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So here I am a freshman in college, a new start after an isolated four years of high school. A little about me I have always been the youngest in my class but also the largest at 6'6 185 pounds with a pretty athletic body after playing basketball and football throughout my school career. But coming into college at 17 left me at that awkward stage where I am always horny but being bi left me with several options.

The first few weeks of school went well but no late night action caused me to give up and try posting on craigslist looking for someone who was also on the downlow about being gay or bi, thats when i met him. His name is max and at 5'6 and 120 pounds soaking wet he was the total opposite of me. He had a very boyish look to him that i just couldn't get over if I hadn't made him show me his drivers liscense he could have easily passed as a 13 or 14 year old including downstairs.

We traded pics and talked for a while before one day he asked me over to his dorm room since his roommate was gone. I of course rushed over there with very bad intentions on my mind. Once there things started off slow playing the new call of duty for a while, after an hour or so i decided i was going to have to make the first move in progressing our new friendship. In between games i decided to turn off the game and turned pushing him back on to the bed giving him a long and passionate kiss.

He quickly seemed to like where this was going getting more and more into it as he began unbuckling my pants and finally pulling his lips away from mine and promptly going down on my cock. Thus began one of the greatest blow jobs of my life he was able to go down and swallow more of it than anyoen else had taking all 8 inches deep into his mouth. Licking and sucking every inch until i thought i was going to explode before pulling off to make out with me.

He reached over and pulled a bottle of lube out from the desk next to his bed and began generously pouring it all over my cock stroking it carefully, as he continued to do this i pulled him around and began sucking his small 5in rock solid dick while fingering his ass. He was incredibly tight and i knew it would take a few minutes and a lot of lube to get him lose so i just continued to suck and finger away. After about ten minutes of this he told me he was about to cum. I quickly responded by flipping him onto his back and swallowing his cock until he blew his load straight into my throat tasting slightly sweet.

At this point i was weak and felt like i could blow my load just looking at him when he surprised me by rolling over forcing me onto my back and slowly lowered himself into a reverse cowgirl position. After i few try's he finally got my head into his ass. It was one of the tightest best feeling things i have ever experienced as he slowly lowered himself down it took all the will i had to not brutally pound his ass but as he slowly got used to it he began bouncing up and down quickly causing me to only last about two minutes before i began shooting a massive load deep into his boy hole.

Finally done we collapsed back onto the bed kissing and cuddling before falling asleep naked him still in my arms....

Please leave feedback on what you want more in my stories if positive enough with constructive criticism i will write my next one about what happend when we woke up :)

Peter StraussReport

2017-03-04 21:14:39
Is he still sleeping?:)

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-03 19:39:20
Great job, keep up the good work

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-02 23:42:54
Spend more time explaining the more minute parts of the sexual encounter. Use the five sense as a starting point.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-02 07:01:30
Good Start. Hope there's going to be more :)

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