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The electrician's extra tool, is put to good use

The doorbell rang for the third time before Fran Shannon could make it up the stairs. She had been busy in the basement trying to figure out what to do with all of the water. She glanced at the clock in the hall as she hurriedly walked to the door. "Coming." She hollered. "It must finally be the damn electrician." She mumbled to herself as she approached the front door.
"Yes, could I help you?" She asked, opening the door, leaving the chain in place.
"Gordo's electric, mam." The man answered, smiling. He was carrying a large workman’s bag.
"It's about time, what took you so long?" She didn't wait for an answer; she shut the door, unlatched the chain, and then reopened the door.
"The storm caught a lot of folks, got here as quick as I could." The man was about thirty or so and ruggedly handsome. His smile quickly turned to a frown as he thought he was about to be verbally assaulted once again this morning. He had been out since about six-thirty and was getting tired of the pissed off people he kept running into. It was like everyone blamed him for the storm.
"Sorry, it's just been so damn hectic this morning. No lights and the damn basement's about half full of water." Fran said, turning and walking back down the hall, the repairman following closely behind her. "All of this stuff happens when Harvey's out of town, he's sitting in some nice warm hotel somewhere while I have to put up with the shit."
"Where do I find your electrical box, Mrs. Shannon?" The man asked, checking out the young woman’s nice backside as he followed her. She was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. With all of the commotion of the morning, she hadn't bothered putting on many clothes, just an old pair of satin running shorts and one of her husbands old dress shirts. From the jiggle of her ass he could tell she wasn't wearing anything under the running shorts. He shook his head slowly as he walked behind her.
"The breaker box is on the back porch." She said, pointing down the hall that lead to the kitchen. He turned and walked through the kitchen and onto the closed in back porch. As soon as he flipped open the metal door he knew this was going to be a major undertaking. Inside the box was fried. From the looks of the panel box he was amazed there was even a house still standing. He set his toolbox down and retraced his steps back from where he came, instead of turning back toward the front door; he turned the other direction and went down the stairs to the basement.
"Mrs. Shannon, it doesn't look good." He said as he got about half way down the steps. Fran was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking bewilderingly at the three inches of water on the basement floor. He was a couple of steps above her and could see down the front of the shirt she was wearing. Her not to large breasts were clearly visible to him. He could clearly see the beginnings of her areola.
"Oh what is it now?" She moaned, almost in tears. It was at that moment a low slowly building rumble of thunder begin to build outside. Another storm was on its way. The man knew he wouldn't have time to fix anything before it got to them.
"Your electrical box is fried, not going to be able to do much until the storm passes." He stared at Fran's lightly covered ass as he spoke. He could feel his cock begin to stir. The only light in the basement was from the three windows that were located straight across from where they were standing. The light was slowly growing dimmer as the new storm moved in.
"That’s great,” she murmured. "Harvey god-damnit why the hell aren't you here when your suppose to be." She turned around to the repairman; her eyes were just about at crotch level. The first thing she saw was the outline of the bulge in his jeans. Fran suddenly was aware of what she was wearing. Her stomach suddenly was uneasy. She had already told this man her husband was out of town and she was in the house alone. She glanced up at the man, his dark brown eyes were smoldering he made no pretense of looking away from her breasts; she could feel her hard nipples poking at the material of the shirt.
"So how long before you will be able to fix the breaker box?" She wondered if the man would be able to here the nervousness in her voice.
"It'll be after the storm passes." The man made no move to turn and go up the stairs. A slow smile swept across his face. He knew she had seen the outline of his hard cock. What he couldn't tell was if she was interested or not. Maybe he should show her the hard thick piece of meat he was carrying? Most women seemed intrigued by the size of his manhood maybe she would be too.
Fran's stomach churned, she knew if this guy was some sort of sex fiend she was trapped and couldn't go anywhere. How stupid she had been. From the look in his eyes she knew if she didn't handle things just right he would think she had given him a signal to go ahead, then what would she do? "Well then, I guess you will just have to........." Her eyes once again dropped to the large bulge in the front of his jeans. The thing seemed too big to be real. "Come back."
