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First part of this story. Takes place before the prologue, and almost all of the other parts of this story. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
Mid - January

Staci groaned as Mr Patton slapped the test on her desk. It had been a short notice test, while not really part of the curriculum, or even required, Mr Patton saw it necessary. So, as a result, Staci and the other seniors in her math class were saddled with a test every month or so. And she was failing them. The boy to her left glanced indifferently over his B, and the boy to her right scowled at the circled F, although Staci distinctly remembered him falling asleep in that particular test. Her own paper had a C scrawled across it in red marker. She groaned again. She was a smart girl, and while she didn't always use her brains, sometimes electing to muck around in class, she wanted desperately to pass math. She sat back as Mr Patton went into a long winded speech, jowls quivering horrendously as he did so, about the test how badly so many people had performed. He was reaching the part of the speech when he reminded the class that not everyone had done poorly, Staci was not among these people, when the door opened.
"Do we get those textbooks in?" the arrival asked.
The boy to Staci's right, who had been sitting, slumped, staring blankly, at Mr Patton, was now sitting, to attention, and staring slack-jawed at Ms Francis. Ms Francis was another math teacher, she had taught Staci last year and was nice, friendly. Also she was perhaps the only teacher who cared about personal grooming, had a pretty face, and was a under thirty years of age. This for some reason made every single boy in the room make inappropriate sexual comments, gestures, and strut and pose behind her back but the second she showed up they went all coy and mumbling. Ms Francis had a pretty face, slightly narrow, and golden hair streaked with brunette that tumbled down past her breasts, but today was held up behind her head. Although she dressed professionally there was a noticeable bump in her blouse at her chest. It wasn't all that big, hell Staci reckoned her tits were bigger, but it didn't stop the boys from staring. Her legs were slim, long, and covered by tights up to the knee, she wore a pencil skirt over everything else. As she picked up the books and left there was a noticeable rise in the back of her skirt which the boys referred to as 'Dat Ass' when she wasn't around. Again Staci has seen better. Still she was undoubtedly attractive, slim, slightly curvy, and pretty to top it all off, it wasn't surprising the boys were all into her. And, if she was truly honest with herself Staci found her attractive as well. Although those feelings were a little too complex for her to even bother starting to handle right now. So Mr Patton returned to his lecture, spitting and shaking as he told them they were wasting their time. Apparently seeing Ms Francis had made him forget his train of thought so he began repeating himself. After half an hour the pudgy teacher actually turned back to the board and attempted to teach something.

"Ugh I am so fucked." Staci moaned as she leaned back against a locker.
"Oh come on, it's just one bad test. What's the big deal?" Her friend Tammy was pulling books out of her own locker. Tammy was a petite blonde and perhaps the only person Staci considered a best friend.
"Yeah but it's one in a long line of bad tests."
"How do you mean?" Tammy said as she slammed her locker shut and started walking to Biology.
"In the last five I got a B, three C's, and an F."
"Damn you are fucked." Tammy smiled.
"Stop smiling this is serious!" Staci moaned jokingly, but with an edge.
"Sorry, still what's your mom gonna say?"
"Oh god I don't know. Before Christmas she was talking about getting me a tutor."
"Pay to go round to some old lady's house and get taught math for two hours, your life's gonna be fun." The pair walked outside towards the sciences block. "Jesus! It's freezing!" Tammy pulled her coat around her.
"Oh god if I have to go during the weekend I'll go insane I swear."

