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wife-watching is a fun
A dark-skinned handsome Bengali DU student then, Sanjay Ray [b. 1988] met his future-wife Saarda Yadav, another collegian girl, in 2006 in the University campus through a common friend, Veenit Srivastava. A year senior in age to Sanjay, Saarda [b.1987] was then in her BA final year (Miranda college), while Sanjay was in BA second year (St Stephens). Saarda was a very cute smart and good-looking girl, --- with sharp oval feature, dusky in complexion, tall in height (5’5”), and attractive figure (34/29/34), --- who’s from a middle-class ‘Jat ’ family from Chandigarh.
Saarda would stay in a rented 1-BHK flat at south Delhi, unlike Sanjay who had their own house at CR Park. His father was a bureaucrat or IAS officer.
Saarda liked Sanjay from the very moment of their introduction; they came across in the campus often and their acquaintance thus gradually deepened into a friendship, further into intimacy which soon turned into courtship . . . and one day (early 2007), at her flat at South Extension-II, Saarda gladly lost her virginity to Sanjay prior to their ceremonial engagement ( swagaii ) in 2009. Saarda did not ‘bleed’ as Sanjay had ‘faintly’ expected. In this first ‘tryst of coital spree’ they first time spoke out each other’s sexual tendencies likes and dislikes etc ---- which were important as they were going to be a married couple in near future. However, after a couple of months or after their graduation and Sanjay’s joining an MMC at Delhi with a posting at Pune, they were married off (14th April, Wednesday 2010). They were then in their mid-twenties, obviously ‘made for each other’. . .
However, the Couple’s first escapade began soon after their honeymoon in a hill-station in Tamil Nadu. It so happened that after their honeymoon the Ray Couple was returning to Pune by ‘Chennai-Dadar Express’ (via Pune) They were traveling in a 1st class (four-berthed) AC coupe, which’s occupied by only three passengers ---- Sanjay and his pretty wife Saarda, and a Marathi old man (Abhay Kamle); the fourth berth was left vacant.

Saarda was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Unwanted wetness between her inner thighs . . . was troubling her. She was taken aback that her body was reacting in such a manner to the lustful glare; an old man, aged about 65, was giving her frequently! What had gotten with her! Damn! Sanjay should not know this; otherwise should die of shame and embarrassment ---- 0h God, why did you send this dirty old man into our compartment --- she spoke to herself.
Saarda looked at Sanjay. He was engrossed in conversation with this old man with them from Egmore Station (TN), and he was in full form. She knew that once he gets started it was difficult to stop him. From politics to cricket, he was expressing his views on each subject like an expert. Clearly Sanjay was not aware of the lewd glances which this old man was passing to his wife. And there was no way for him to know the wetness between her thighs. . .

Leaning towards Sanjay, Saarda whispered: “I am going to washroom”. Sanjay gave her a flaunting glance and nodded. Slowly she rose from the seat and stepped out from the compartment. She knew that old man was watching her every move. When she stepped out from the washroom she found that old man outside. He was behaving as if he was waiting for his turn. She looked at the opposite washroom. It was unoccupied. Holy shit . . . he was waiting outside for her!! But. . why!!? Ignoring him she stepped past him. “Excuse me Miss. . !” Saarda’s heart skipped a beat. She had not expected him to speak to her like this. “I am not Miss, I am Mrs”, she managed to utter. “Oh pardon my mistake. Of course, you are Mrs. . . ?” “Mrs Saarda Yadav Ray”, she replied. “So nice of you, but I am more interested in knowing the identity of such a beautiful and sexy woman as you are, should be kept independent. Don’t you think so !”, he blurted. Saarda flushed deeply. The old man was an expert flirt! “I have to go, my husband is waiting. . . He’s lost in the affairs of the world honey”, Saarda said out. “Honey . . .?!!” Saarda was surprised to hear ‘honey’ from him. “No, it is not like that. We are returning from our honeymoon and he has given me full attention there”. “Full. .”, he grinned. “Yes”, she said. “How many times he screws you in a day?”, he whispered. Saarda stared at him like a dumbfounded. She was shocked to hear such a thing from a total stranger. She swallowed the knot in her throat, and said, “I beg your pardon”. “Yesterday I fucked a girl your age thrice”, he continued, “tell me how many times your husband fucked you yesterday!” She stared at him second time and then rushed back to her compartment. There was no way for her to continue such a conversation with him.

