I had tried all
our lives to protect her from idiots, only to see her
become one too, was very hard.

Neither of them could handle their liquor. Shelly I knew
about. She never drank more than a couple of glasses of
wine at a meal and even then she got tipsy. But this boy
was giving her glasses of champagne all afternoon. She
was swaying like a sailor when she threw her bouquet to
her bridesmaids. If anything, Mr. Wonderful was in even
worse shape.

That's why I watched them closely as they staggered
upstairs together to get changed. I wanted to make sure
none of his lowlife friends took advantage of her while
she was so obviously plastered. Not that her bridesmaids
were helping. They were as loaded as the "lucky couple."

I decided right there to have the caterer close the bar.
That ought to drive a few people away.

Then I went to check on Shelly and the asshole.
Hopefully they hadn't started the honeymoon early, but
even if they tried, I was determined to interrupt them.
The thought of my daughter having sex with that nimrod
made my blood boil.
Sure enough, I found them on Shelly's bed in a state
that showed that they obviously had that idea. But
looking more closely, they had been so drunk they hadn't
complete the act. They were both passed out.

Irate, I went downstairs and invited the guest to leave.
I politely instructed the caterers to finish up and
asked them to please give the wedding party some privacy
upstairs. The lady that was supervising that crew was a
professional acquaintance. I knew I could count on her

Then I grabbed a bottle of vodka for myself and went
back upstairs. About halfway up the stairs, looking at
the vodka, I had a particularly gruesome idea.
I went into Shelly's room and found Mr. Wonderful where
I had last seen him. His tux-trousers were around his
ankles and he was passed out on the floor beside the
bed. I kicked him real hard in the balls, but the plan
that was rolling around in my head was even better. The
hard part was not staring at Shelly.

She was on her knees on the bed laying on pillows and
snoring very indelicately. The worst part was that her
wedding dress was thrown over her head and her husband
had obviously been trying to pull down her panties when
he had passed out. Her lovely bottom was partially
exposed and the narrow bit of fabric running between her
beautiful legs was soaking wet.

The more I looked at my daughter, the more determined I
was to make this bastard pay. I cracked the vodka open
and held his nose as I poured his mouth full, forcing
him to swallow the straight liquor. I knew if I forced
him to drink too much, I would probably kill him. I just
wanted to make him wish he were dead.

He sputtered and coughed. I hoped the vodka bleached his
fucking tonsils. The stupid bastard never did wake up.
Maybe if I sat on the bed long enough, I could see him
puke all over her carpet.

At least that's what I told myself as I sat on my
daughter's bed taking a few sips of the vodka straight
out of the bottle. It was my first drink of the day, and
I deserved one.

The problem was, I wasn't looking at Shelly's new
husband, the ass. I was looking at Shelly's ass. It
beckoned me like a lighthouse through a dark night. She
had on beautiful white satin panties and her legs and
ass looked great. She had made a beautiful bride. Why
did she have to have such a dick for a groom? Without
thinking or trying to stop myself, I reached out and
brushed the backs of her legs and her mound with the
back of my fingers.

She didn't even move. I became a little bolder,
caressing her warm flesh with the tips of my fingers.
Still she didn't move. I slipped one finger underneath
her panties to touch my daughter's pussy lips. What a
wicked, decadent thing to do! I thought.

Finally, against everything I knew to be right, I pulled
her panties down to have a closer look at the lovely ass
and cunt of my daughter was going to give to butt head.

God, she was gorgeous! This bastard didn't deserve her,
that's for sure. I tried to think of something I could
do -- anything I could do -- to drive a wedge between
them. I came up with nothing. Everything I could think
of to do, I had tried already.

As I thought, my fingers roamed over the soft flesh of
my daughter's ass and even down over her pussy. She was
so wet; wet for this stupid, worthless bastard who got
so drunk he couldn't even fuck her.

I was terribly hard now, looking at her and touching her
soft, wet cunt had an obvious effect on me. I knew it
wasn't right, touching her like this, but he probably
had already touched her like this before. Hopefully she
hadn't fucked him yet. Surely she hadn't let this jerk
fuck her already! But even if he hadn't, he would soon.
Why not me too? Why should this asshole get to fuck her
and not me? I thought with a perverted shiver.

I slowly convinced myself. My fingers convinced me as
they moved over her cunt and dipped gently inside her a
little ways. Her smell convinced me. Damn, her cunt
smelled so good!