Later that afternoon Staci rushed into the house, barely saying a word to her mom and disappearing into her room, it would only take a short conversation for her to wheedle the news out of her. Over dinner Staci focused on her food, leaving her older sister Abbi to talk about her day to fill the silence. The conversation changed quickly enough.
"Staci you got that math test back today didn't you?" After raising one slightly rebellious daughter through high school, Staci's mom knew how to keep track of things.
Any other time of the year Staci would have lied through her teeth, but she knew there were a long string of house parties over the next couple of weekends as she didn't want to be grounded for lying to her mom. So Staci explained, making it seem like no big deal, it was a really hard test, Mr Patton gave them no time to prepare. Her mom pretended to believe her before countering.
"I think it would be best if you got some help from outside of school. It would be really good for you." Staci's mom explained, sympathetically, but firmly.
Staci bit back an argumentative response. She could talk back, start an argument, throw a tantrum, or storm off to her room in denial. But none of it would work. The phrase 'wait until your father gets home' genuinely carried weight in Staci's house. He would get in, calmly explain she was having a tutor and go watch TV. So Staci scowled into her plate and waited until she could escape up to her room.

It took a matter of hours for Staci's mom to find her a tutor. It was arranged for a Thursday. Staci groaned through her day. Every time she smiled she was just reminded of an hour and a half of math at some stranger's house and a scowl appeared on her face. At four she stood outside the house which her mom dropped her off at. Forcing the sulky scowl off of her face she walked up to the house. Her mom a step behind her. Staci rang the doorbell, she turned to her mom as footsteps padded towards the door, her mom smiled. It opened. Staci tried to stop herself from gasping. Ms Francis stood there. Staci was shocked at the slight surge of feeling came upon her. The teacher had the briefest discussion. Staci murmured goodbye to her mom just before she stepped inside. Ms Francis lead her through to her kitchen table. The well formed, rounded, ass swayed with her steps. Staci tore her eyes away. Why was she staring? That was insane! She wasn't a lesbian. Thoroughly confused Staci followed her to the kitchen table, where a couple of text books she recognized from school were stacked. She sat for an hour and a half without anymore weird feelings surfacing.

It was a week later. A week and another session with Ms Francis, or Kat as Staci was allowed to call her outside of school, in which Staci could feel some sort of mounting tension, once even let the thought of actual mounting run through her mind. The moment that occurred one week later came about on a Saturday morning. Staci was in the bath. Her skin soft and supple as the hot water practically seared it. She eased back, her shoulders sinking under the water. She gave a quiet sigh of calm and satisfaction. Her breasts hung heavy in the water. Her nipples were hard. As she had stepped into the bath, cold skin touched scorching water. Goosebumps rippled up her skin and her nipples erected. They remained that way. Staci gently reached a hand up under the water and caressed her right nipple lightly. Her touch lingering. Then Staci squeezed her breast. Soft skin left tingling beneath the water. Staci squeezed her breasts a little more. She would say from time to time that they were a nuisance, guys stared at them, running could be a bitch in the wrong top, but Staci really liked them. Her