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Born and up-brought in a middleclass family in Mathura, ambitious Menka (Bhatia) has been struggling in film industry at Mumbai since early 2000. Now in her late-twenties and unmarried!

She’s attractive pretty oval-faced having large eyes with both pranks and temptation written in them; tall, wheatish, and endowed with a voluptuous body which men dream of savouring. Menka was struggling for her singing career in the filmdom and was as usual badly exploited in the hands of C-graded or B-graded film Producers or film-men etc in the initial years of her struggle for career.

Then eventually some time in mid-2004 Menka came across an exceptionally talented music composer, whose nick-name was Babu, who was then in his mid-thirties and a married man, residing in Versova locality. First time as a singer she was highly impressed and optimized by Babu’s unique compositions, after those of R.D.Barman. She found her hope in him.

And she contemplated to making most of him for her career. Babu was then scoring music for a big film which starred top stars of the industry. With a view to picking up or learning compositions of Babu, Menka started coming over to his flat at Seven Bungalow almost regularly in the late-afternoon, along with one Ajay Bhatia, a co-coordinator and masseur by basic profession, whom Menka introduced as her cousin.

Actually her man Friday, However, soon Menka came closer to Babu, both as singer and a friend at personal level. Babu’s wife or family used to reside at their native place In Assam. Babu was living in his renting a flat, all alone.

Well, the friendship between Menka and Babu deepened day by day, musically depending on each other. Menka would come to Babu’s place, often at early evening, usually wearing salwar-kameez. Oneday Babu gifted her beautiful south-Indian Sharee.

Intelligent Menka made out that Babu preferred Sharee to salwar-kameez. And thenceforth she wore Sharee whenever came to him next. Anyway, Babu was looking for a chance to naughtily approach Menka, but he was not getting a right scope to do so.

The predicament was the presence of Ajay. He would always accompany Menka. Finally oneday Babu approached Menka, telephonically, and requested her not to be brassier underneath her blouse when she would come next.

Menka burst into a giggle, not promising anything. Next night Menka came up but this time not accompany by her man Friday Ajay. And first time Menka indulged her composer friend Babu in his spontaneous pranks to savour her firm round pair of 36A breasts for hours together or until the breast-molestation granted her a couple of shuddering orgasms, one after another and spent her out. But at the same time Menka did not let him experience intercourse with her on some pretext of her not being on the pill etc.

In fact, Menka made him stay satiated with her succulent lips and boobs only. Usually, now onwards, Ajay would be relaxing in Babu’s hall, making phone-calls to his clients etc, while Menka and Babu. After their music-tryst, reveled good time in bedroom. Eventually oneday she, while enjoying Babu’s athirst mouth on her elated breasts, asked him to speak his mind in terms of his yet unspoken erotic reveries.

He obviously wanted to fill her womb with his hot lava and he also asked Menka to suck him to ejaculation in her mouth. But she refused it, saying that she had never sucked penis before, and it never interested her. But then she smiled, and further asked what would be his reaction if he ever found or watched her with another man on bed! Un-puritan Babu said out he would not mind if it’s a part of tacit threesomes.

She laughed, and that evening Menka pulled Babu into tasting her nectarine youth, fully to his heart’s content. Babu pumped hilself into beautiful Menka, taking her thrust by thrust, to the seventh heaven. He filled her hungry womb twice, and without using condoms. Then next couple of days Menka stayed absent.

Eventually, worried Babu rang her up, and she told that her parents now contemplated to getting her married off to an industrialist boy of their choice so henceforth he should not ring up her home or on her cell. Menka thus walked out on Babu’s life, as though overnight! Babu was quite upset at Menka’s estrangement.

Then passed a couple of months, all but a year, as if in a twinkle! Meanwhile some strange remourous new reached Babu Menka was anything but married off rather she’s now trying for a new career in the realm of music direction although, of course She could not yet get through in her venture in terms of obtaining any compositional assignment. Information came to Babu, and that was that Menka adopted a daughter-infant, etc.