Sanjay was again busy with the man. Saarda checked her mobile for time, that the train was about to reach Pune. The old man came and sat silently before her. She kept her eyes on mobile for the rest of the journey.

When the train stopped they rose to gather their luggage. Sanjay was pulling the suitcases out where were parked underneath the seat. Old man came nearer to Saarda and whispered: “Your mobile number?”. She ignored him and decided to help Sanjay who was struggling with the suitcases.

After five minutes when Saarda stepped out at the platform along with Sanjay, she stared in every direction. The old man was nowhere to be seen. She took a deep sigh of relief. But now that he was gone she figured the hidden aspect of herself. She had known it little bit but not fully. But now it was crystal clear. She loved the attention of man. She loved the way old man was staring at her with hungry eyes. She was so thrilled by the situation that her pussy became wet immediately. People might have stared at her like that before too, but so far she had not noticed. Should she share this finding with her beloved husband? She thought for a moment, and then decided against it.

Taking a taxi both reached Aundh which was an upcoming residential area, near Pune University, where they were provided a rented house by the Company. In fact, Sanjay did not stay at this house when he had first time come to Pune. It was a new house which had been arranged by one colleague of Sanjay, Jayant Munde by name, in his absence or during his honeymoon in TN. So, when they stepped out of the car, Jayanta came forward to greeting them with a smile.

“You took so much trouble for us, Jayant. Thank you so much”, Sanjay said. “Oh come on, Sanjay, it was nothing. Hope you like the house”, Jayant coaxed. “We will, Jayant. Meet my wife Saarda, Sanjay said, then turning to Saarda he again said, “Saarda, he is Jayant, the man who has arranged such a beautiful house for us”.

Saarda nodded to greet Jayant, and started at the house. It was indeed nice.

When they stepped into the house following Jayant they found it even more beautiful. Living room was specious and was furnished with stylish furniture. Saarda checked the bedroom, it was furnished too.

Saarda flashed a smile to Jayant and said, “Thak you for arranging this beautiful house for us”. “I am glad that you like it, the owner of the house Mr Abhay Kamle lives next door. He also came by the same train from Chennai. He is coming soon”.

Just then a voice came from outside, “Jayant. . .”! “He is here”, Jayant said and went to main door to receive him. When Abhay Kamle stepped in, Saarda’s face turned pale. He was the same old man who had disturbed her in the train.

“Oh want a great coincidence Kamle-ji! We were in the same compartment”, Sanjay exclaimed. “Indeed,” Kamle said, “I had not thought that such a beautiful couple is heading to grace this house of mine. I am privileged to have you here. Stay here as long as you want and consider it as your own house”.
“So . . . nice of you, Kamle-ji. I am Sanjay Ray and she is my wife Saarda”, Sanjay told. “It is a great to know two of you. Let me warn you, I live all along next door and I might drop here now and then:, Kamle blurted. “That would be great Kamle-ji. Your company would always be appreciated here”, Sanjay said out, “is it not, Saarda ?”

“Y…es, of course, Saarda stammered. “Okay then, let us celebrate it with tea. I will make it myself”, Kamle said.

“No, no! Do not bother that Kamle-ji. Saarda will manage everything. She is very good cook”, Sanjay said. “Is that so”, Kamle exclaimed.

Feeling uncomfortable due to presence of Kamle, Saarda drifted silently to the kitchen. “Yes! Come in the evening. We will have dinner together”, Sanjay said to Kamle. “That would be great. Excuse me for a minute . . . let me guide Saarda about whereabouts of tea and sugar etc”, Kamle said. “Oh sure”, Sanjay said gladly.

Saarda was hearing everything from kitchen. Her heart started pounding hard inside her chest. . .

“Oh you have already found tea and sugar. I will bring milk from my home”, Kamle said to Saarda. “Thank you, Kamle-ji”, Saarda said out. “When you did not give me your mobile number I thought I lost the opportunity to fuck a beautiful well-endowed young woman. I did not then know that you were coming to my house. Well will have great time here”, Kamle said. “Kamle-ji, please I am not that type of woman. . . you know what I mean”, Saarda reacted. “Every woman needs a great fuck. You can not be different”, Kamle said. “I’m different. I’ll never ever cheat my husband. Moreover I’m happy with him. I don’t need anyone else.. .” Though she said it but inside she was enjoying the way his eyes were roaming upon her pert breasts but she didn’t let it appear on her face.