hand rubbed gently at her taut stomach beneath the surface and slid down to the tight pink opening between her legs. She exhaled slowly, left hand still at her breast. An index finger ran the length of her pussy lips, only gliding along them. Her thighs were as wide open as they could be in a bathtub, her knees out of the water whilst her fingers worked magic beneath it. Her fingers finished their rounds up and down her lips. Her index finger, only a few centimeters, slid slowly into her pussy. It was only a small action but it sent a pleasant burst shivering up her body. Her body shook as a second unadorned fingernail slipped inside her most intimate place. Staci sat up a little, feeling the friction of her back against the ceramic. There was a reason she didn't put any bubbles in the bath, she could see everything that was going on down there. She smiled and bit her lip as her fingers edged further. They slowly rubbed upwards, friction sent a shiver ecstasy through her again as pleasure built inside. Her fingers didn't go very far in, they didn't have to. Her fingers rubbing intensely inside her pussy. Staci leaned her had back and let out a long sigh of pleasure as her fingers did their work, sliding through her submerged pussy. God it felt good! The bath was quiet, private, and the hot water on her skin just enhanced her arousal. Her breasts quivered and shook a little. Her thighs spread further until they pressed against the sides of the bath so hard she could feel the muscles burn. Her fingers continued, caressing the outer parts of her pussy. Always the outer parts, she wouldn't know what do to if she went all the way in. When a guy had done it to her, even with his penis, it had felt good, but not as amazing as she always expected it to be. But her bath time escapades were getting more adventurous every time. She went deeper every time, discovering new ways to make herself feel good. And maybe achieve something she never had with a boy, an orgasm. Staci sighed again as a burst of pleasure slipped from her pussy. She groaned, then suppressed, not wanting to be loud even if no one was in. Abbi could come in anytime. Her fingers were grinding and slipping against her pussy which was producing its own moisture. The sight of her fingers entering her open vagina was turning her on, more than she thought it would. She played with her breasts a little more, enjoying the feeling of them. She squeezed tightly as her fingers struck new depths. She shivered, loving the way her tits shook beneath the movement. Thinking of tits her mind wandered subconsciously. Last Thursday, with Kat. She had taught her in a tight fitting tank top and skin tight jeans. The tank top accentuated Kat's breasts, perking them up and exposing her cleavage. Staci didn't care about that, she had dressed way more provocatively. What Staci focused on was the way it made her feel. God if she could just take those tits in her hands and play with them, twist and tease her nipples, just like she did to her own. Oh and what she would do, between those slender shapely legs, round the corner from that tight perky ass. These thoughts had all come in a rush to Staci before she even realised it. Her fingers working furiously up and down her pussy, her back arched in pleasure. Her index and pinky fingers massaging and caressing her pussy lips whilst the middle two slipped in and out of the tight hole. Her chest heaving and breasts shaking as the young girl fantasised. Staci realised herself and stopped. She was finger fucking herself over her tutor, a teacher at her school. And she was a woman! Staci wasn't a lesbian, or bi, she was confused definitely. Christ it was gonna be awkward next Thursday.