Another two months passed. Meanwhile Babu had shifted over to a new place at Lokhandwala. And then oneday come a twinkle to Babu from Menka, all on a sudden. They talked out. Menka frantically wanted to reconcile with Babu and this time as his equal partner in profession.

Babu agreed, and thus they made a duo. Menka resumed her regular visits to Babu’s new 2 BHK flat. And as usual again Ajay was with Menka Bhatia. Ajay became the secretary to the duo-composers.

Well, contextually, during reconcillation this time, Menka casually put forth a request, if not exactly a condition, to Babu that he should no more turn naughty with her unless they tasted the bliss of success Otherwise it might hamper their works or creative hours also said she about her adoption of an infant babe from her senior sister only a few months ago.

Ajay however went on to arrange duo’s music-sittings, one after another, with different producers and directors at their music-room Babu’s flat. But this did not work out as the duo had expected. Resulting, frustrating the duo, especially ambitious Menka.

Finally Ajay came out with his strange suggestion: According to him such producer director guests needed and appreciate some sorts of entertainment subsequent to music-sittings.

And they would never be able to impress or induce the concerned producer/director into their hands until he’s entertained with hard-drinks as well as company of a pretty voluptuously full-bodied young woman etc. Babu was hesitant to agree with Ajay, while Menka’s face flashed with hople. And she said out to her partner

Babu: we must get things done in anyway, by any means, and at any cost. A few days later Ajay told them he would soon bring down a new wealthy middle-aged businessman Mr. Setthy who’s in mood to soon get into film production. But to begin with, he wanted to produce a music-album with the duo provided their music impressed him. Menka turned quite excited about this proposal or project.

Green-signalling Ajay to go ahead with arranging a date with Mr Setthy at their music-room as early as possible, Menka suggested Babu: If Setthy is really a rich man, then why don’t we try to persuade him into straightway producing a film, instead of a music-album, with our music in it ? Not a bad idea”, Babu opined, but how? Menka smiled dand said out with confidence: Leave it to me. Just be with me with a broad mind and confidence in me

But how we manipulate him or we talk out with Setthy must be a secret, even from Ajay”.
Babu nodded head in affirmation. Well, it was a Sunday evening. Menka reached Babu’s place at about seven. She was in deep blue south-Indian silk Sharee with same-hued fashionable blouse with deep V-cut down the front. She looked simply ravishing and provocatively sexy in her traditional Indian outfits.

Much of her shapely elated bosom was on the view or peeping out from her tight (and brief also) blouse. Babu tried to play a bit naughty with Menka by pulling her closer and tried to plant a kiss on her succulent lips. But she gently pushed him away, saying: dear, this’s not the proper time and situation for all this”

A few minutes later came a phone from Ajay, and Menka talked. Putting the receiver down Menka, who looked now little tensed, told Babu: Setthy is now on the way. Ajay is with him. Now the problem is that Ajay had assured Setthy that he would get him a girl this evening. But the model-girl who was in Ajay’s circle has turned down Ajay at the eleventh hour. In fact, Ajay rang up when Setthy stopped his car at a medical shop to buy condoms. Now you suggest what we should do. Setthy must not slip away”.

Babu said: Well, you should not have egged on Ajay to arrange such girl for Setthy. After all, she is an outsider and, above all, a model-girl who may subsequently meet Setthy at his place straightway. And that shall be harmful to us in terms of our interest or motieve. So to maintain secrecy about our discussion or way of manipulation etc with Setthy we must not allow the presence of any such girl or elseone here, Menka nodded head in agreement. However, at about eight-fourty,

Setthy came down, accompanied by Ajay. After some initial introductory talks the music-sitting began. Menka went on to render their composed (actually composed by Babu) songs, one after another, with her eyes glued to her song-diary. Setthy was sitting just opposite Menka, while Babu was on her right side, playing the keyboard. And Ajay was busy in the kitchen. The guest was served soft-drinks etc to begin with. Music-sitting was going on in full swing, in the hall.