“You’ll change your opinion”, Kamle challenged.

“How can you be so sure about that?” she said with a teasing smile. She knew she would never open her legs for him. Poor old man was wasting his time.

“Smile as much as you like but one day I’ll fuck you hard and nice.”, Kamla uttered.

“Good joke Kamle-ji. Can I have milk now?” Saarda asked.

“It would be really great experience to get into your pussy,” he said and went out of the kitchen.

Saarda drew a deep breath. She was wet again. It was fun teasing the old man but she decided that she would keep things under check.

Next day at around 11 in the morning door bell rang. Saarda was in the living room, reading newspaper. Ramesh had left for the office at 10 and now she was all alone. She was sure that it was Kamle on the door. Given his intentions which he had made already clear to her it was risky to open the door. Ignoring the bell she kept glued to the sofa. Door bell rang again but she didn’t budge from her seat. When bell rang again for the third time she rose from the sofa, her face pale with anxiety.

When the bell rang again, and with hesitant steps she walked to the door and swallowed and said, “Who is it?”

“It’s me Vicky.” A voice spoke from outside.

“I don’t know any Vicky go away,” she said.

“Our ball is on your roof, please let me fetch it or you fetch it for me.”

Certain that it was not Kamle outside Saarda opened the door and found young man standing there. He seemed around 18 or 19, handsome and smart.

“How did your ball get on my roof,” she asked.

“Sorry ma’am I was betting and …”

“Okay … okay wait here I’ll get your ball,” she said.

When she was stepping down the stairs with ball in her hand she noticed that her boobs were jumping up and down on her chest. Since she was in top this up and down motion was visible in quite a profound manner. Fearing that young man might also notice it she stared at the door and she found that her fear was true. His eyes were glued to the jumping domes on her chest. Perhaps he had totally forgotten about his real ball for which he had come here. The whole situation thrilled Saarda to the core. Her face became crimson like a rose. Holding her gaze to the floor she reached the door. “Take it. ..and. . .and be careful next time”, she said holding the ball in her hand. He grabbed the ball. His fingers touched hers as he did it. A wave of thrills passed through her spine.

“Ma’am, can I have a glass of water please, Vicky asked.

“Oh sure, wait a second”, Saarda told him. As she walked she felt his eyes on her buttocks. To confirm it she turned round to look at him. She was right again. His eyes were feasting on her buttocks. She game him a smile and turned back and disappeared into the kitchen.

When she was pouring water in the glass she got an idea. Placing the glass on kitchen cabinet she grabbed her top from from below and gave it a hard pull. Her killing cleavage emerged. Now this young man will jump into this cleavage and will die into it, she thought. Picking the glass she headed back to the door. Her heart was pounding hard. She had never done it before. But the whole thing was turning her on beyond her imagination. She looked at the boy. Effect was natural. He was spell-bounded at the show she was giving to him.

“Here”, she said. He grabbed the glass and she felt that he deliberately touched her fingers this time which made her blush. She stole a glance at him. His eyes were glued to her alluring cleavage. She smiled to herself.

He emptied the glass in one go as if he had been athrust for a long time. “Thank you Ma’am; you are so nice”, the boy said. She figured from her face that he was reluctant to go. “Okay, has a nice game”, she wished out. “Thank you. ..thank you Ma’am”, he said and turned to go off. Saarda closed the door quickly and stood leaning against it. She was surprised upon herself. She had never done such thing before. It was weired but somehow to some reasons she was feeling great thrill out of it.

Pulling away from door Saarda drifted slowly in her bedroom and climbed on the bed. It was crazy that she was enjoying such a weird thing. But it was a fun. Wetness between her inner thighs was testimony for that.

Thinking how Vicky was staring at her cleavage she inserted her hand into the slacks she was wearing and felt her throbbing pussy. It was wet with desire.


With a big yawn, Abhay Kamle opened his eyes and looked up at the wall-clock. It was 11.30 in the morning. Cursing himself he jumped out of bed and rushed to the washroom. Last night before sleeping he had planned to give a rose to Saarda in the morning and it was necessary to stick to the plans, otherwise he would never get Saarda’s pussy.

