Dear all this is my first story. So, pls comment. Also as i belong to non-english place so pls don't expect much of vocab sorry for that.

Prolouge : -
21st May 1885,
Location-Planetary Capital, Xedon (a planet 100058986 times of earth and has comparatively stronger gravity that is greater than 20 times the gravity of the earth)
Distance from Earth-50,589,362 light years
Residing Specie- Rovendine
(human look-alikes species but much more advanced in every aspect like mental abilities and physical abilities,much more more stabilized, wealthy enough that each individual don't have to be greedy or jealous , highly social and superior patriots, high sex drive , most shockingly so much satisfied and friendly resulting in zero percent criminal activities. Strongest soldiers in the world, one can easily handle an entire platoon without any supply and military training.)

Now the story.......
King Elorien's reign over the planet Xedon, being the heir of roverlord blood line was over due to quarrel between the almighty god Solomon and the king himself. GODS cursed king's empire to diminish in nothing. But after several prayers from the massive people of their beloved king, GODS stated that "THE ROVERLORD EMPIRE WILL REGAIN ITS PREVIOUS STRENGTH AND PRIDE WHEN THE PRINCE OF ROVERLORDS WILL RETURN TO HIS REGION AFTER UNLOCKING THE ETERNAL SEAL OF KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSING HIS POWERS".
After the prophecy, prince of roverlords who was only a year old, was covered by something that appeared like, his veins were overrunned by somekind of black fluid. All over his body this fluid was spreading like it was spreading its roots setting up a new circulatory system. After watching this, king and queen Sonia were under shock. But this wasn't all ,reports were coming about disappearance of structure, people, terrain, etc. leaving barren land on the poles. (Let me tell you at that time the xedon was having technology and advancements upto 1008697 lvl where earth was on lvl 1 i.e. 0001 B.C.) At these reports the king understood that it was the curse that was spreading from poles to equator and will end at the planetary capital . King went to his court after seeing that the prince's mom, queen Sonia
is taking care of him. After sitting on his comfy throne he clapped his hands making the AI NERO appear in front of him. "Call all others." He said. There where 10 super advanced AIs controlling the affairs of his world namely JARVIS,JUNO,NERO,ALPHA,STAR,STROKE,INFINITY,MACK,RACHEL&NOVA
jarvis-offence and defense sector
juno-expendition sector
nero-internal affairs sector
alpha-population resources management sector
star-cartography and unusual activity sector
stroke-external affairs sector
infinity-weapons , ammo and ordinance management sector
mack-property management and sports organizing sector
rachel-medical science,weapon,robotics,etc research sector
nova-asset recording (kind of accountancy) sector
So it was then, 10 AIs stood in front of him. 5 males and 5 females stood in front of him waiting to tell and take orders.....
"Status"He said. One of the ten i.e. Star replied "The wrath of disappearance is flowing towards the planetary capital and will reach here after 8hrs 51min and 18 sec and counting down." ."What do all of you have to say about the eternal statement of GOD" He said. "According to me prince must be transported along with queen to a safe place far from our enemies all around the universe."Jarvis said."Which place do you think would be appropriate in such conditions? Our enemy are all around the world and even gods are against us."He said."Sure they are. But still there are chances of survival and we should rely on them."This voice came from another side of court. It was of a demi-god itself she was one of the best advisors of the king. Her name was Kyliena, along with her stood Goddess Selenia and God Solomon ,the two gods of that world.
"Its the hope we should not leave my lord. The gods are here to offer a deal against your so called crime." Kyleina said."There is a hide-out from all your enemies King Elorien which is under protection by me. But to stay there i have offered a deal..."God Solomon said."Which place or planet or world is it? I will do anything to send my heir and queen there just ask it."He said."Its the Earth. And the deal is that you have to serve your life to me for the crime you have done."Selenia said. After thinking a bit he said "Agreed, just take my son and queen safely away from here."."NOOOOoooooo!!!!" this was a known voice but was a bit heavy and hurt, it was the queen. She screamed "How dare you take such a step that will tear our family in pieces!!" tears flowed from her eyes freely. He lifted her head in palm as she walked and stood facing him and said "I love you , my son and my people more than you can think my lady and that is why i got to save my whole family and if my life is the cost for it then be it." he said calmly and kissed her last time."Please take her to her palace,Kyliena. By then gods had aleready disappeared in thin air."AIs please dispatch a fleet of 1 Battle Ship-Galactic , 8 Main Ship-Planetry and 3 Heavy Firepower ships on 'reach and return' convoy defense mission ASAP." He said in commanding tone."On it sir." Infinity said."I want a ultra scan of the thing blocking my son's powers, giving eachand every detail even if its minor, next i want eyes on the way to earth and i need someone to check out the settlement on earth and throw in whats needed." He said as his last orders to the AIs."Right away,sir." stroke,star,rachel,mack and juno said and also left connection to complete orders. After 7 hours every one regrouped at the docks. AIs were already there on the control panel's hologramic screen then came forces boarding the ships as fast as possible. After then came Kyliena and Sonia with their son, holding the future of Roverlords."I want you to take care of him in any condition, train him all martial arts, weapon tactics, battlefield tactics, mage techniques and all you know, teach him about each civilization of universe, mold a ROVERLORD Emperor."
With his final greetings and commands given to AIs(who found a way to merge in to the power blocking prince's powers)and queen he stood there alone watching the ships warp in a warp hole. He stood there alone weeping.
After 15 min he heard a large crash. A guardian stood in front of him , wearing a golden heavily carved armour, he holded a long spear and a kite shield."King Elorien! You are to be summoned in the hall of death on the orders of Gods themselves to be punished for your sin against my lords!"Guardian said and teleported to the hall of pain along with the king. He saw both the god and goddess who were waiting for him. God Solomon raised his hand towards king himself and king was died in vain by the overflow of energy channelized by the god Solomon resulting in slow and painful internal combustion for 15 hours and then finally he bursted into sprinkles of tiny flames all around. This is how one story ended. Now the questions are that what was the crime committed by king? How will prince reclaim his throne? And many more..................

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