"Yea, I guess so." The man said, but didn't make a move to leave. His smile grew bigger. "So lady, do you want to see it?" His smile turned to a leer.
"What?" Fran stared up at the man. "How dare you." She tried to sound indignant, she wondered if she did. She could feel her nipples grow harder. She knew he could see the hard buds poking into her shirt.
"Hey, just asking, most women like to at least look at it, never been around one yet that has seen anything quite like it."
"I think you had better leave." She said the words, but there wasn't a lot of conviction behind them. It was at that moment a large clap of thunder startled her. Instinctively she stepped back and lost her footing on the step. "Ooooohhhhhhhhh, she flailed her arms wildly trying to regain her balance to no avail. A moment later she was sitting in the cold water that covered her basement floor. "Shit." She yelled, and then once again looked up at the man. The oncoming storm was making the basement darker by the moment. She could still see his leering grin.
As she stood back up she noticed his glance travel down her body. When she had fallen, the water had splashed up on her shirt, soaking her. The material clung tightly to her breasts. She knew he could clearly see her hard nipples, now even harder with the cold water on them. She shivered.
"Just take a look, if you aren't interested I'll leave." He said, reaching for his belt. Fran said nothing she just stared at the man, her heart pounding at a thundering pace. He unsnapped his jeans, then pulled the zipper down. Tugging forward he released his huge thick cock. Fran tried not to look, but her curiosity got the best of her. Her jaw dropped when she saw the size of it. It was fully bigger around than her wrist and seemed to be at least a foot long. Her eyes remained riveted to the huge tool.
He stepped forward, down one of the remaining three steps, his cock bounced at eye level in front of Fran. She was speechless she couldn't say anything. She couldn't look away from the massive piece of meat either. The man held it at the base and shook it lightly at her. The size of his monstrous manhood made it impossible for it to stand anywhere near straight out. With him holding it though, Fran could see the huge purple head very well, the slit across the head glistened with pre cum.
"Well what do you think, baby, ever seen anything like it?" He said proudly, leaning forward just a bit. The tip of his cock was no more than six inches from her face now. Fran was speechless, she could think of anything to say. She was afraid if she spoke it would only make the situation worse. She looked up at the man; his eyes shone brightly even in the darkening room.
"Say lady, don't get me wrong here, I ain't gonna rape you or nothing, I just thought you might be interested. I mean it’s been a hell of a morning and you've had to go through it alone. Ain't nothing like a little hot sex to take the edge off, but if you aren't interested I ain't gonna force you." His leer, she thought told another story.
"I am a......married woman....I...I don't do things like that." She finally spoke, once again glancing down at the huge piece of meat. "No problem, you don't want to find out what its like with a big dick, that’s your choice." The man wiggled it at her once again, he then pulled it up and to the side, pulling his boxer shorts back up, and he stuffed the now hard cock back as best he could into them. It was a struggle. "Damn, this thing is such a pain some times, usually don't have to put it back up fully loaded like this."
As he finished he turned and headed up the stairs. "I'll be back after the storm to fix the box, probably be later today." A moment later Fran heard the front door shut. She let out a loud sigh and for the first time noticed the dampness of her womanhood. It was dampness from within; she shivered, and then slowly walked up the stairs and into the kitchen. She sat down for a moment, then got up, checked out the window to make sure the man had left and went upstairs to change her wet clothes. She spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon in the darkness of her living room while the storm raged outside.
She found herself mulling over the fact that the man would be back to fix her electrical box. She contemplated the idea of running next door when the storm let up and call the electric company that sent him out and request another person. She also found herself wondering what it would be like to take on a cock as huge as he had. It was not a normal thing to do, but then again it was not a normal cock. The more she thought about it the more intrigued she became. She didn't run next door to make the call.
It was about three o'clock when the Gordo Electric truck pulled back into the drive. It was still raining out, but the electrical part of the storm had passed. Fran had given up on the basement, there was nothing that could be done until she got some electricity and started the sump. She had taken a nap on the sofa and was still lying there when the man knocked on the door. She could feel the nervousness in her stomach as she got up and walked to answer it. Maybe the man had just been playing with her earlier and wouldn't even bring this morning up with her.