After 15 minutes he stood before the mirror wearing blue shirt and jeans. Though he was 63, looking into the mirror he thought himself to be of 30. With Great Spirit he came out into the front lawn and plucked a red rose and walked to Saarda’s house.

Pressing the doorbell he stood there wearing excited mien on his face. Two minutes passed and no one answered the door. He again pressed the bell.

“Come later? !!, Kamle was disappointed. Excitement disappeared from his face. But he was not ready to give up that easy.

“Saarda, please open the door. I want to give you something,” Kamle pleaded.

“I know what you want to give me. But I don’t want it.”

“You know what I want to give you?” he was surprised since he was holding the rose behind his back. There was no way for her to see it. Did she see him plucking the rose?

“Yes I know,” she replied.

“Then why don’t you take it, it’s just a beautiful rose.”

Door opened and he stared at her hungrily. She was looking gorgeous in the slacks and top. Her boobs were hanging seductively from her chest.

“Beautiful?” he said.


“Your boobs, what size are they?.” “Don’t waste your time on me Kamle-ji,” she said with a smile. “Try your luck somewhere else.”

“I’m not wasting but investing my time on you,” he said and extended the rose to her. “Sooner or later I’ll get the dividend.”

She laughed out loud. “You will get nothing from me Kamle-ji.”

“Leave that to the future and enjoy the fragrance of this flower,” he said with a smile. “If you allow me, can I put this in your beautiful silky hair?”

“I can’t allow that.”

“Why?” he gave her pleading look. “This is just a simple request.”

From her facial expression he figured that she was thinking about it. he judged that she would allow him if he kept requesting her.

“Please Saarda. It’s not a big deal. When you go for haircut don’t you allow barber to touch your hair.”

“Okay-okay but do it quickly,” she said.

“Take a turn please.”

As she turned he could help staring at her buttocks. Yesterday she was in saree. Today her buttocks were looking more seductive in the slacks. They were solid and shapely.

“You have got a nice gaand Dipti,” he said lewdly.

“I-I beg your pardon.”

“Your gaand is sexy.”

“Err… please do it quickly.”

He inserted the rose slowly into her hair as if he was penetrating her pussy.

Saarda was aware what he was trying to convey to her. The way he was inserting the rose into her hair it was clear that he would insert his dick into her pussy in a similar manner. Her breathing grew rapid with this thought and her face became red. She felt wetness between her legs. Her pussy was growing with desire.

“Can I touch your gaand?” he whispered in her ears.

She wanted to run from there but strangely she felt that her feet were not willing to move from there. She swallowed the knot in her throat and stood there undecided. Dirty slang gaand he was using was having a magical effect on her, raising her thrill to the new level.

Next moment when she felt his hand on her right globe her heart skipped a beat and her feet started trembling. Things were going out of her control and she was feeling helpless. One part of her wanted to run from there and another part wanted to stay there and flow with the moment.

When he gave her ass cheek seductive squeeze she couldn’t help moaning. His hands felt broad and big than her husband back there on her buttocks.

She heard door close behind her. Perhaps with another hand he had pushed the door. She was so trapped in the lust that couldn’t figure the consequences of closed door.

He was handling her buttocks skillfully and keeping the eyes closed she was enjoying his every move. Out of a sudden his hand came in front and slipped into her slacks. He was going for her pussy now, which was wet under his influence.

He roamed his fingers all over it and whispered into her ear, “What a chut you have. It’s already wet.”
“Kamleji p-please stop it,” she protested meekly. His rough fingers were roaming all over her womanhood.

Suddenly she felt one of his fingers at the entrance of her pussy and before she could protest his finger had disappeared into her slippery cave.

“Ahhhh Kame-ji what are you doing.”

Grinning he started moving his finger in and out of her pussy hole. She was so excited and so thrilled that instantly intense orgasm swept over her and she gave load moan. “Ahhhhhhh. . . ..”

Just then she heard sound of her ringing mobile. It was coming from her bedroom.

She pushed Kamle away immediately. “What are you doing Kamle-ji. It’s wrong.”

“What’s wrong Saarda ? You were enjoying it.”

“Please get out of my house immediately I have to attend urgent call,” She said without looking at him.

“Saarda listen,” he said.

“Please Kamle-ji, my phone is ringing.”

Kamle opened the door and slipped out. Rushing forward she bolted the door and stood there for a moment, trying to control her emotions.