From Setthy’s face it was obvious he was all ears to Menka’s melodious singing; especially her gestures fascinated him a lot. It seemed he was not listening to her songs but seeing her songs! His eyes were fixed on Menka, blinking fascination and wonder. Then suddenly Menka’s pallu slid aside; it slid off her heaving bosom, exposing her deep and alluring cleavage. And middle-aged Setthy’s eyes now flashed with lust.

Menka stayed least bothered about her fallen pallu, thus letting Setthy savour her now more than half-exposed bosom with his eyes. The white brassiere underneath her blouse was clearly visible through the thin fabrics or blouse-material. Menka, on the other hand, continued singing without paying a heed to Setthy’s ogling at her upthrusting bosom. Babu felt strange, and in no time he found he began now liking Setthy’s lust for beautiful full-bodied

Menka; he felt a voyeur in him now getting alive. Menka, of course, adjusted her pallu only after completing the song she’d been rendering. Well, after some eight/nine songs, Menka stood up and went inside. And Ajay appeared there in the hall with a large bottle of RC whisky, soda-bottles, dry foods and 3 glasses. And placing them on the central table he went back to kitchen. Moments later Menka came back and occupied her seat.

As she now tried to resume singing, Setthy stopped her and said: “It’s already past 9.30 pm. So let us now talk out, chat and enjoy the drinks. Menka smiled and started making the drinks for their privileged guest Setthy or for themselves and served. She picked up her glass and sipped her drink. With sipping the drink, Setthy started now praising the songs Menka had sang out. He praised her voice, her beauty and pleasant personality.

Menka felt thrilled and elated. By now first and second rounds of drinks had been over, and she bent forward to pour drinks for the third round. And while pouring the golden nectar into Setthy’s empty glass, Menka’s pallu slid off her youthfully arrogant bosom, once again, unveiling the upside of her bosom; thereby drawing Setthy’s keen attention towards her, towards her bosom rather.

Babu could now easily guess what was on Menka’s mind. Intelligent Babu stood up, saying: “Let me now send Ajay to market to bring some Chinese foods for our dinner”. Menka nodded him a green-signal with a wink. He went to kitchen, and next moment Ajay went out. Babu came back.

After Ajay’s disappearance, Setthy said out: “All right. Let us now talk out our project. Yah! I am thinking of producing a feature film in Hindi with your music in it”.

The duo flashed with delight, and thanked Setthy who’s enjoying his drinks with his eyes glued to Menka Bhatia. And then he blurted: “Come on, Menka. Sit beside me. After all, I must get friendly with two of you and closer before getting into works together”. Menka looked tacitly at Babu and smiled back to his smile of unspoken approval. Then Menka changed her seat, and sat next to Shetty, obviously knowing he would now be flirting with her, even before her friend

Babu: expectedly, without stopping his chats with them about that film project, Shetty began his flirtatious advances with Menka with placing his arm around her neck in such way that his forearm or palm straightway came over Menka’s right breast-dome. Menka did not resist; she trembled at his intimate touch, and sighed, while Babu watched away. It turned Babu on Moments later Shetty’s palm fully closed over the breast

He started cupping it as if to taste the resilience of the breast which rebounded to his touch or every squeeze. Menka pretended as if nothing happened and continued her talks with him on the viability of that film-project in terms of its music etc. Shetthy gently cupped her breasts, over the blouse, for a couple of minutes. And their discussion automatically ended up when Shetty pulled Menka closer and sealed her mouth with his.

She reciprocated, with placing her arms around Shetty. And while their eager mouths were sealed in a passionate kiss, Shetty’s expert fingers worked on her blouse, and in no time her blouse was undone down the front. And her black back ‘front-clasping’ brassiere jutted out. His fingers also unhooked it apart, baring her full pair of breasts, tipped with coffee-brown areolae. Her nipples were already swollen and alive.