Opening the door, she immediately knew he hadn't, the leer on his face and knowing smile told her right away he still had the same thing on his mind.
"Ready to get started." He said, looking her over as he spoke. "Then a little later I can even fix that electrical box." He had made up his mind on the way over that if she hadn't called in and reported him, then she was interested. He had noticed she had changed into a pull over blouse and slacks. From the sway of her small breasts he knew she still hadn't bothered with a bra.
"What, Mr.........." She realized she didn't even know the guys name.
"Bob, just call me Bob." She hadn't moved from in front of the door, so he didn't try to force himself past her.
"Well Bob, you are just about the most egotistical bastard I have ever met." Her voice trembled as she spoke. She wanted it to sound forceful and disgusted, she wasn't sure it did. "I think maybe I had better find another electrician." With that said, she didn't try to close the door in his face, she waited for his reaction.
"Take you a couple of days now, everyone is up to their asshole in backlog." He grinned at her. "Storm took a good part of town down, but if you can wait I guess that’s up to you." He grinned at the woman, then turned and started for the front steps.
"Wait a minute." She said desperately. "Would you just come in and fix my electrical box and quit all the damn horsing around?"
"I could do that, I guess." He turned back around and smiled at her. The leer was still in his eyes.
It was time for Fran to decide whether she was going to let him in the house. It wasn't like the man was a rapist or anything; he hadn't forced his way past her. He was just a little crude. No, he was a lot crude. "Ok, then, no more of this macho bullshit." She opened the door as she spoke, and stepped away from it. Bob walked past her and straight to the electrical box. She let out a deep sigh of relief. He now seemed to be under control, it was her though that kept thinking about what she had seen this morning. As she walked back into the darkened living room, she glanced down and noticed her nipples poking through the material of the blouse she was wearing. No wonder the guy was getting mixed signals she thought. Maybe she should run upstairs and put a bra on.
Instead, she lay back down on the sofa and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. Every few moments she could here noise and movement from the back of the house. She closed her eyes, her thoughts immediately centered on the huge cock she had been shown that morning. The whole draining day caught up with her as she drifted once again into a deep slumber.
She was very relaxed, very much in a deep sleep when she felt the presence of someone in the room with her. Her husband had made it home, she thought as she slowly opened her eyes. Bob was standing at the end of the couch. She sat up with a start, rubbing her eyes.
"I must have......must have fallen asleep." She said groggily. The living room was still dark, but she noticed light from behind him.
"Yea, you did." The leer was still on his face, he still looked up and down her body. "Your all fixed up, electricity wise." He said, his eyes focusing on her breasts once again. "Wanna get that pussy of yours fixed up now." His crude, to the point language got Fran's stomach churning once again.
"You are just about the most disgustingly crude man I have ever met." Fran replied, watching him closely as she spoke, for any sudden movements. She couldn't help herself though, her eyes diverted momentarily to Bob's crotch. She could see the outline of his huge member, even in the dark. "I suppose if I say no, your going to rape me or something."
"Shit lady, I ain't no rapist. If you don't want something you have never had and will probably never have the opportunity to have again, that’s up to you. I just think you'd love trying to work this baby over to see if you could do it." He reached down and cupped his cock through his jeans as he spoke. "Just be honest, don't you think it would be fun to see if it would fit in your hot little cunt, or maybe you'd like to see if you could get it in your mouth."
"I a .............." She stared at him, but couldn't think of anything to say. She watched him as he reached for his belt and undid it, and then unsnapped his jeans. Her brain was screaming for her to stop him, but her body was starting to send other signals. She said nothing else as he finished unsnapping his jeans, and then with a swift tug pulled them down just over his hips. His huge cock once again sprang free. It was not completely erect as it tumbled into view.
"So what is it going to be, honey, you wanna lick the head of it or not?" He grasped it at the base and shook it at her as he spoke.
Fran said nothing, she couldn't. Her pussy was wet; she could feel it soaking her slacks. She stared at the thick purple head as it slowly began to expand even more. Even in the almost dark room, she could see the lubricating droplets form across the slit. He was standing at the opposite end of the couch, his cock dangling over the side of it, growing with each lusting gaze she gave it. She knew she wanted to touch it, taste it, and maybe even see if it would fit in her hot little cunt. She glanced up at Bob, he immediately knew she was interested.