Next Thursday, Staci's third session with Kat went slightly differently. Snow had been falling since Tuesday. And the fall had thickened whilst Staci had been inside. An hour and half passed and her mom didn't show up. The phone rang on the kitchen counter. Kat picked it up.
"Hello? Yeah, uh huh. Oh my god! Yeah okay. Okay I suppose." Kat turned back to Staci. "Crappy news Staci. Your mom is stuck across town in traffic cos of the snow. She could be an hour."
Shit, Staci didn't know her way back from Kat's house, and it took twenty minutes in a car, which Kat didn't own, she got a lift to school from a friend. So Staci was stuck here until her mom took it upon herself to show up. Staci tried to keep a neutral look, but she was pretty sure Kat could see that she did not want to be there.
"I've been doing math all day, you've had to do it after school, there's no point doing anymore" Kat stood up and sat on the couch. She turned on the TV. She looked stressed. Normally Kat was in plain clothes when Staci saw her, but now she was still dressed like she was at school; pencil skirt, tights, heels, and a blouse which may have been opened a little too far, but Staci wasn't about to start staring. Staci sat on the opposite end of the couch watching TV. Kat crossed her legs, the skirt rode up her thighs, which were slim and toned. Staci tore her eyes back away, it was bad enough thinking about her whilst masturbating!
A commercial break came on, Kat stood up. "Want anything to drink?"
"No that's alright" Staci replied, snatching glances at Kat's ass as she walked towards the kitchen.
The teacher poured herself a water and sat back down, leaving the glass on a small table by the couch. The commercials were still running. Staci's phone vibrated in her pocket as she received a text. She checked her phone. It was Tammy asking her what time they'd meet to go to Randy Evan's party on Saturday night. As Staci tapped out a reply Kat noticed her.
"Boyfriend? Girlfriend?" She added the second word almost as a joke.
"No I friend"
Girlfriend? Although if Staci though about it Tammy was really pretty, slim, but she didn't have Kat's curves. Wait, what was she thinking?
Kat noticed her staring, and looked at her blouse, brushed at it a couple times and then went back to watching TV. Staci couldn't help but notice Kat had pulled her blouse further down her chest, exposing more of her cleavage. Staci gawked for a few seconds before turning her head back. Had Kat slipped closer? They had been at opposite ends of the couch and now they're legs were almost touching. If she turned her head their lips could meet. Staci saw movement, she turned her head. Kat tore her eyes from Staci's chest and kissed her. An electric shock hit Staci. It was a plain kiss. Their lips met for seconds, before Kat pulled away.
"Have you ever been with another girl Staci?" She asked, Staci didn't even care she had presumed she had already been with a guy.
Staci shook her head.
"Would you like to find out what it's like?"
"Yeah" Staci whispered.