She was still under the grip of intense orgasm old man had inflicted upon her. She was surprised that he had managed to do that with his fingers. Sanjay too had fingered her pussy but she had never reached orgasm with him.

By now mobile had gone silent. With shaking legs she reached to her bedroom and picked the mobile. It was Sanjay’s call. She dialed back.
Sanjay informed her that he would come late from office.

That night she thought over the total episode ---- Kamle’s lustful approach, her orgasm with him . . . or about her getting moist with that younger boy Vicky . . . etc. And she decided she should talk out Sanjay. And she revealed everything to her husband . . . who, while hearing all this from his horny wife Saarda, strangely turned highly aroused rather than being angry with Kamle-ji. And he made love to Saarda in a wild fury in that nocturnal hour. And to Saarda’s utter shock and surprise, Sanjay signalled his wife to seduce that old man for the sake of their fun. . . He gave her an idea, which made Saarda burst out into a giggle. “All right, I will follow and act out as you suggested, dear”, Saarda said to Sanjay.
Next day was a Sunday, a hot sweaty Sunday. Sanjay stayed home. At around 10 in the morning, Saarda bathed, and came out wearing casual outfits ---- blue Bermuda and a front-buttoned white T’shirt, with no brassiere underneath. Of course, she barely needed bra to support her heavy round and very firm hard-fleshed breast-domes, tipped with dark brown areolae and nipples...

The couple was eagerly waiting for the advent of that prurient old man, and at around 11 o’clock Kamle-ji dropped in, and pushed the doorbell. The moment the bell rang; Sanjay undid two buttons of his wife’s T’shirt down her front, thus revealing much of her breasts, before her running to open the main door for Kamle-ji. This small prank of Sanjay gave her more confidence and excitement.

She opened the door to let Kamle come inside. Seeing the revealed portion of Sarda’s pert breasts Kamle turned agape and delighted in anticipation. Saarda smiled at him, and looked down at her bosom. Her already swollen nipples were provocatively poking through the shirt-material as if to invite Kamle’s agape mouth to devour them then and there. “Where is Sanjay?”, Kamle enquired. “He is in the bedroom, will enter bathroom shortly for his bath”, Saarda eased him. She was already wet between her inner thighs. . . Then suddenly she felt Kamle’s hands touched her from behind and moved downwards from her waist and when they settled on her buttocks she shuddered involuntarily. His hands were strong and naughty. He caressed both of her ass-cheeks as if trying to figure their size. And soon gentle caress turned into rough kneading, forcing her to moan aloud with ecstasy. She was surprised the way she was moaning before her land-lord, or obviously her loud moans of pleasure, she felt, could now reach Sanjay’s ears. She was so lost, standing in the middle of the drawing-room itself that she could not make out when one of his hands had come to her heaving bosom and grabbed one of her breasts. Now he was kneading her two precious assets --- the breasts --- simultaneously and by turns.

“W. ..why are you cupping my breasts ?”, Saarda asked huskily. “Because they are beautiful, warm and resilient”, Kamle said shamelessly. Now releasing her buttocks, old man pushed her to the wall and yanked apart her T’shirt down her front; the buttons went flying, and her full breasts jutted out in the open with all their glory and arrogance of prime youth as if in challenge to his masculinity. Her face turned crimson in coy and erotic sensation, while the old man now grabbed both of her pert firm breasts in each hand. “What are you doing, Uncle? Please stop”, Saarda uttered, and she first time called Kamle ‘uncle’! He smiled, and said “I can not stop now”. While all this was going on, suddenly Saarda looked at the door of the bedroom which was left ajar. And she could notice Sanjay peeping at them. Kamle did not notice the voyeur, Sanjay, as his position or closet was behind or on the back side of Kamle.

However, now Kamle was kneading her heard-yet-tender breasts like dough to his heart ’s content and Saarda was moaning helplessly . . . though her every moan was suggestive of physical pleasure or delectation. And she sensed orgasm approaching her . . . and next moment an orgasmic spasm overtook Sarda.

On the other hand Sanjay was silently watching the old man eating his beautiful and horny wife, and the sight had filled him with such a great excitement and voyeuristic thrill that he did start masturbation with his eyes on them.