"Come over here baby and suck it." He said in a low throaty voice. Fran looked in his eyes one more time, before getting on her knees and crawling across the couch until she was only inches away from the huge cock. She reached up with one hand and tentatively put her hand around it. Her breathing grew ragged as she realized she could barely make a fist around the hard shaft. Bobs hand came up slowly to the back of her head and pulled her forward. As her lips touched it, her tongue snaked out and licked across the massive purple head. She immediately tasted the pre cum droplets.
"It is so big." She moaned, before completely succumbing to her desires. She opened her mouth and let the throbbing purple head push just past her lips. His head was probably about all she could take she thought as she looked up into the repairman’s eyes.
"That's it baby, open wide." His voice was throaty and low. He put more force on the back of her head pushing her mouth over the head completely. "Yea, you got it, nice mouth." He held her head tightly in place so she couldn't pull back and let her suck the head. The more she did, the more she got into it. Fran could taste the droplets dropping onto her tongue as she sucked and slobbered of the massive piece of hard meat. Her pussy was on fire. She tried forcing more into her mouth just an inch or so at a time. The head of his cock was now nearing the back of her mouth. She gagged just a bit and he let go of her head. He figured she wasn't going anywhere now.
"Good mouth, good little cocksucker." His hands dropped to his sides and he let her do the work now. "Two women today tried to get me to put it to them, but I held off, hoping you'd want it. I'm glad I did." He moaned. Fran looked up into his leering eyes again as she came off of the massive piece of meat. As she did, she licked the head. It had grown even more in her mouth. Slowly she pulled back and forth on the hard cock watching intently as more of his pre cum slickness formed at the huge slit. Each time she licked the droplets from him.
"Stay just like you are." Bob said in a strong firm voice as he pulled away from her. He moved to the side of the couch his hand sliding down across her ass as he did. He moved around behind her, then pushed her forward, so she was almost half over the arm of the couch. Her ass was lewdly up in the air, her breasts just over the side of the couch. She couldn't see him, but she felt his hands slip around her waist and find the snap on the front of her slack. Unsnapping them, he then pulled the zipper down. She had absolutely no control over the situation; she just stared at the light coming from the kitchen.
Bob pulled her slacks down over her full hips and down her thighs. Instinctively she raised from her knees just enough for him to pull the slacks on down and then off. She trembled when she felt his hands on her hips once again, pulling her saturated panties off of her. "What an ass?" He said approvingly when her panties were discarded with the slacks. His hand came up across her naked buttocks and rubbed the soft mounds of flesh.
He then pulled away from her and got up off of the couch. Fran turned her head sideways and looked back over her shoulder, watching him discard his clothes. His fully hard cock bounced in front of him as he pulled his jeans off. His boxer shorts were next. Naked, his cock looked even more massive than it did before. Her mind reeled as she stared at the huge piece of meat. She had no idea how she would ever take it in her tight little cunt. As he moved back in behind her, she once again looked straight ahead, waiting for that moment when the powerful pole first pushed against her hot quim.
She felt his hands on her ass, pulling them apart; she knew he could fully see her hot wet gash now. She closed her eyes waiting for that moment. What she felt instead made her gush immediately. Instead of the hard huge cock, she felt his hot wet thick tongue slide between her legs. He immediately found her hard clitoris and sucked it into his mouth for a moment before sliding his tongue deeply into her spasming pussy.
"Oh my god.............." She screamed as she came in his mouth, her entire body erupted. She shook violently for a moment as the pent up passion flowed freely from her. Bob drank her sweet nectar as it deposited on his mouth, his tongue then worked deeply into her again, before continuing its journey through the wet gash and up to her puckered asshole. He stabbed his tongue several times at the hot tight back opening, wiggling his tongue into her ass as far as he could. Fran went from one orgasm straight to another. She had never felt anything on her tight asshole except for her husband’s finger every so often when they made love. She had never felt anything penetrate it so fully as his tongue was now.