Staci leaned in as Ms Francis went to kiss her. Their lips met. Sparks flew. The new possibilities and ideas sent shivers through Staci as a new feeling enveloped her. Ms Francis, Kat, reached up and lightly gripped her breast. Staci did nothing to stop her. Kat's other hand reached up and stroked Staci's cheek. Her touch sending a shiver down Staci's spine. Kat took her hand away and began to undo the buttons of her blouse. The white fabric parting neatly down her body. She broke the kiss to shrug it off her shoulders. Underneath was a black bra, holding a pair of 32D sized breasts. They were perky and firm and showed no sign of sagging with age. Kat reached over and took the hem of Staci's shirt in her hands and lifting it over her head. Staci's own, larger, breasts bounced free. Kat licked her lips and leant in to continue the kiss. She slipped her hand behind Staci's back, who twitched slightly underneath the cold touch, and unhooked her bra. Kat reached behind her and did the same to herself. She broke her kiss and leaned down to Staci's left breast. Her nipples were hardening in the cold room and stuck out erect as Kat slipped her lips around it. Staci let her do it, exhaling heavily as the older woman's hand lightly cupped her breast, taking in her nipple, kissing and teasing the skin around it on the rest of her breasts. While her other hand moved steadily down Staci's bare stomach to her jeans. She undid the button, the zip slid down without resistance. Then Staci flinched away slightly. She looked down at Kat, doubt in her brown eyes.
"Trust me." Kat whispered. "It'll make you feel amazing."
Staci nodded her reply, to stunned and horny to form words. She began breathing heavily with anticipation and pleasure as Kat's lips settled on her left nipple this time, and her jeans were fully undone beneath Kat's swift fingers. The pair stood up. Kat slid Staci's jeans down her legs, removing her boots as she went. And then went back for her panties. Staci wasn't used to being naked in front of people. The breasts she'd flaunted beneath tight t-shirts and dresses hung openly, and were slick with Kat's saliva. Her pussy was moistening swiftly between her legs with the anticipation of it all.
"Sit down." Kat said softly.
Staci obeyed.
"Now spread your legs."
Staci opened her legs, her pussy widened and she saw Kat lick her lips at the sight of the wet opening. It grew wetter even faster as Kat undid the zipper at the back of her skirt. It slipped down and she stepped out of it, her heels clicking on the floor. The tights came down next, sliding along smooth skin and finally coming at her feet with her heels. Staci could see panties, black and plain. But what was behind them made Staci excited, jittery, she'd never seen another girl's pussy in real life before. Kat slipped the panties down her legs. Her own vagina was visible to Staci now. And for a few seconds they could only stand and stare at each other. One lying naked, legs opened submissively, whilst the other towered over them. Kat went down on her knees. She leaned over and placed her head between Staci's legs. She placed her lips on her moist inner left thigh and kissed it gently. She moved slowly down her leg towards her opening. Staci felt an electric shock race through her as Kat's lips touched her pussy. She gasped as a warm wet tongue slid between her moist lips and into her vagina. Staci felt Kat grip her thighs and gently push them apart a little further. As opposed to sitting she was now lying on the couch, her legs up and resting on Kat's back as her tongue plunged deep into Staci, who was quivering with excitement as the stocking-clad teacher entered in a way which had never been done before. Kat pursed her lips and her entire mouth seemed to enter Staci's pussy. The tongue gently probing through her most intimate area. The teacher didn't stop. Then Kat's tongue hit something deep inside Staci, her clitoris. She gave a wild jerk of pleasure and cried out.
Kat stopped. "How does it feel?"
Staci didn't even bother answering. "Oh god don't stop please!"
Kat smiled and obliged her tongue swiftly finding Staci's clitoris again. Her left hand reached up and gently kneaded the teenager's right breast. Her right hand slipped a finger into the lower reaches of Staci's pussy, further stimulating the writhing girl. Staci cried out as the finger slid slowly into her vagina, just the one, gliding in an out with same rhythm as Kat's probing tongue working its way across her clitoris. A feeling was building up inside Staci. An incredible sexual feeling as Kat stimulated, teased, and tugged at her clit she writhed and twitched and coiled the woman's blonde hair through her hands. Keeping her face pressed tight against the heated opening. Moisture soaked the lower half of Kat's face by this point, her hand was also covered. With the hand not in Kat's hair Staci squeezed her left breast, not stimulating it as carefully as Kat was going to the other one, but simply for something to grab on to. Kat slipped a second slick finger into Staci who shuddered and bucked with the sheer pleasure that was rolling through her body. She could feel it building, like she was going to exploding, juice practically pouring out of her body. The hand left her breast and wrapped around her thigh. Then Kat gripped Staci's clit between her teeth and twisted her nipple. Staci threw back her head and let out a long loud cry of pleasure as her orgasm hit her. Her body contorted and twisted beneath Kat who held on fiercely. tongue deep between her legs. As pleasure rolled over the younger girl's body Kat began eating more ferociously, devouring every last drop of juice that was now pouring from Staci's pussy. She gulped it down as her student's hips bucked around her. Her saliva clad nipples shook back and forth as her chest heaved with exhaustion. Staci screamed and cried out her pleasure.
"Oh god yeah! Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah!"
Kat was relentless, she held on tightly as Staci's orgasm rolled over her. Then as her leaking juices began to subside she released her student. Staci moaned with pleasure as Kat ran her tongue lightly up the insides of her lips, which had become incredibly sensitive. The moan became long slow heavy breaths and as she opened her eyes she saw her teach, Ms Francis kneeling between her legs.
She smiled. "How was it?"
"It was...amazing." Staci struggled to find breath for words as her pussy began to calm " did you do that?"
"You really wanna know?" Kat smiled.
Staci nodded.