I got up and locked the door, finding it difficult to
walk in the tight pants caused by my huge erection. As I
walked back to them, I partially came to my senses. What
if Shelly wakes up? Surely she wasn't so drunk that she
would stay unconscious while I fucked her, especially
not if I fucked her as hard as I wanted to. I wanted to
make this little bitch pay for choosing such a stupid
bastard for a husband. He wasn't going to be gentle with
her, why should I?

But then it dawned on me what I should do. I took Mr.
Wonderful's tux jacket and wrapped it around Shelly's
head. Then I tied a knot with the arms of the jacket, so
that she couldn't get out of it without a lot of
difficulty. Satisfied with my work, I dropped my

From behind her, I slid my fingers deep in her cunt. My
daughter was no virgin, that's for sure. That meant she
was probably fucking the bastard already. Maybe not, but
the odds were that she was. That just made me madder.
When I lined up behind her, I had a gleam in my eye as I
slipped the head of my cock into my darling daughter.

I pulled her expensive wedding dress even further up her
waist and threw the train over her head, covering up the
tux jacket in the process. Shelly had nice hips; hips
that were just made to hold onto while someone fucked
her from behind. That's where I grabbed her and slowly
started to press my way into my little sweetheart.

Damn, she was tight! She might not have been a virgin,
but she wasn't stretched out either. Or maybe the
bastard just has a tiny pecker. It hadn't looked big to
me, but then I didn't look at it too closely and hadn't
seen it erect. If I had, I would have wanted to cut it
off! Now there's a thought, I grinned while coming to
rest deep in my daughter's warm cunt. Maybe after I fuck
her, I'll castrate him for good measure, I thought.

I was just holding my prick deep in her wet pussy,
reveling in the feel of my daughter's tight cunt. Damn,
it felt good! She still hadn't stirred, so I began to
pump into her gently. Then, because it felt so fucking
good, a little harder than gently. I ran my hands over
her smooth ass and pressed into her ass pucker with my
thumb. I wondered if she intended to let him fuck her in
the ass. She was so infatuated with this bastard she had
married, I wouldn't doubt it. I fucked her even harder,
thinking about how wrong it would be to allow anyone to
fuck her in the ass but me. Hadn't I given her
everything in the world? Why would she give him her ass
and not me?

I heard Shelly moan under the dress and the jacket. She
started rocking her hips back in a drunken,
uncoordinated fashion. Still, having her move with me a
bit made it all the sweeter. No doubt she thought it was
her precious husband. At the thought of her enjoying
fucking that son of a bitch, I pulled back and really
slammed into her. Her moans turned into grunts, as the
thrust became more powerful. Damn, she was a hot bitch!

I spit on my hand and pressed a spit-slickened thumb
into her ass. I did it so quickly, that at first she was
loose, but as she felt the intrusion, she tightened up
and tried to hunch away. She tried to drunkenly reach
back and brush my hand away, but I grabbed her wrist and
held it against the small of her back. The stupid slut
tried to reach back with the other one then, so I
grabbed it too and held them both against her back.
Pulling back on her arms, I was really able to fuck her
hard using the leverage. Still, her anus winked at me
like a whore, tempting me. I grabbed both wrists in one
hand and rammed my other thumb back in her asshole and
started to stretch it out again.

She started to whimper, begging me to stop. I almost
gave in, and then she said the bastard's name. That made
me smile so big I almost broke my fuckin' face. She
thought he was fucking her. And why wouldn't she? He was
trying to fuck her when she had passed out. So she
thought it was her asshole of a husband that was fucking
her so rough!

I heard her start to cry and beg him to stop. All the
better! I slapped her ass hard, punishing her. I wanted
to punish her for picking such a loser.

I wanted to punish her for not listening to me. I wanted
to punish her for wanting to fuck him and not me!

I rode the bitch hard, using her as my own fuck toy.

All I cared about was my hard cock fucking into her. She
had such a tight, warm cunt and she was coating my cock
and balls with such large quantities of her own juices,
that it felt wonderful. I watched fascinated as her cunt
swallowed my cock over and over.

But there was one more thing I could really do to punish
her. One more thing that would give her a taste of what
the rest of her life would be like with this loser.