Shaking her head from side to side as she felt him work his tongue into her virgin back passage over and over again, she could feel her juices leaking from her gaping pussy onto the couch. His hands spread her ass cheeks further, the deeper his stabbing tongue went into her hot backside. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't ever stop." She moaned, pushing back onto his invading tongue. She felt so totally wanton at that moment; she felt she would probably do anything he said.
Slipping his tongue from her willing ass, he once again worked her pussy over, making sure she was wet enough to at least try and take his massive cock. Straightening up he inched forward, holding firmly onto her hips as he did. "Are you ready, baby?" He asked as his cock first bounced against her soaked gash.
"Yes......oh yes........but...but take it slow, please." She moaned pushing her hot pussy back onto the huge pole, poised at the entrance. Bob moved forward slowly the monstrous purple head of his cock working itself slowly past the wet puffy outer lips of her cunt.
"Ohhhhhhhhh......damn." She stared straight ahead when she felt the massive head push into her. His cock was just past her outer lips and already she could feel herself stretching to accommodate the massive tool. "It's too big......too big...." She moaned, trying to come off of it. She was trapped against the edge of the sofa though and had nowhere to go.
"You'll get used to it in a minute, honey. Just relax, your gonna love it." Bob encouraged her. He held firmly to her hips, pushing gently forward until the head was past her outer lips. Fran shook her head, but said nothing. She closed her eyes and laid her head sideways on the edge of the couch. Her desire was burning fully but she still didn't know how she was going to take the huge club that was trying to fill her aching cunt.
"How do you like it, are you feeling full?" Bob asked as he slowly pushed a bit more of his cock into her. She was stretched more than she had ever been in her life and she knew she still hadn't even taken half of it into her yet. Instead of answering him, she wiggled her ass just a bit letting him know she wanted some more. The felt so wicked at that moment her insides were about to burst around his massive piece of flesh.
"It's so damn big, I'm so full, ahhhhhhhhhh............." She moaned as Bob worked another inch into her. He was in her only about three or four inches, he had another eight to give her if she could take it. He knew from experience she probably wouldn't be able to accommodate it all the first time around, he also knew that by the time he was finished today she would probably invite him back so she could take the rest of it next time.
"You like it baby, tell me, do you like it." He asked, for the first time, he took his hands from her hips. He was plugged into her far enough now she could take over the work.
"So big, yes, yes, I like it." She moaned, feeling her pussy gush around the hard meat.
He lightly slapped her ass. "Then you fuck yourself with it for awhile, you take what you can." He spanked her lightly a second time emitting a moan from her as he did. She pulled off of him an inch or so then worked her pussy back down on the shaft. A bit more filled her as she did. Each time she pulled off, then shoved back on him she would take a little more. She was building already to another orgasm. Bob would slap her ass lightly each time she managed to take a bit more and then pull off of him.
The tight confines of her pussy worked his cock well, she really couldn't do much in the way of tightening her muscles around the big spear, but she tried. Bob felt the heat of own orgasm slowly begin to fill his loaded balls. He reached between them and grabbed the still exposed portion of his hard cock. It was time to start giving it to her in earnest. "Here we go baby, are you ready to get fucked hard now, are you used to it." From the tingling in his balls he didn't really care what the answer was.
Fran bit her lip, and then looked over her shoulder at her assailant. "Yes, do me now, but not to hard ok." She moaned, trying to see into his eyes. She could see the lust flashing from them. With his free hand he spanked her once again, this time harder than he had. He could tell by the light pats he had given her she enjoyed that perverse feeling also. "Damn, yes, yes, yes." She moaned, forcing herself back on his club once more before he pulled almost out of her.
Bob looked down at her stretched cunt as he pulled out until his cock was just at the entrance. He leaned forward slightly, and then shoved his cock hard into her until his fisted hand bounced against her tender pussy. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH." She screamed, dropping her head over the side of the couch and clenching her teeth as the massive tool forced itself to its deepest point yet. On the second stroke, she pushed back on him. By the third stroke she was pushing back as savagely as he was pushing into her. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME." She screamed, meeting his every thrust with a new urgency. Her cunt ached from the massive intrusion; her pussy lips were getting tender with each new stab. She could feel the monstrous head pounded new places each time he filled her.