Kat lead her teenage student over to the bedroom. It had a huge closet and sets of drawers stacked around the walls with a slightly narrow double bed in the centre. Cream sheets covered and it was on these which Kat lay down. She propped a pillow behind her back and leant against the headboard. She spread her legs.
"Come here" She said softly to Staci who had practically been gawking at her as she went to sit down.
Staci obeyed and knelt upright between Kat's feet. Unable to reach her shoulders Kat reached up and tweaked Staci's nipple, pulling her down into a kiss. As they broke it Kat giggled and smiled. A smile stole onto Staci's face as well, midst the whirlwind of new experiences she was truly enjoying herself. Staci looked at Kat's firm mounds and bit her lip.
"Go on" The teacher smiled.
Staci re-positioned herself. Kat's nipples were already firm. She hesitated for a second, then took the right one into her mouth. Her lips pursed tightly around it, to Kat it seemed she was about to imitate a blowjob on it.
"Take in the skin around it to" She chided gently.
Staci obeyed. Kat's nipple and areola disappeared into her mouth and reappeared as with a wet sort of noise. Staci kissed and sucked gently against just about every part of Kat's breasts she could reach, not wanting this new incredible experience to end as her tongue flickered over her left nipple. Kat moaned with pleasure softly in the background. After a few minutes Staci looked up.
Kat took a moment to compose herself. "Go down." Was all she could manage as she considered the magnitude of the situation. A young girl, underage, sucking on her breasts.
Staci complied and shimmied her body down Kat's to her groin. Her brunette hair brushed against the patch of blonde just above Kat's pussy.
"Alright Staci" she said. "I want you to lean into my pussy, you've got it."
Kat felt Staci's hot breath coursing across the skin of her inner thighs.
"Now stick your tongue out, and slip it inside."
Kat steeled herself as Staci's warm eager tongue slipped inside Kat. It eagerly lapped up at the juice she had built up whilst she had been eating out Staci. Her tongue ran along the inside of her pussy lips, replacing her own moisture with that straight from her tongue. This only made Kat hornier, leaking more juice which Staci stood vigilantly to collect, spurred on by Kat's groans and soft gasps. Kat let it continue for ten minutes, lying there, half whispered words snatched away by gasps of pleasure from Staci's delicate tongue.
Finally Kat brought her to a stop "Go deeper" she said.
Again the same look of doubt in Staci's eyes.
"It'll be fine." She insisted.
Staci placed her lips, glistening with Kat's juices, over Kat's lower lips and kissed gently. She kissed again and her lips penetrated deeper. Her tongue slid out slowly, slipping deep inside Kat.
Kat stroked Staci's hair "Go. Oh yeah. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep- oh! Ugh! Uuuuuugh!"
Kat gave a wild moan as Staci's tongue flicked at her clitoris, something she'd only had done to her moments ago.
Staci withdrew her tongue a little but Kat held her head there lightly "Write the alphabet, without your tongue, don't stop." Heavy breaths accompanied every word.
Staci obeyed and slid her tongue up, down, across. A.
She continued. B, C, D, more fluid, getting swifter until to Kat is became a blur as Staci's tongue darted across her pussy. Any pattern was lost to her as ecstasy filled her body. Staci's tongue seemed to fill her. A blur of lines and sweeping arcs as Staci's tongue explored her intimately. Her hands wrapped firmly around Kat's thighs. Whose own hands were holding Staci's head against her pleasure filled hole. It was fifteen minutes before Staci plunged deep enough again to reach Kat's clitoris. Kat's hips bucked but Staci remained firm. Her tongue teased and flicked at Kat's clit. Kat was already so horny, the audacity of having sex with a student, and thirty minutes of Staci working over her body. Kat was there. She could feel an orgasm drawing in, it was all she could do to stop her thighs wrapping around Staci, who relentlessly plunged into Kat's pussy, attacking her clit. Kat screamed and yelped as Staci's curvaceous teenage body joined with hers beneath her heaving chest. Staci continued and there was nothing Kat could do her orgasm hit. Staci felt her teacher moaned and her breathing quickened to the point Staci wondered if she was even drawing breath. She sucked away pussy juices as Ms Francis ground furiously against her face, eyes screwed shut in pleasure, her head thrown back, and her hands twisting her nipples. Slowly Kat relaxed a little more. Staci wondered if the orgasm she had earlier was going to be like all of them. If Ms Francis was anything to go by then they were all really intense. Kat eventually took control of her body again and calmed down, opening her eyes to see Staci sitting bambi eyed between her thighs. Staci lay beside her teacher. Kat gently cupped the Staci's breasts and they kissed. A long protracted thing that was so deep and passionate that they still taste their own pussies on the other's breath. Staci thought it was erotic knowing she was tasting herself, almost in the same way Kat had. The guilty thoughts that had come with those feelings of pleasure were gone. Gone in Kat's kisses all over her body and her phenomenal release and the pleasure that followed. Eventually the kiss broke. And Kat told her to take a shower across the hall and get dressed. As Kat showered, rubbing the sweat from her body, that had been brought about during their passion, soapy water streaking down her naked form, breasts heaving with quickened breath. Staci half wished Kat would slide in the shower with her but doubted either had the energy for any of that now. Staci realized that something had changed inside her now, and that she would never quite be the same again.


More parts to follow. Comment what you thought was good, or bad, or what you want to happen.

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I believe the best way to start any pcerojt is to first write who, what, when , where and why. Point is if I see it in front of me instead of trying to do all the gathering of information in my head, it's overwhelming and I'll start with the remorse thing.Sitting down with a paper and pen in front of you and putting your thoughts out there helps prevent overload, which if not attended to creates FEAR. _False _Evidence _Appearing _Real.

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