I pulled out of her cunt, my dick slick with her copious
wetness, and lined the head of my cock up to her
asshole. She really started to squirm then, but her
drunken struggles to avoid it weren't enough. Every time
she called out his name I pushed my dick in her ass
harder. Every bit that slid in, she jerked and every
time she jerked, my cock slid in a little more. With
constant pressure and her wiggling, I ended up fully
stuffed into my little sweetheart's asshole -- right
where every Daddy really wants to be!

If I had thought her cunt was tight, her ass was even
tighter and it was a lot dryer. Still, I wasn't trying
to pleasure her; I was trying to punish her. I took
long, hard thrusts into her, fucking her ass roughly.
She was moaning loud now, my darling daughter, but she
was so covered up that no one outside of the room could
have heard it. I really didn't care. I was too close.

I reached underneath her and grabbed a handful of pubic
hair and flesh and started to shake it like a dog with a
rag. I knew her clit was in the damp, soggy mess of it
somewhere, but I wasn't being too specific. As she
squealed, I pinched and pulled her cunt as I buried my
cock in her ass and shot my hot load deep inside my
little fuck toy. She shook like a rag doll as my cum
basted her insides and it was by far the most intense
orgasm of my life!

After I had cum forever, I pulled my shit-covered cock
out of her ass. Shelly lay stunned on the bed, repeating
that stupid fucker's name over and over. It sounded so
mournful and pitiful coming from my baby, that suddenly
I realized it was the only time I could stand to hear
her say it. Finally she was realizing what an asshole he

I got off the bed and thrust my fingers into Shelly's
gapping asshole, coating them with her slime and my cum.
Then I smeared the gooey mess on her dear husband's face
and hands, even going so far as to coat his thin,
shriveled little penis with her muck. I didn't kick him,
but I did give him a good slap in the balls when I was

When I left my daughter, she was still moaning and just
starting to weakly try to extricate herself. Her pretty
ass was still stuck high in the air, but it wasn't so
pretty any more. It was covered with shit and cum, and
so was he. I left to go change clothes and clean up in
my own bathroom.

After I was presentable, I walked by her door to see her
still struggling to get the coat off her head. She was
making headway on her own though, so I went downstairs
to be sure that everyone was gone. The catering
supervisor was just finishing up. She reported that all
the guest had finally left and her crew was finishing
cleaning up. I had just given her a hefty bonus for
their hard work when we both heard a man's high-pitched
scream and my daughter yelling at the top of her lungs.
We both ran upstairs to investigate.

Shelly was kicking him repeatedly in the balls when we
dragged her off of her new husband. She was standing
awkwardly in obvious pain, but she had taken the time to
straighten her wedding dress. She babbled repeatedly
that he had savaged her.

"Oh Daddy, you were right," she cried in my arms.

"I never want to see him again. Never!"

"It's okay now, baby," I comforted her as I walked her
out of the room. "Daddy will take care of you from now


2017-11-16 07:39:44
"Daddy's Wedding Gift" -

Quote, by her "father" (yuck!), "...using her as my own fuck toy..." Just how much can a man (??) abuse and abase HIS own daughter?? If the daughter (even in this fantasy, fiction) had not the fear of God--and her shit-dick male originator--and fear of him, she would pull his dick out by the roots! I find it difficult to believer that 'as983' could write this kind of gutter trash! Yuck. I've read his other stories, and they are so much better--in every way and capacity--than this mush. Sorry for unloading my depth of disappointment of this story..

Anonymous readerReport

2016-04-07 14:46:33
You could have had a 90%+ rating if you tagged it earlier.

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2015-08-14 15:47:26
Pammy and I fucked the day before her wedding. She put on her dress and we did it like Carice in her wedding video. She comes over regularly and we screw all day. Her husband is away a lot and she's thinking of dumping him. I would love to have her in my bed every night, sucking her cunt, licking her tits and driving my cock in and out of her sweet pussy. Pammy and I especially like doggie and have done it indoors and out. Our favorite fuck place is up on the hill behind the house where we can look down on the town while I screw her and come inside her. I do love my daughter and hope we can be a couple soon. She's on her way over right now and wants my cock in her ass. Gotta go.

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2013-07-15 19:19:33
but daddy cause mor damage 2 her!

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-15 00:17:25
yes, this was rape. Daddy did it to show his daughter what a dick her new hubby was to prevent futher damage to her. so in a way he did it to help. sure i think it was rough, but it was a great story and has a quirky twist to it.

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