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This is the second chapter of how my wife got sucked in by a mob controlled casino, and forced into being a call girl to pay off her debts. Unable to generate enough cash to satisfy the boss, they force her to bring our daughters into the act. This chapter deals with our family.
“MOM MOM come here and see this,” Kathy yelled at the top of her voice.

Fuck I am busted. Fuck fuck fuck I thought to myself. Goddam now what do I do, I thought to myself again, as I heard my wife enter the room. Here I sit with a raging hard on in my hand, and I am trying to will it to shrink back to normal size.

“Well what do we have going on here,” I heard my wife say as she laughed at my predicament.

She looked at my computer and noticed that there were sex videos playing on it of her with various partners.

“Where did you get those videos from?” She asked me with a shock look on her face.

“I paid a ransom for them,” I lied to her with a straight face.

“From whom, you did not, did you, well who did you pay for these videos?” She kept asking me questions.

She then looked down at my rock hard cock, and reached down to stroke my cock a few times.

“What do we have here?” She spoke out loud. “Girl’s I think your father needs some help.”

The next thing I know, they have me hustled up to the master bedroom. They stripped me naked and tossed me on the bed. Soon I am attacked by three naked women. My brain screams that this is sooo wrong, but my cock screams for more.

Katie gets on top of my body, and started to kiss her way down my body, till she gets to my engorged cock. She slipped my cock head into her warm wet mouth, and sucked on it a couple of times. She then kissed and licked my shaft up and down, stopping at my sack. She tried to inhale my whole sack into her mouth, then worked on one nut ball, than the other one.

Kathy sits on my face and spreads her naked pussy lips, and she says, “lick my pussy daddy.”

I happily oblige her, and bury my tongue as deep into her pussy as I can, and I start to eat her out. I find her little gem, called a clitoris and lick and nibble on it, as I hear her start to moan.

“O daddy that feel so good, please don’t stop.” She pants at me as her pussy starts to get wetter, and her juices start to run into my mouth.

Meantime Katie is licking up and down my shaft right on my eruption tube, and then back to head of my cock. Where she starts to lick and suck on the sensitive under side of the head of my cock. She takes half of my cock into her mouth, and keeps working on it till she has all of me in her mouth and throat. She starts to slowly deep throat my cock, with her throat muscles squeezing on my cock.

Krystal works her way up from the bottom of the bed and slides under Katie, and starts to lick on her pussy and finger’s her anal hole. I can feel Katie start to squirm from the pleasure that her mother is giving her.

Katie kept sucking my cock slowly up and down filling her throat. Pretty soon I started to get that real good feeling of a pending eruption.

I am licking Kathy’s sex hole as fast as I can as her juices from her organism are flowing into my mouth. Soon Kathy explodes in a massive organism, and falls off of my face and onto the bed, still shaking from her organism. My face, neck, and chest are wet from her love juices.

Katie spits my cock out of her mouth, and moves up and mounts me, and my cock slides right into her pussy, just like a key into a lock. She starts to fuck me like mad, as she bounces up and down on my cock, using the bed for more bounce.

I look over, and my wife and Kathy are in the 69 position, licking each others pussy. Both are moaning and groaning in pleasure.

I pull out of Katie and get off the bed and spin her around and start to fuck her doggie style. I pound her so hard you can her my ball slap against her legs.

“Daddy fuck me in my ass, please daddy fuck my ass I love it that way.” She begs me.

My sexual hormones are in full control of my body, and I was going to fuck all three of the women in each of their holes.

I pulled out of Katie’s pussy and entered her anal hole. My cock was slippery with her pussy juice, and with a little bit of a push by me, my cock slide right into her asshole. I pumped away at her, as she was moaning and groaning in pleasure. Both Kathy and my wife watched as I fucked Katie’s lovely ass, as hard as I could.

“O God Daddy I going to cum.” Katie screamed out in pleasure.

I gave a big grunt and dump a load of my hot white cream deep into her ass. I pulled my cock out of Katie’s sexy ass and look over at my wife.

“Come here and suck my cock clean.” I said to her softly.

She looked at me with wide eyes, and crawled over to me with her mouth open. She took my cock all the way into her mouth and sucked my cock clean of both mine and Katie’s juices. She sucked on my cock, and took me fully into her mouth and throat. She was fondling my balls, and her finger found my ass hole, which she gently rubbed. It was not long and she had me hard again.

I motioned to Kathy to come closer to me and spin around. I pulled my cock out of my wife’s mouth. I started to rub the head of my cock against the entrance to Kathy’s pussy. She reached back and opened up her lips for me and I plunged my cock all the way into her tight wet pussy. We fucked back and forth like two dogs in heat.

“Do you want to feel my cock in your ass little girl?” I asked as I was panting from all this exhausting sex.

“O yesss daddy fuck my ass like you did to Katie, Pleassssse.” She begged me.

Again I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and stuck it into her anal hole. My cock was slippery with her pussy juices, and with a little help from Kathy pushing back into my cock, I slide into her asshole. Bang we were off having anal sex. With every thrust that I would make, she would push back into me.

“O My God Daddy, I am starting to cum.” She passionately cried out.

I could feel my nuts start to tighten up and I filled my youngest daughter’s asshole full of my cum. Man I have shot two loads of cum, it has been a real long time since I have done that.

My wife was kneeling next to us watching the whole sexual encounter, and when I pulled my cock out of Kathy’s ass, I then moved over in front of Krystal. She opened her mouth, and started to clean my cock off using her tongue and mouth.

I know I said that I was going to fuck all three of them in each of their holes, but I did not realize just how much of an effort that was going to take, and I was exhausted. I climbed up into the bed next to my two naked daughters and laid down and went to sleep.

I woke the next day with both girls next to me sleeping. I looked down to the end of the bed and there was my wife sucking on my cock. She looked up at me, “you forgot about me yesterday,” she said, and went back to sucking my cock. When she got it good and hard, she stopped and mounted me, impaling herself on my cock.

I reached up and started to tweak her nipples, as her bouncing up and down on my cock, woke up both girls, and they were watching me getting fucked by their mother. I watched as both girls had their fingers in their pussy, fingering themselves to the rhythm of us fucking.

I could tell by the look on Krystal's face she was getting close to having an orgasm. I could feel my climax fast approaching also.

“O baby cum with me.” Krystal cooed at me with passion in her voice.

We both came at the same time, and Krystal collapsed on top of me. I pushed her off to the side, as Kathy slides down the bed, and started to suck our juices off my cock. Katie moves down on her mother, and started to lick my cum out of her mother’s cunt.

Both daughters took turns getting my cock hard, and fucking themself’s on me. I could not believe that I could cum three times. But those girls drain all the cum out of me. I passed out on the bed, as they not only drained my cum, but depleted all the energy inside of me also. I was completely tuckered out.

The next two chapters will be called Flashback1 and 2, and will tell just how Krystal got herself and the girls into this mess with the casino boss.

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