Bob kept a hold of his cock, knowing she couldn't take it all. His free hand slapped one ass cheek, then the other each time he pulled from her, and then buried his cock once again. His balls were full; he knew he would be filling her with his hot seed in just a few more strokes. He thought for a moment whether he should back off and make this little encounter last, he knew though that the longer her fucked her the more sensitive she was going to become. Her slickness was not near enough to keep her completely lubricated with such a big piece of meat.
"I’m gonna cum, baby." He announced, his own voice cracking just a bit. Suddenly Fran was in a panic.
"No, not in me, please take it out." She screamed. She was not wearing any protection and neither was he. From the panic in her voice he knew what the problem was. Shoving in her one more time, he felt the hot seed begin to rumble down the hot runway of his prick. Pulling from her he stood and quickly moved around the couch until he was in front of her again.
Fran stared at the hot slick monster in front of her as he came around the couch. She knew immediately what he had in mind. Her pussy melted into orgasm as his cock touched her lips once again. She tasted herself only for a moment before the monster cock erupted a thick hot stream of cum across her partially opened mouth. Bob grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched to accommodate it as she felt the molten liquid shoot deep into her. The amount of cum he unloaded matched the size of his hot dick.
She couldn't drink it all, though she tried. Her entire body quaked and shivered as he dumped the sticky cream into her mouth. As he backed out from between her hungry lips, several drops of his cum dripped from her mouth. He pulled out as the last small amount shot out and landed once again on her cum stained lips. He stared down at the beautiful woman and smiled. She smiled too, before laying her head down on the edge of the couch. She cleaned her lips with her tongue; tasting the last of the hot cream he had given her.
Her pussy ached her entire body was sore. She knew she hadn't taken it all, but she had taken much more than she had ever expected she could. She didn't bother dressing or covering herself as she watched Bob pull his clothes on. He had been right earlier in the day, getting his massive prick into his shorts when it was soft was a much easier chore than it had been when it was hard that morning. Bob said nothing as he buttoned his shirt, then pulled on his shoes. Once fully dressed, he leaned back on the couch and turned to face Fran.
"So, how do you feel?" He asked, his eyes roving the still naked woman sitting on the opposite end of the couch.
"I feel like I have done something terribly wicked, something I shouldn't have." Her voice was low; she couldn't look him in the eye.
"You know, you took a lot more than most women can the first time. It usually takes a couple of times to get it all."
"Guess I'll never know what it's like to take it all then." She raised her eyes to meet his.
"You got my number in case you change your mind. You need to run a nice hot bath and soak that pretty little pussy of yours, use a lot of baby oil." He stood up and walked toward the door. Turning, he smiled at her, the lewd grin was gone. He actually was an attractive man. "Remember, you can reach me any week day from 10-6."
Fran said nothing as he walked out of the door. She sat for several minutes after he left before trying to get up. Her entire body ached; her cunt was raw and sore. Something deep inside her though told her she would probably make another appointment with him, just so she could say she took it all.

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LMAO seems liked all the women in these srtories are all beautiful beyond imagination and all the men have huge cocks that stretch their cunts immensely........... seems to me they would never be satisfied with a normal coxk after getting pumped nu them and they wouyld be no good for their husbands again but they are typical pig women who will cheat at the drop of a hat ............ fucking women are no good at all

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Good story. My ex-wife was a slave to big cocks. She loved them & couldn't keep them out of her mouth, pussy or ass.


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je veux une femme belle et marccaine mon nemiro 060478553


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Very good, Uncle Nasty, I'll give it 8/10. Consider the following points though. You didn't give the lady's age. I got a glimpse of your own age, and in my minds eye, I saw a 54 year-old lady. Also, they didn't share a kiss the whole time.

I would have let him come inside her vagina and left it to the reader's imagination as to weather she became pregnant or not. Perhaps you've got another installment lined up and then perhaps, she'll get her insides wet. Enough potential there for a few sequels!


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The old dick slapper thinks this was a fine piece. Yes. And I think the woman the electrcian fucked was a fine piece, too.

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