“I am going to suck now, daring”, Kamle declared. “No. ..Please stop. . .”, Saarda pleaded in a mock resistance. And next moment Kamle’s eager mouth engulfed one her soft breast-peak, along with its swollen nipple and its areola. She trembled and hissed in bliss. She lost her continence. And she placed her arms around his neck and pushed as much of her breast-flesh as she could into his sucking mouth, in response to his passion and greed. Sanjay kept watching from his closer, fascinated and transfixed. Sanjay had already undergone one climax or ejaculation which was splashed over the floor.

Kamle continued sucking and kneading Saarda’s bare breasts, by turns, bathing them with his continuously oozing saliva that ran down her contours of elated bosom to her flat belly. He was becoming wilder moment by moment, and suddenly he bit hard into her breast-flesh, making her scream aloud in pain. But he continued biting in her breast-skin, thus leaving on her breasts the scars of love-bites. And only through breast-molestation the old man brought to Saarda a series of shuddering orgasms, one after another. And Saarda felt she was in the seventh heaven. After a long breast-manipulation, finally Kamle got into kissing Sarda on her succulent lips. He placed his mouth on hers, and shoved his eager tongue into her mouth to let her taste his saliva and vice-versa. Saarda responded with equal passion and zeal. He sucked her tongue and lips . . . until both of them needed a breath to take.

Sarda now beckoned Sanjay to leave thereof. Sanjay immediately anticipated that his wife wanted now to take him to her bed for final show. He then and there vanished into their attached bathroom and its door did have a keyhole. After Sanjay’s departure from the closet, Saarda brought her lover-companion to her bedroom, obviously now for letting him fill her with his seed. Incidentally it was not a safe day for Saarda, but she was sure that the sperms of this old man would not put her into a trouble of pregnancy.

In the bedroom Kamle denuded her completely, and her stunning naked beauty made her speechless in fascination and wonder.

“Where is Sanjay?”, Kamle asked. “He is bathing and will take at least 1 hour to finish his bath”, Saarda assured. The old man smiled to himself. He now understood that her husband was stealthily watching them.

However, then they claimed on the bed, and Saarda engulfed Kamle’s huge erection in mouth and started bobbing over it, making him reel like a reed and groan in bliss. Saarda knew Sanjay watching them through the keyhole. She smiled to herself. She continued her suction on his penis. Both of them were in the poor of sweats. The old man was enjoying it . . . and was gratified with a feeling of victory . . . that he was making it with a woman who’s at least 38 years younger in age.

After some 10 minutes of sucking, Saarda finally brought Kamle-ji to his massive ejaculation in her mouth, and she swallowed his entire seminal deluge to its last drop with gusto.

Thereafter, she positioned herself, lying on her back, with her head towards the bathroom-door, so that Sanjay could voyeur them from inside bathroom through its keyhole.
Finally the old man entered her with a thrust, and went deeper. She was lubricating heavily. . . The old man then began fucking his belle, Saarda, with his full vigour and zeal, and he was very high that he won his challenge or bet with her now, Saarda’s loud moans of ecstasy echoed around the room as the old man, with his hands working her high breasts, carried on ramming in her like a wild beast . . .

And Saarda matched his thrusts with hers in equal rhythm and tempo. Shw was taken aback by his stamina or ‘staying power’ (and so was Sanjay inside the bathroom).

Another couple of minutes elapsed . . . and then finally Kamle-ji indicated Saarda that he was on the verge of his eruption. And also asked, “Should I pull out or fill your womb, Saarda ?” Saarda asked him to release inside her, and she clamped him tight by pulling her legs around him. Next moment Saarda saw stars . . . as a huge deluge of old man’s warm thick semen erupted inside her in a jet. The degree of satisfaction and satiation was so intense and high that Saarda felt like being senseless for that moment.

Kamle collapsed on her immediately after his ejaculation into supine Saarda. They both were exhausted and spent, obviously satisfied.

Little later, Kamle withdrew from Saarda and silently clothed himself and went out. ..

Saarda kept lying in the bed, supine and shut-eyed. And excess semen was still oozing out from her tired vagina . . . and now Sanjay came out from his hidden closet --- the bathroom, and thanked his wife for the great show. Saarda opened her eyes and a strange smile pervaded her comely face that was already resplendent with her sexual satisfaction and delight. She also thanked Sanjay to be so broad-minded with her and for allowing her to taste the bliss of extramarital sex in his presence.

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