Without withdrawing his athirst mouth from Menaka’s, Shetty clasped Menka’s breasts and began kneading then harder and at random. Menka’s face contorted at every hard squeeze on her breasts.

Then suddenly Shetty withdrew and curiously looked at his under-palms those were fully drenched drenched with milk! He looked at Menka, at her firm pair of breasts with great surprise in eyes. Milk was still dripping in drops from her taut nipples; the breast-areolae looked over-swollen.

Babu was simply taken aback; how it’s possible!! She’s still unmarried strange silence engulped the room. None spoke. A few minutes elapsed in silence. And then suddenly Shetty leaned forward and took one her breast in his mouth, with closing his palms around the dome, pressing it all around. Menka hissed; she ran her fingers over his head. Shetty went on eagerly sucking up Menka’s breasts, abounded with lactic fluid, by turns, tasting the flow of the nectar from her breasts.

Menka was now reeling with ecstatic bliss. She looked quite content, breast-feeding an athrust adult mouth. She sucked and devoured Menka’s breasts till milk in them dried down for that time being. Babu who was voyeuring all this was highly aroused, and in mind he was thanking Menka for her entertaining Shetty this way. And besides, he hoped it would end up into a wild threesome.

But the time was short any moment Ajay was expected to be back now. So he suggested to get into bedroom before Ajay was back. Next moment all three were in bedroom. Shetthy denuded Menka fully, and made him also naked. Menka kissed Shetty and liked her way down to his chest. And finally she knelt between Shetty’s legs and took him in her mouth. Voyeuring Babu was now taken aback, as she had always refused to suck him.

Shetty leaned his head back and shut his eyes. He was moaning in ecstasy. While Menka’s eager mouth and tongue got busy, Babu clasped her bare breasts from behind and started squeezing them. She went on to bob upon Shetty who’s ramming her mouth, and it did not take much time for Menka to take him to a blasting-point, and he ejaculated in Menka’s athirst mouth. She spontaneously and eagerly swallowed it all. Not a single drop escaped her mouth.

After moments she resumed moving her tongue on the underside, and in no time Shetty was hard once again. Then Shetty parted Menka’s legs or thighs and entered her smoothly with a thrust. And started pumping her awhile Menka then pulled Babu’s head to her high breasts. Babu began forcefully sucking Menka’s left breast while cupping the other. In no time Babu got a milk-flow from Menka’s left breast, and he loved the taste.

Eagerly he continued sucking her breasts, by turns. Menka, on the other hand, was now meaning aloud in sexual ecstasy and shortly she started attaining her orgasms, one after another. Meanwhile Shetty had increased his tempo and then suddenly sighed and fell upon her. Menka was trembling as she was receiving the full gush of Shetty’s sperm in her womb. She looked crimson, and satiated.

Next was Babu’s turn. And as Setthy withdrew from her within, Babu took his position to invade her. But at this point Menka stopped Babu, and, making him lie down on my back, she came over between his thighs and caught hold of his angry erection; she wank him a bit and then her warm mouth engulfed his erection and took him to a shuddering deluge in her mouth; she lovingly swallowed his full ejaculation. Thereafter, we all got up and dressed up.

Within next few minutes Ajay came back from market. We had our dinner together, and Shetty left our flat while Ajay again accompanied him to drop him home. After two of them left, Babu caught Menka and asked about the secret of milk in her breasts. Menka remained silent for some time, and then blurted out, dear, I am Babu’s wife, but my infant child is yours. At his instance and that of my old mother I had taken your seed in my womb in your previous flat at Varsova a couple of months ago, last year. Remember it? Oh my! Babu yelled with a strange tension on his face. Menka laughed and reacted: do not worry, I will not ask you to marry me socially or otherwise. Nor will we blackmail you.

To me now”, she continued both Ajay and you are my husbands. And onwards for our benefit in career I will let both of you use my youth or body to net influential persons; it is an understanding among three of us you, Ajay and Me. The doorbell rang, she opened the door and Ajay entered the room with a tacit smile on his face.
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